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veehey guys, whats lighter than blackbox?01:04
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Romstervee i use pekwm but the only thing i know is lighter is twm02:15
frinnsthe left :|02:28
teK_i3 maybe02:29
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Romsteroh figures i never picked up on the quit message.03:01
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enteand maybe dwm05:34
entesithwm is also pretty neat05:34
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frinnstload average: 14.96, 10.43, 5.4307:08
frinnstoo, so responsive07:08
frinnsteven the terminal lags07:08
teK_mplayer freezed yesterday after unpacking a 1,3GB (splitted to 30 files) rar file and deleting them afterwards07:15
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teK_froze. DANG07:24
frinnsthaha, wasn't gonna say anything07:25
teK_why is noone telling me about my shitty english, dammit!07:25
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jaegerteK_: Because there are far worse offenders out there :)07:29
jaegerfrinnst: <15 is an easy day for a few servers I've got here :)07:29
frinnstyeah but this is my workstation! :)07:29
frinnsteven my fucking music died07:30
frinnststupid spinning disks07:30
niklasweurk.. I dont like cobbler07:33
niklaswewould be nice if I could use cobbler system add --profile=my-kickstart --ip=1234 etc..  and --url=http://path/to/packages...07:33
teK_offenders xD07:36
teK_I'd like to improve my english :]07:36
jaegerteK_: As a native speaker I think yours is quite good07:37
frinnstmy english skills have gotten worse over the years for some reason07:37
teK_that's nice, thanks07:37
jaegerapropos of nothing, my ZFS flash drive L2ARC experiment didn't work very well :(07:37
teK_frinnst: same here07:37
jaegerMaybe I just need less crappy flash drives. At least they were free.07:37
frinnstteK_: it's the age07:37
teK_I'm not old!07:38
frinnstjaeger: oh, what went wrong?07:38
frinnst<teK_> Get off my lawn!07:38
jaegerfrinnst: the L2ARC never filled properly... it went into a degraded state almost immediately for some reason07:39
jaegerShould have expanded to a max of 2GB and it never went above 78MB07:39
jaegerfortunately ZFS falls back on the ARC when that happens so it doesn't cause problems but I was hoping for a cheap additional flash read cache.07:40
jaegerIt's too bad that my first SSD has a lot of SMART errors, it would be perfect for this.07:40
jaegerteK_: You may not want to hear it but if you want to improve, the past tense of "split" is also "split". :)07:41
teK_yes, thanks07:42
teK_it was meant as an adjective, too07:42
jaegerI had no idea mplayer could read split rars, that's kinda cool07:43
teK_it can't07:43
jaegerWell, it would be if it worked properly07:43
teK_well a bit but not really.. but the movie and the rar files were on the same disk07:44
teK_mplayer still is awesome :)07:44
jaegeryes :)07:44
teK_there was no update for it for far too long (in crux)..07:45
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frinnstwhut, no port for apcupsd ?07:46
teK_Do Not Purchase The Following UPSes07:48
Romsteri wasn't here to pick on your English teK_ and even if i do i make far more grammar mistakes.07:48
teK_SmartUPS RT 3000XL, 5000XL07:48
teK_Romster: you never did. Still I'm a person that wants to improve personal skills including my English07:48
Romsterwhat's up with that UPS?07:50
teK_it's not supported by apcupsd due to its proprietary protocol07:51
Romsteri hate propriety protocols07:52
teK_then you will love SONY :>07:53
Romsterwould prefer APC07:53
Romsterfind something that nut supports07:54
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Romsternice one08:33
frinnsthaha, australia ftw08:36
frinnst \o/08:37
jaegerthere was a steering committee?08:39
jaegerWas it composed entirely of drepper?08:39
frinnstyeah, and they were asleep behind the wheel :)08:39
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Romsterhahah i missed that one.08:42
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SiFuhtotemo kyomi no aru08:45
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SiFuhoh that guy looks like me08:45
frinnstsame ip and everything!08:47
SiFuhit is amazing how many emails I missed reading (didn't even know I got them), without mutt08:47
Romstermike_k your disguise doesn't not fool us :D08:48
Romstergah my grammar08:49
Romsterdoes not08:49
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jaegercurse you, double negative08:49
*** SiFuh_ is now known as SiFuh08:49
Romstershame two negatives don't make a positive08:50
SiFuhjaeger curse you... tripple consonants and tripple vowels in your name08:50
jaegerI'll just pretend that made any sense08:50
jaegerRomster: in most cases they do08:50
SiFuhBitlbee for win32 hehe ;-)08:51
jaegerIs it adding characters to my nick for some reason?08:53
SiFuhI'll just pretend that made any sense08:53
Romsterand tripple is triple08:53
SiFuhI didn't know bitlbee could connect to freenode ;-)08:54
SiFuhirssi for win32 as well  hmm08:55
jaegerSiFuh: I was trying (and failing) to figure out what you meant by this: 08:52 < SiFuh> jaeger curse you... tripple consonants and tripple vowels in your name08:56
SiFuhjgr aee08:56
SiFuh[23ú49 37]ø jaeger> curse you, double negative08:56
jaegerThat makes no sense08:56
jaegerIf they were consecutive it might :P08:57
SiFuhi know but have I ever made any sense in the years you know me?08:57
jaegerNo, I suppose not08:57
jaegerCarry on, then08:57
SiFuhi am trying to run bitlbee and irssi in windows... and for some 'Windows' reason it doesn't work the way it is suppose to but it runs..08:58
SiFuhgave up already ;-) there was another 5 minutes of my life gone out the Microsoft Window08:59
SiFuhanyone ported crux to the nokia n900 yet?09:01
pitilloSiFuh: we are running it in some arm devices, it should be possible to run it in the n900 too09:04
SiFuhI might give it a go then, because I fixed the old n900 that I smashed up in the otorcycle accident. I bought a new one because I was lazy to repair the old but after a few weeks passed I decided to repair the old one anyway. ;-)09:06
SiFuhI'll look into it later next week see if it is worth doing. Since the n900 is already running on debian disguised as Maemo 5 ;-)09:07
pitilloxD what a history... good you got it up again. I just took a look and seems there is a kernel development and a bootloader... then, it should work, but a bit slow with only 256Mb ram... both ways, cross or native with patience09:10
pitilloif you put hands on it and have enought time, take a look to, there we are managing different toolchains and kernels mostly09:11
SiFuhthe hardest part will be getting the source for the drivers even though it is suppose to be a fully and freely hackable phone.09:14
pitilloSiFuh: usually that's the harder part for all devices, kernel+bootloader really09:15
SiFuhbootloader is done09:16
SiFuhbecause you can boot maemo and meego (i can't remember how to spell it) and even Debian I think09:17
SiFuhthe kernel hmm if Debian is done then you can whip out the kernel for that09:17
SiFuhmight end up being easy than I though09:17
pitilloI think so... lot of development for that device at lowest level09:18
pitillorx51 in a 2.6.28... I think there would be something updated overthere, btw, it's a good start point09:24
SiFuhInstead of booting the kernel directly from NOLO (which restricts you to using ONE kernel), U-Boot can be used as second bootloader.09:26
SiFuhforgot about u-boot its on the first n90009:27
SiFuhfound the debian one..  I just saw touchscreen pending09:35
SiFuhlaughed a little09:35
pitillostrange it hasn't TS support...09:38
SiFuhwell it does but it appears to be having issues on the latest kernel09:42
SiFuhI just emailed Nokia, and when I clicked send "Sorry the page is not found" fsck.09:42
frinnstoh how i hate those corporate websites that keep changing09:43
frinnsthalf of the links are broken09:43
SiFuhcool it actually worked ;-) I got an auto response09:43
SiFuhfrinnst: that is exactly what just happened now09:43
SiFuh"I'm sorry but our website is broken, however we have recieved 20% of your email, and understand pieces are of your phone are not working as they should. Please fell free to email the other 80% when you have time"09:45
SiFuhmy grammar is broken too ;-)09:45
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libarchive: updated to
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joe9is there a replacement for irqtune? I cannot seem to find reliable compilable source for it. makes me wonder if there is something better out there?14:44
tilmanthe name irqtune conjures up memories of the 90s =)14:57
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aaa801I just tryed to build a 64bit crux install15:18
aaa801and i get this on booting it
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frinnstgeez, 90% of "new install problems" are kernel config issues related to filesystem, controller, scsi-disk misconfigurations16:31
frinnstmaybe improve the defconfig for 2.8?16:31
nogagplzjust do make allyesconfig :P16:32
frinnstheh, do those even boot?16:33
frinnstnever tried it16:33
nogagplzmaybe, but who knows what untold horror will be unsealed16:34
frinnstbut including ahci, ext4 and scsi-disk as builtin would allow the config to boot on most new physical and all virtualbox machines16:40
jaegerahci isn't enabled by default in virtualbox but ata_piix would catch a lot of them too16:54
jaegerer, wait, I'm wrong. ahci is enabled16:54
jaegerit's host cache that's not16:54
jaegerignore me. :)16:55
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 11.61 -> 11.6220:22
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