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RomsterNecrosporus, the difference is the usual 32bit vs 64bit00:08
Romsterfew thgns run faster/better accuracy, but the majority run the same speed or possibly slightly slower, main advantage is amount of memory you can address.00:09
NecrosporusI mean, difference in scripts00:13
Necrosporusis it built by same buildscripts as usual CRUX or it's modified00:13
Romsterit's same build scripts and iso really, jsut modifyed packages for some ports.00:14
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Romsterhi dziq02:21
dziqhow can I chceck program versions for crux eg. gnome-panel02:23
Romsterports -u to update the database and depending what you want to check installed version with pkginfo -i |grep gnome-panel02:24
Romsterfor installed port version02:24
Romsteror prt-get info gnome-panel02:24
Romsterfor the current port version, then there is prt-get diff to list differences between installed versions and current version02:25
dziqRomster: ok, but i'm planning to install crux and I want to know something about software versions02:38
Romsterwell gnome isn't maintained sorry, we all use lighter DE's or xfce WM02:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: updated to
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Romsterthe fuck... logging channels for 5 years keywords on terrorism in freenode highly unlikely
horrorStruck^ it's fake, they used comic sans08:43
Romsteroh gawd it's Aprils fools day isn't it?08:44
Romstertotally forgot about that.08:45
horrorStruckbut ACTA does exist and is a real threat :(08:46
Romsterthat's what scared me, i'm still not convinced this is a Aprils fools joke though it's too serious ACTA to take as a joke.08:47
horrorStruckhmm... it should pretty safe to bet on april's fool joke i think.08:49
Romsteryeah big joke inside scoop...08:52
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joe9i use xmonad11:41
joe9dziq: i use xmonad, and it is pretty quick.11:42
joe9 error in building jdk11:49
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frinnstseems the md5sum changed12:32
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/usr/ports/opt/jdk$ file /home/ports/src/jdk-7u3-linux-i586.tar.gz12:32
frinnst/home/ports/src/jdk-7u3-linux-i586.tar.gz: HTML document, ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators12:32
frinnsti guess the link is broken12:32
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frinnstanybody got any experience with these "smart" external esata hdd cabinets?14:09
frinnststuff like these:
frinnsti need an external cabinet with support for multiple drives with esata output14:14
frinnstthough my hp microserver doesnt support port multiplier :(14:14
jaegerNot I, sorry14:14
frinnsti need more storage! D:14:15
jaegeralways :P14:17
frinnstthese home nas-solutions look slow14:17
frinnst"wow, over 80MB/s!"14:17
frinnstand expensive, for what they are14:17
frinnstseems to be cheaper to just buy another microserver14:21
frinnst australia ftw14:46
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