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Romsternevermind figured it out looks ugly though gnu_triplet = os.popen('ls /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu &>/dev/null && echo x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu || echo i686-pc-linux-gnu').readline()[:-1]00:02
Romsterbugger the blt tk extensins it's so obsolete and it says python-stdlib-extensions depends on it but i think it's optional00:13
jaegerRomster: .ova is actually a tar, I compressed it with xz00:14
Romsterpushed it joe900:14
nogagplzRomster, did you round off that 32bit xorg stuff00:15
Romsterhaven't got to that yet00:15
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Romsteruname -r from 2.39.4 -> 3.3.0 bit of a jump.01:34
Romsterstill no patchset yet so i'll run stock until it's out.01:36
nogagplzI'll just wait01:39
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juegood morning04:14
frinnsti thought you were away on vacation?04:22
frinnstor, does that start monday? :)04:22
frinnstlucky bastard btw :p04:23
jueyeah, starts at monday :)04:23
frinnstgrr even04:23
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joe9romster, if you are interested, updated boost-jam Pkgfile: . you seem to be the packager and df the maintainer.07:10
joe9is there something better than nautilus?08:05
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prologicxfce's file manager is just as good09:35
prologicpersonally I just use the cli09:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nss: remove junk-file10:18
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jseHaha. "it's overcrowded, get lost"10:40
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: curl: update to 7.25.011:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: dhcpcd: update to 5.5.511:05
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: xfsprogs: update to 3.1.811:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: foomatic-filters: update to 4.0.1511:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1811:06
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horrorStruckRomster: just FTR, I had to rebuild glibc against more recent kernel headers to solve the xf86-input-synaptics build issue.11:30
Romsteri've never came across that before.11:38
horrorStruckin fact, me neither11:40
horrorStruckdo you ever sleep :P11:41
Romsteronly thing i've hit was a live cd that had too new kernel headers in glibc to be able to chroot into a older system.11:41
Romsteryeah i sleep at odd hours.11:42
Romsteri went to a party and had a few drinks helped out with catering for about 50 people11:42
horrorStruckoh shit, i used 3.3 headers whereas 2.6.37 were minimum required. hope this will not create more issues than it solves11:42
Romstergot home had some more drinks but i don't fancy getting really drunk for some odd reason.11:43
horrorStrucki'd enjoy some few drinks right now11:43
Romsterhmm the only issue i can for see is you can't use any kernel lesser than 3.3.0 now11:43
horrorStruckbut i kept the same minimum kernel version in glibc, wont this help?11:44
Romsteroh you done that you kept that but used newer kernel headers.11:45
Romsteri thought them two should match the same version, i guess that was wrong.11:45
Romsteryeah dunno if it'll cause issues with obsolete programs if you use any,11:46
horrorStrucki'll sacrifice a goat just to be sure11:46
Romsterand it appears i never sleep because i'm on the net every other hour.11:47
horrorStruckok now i feel guilty :P11:47
Romsteri was/am chilling out.11:48
Romsterthat's a shame about glibc kernel headers means this can't be put into xorg repo until 2.811:50
horrorStruckyep, 1.5.0 with patches or 1.5.1 if it works for others11:50
Romsterhonestly how long does it take for a reply even if it's a quick ACK to say i'll look at it later.11:51
horrorStrucktalking about X update?11:52
Romsteryeah i emailed tilman with the patches except the most recent ones on the 21st of march11:54
Romsterguess 4 days is still a bit short for a reply.11:55
tilmanespecially if the mail was eaten by's spam filter11:55
Romsteri sent it to you personally CC too. it got trapped for being too large for the ML.11:55
Romsterand no one approved it.11:56
tilmanread again11:56
Romsteryour spam filter?11:56
Romsteroh your email is on crux's site too...11:57
tilmangreat to hear you're back in business btw :)11:57
tilmanread again11:57
tilmanyou decided to cc my adress11:57
Romsteryeah... nuts.  what a dumb spam filter then.11:57
Romsterit probably ate my url to xorg ports i added in the body of the email.11:58
Romsterjaeger, welcome back to the core/crux team btw i just saw that email too.11:58
jaegerThanks :) Hopefully I can help :)12:00
Romsterhonestly sometimes i wonder why i even bother trying. disappointing spam filter it never informed me about not making it to tilman's email account. i'll host the files here then paste the url in  here for you tilman.12:01
Romsterjaeger, you've been helping for a long time with the iso as jue mentions in the email.12:01
Romstertilman, sorry had no idea you never received anything. here is the patches i've done so far.
frinnstheh, holy formalities batman!12:07
frinnstlike you ever left, jaeger :)12:08
jsehi tnut12:11
Romsterhi tnut12:11
tnuthow are you12:11
Romsterhighly annoyed at crux's spam filter, other than that i'm ok.12:12
tnutcrux's spam filter ?12:12
jseYeah, the mailing list.12:13
Romsterit ate my xorg update message to tilman -_-12:13
tnutoh yes12:13
jseWeird because this is not the first time it has eaten Romster's messages.12:13
Romsteri included a url to the ports that it must of triggered on.12:14
* tnut is doing next release12:14
tnutgcc 4.7.0 + glibc 2.1512:15
Romsteris my only explanation, and i've been bugging tilman on irc thinking he's too busy to even give a quick reply but in actual fact he never got anything at all.12:15
tnutso much things going on now it's crazy12:15
Romsterglibc stable is 2.14 currently though12:16
Romsteri'd imagine next stable glibc be 2.16?12:16
tnutit's was release 2 days ago12:16
Romster'it is released' little nick picking sorry.12:17
joe9" $1 | tr -d "\n" | xclip" i use this to paste to codepad and put the url into my clipboard. Is there something better or more widely used app for doing this?12:17
tnutcan't follow anymore with glibc12:17
Romsterworth testing it though like frinnst is doing.12:17
joe9i have seen some folks use wgetpaste.12:18
Romsteryeah wgetpaste is in contrib12:18
Romsterit should support codepad.12:18
Romsterif not send me a patch so it does.12:18
juewell, the tarball was released some days ago, the release itself is the same as the one tagged some weeks ago12:18
Romsteroh so they made 2.15 stable now?12:19
jue.oO I'd say we have to wait at least until 2.15.1 or so ;)12:19
juegood news are that the glibc development has got much more dynamic and much more people are working actively on it12:21
Romsterwhy didn't they do 2.15-rc1 for not ready yet... like wine does when it's in final stages of 2.15 the mind boggles. or it's just me, yeah experience says to wait for .1 or even .2 i'm sure others will report some bug and have to wait for it to be fixed.12:21
Romsterglibc was really stalling before, at least they got that sorted out.12:22
frinnstthey announced 2.15 on their ml too12:22
* frinnst is running it now with gcc 4.7 :)12:22
frinnstoh silly bank, it *requires* me to sign a bill for 0 SEK12:22
jsefrinnst: is it working without major headaches?12:22
Romsterdoes gcc 4.7 complain about more bad code than 4.6.x does?12:22
tnutok may be update gcc  I agreed12:23
jue2.15 is still a drepper-only release, everything that comes after that is not12:23
frinnstRomster: yes12:23
frinnstfirefox doesnt build currently12:23
tnutbut update both without doing everything sorry not for me12:23
Romsterthought as much 4.6.x was bad enough with warnings/errors12:23
frinnst4.6 wasnt so bad i thought12:23
frinnsti rebuilt my current system with it12:23
Romsterbroke a few tings with out disabling some no warnings as errors.12:24
Romsterlike uninitialized variables stuff like that.12:24
frinnstok, though i suspect you run a lot more ports than i do12:24
Romsterthat is a fair chance well i was using it in hvl fork i was on. so i ony had about 4 ports in core break but a ton in opt/contrib, i think from memory xorg was ok.12:25
Romsteri haven't touched gcc 4.7 yet though12:28
tnutyou plan to push gcc 4.7.0 in crux current release ?12:28
Romsteri very much doubt jue or anyone would do that, i'd expect 4.6.x12:29
tnutI would say yes12:29
jaegertoolchain updates usually accompany new releases12:29
tnut+1000 jaeger12:29
Romsteryeah that would be on 2.812:29
tnutHi by the way12:30
Romsterthis is why we have a 2.7.1 because of the glibc thing.12:30
tnutI thing we had the chance to talk before jaeger12:30
frinnstgcc 2.15 works ok btw, but you still need the same patches from 2.14 ...12:30
Romsterit's be ice of atk catched up so newer glib could be used too.12:30
frinnstthat part is depressing12:30
Romsterfrinnst, damn...12:31
frinnstbut hopefully it will be fixed with the first sans-drepper version12:31
Romsterbut yeah it may have been delayed to next release.12:31
tnutwho does it uselly ? jue tilman or jaeger ?12:32
Romsteri honestly don't know, i do know that jaeger does the iso build and i think jue or perhaps sepen or tek does the release on the site.12:33
frinnstyes, jaeger is the ISO slave12:34
Romstereven when jaeger decided to take a break he never really did, did you :)12:34
tnutsound like hear before12:35
Romsterwell he did step down from core but not the iso.12:35
jueI've done the tool-chain/core port updates for the recent release12:36
tnutfor me it's the most exciting part12:36
tnutbuild from zero12:36
RomsterI tried once and failed off the iso build but that was a long time ago when it wasn't really clear how it worked.12:37
frinnstif I can do it, anybody can12:37
tnutWhat you mean by the ISO ?12:37
jaegerPart of the ISO build process is an entire bootstrap of the packages on it12:37
Romstertool chans are nt to be taken lightly i've built a few failures, but subtle bugs can go unnoticed until you've built an entire system12:38
Romsterare not*12:38
jaegerIt can also be quite handy for toolchain testing12:38
jaegerAFK, need to go shopping12:40
tnutthe big suprise is when it comes to pkgutils ... statically link...12:41
jseShared libs are entirely overrated. :)12:42
Romsterthat's done for a reason12:42
tnutsince glibc 2.11 I thing it's not support by default12:42
Romsterto prevent pkgutils from not functioning should a dependency package be updated.12:43
Romsteralthough i've managed to break libarchive with xz update in the past.12:43
tnutI fully agreed12:43
tnutthis should stay like this12:43
Romstertry using pkgadd when it segfaults :P12:44
tnutits for the same reason pkg-get is also full tatic12:44
tnutC version of pkg-get12:45
tnutanyway we agree on the idea12:45
Romsteroh so you really mean pkg-get for installing mass built ports.. not used that.12:45
tnutyeah shure and If I want kde ...12:45
Romsterand not want to compile it, you can do that yeah as long as you got a built ports tree to point it to12:46
tnuttoday it's getting really tricky to stick to "ports only" I thing12:46
Romsterhow so? it's only the slow limited space stuff that needs it pre-compiled.12:47
Romsterand that can easily be done in a chroot on the desktop12:48
tnut:) I now but voilĂ  I'm not so fan of compiling12:49
Romsterhrmm on another note i think i need to get out more i fear i'm becoming obnoxious in here.12:49
Romsterby spending so much time in this channel12:49
Romsteralmost 5am i'm going to bed, g'night everyone.12:55
tnutsleep wel12:55
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horrorStruckRomster: xf86-input-synaptics developer just issued a patch to solve the headers problem, I haven't tried it so far

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