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Romstermorning pitillo02:11
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Romsterjoe9, /etc/sysctl.conf02:11
pitilloyo Romster :)02:12
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joe9Romster: isn't sysctl.conf for sysctl parameters? do you consider these to be sysctl paramters too?
Romsterhmm why haven't those been added to sysctl.05:41
Romsteras i understand it the /proc was bieng moved to /sys and for setting stuff was meant to be in sysctl than to echo it to /proc05:42
Romsterforget where i read this now.05:42
joe9romster, ok, thanks.06:24
Romsteri think the right way is to do it in /sys/block now06:25
Romsterhrmm why is systemtap not packaged...06:29
Romstertook me a while to find it too.06:29
nogagplzoh yeah did you bump those 32bit xorg packages Romster06:29
Romstertotally forgot about that i'll get onto that.06:31
Romsterthis is irritating that this program want elfutils but there is already libelf. can't win...06:49
nogagplzyou tried and you failed06:55
nogagplzthe lesson here is never try06:55
Romsteri think i have a solution to thus.06:56
Romsteryeah but if you don't try you never learn.06:57
nogagplzspare me your common sense06:57
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joe9anyone using crux from a squashfs ramdisk?08:15
joe9can the crux init system run off of a read-only root filesystem?08:16
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joe9my other option (if crux's init system might have too many dependencies) is minit08:23
jaegerjoe9: I would imagine init can work in a read-only root filesystem. You'd need to make some ramdisk or other type of work space for /var/run, /tmp, etc.09:00
jaegerprobably others as well09:00
jaegerlike /var/log09:00
joe9that is what I was thinking of doing.09:00
joe9i am planning on /var, /tmp and /home as ramdisks09:01
joe9and the root on squashfs09:01
joe9or, use tmpfs instead of ramdisks for the /var, /tmp and /home.09:01
thrice`tmpfs for /home ? :P09:01
joe9the root is a squashfs mounted on a ramdisk.09:02
joe9thrice`: this is just throwaway stuff. nothing important there.09:02
joe9all the stuff that needs to be stored will be on the hard disk.09:02
joe9from with the ramdisks will be restored at startup and (maybe written to on poweroff).09:03
joe9trying to switch off the hard disks is my goal here.09:03
joe9jaeger: what is the size of your read-only root filesystem?09:05
joe9jaeger: is it a squashfs?09:05
jaegerDon't know the size off the top of my head but if you have the ISO handy you could check, it's called crux.squashfs if I remember right09:07
joe9ok, will get the cd. thanks.09:08
joe9jaeger: it is 27M on the cd.09:09
joe9that small, really?09:09
jaegerYou don't need much in a minimal system, really09:10
joe9jaeger, wow. that is small. cool. do you have any scripts that you could share on how you mount it and that, if you do not mind sharing.09:10
joe9i could write my own script, but, if you have something to share, I could get a headstart.09:11
jaegerjoe9: all of it is here:;a=tree;h=2.7;hb=2.709:14
jaegerspecifically you might want to look at the squashfs: target in the Makefile09:14
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.09:14
joe9ok, will do.09:14
jaegerMakefile is where it's created, initramfs/init is where it's mounted at boot09:15
jaegerAnyone bored and willing to test a GTK+ theme for me? I'm curious if it's just a really slow theme or if I have something else wrong09:16
jaeger and
joe9my whole crux root directory of my system compressed to (xz) to 152M, which is not that bad, given that I have 1GB RAM.09:25
joe9all of /bin /usr /etc and /sbin. missed the /lib, but that is just 33M uncompressed.09:26
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joe9jaeger: i can test the gtk-theme, if you want some help. but, i do not use gdm or gnome. I use just X with xmonad. i do not have any icons or anything like that.09:41
jaegerjoe9: I'm using xfce4 here, so definitely no gnome requirement... I'm just curious if it slows down your gtk apps significantly. for example, try scrolling up and down a webpage in firefox with the absolute theme enabled and with some other theme09:42
joe9jaeger: firefox is already slow as rock for me.09:43
joe9let me install absolute09:44
jaegerheh, fair enough09:44
jaegerThunderbird is particularly bad with this theme... if I go to one of the default xfce themes it's snappy, if I turn on absolute it slows down scrolling a ton09:46
joe9jaeger: i tried to see if i could install it from firefox: addons-> install addon from file (it does not recognize the .tar or .gz file).09:46
jaegerjoe9: both of the files are crux ports09:48
joe9 jaeger09:49
jaeger$ host gnome-look.org09:52 is an alias for has address
jaegerlooks like a DNS issue09:52
jaegerdon't know what to tell you, it resolves fine for me09:57
jaegerhost <--- also worked with google's dns09:59
joe9 when I change it to use main.hive01.com10:00
jaegerDoesn't look like that will work, you get an html file (web page) back instead of the source10:00
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugins: updated to Resolves CVE-2012-0772, CVE-2012-077310:00
jaegerYou or your ISP have some kind of DNS issue but for now I copied it to:
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deus_exjaeger: absolute theme works just fine here, with xfce.10:06
deus_exI tried few other murrine themes, no problems with them.10:06
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jaegerpedja: no noticeable slowdown?10:07
jaegerweird :(10:07
jaegerWish I could figure out what's up... it's terrible here10:08
jaegerI wonder if it could be something to do with multihead10:11
pedjayou have that problem only with murrine themes?10:14
jaegerI haven't tried others yet, so far it's just absolute10:14
jaegerDo you have a recommendation to try?10:14
jaegeralso, what version of murrine are you using?10:14
jaeger0.98.2 here10:14
pedjaSame here, I  used your port, too lazy to update mine :)10:15
jaegerheh, ok10:15
pedjaI tried several other murrine themes, ones that come in MurrineThemePack.afaict, no problem with them.10:17
jaegerthe one in contrib is
jaeger ?10:17
pedjaI Just grabbed one from the site
jaegerAh, ok10:19
jaegerouch, yeah, they're really slow, too10:20
jaegerso perhaps it's all murrine themes10:20
thrice`nvidia drivers or so?10:21
jaegerusing the current binary blob ones, yeah10:22
joe9jaeger: wondering if you could bump the version of squashfs-tools to 4.2. I just intsalled it and it seems to work fine.10:22
jaegerI'll take a look at it, sure10:24
pedjajaeger: i am using nvidia binary blob, xfce and kernel 3.3.So, what is different?Only multihead?10:31
joe9jaeger: would you mind changing the line "make" to "make XZ_SUPPORT=110:32
joe9that adds xz support. it builds fine too.10:32
joe9make XZ_SUPPORT=110:32
jaegerpedja: kernel 3.2.5 here but I doubt that's the cause10:33
jaegerpedja: any chance you could paste your xorg.conf somewhere?10:33
jaegerjoe9: I'll take a look at it :) one thing at a time, heh10:34
joe9ok, thanks.10:34
jaegerpedja: I wonder if it could be something related to the kernel preemption setting in the kernel config, or the timer frequency, etc.10:41
jaegerthanks, looks pretty straightforward10:41
pedjawould you like my jernel .config?10:41
jaegerpedja: sure :)10:42
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jaegerpedja: interesting... with a single-head display configuration absolute-squared is still slow but the Murrina* ones are somewhat faster10:45
jaegerpedja: also it seems to be only thunderbird now10:47
jaegerI'm really confused, heh10:47
jaegerfirefox is quite snappy now in thet single-head X setup10:48
jaegerpedja: I'm gonna chalk it up to thunderbird just being the problem here, I think...10:53
pedjai googled a bit, it seems that TB has a history of bot playing nice with murrine themes.10:54
jaegerThe more I play with it the more I think that's the case... switching to single-head seemed to help a bit outside of TB but that may be my imagination10:55
jaegerThanks for humoring me, hehe10:55
tilmanwhats the maximum texture size your graphics chip can handle?10:56
pedjanp, I had similar problem while I used gnome on my netbook, Opera was my nemesis then :)10:56
tilmanif your desktop's size (across all heads) is > that size, things _might_ suffer10:57
tilman(assuming you're using a composited desktop, but i hear it's 2012 :P)10:57
jaegerhrmm, wonder how I would figure that out10:59
jaegerit's a quadro fx 580 which is a g96 chipset, similar to the geforce 9500 or 960010:59
jaeger512MB RAM on it11:00
tilmanhow hold is it?11:00
jaegerIf you mean old, presumably as old as the 9500/9600, so early-to-mid 200811:01
tilmanhow large is your (virtual) desktop?11:02
jaeger3840x1080 (1080p x2)11:02
tilmanyour hw's max tex size might be 8192 * 8192, which would be large enough for your desktop11:04
tilmanso that's probably not it11:04
jaegerhrmm, ok11:04
tilman(considering a 4K * 4K max tex size would suffice as well)11:04
jaegerok, after playing with it more I'm convinced thunderbird is the issue. chrome, firefox, pidgin, etc. all behave smoothly, even when stretched across both displays or maximized on either single display11:14
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Rotwangtb 11 seems to be trully fucked up13:52
frinnstwhats up?13:53
Rotwangmeh, build brakes if I choose some options13:54
Rotwangand it links with firefox13:54
Rotwangand then it complains that there are no symbols (weird bug)13:55
RotwangI think I'll stick to 10.x for now13:55
Rotwangand the release numbers are retarded too13:55
Rotwangwhat will happen when they will get to numbers like 500?13:56
Rotwangin ten years it is possible13:56
jaegerRotwang: there's also another pidgin update, heh13:57
thrice`links with ff?? :O13:57
Rotwangwho uses MSN in pidgin?13:58
jaegerI don't use MSN at all13:59
Rotwangthis release includes one ticket fix14:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: thunderbird updated url15:20
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