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RomsterhorrorStruck, committed and a bunch of updates02:00
Romsterbe sure to include install mtdev02:00
Romsterand you can report back that patch works ok.02:01
Romsterat compile on the stock crux kernel headers.02:01
*** Rotwang has joined #crux02:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: filezilla: 3.5.2 -> 3.5.302:36
Romsterhi Rotwang i see a few others that need bumping too
RotwangRomster: nice, but I have no idea how to read this02:39
Romsterit's a sorted list of file versions.02:40
Romsterfirst line is port name current version maintainer02:40
Romstersecond line is the source url to existing file.02:40
Romsterafter that it's either a branch that shows the regex used to go back a directory then start listing files in descending order or just show files in descending order02:41
RotwangI see02:41
Romsterit'll have a neater output later on it's still in debugging phase but it does show a few.02:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: guichan: dropped02:42
Romsterfirst item on each line is the file name/version the rest of the line is the rule regex it matches too and the splitted up numbers off the as 1 2 3 4 for sorting.02:43
Romsterfinal version will be able to filter off dev odd number releases if need be and output will show old version -> new version02:44
Romsterbut it's got a long way to go yet. but it's mostly readable on some ports.02:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ii: updated url02:45
Romsterand i'll have a html formatted page later for it too and ability to sed version= on Pkgfiles02:46
Romsterso run tool then build test port if ok commit.02:46
Romsterit wont remove the later parts of that process but it'll reduce the looking for new version side of it. can even have it download the source files to save time too.02:47
Romsteri probably should write this stuff on the page for that project too...02:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: iw: 3.2 -> 3.302:49
Romsteri've also been doing a xorg bump for tilman to review since he has no time as of lately
horrorStruckRomster: will try soon. just noticed you have libxi 1.4.5, latest is 1.6.0 but requires a dev version of libx11. however 1.5.0 builds fine02:51
Romsteryeah i didn't go to 1.6.0 as it wants a dev version of libx1102:51
Romsterthat is intentional02:52
horrorStruck1.5.0 builds ok02:52
Romsterand and i didn't bump libpthread-stubs to 0.3 as that then makes xorg-xf86-input-synaptics fail to build.02:53
Romsterdidn't you say that froze your x server?02:53
horrorStruckand some more ports in fact02:53
horrorStruck1.5.0 builds ok <-- talking about libxi02:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libxdg-basedir: 1.1.1 -> 1.2.002:54
Romsteroh that horrorStruck i'll bump that to 1.5.002:55
Romsteri saw that but i decided to lave ti alone.02:55
Romsterleave it*02:55
horrorStruckok thanks :) all your updates from today built fine, restarted X with success, thanks a lot for your work danny02:55
RotwangI sometimes think of making some ci setup for my ports02:55
Rotwangbut usually the thought fades away02:56
horrorStruckwhat's ci?02:56
horrorStruckRomster: synaptics builds and works fine with "old" glibc02:59
RomsterhorrorStruck, done ports -u03:00
RomsterhorrorStruck, i do test this somewhat so deps and things work ok.03:01
Romsteryeah thanks for linking tot hat patch.03:01
Romsterto that*03:01
horrorStruckyou're most welcome03:01
Romsteri haven't got that hardware to test here.03:01
Romsterit's a ton of work i see why tilma_n hasn't touched it in awhile.03:02
horrorStrucki knew that so that's why i tested it. i solved it another way as you know :)03:02
Romsterthis whole gesture thing with multitouch mtdev is very interesting.03:02
horrorStruckyeah that's a *lot* of ports03:02
RomsterRotwang, what's this CI thing?03:03
horrorStruckmy touchpad is so small (thinkpad x201) that i'm not quite sure i can use multitouch. i'll try some day, maybe03:03
Romsteri've had this up2date version sort idea for a very long time but every attempt i've hit limitations, even the current one has some issues to deal with but with every rewrite i get closer to completing it.03:04
Romsterit might work like two finger scrolling etc.03:04
horrorStruckthis works since "long" time03:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: medit: 1.0.5 -> 1.1.003:05
Rotwangcontinuous integration03:05
Romsterhmmm nice words but short summary of how that works?03:05
Rotwangit is quite a big thin recently in software developement03:06
Rotwangthe idea is to integrate as often as possible03:06
Rotwangthat means when a developer makes a commit, it should be rebuilt on a build machine03:06
Rotwangand all test should be run03:06
Rotwangunit tests, and the like03:06
Romsterah well that's what i'm aiming towards with this version sort.03:07
Romsteryeah i plan to work on buildbot after the version sort is nearing completion.03:07
Romsteri do most of the work manually now.03:07
Romsterit's such a huge chore.03:07
Romsteri'll definitely read this article Rotwang thanks for the source.03:08
Rotwangin company I work for we use jenkins03:09
Romsteri'm just trying to make maintaining easier.03:09
Rotwangbut I've heard buildbot is also ok03:09
Romsteri was thinking of my own framework if none do what i'm after.03:09
Romsterjenkins got a source website to check it out?03:10
Romsterah found it on
Romsteri have not heard of this one.03:11
RotwangI'm off to uni, bye03:12
*** Rotwang has quit IRC03:12
Romsterlater rotwang03:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: 5.0.5 -> 5.0.603:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.58 -> 1.6003:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-text-csv-xs: 0.86 -> 0.8803:26
Romstercommit often less work to do than have a large lump to do later on.03:29
* nogagplz commits Romster to the insane asylum03:32
Romsteri haven't got a come back line for that one.03:33
* nogagplz ushers in a new age of evil with that minor victory03:35
horrorStruckRomster: i just updated X on my htpcrux, libxcb fails because of footprint (like it did on the laptop) and mesa3d breaks because of glxgears.c (mesa-demos). cant restart X before the end of barbapapa because of the raging monkeys surrounding me04:09
frinnsthaha barbapapa05:37
frinnstwas awesome05:37
*** Evil_Bob has joined #crux05:43
Romsterhrmm i'll split that stupid glxgears out of mesa3d... but it's not proving to be a problem for me on multilib06:21
frinnsthorrorStruck: got the build error handy?06:23
frinnsti also had issues with it06:23
Romsteri'm doing another build of it now.06:24
Romsteryou sure you also didn't forget to rebuild startup-notification06:26
Romsterif you use that.06:26
Romsterfixed xorg-libxcb footprint but it's safe to ignore new files...06:33
horrorStruckfrinnst: i dont get it, mesa-demos fails on that machine but builds fine on my laptop. i'm using nvidia blob on the htpc, wonder if it's related. all this mesa stuff is quite obscure to me.06:35
frinnstah, ok06:36
horrorStruckfrinnst: xeglgears.c:(.text+0x23d6): undefined reference to `glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES'06:38
horrorStruckin function `main'06:38
Romsterhappy now i nuked glxgears out of mesa3d ports -u it.06:38
frinnstFailed to download The requested URL returned error: 40406:39
frinnsti will contitiue to bug you with that until you fix it :)06:40
Romsterone tiny error not like i see on other repos...06:42
horrorStruckRomster: problem is xbmc checking for accel using glxgears or glxinfo can't remember, it fails to start otherwise06:42
horrorStruckdo you guys know how nvidia blob and mesa interact? do they conflict in some way?06:50
frinnstyeah a bit iirc06:51
frinnsti thought nvidia shipped their own mesa .so files?06:52
horrorStruckmust be something like this, some files conflict06:53
frinnstreinstalling nvidia should solve that though06:54
frinnstit was ages since i used nvidia hardware and my memory is a bit shoddy :)06:55
Romsteri just pushed mesa3d don't complaint that i got glew in contrib when it should be in opt, this isn't official yet, so no idea if tilman will accept my changes.06:55
Romstererr s/mesa3d/mesa-demos06:55
Romsteryou use gl-select to replace the files for the nvidia blob06:56
Romsterprt-get depinst nvidia, depmod -a; gl-select use xorg; gl-select use nvidia; startx or how ever you start X06:56
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RomsterhorrorStruck, you should introduce them monkies to gumby that would be more entertaining than that Barbapapas that i've enver seen in my life until now.07:02
Romsterthat's just wrong frinnst07:04
horrorStrucki dont know gumby, will google that07:05
horrorStruckso removing nvidia enables building mesa-demos, it fails otherwise07:05
Romsterso the one in the old mesa3d would of worked ok?07:05
Romsterthis is becoming messy...07:05
Romsterwas trying to keep every commit clean.07:06
horrorStruckyeah that's becoming complicated, I'll try to check how other distros handle those packages07:07
horrorStruckbbl dinner07:07
*** gb_away has joined #crux07:11
RomsterhorrorStruck, that's the stuff i grew up with.07:14
Romster*** Unable to determine the target kernel version. ***07:25
Romsteri thought they would have fixed that in the later driver that got released likea  few days aog.07:25
*** kotopies has joined #crux07:28
horrorStruckgumby looks oldschool, will see if i can find a torrent for that, thanks Romster07:48
horrorStruckRomster: your error is from which port?07:48
horrorStruckif it's nvidia it is fixed, i've built the latest driver wihtout the patch07:49
horrorStruckscc has no gumby07:52
horrorStruckarch makes libgl (packaged from mesa) conflict with nvidia07:53
Romsterit is old skool but in my opinion it was good in my childhood.07:54
horrorStruckbut that wouldnt solve the problem, need to check source distros07:54
horrorStrucki like oldschool cartoons, they're just sometimes more difficult to find07:55
Romsterhow old are they?07:55
horrorStruck7, 6, 207:56
Romster widget is another one i liked as a kid07:56
Romster2yo might like care bears07:57
horrorStruckah this one looks familiar but i think it had a different name in france07:58
Romstermight be a bit young still though.07:58
Romsterperhaps they tend to rename them in other countries.07:58
Romsterhmm makes me wanna watch these again seeing it on youtube...07:59
Romstergood lord not roger ramjet too i saw that as a child.07:59
Romsterand banana man...07:59
Romsterdanger mouse, trap door, grogs all them short animations ones.08:00
horrorStruckhaha looks like you're gonna spend the night on youtube08:00
Romsterlol super ted...08:00
Romsternah can find them later anyways08:01
Romster7yo probably would be into teenage mutant ninja turtles old series.08:03
Romsterdon't see this remake
Romster lol they really know how to scare ppl from australia08:18
horrorStruckthe 2 yo liked the kangaroos at least08:29
RomsterAlais the Jester i so forgot about this one
horrorStruckany cli tool to check current bandwidth usage to recommend?08:44
Romsteri use bmon08:46
Romsterg and d turns on the other parts of the display08:47
horrorStruckjust found vnstat, is it any good?08:47
Romsteryeah i think that can do it too.08:47
horrorStruckoh bmon looks awesome08:48
horrorStrucklove it already08:49
Romster now that's a classic anyhow i'm off to bed and yeah bmon is awesome i have that running 24/708:58
horrorStruckRomster: can't use netlink input module, any idea?08:58
Romsternone right now08:59
horrorStruckoh maybe i need git version, i'll try and report08:59
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horrorStruckah it's just that it seems not to like libnl309:13
jaegerRotwang: do you have any issues with pidgin failing to connect to jabber servers that require SSL sometimes? I never have problems with gtalk but there's an openfire server that I connect to at work to which pidgin fails to connect often09:26
jaegerRotwang: If I use pidgin linked against gnutls instead of nss the problem goes away, too. very odd09:26
Rotwangjaeger: did you try 2.10.2?09:28
RotwangI connect with google servers via xmpp, everything works smoothly09:28
jaegeryes, I'm running .2 here09:28
jaegeryeah, gtalk works fine like I mentioned, it's only the openfire server... but using gnutls fixed it. I have no idea what the deal is with that09:29
jaegerI don't expect you to change the port, I was just curious09:29
RotwangI'll browse their bug tracker later, maybe will find something of interest09:29
joe9in the Pkgfile, can I have more than one line of "Depends:". I have a package with a lot of depends. just curious if that is possible.09:32
Rotwangdon't think so09:34
Rotwangit would be nice though09:34
jaegerRotwang: It's possible there's just a bug in openfire, too, not sure09:48
Rotwangdoes the pidgin logs show something interesting?09:50
Rotwangdebug window09:50
jaegerI'll have to check next time I'm at work09:54
jaegerI just browsed through their issue tracker and I don't see anything obvious, though it could be under a heading I didn't recognize09:54
jaeger(openfire's issue tracker, not pidgin's)09:54
RotwangActive Tickets 268110:31
Rotwang  PURPLE_GNUTLS_DEBUG=9 pidgin -d > pidgin.dbg10:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pidgin: 2.10.1 -> 2.10.210:52
teK_is there any easy (girlfriend) usable GUI editor without KDE/Gnome deps for Linux?10:53
RotwangteK_: what is a girlfriend gui editor?10:55
teK_girlfriend-usable edit..10:56
Rotwangyou mean text editor?10:56
teK_will give it a try10:57
frinnstleafpad ?10:57
Rotwangmedit has more features10:57
teK_you cannot switch from the Location-field (open file file) to the directory via tab11:18
teK_but it has latex highlighting11:19
teK_and a pdflatex shortcut11:19
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teK_even sweeter11:20
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frinnstanyone with tips for a good ups for home use?14:24
frinnstscrew it, just ordered one14:30
teK_at work we use APC14:31
frinnstus too14:32
frinnstjust ordered a BE700G-GR14:32
frinnstbetter safe than sorry with btrfs :)14:33
teK_haha :p14:33
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frinnstou, nice cash-back offer from intel when you buy a ssd14:35
frinnsttoo bad i already bought mine14:35
frinnstup to 45EUR14:35
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joe9 /ws 1915:06
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matabiI have a problem with mysql installation from opt repository: it assumes that 'mysql' group exists and fails at installation. Does it count as bug?16:10
matabiI'm a newbie when it comes to Crux but IMHO it looks like a bug16:12
teK_there's a pre-install script to fix exactly that16:13
teK_review your prt-get config16:13
teK_# runscripts no            # (no|yes)16:13
matabiok, thank you16:13
teK_is exactly about {pre,post}-install scripts16:13
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frinnsthe left :(16:46
frinnstyou werent nice enough tek!16:46
teK_it's all your fault!16:47
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teK_see, Rotwang agreees16:51
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veehi all21:53
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