IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-03-31

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frinnsthmm, my card didnt like the new xorg-xf86-video-ati04:10
frinnstgit from 212-03-07 works04:12
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tilmanfrinnst: mine neither. "expected 1.17, got 2.20". not sure what its referring to04:27
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frinnstall i saw was gibberish04:27
tilmanoh, nice04:28
tilmanfrinnst: dmesg|grep "Initialized radeon"04:31
tilmanfrinnst: ^ and what kernel are you running?04:32
tilmanfrinnst: and did you try disabling 2d tiling?04:32
tilmanfrinnst: nvm, it built my driver without support for kms04:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to
tilmanfrinnst: make sure you run libdrm 2.4.33 or greater (you probably already do, but ..)04:44
frinnstnope, i was on 2.4.3104:50
frinnstkernel is 3.304:50
tilman6.14.4 requires 2.4.33 for kms04:51
tilmanso you might have run in it ums mode too :p04:51
frinnstworks with 2.4.3304:54
frinnstbut strange how the git version worked04:54
frinnstDate:   Wed Mar 7 11:01:40 2012 -050004:55
frinnstnothing relevant since?04:55
frinnstoh screw it04:55
frinnsti cant think - need coffe04:55
Romsterwonder why it didn't bomb out saying libdrm too old...04:56
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frinnstfucking snow..05:06
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tilmanfrinnst: let me know when you have tested the new ati driver with proper libdrm08:35
tilmanfrinnst: so i know if i can push or not08:35
frinnstpush damn you, push!08:35
frinnst11:54 <frinnst> works with 2.4.3308:36
tilmani missed that08:36
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to
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frinnstoh right, this flash release was the last for linux10:34
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Rotwangare they mad?11:00
entewho? adobe?11:02
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enteare you seriously asking if adobe is mad? :-)11:13
enteor was that a rhethorical question?11:13
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Necrosporusis there crux for x86-64?11:33
Rotwangin the internets11:35
NecrosporusAh, true11:35
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RomsterNecrosporus, then there is also multilib
Romsterhmm i had no luck with gnash so what will we do for a open source replacement flash or wait for flash to die with the last adobe flash player19:44
nogagplzmaybe mozilla will adopt whatever googles thing is19:46
frinnstbut the world will be a better place without flash19:47
Romsterand this silverlight that MS is doing too... go figure that MS will fork off everything and modify it and slap there trademark MS on some new wonderful technology name.19:50
jaegerAt least Silverlight works quite well, annoying as DRM might be19:50
frinnstsilverlight is already dead19:50
Romsteri wish ActiveX would die too. got cameras that only work in IE because of it... how dumb not easy to get in Linux or OS X19:51
Romsterwhen did silverlight die?19:51
jaegerfrinnst: why do you say that?19:52
jaegerthe most recent release was in december19:52
frinnstit was the final one, no?19:52
frinnsti thought they stopped development19:52
jaegerNot that I know of but I'm not sure19:52
Romsterperhaps it's stable so they haven't needed to push a new version but they are secretly working on the next major version?19:54
Romsterwho knows.19:54
frinnstthey killed flash for android too iirc19:54
Romsterwhat's a good alternative open source flash player that doesn't suck? until flash dies out for html519:54
frinnstso its only ie, osx? and chrome left19:54
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Romsteryeah becasue it sucked to much CPU on android :D19:56
frinnstadobe ->
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Romster lol a fruit that looks liek a ...20:02
nogagplzliek a what20:02
nogagplzI'm not seeing it20:02
Romsterclose enough20:06
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Romsteroh gawd this site is bad... Human turkey probably not work safe.20:06
Romsteralthough not rude either.20:06
nogagplzwhat the hell is that20:07
Romsterno idea20:08
Romsterhas to be photo shopped.20:09
Romster new sport?20:13
nogagplz cleaner gene pool?20:15
Romsterholly crap don't think the person would survive that.20:16
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NecrosporusRomster, multilib is not needed anyways. I'd rather ask, is there any difference between CRUX 64 and usual except bit capacity of binaries?23:07

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