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juegood morning01:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jre: download sources manually, see README01:33
juejoe9: thx for your report about the broken jre/jdk sources, even though it would be better to tell such problems to the port maintainers directly01:35
juenot everyone has the time to read irc logs ;)01:35
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Romstermorning jue pitillo03:04
nogagplzmorning Romster03:04
Romstersun done it again to download sources manually again, with they would make there damn minds up.03:04
Romsteryo nogagplz03:04
frinnstits still a no-no to resitribute the bins?03:11
Romsterno idea but i plan to host them on my site in dispite of them.03:18
frinnstyou naughty boy, you03:18
Romsteronly mildly naughty than what others do.03:19
frinnstwhy does rhel6.2 feel like beta software if you use the desktop?03:19
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juefrinnst: maybe not, I'm too lazy/busy to work through their license05:41
juefrinnst: you have issues with current cairo?05:42
frinnstyeah, with ati06:12
frinnstthere's a workaround though06:12
juehmm, I see a noticeable slowdown with nouveau and firefox06:14
frinnstbut no corruptions?06:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: twisted: 11.1.0 -> 12.0.007:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.60 -> 1.6207:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lxml: 2.3.3 -> 2.3.407:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opencore-amr: add note about version 0.1.3 breaks gst-plugins-ugly07:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mkvtoolnix: add note about later versions than 5.0.1 require gcc 4.6.x to compile07:35
pitilloummm can someone make a build for nmap and check if it fails?07:54
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Romsterpitillo, shortly busy doing stuff. what specifically example breaks on nmap?07:57
frinnstworks for me (tm)08:00
frinnstthough fails at home with my fucked up toolchain08:00
pitillofrinnst: thank you very much. Romster I tried to build it here and it fails when building ncat (seems there are some problems with nl but may be this is a personal problem... quite strange)08:01
jaegerI think I remember running into that if I had nl3 installed but it's been a while08:02
jaegerI don't remember for sure08:02
pitillojaeger: I tried without libnl and got the same problem about undefined symbols... there is a lack of -lnl in ncat LIBS but if all things are right, this should be a personal problem in my VM (but really I didn't anything strange on it)08:03
Romsternmap#5.51-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. on i68608:04
pitilloerror... libnl is installed here... trying again without it (I thought I removed it after asking here)08:04
Romstertrying with libnl installed now.08:05
pitilloRomster: thank you very much for your current test too (let's see if I can verify without libnl)08:05
teK_worked for me[tm]08:05
Romsterbut libnl is not version 3 i got libnl#1.1-108:05
pitilloyeah teK_, I didn't want to disturb you with it until I find a patch to build it with libnl (which is only an add to LIBS to link with libnl... but I didn't deeped yet into sources)08:06
teK_sure :)08:07
pitilloRomster: yes, that's the current version which gives problems if I'm right08:07
Romsternmap#5.51-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed with libnl 1.1-108:07
pitilloRomster: same here... it's missing libnl link in ncat08:08
Romsterwonder why it's not looking at /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libnl-1.pc08:09
Romsteri'd imagine -lnl wold fix it in LDFLAGS08:09
pitilloit should but in LIBS if I'm right (I think I used wthe wrong term when I said linking...)08:10
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Romsterit's old too testing
Romster$ lsurl |vs |head -n108:12
Romster nmap 5.51.608:12
* Romster hugs version sort :D08:12
pitillosame problem with that version Romster08:13
pitilloI tried it before going to take a bite :)08:13
teK_thats not stable, isn't it08:13
Romsterstill getting the source...08:13
pitilloand I think svn trunk has the same problem (but not tested)08:13
Romsterwhy would -x not be stable?08:14
pitilloteK_: no idea here, I just took a look to see if they fixed libnl link08:14
Romster6 is a patch version08:14
teK_-lnl fixes it08:14
Romsteryeah obviosuly but looking at the build system to see where it's going wrong.08:14
RomsterLIBS="-lnl $LIBS"08:18
teK_yeah obviously08:18
Romsterit's in there... how strange.08:18
Romstereven though that is wrong it should be looking with pkg-config08:20
pitillothere is something wrong or bad done upstream (seems IMHO)08:20
teK_welcome to GNU autohell08:40
Romsteryeah been though it before.08:41
teK_trying a quick fix.. give me a second08:42
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teK_thanks for the notice pitillo, may I report it upstream?08:44
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pitilloteK_: np, I just hit it here and tried to see if someone else had the problem or was something wrong with my system. I think they know about... I took a look to their ML and seems there are some related problems reported08:50
teK_but no fix?08:51
pitillonop upstream... I saw a thread where an Arch packager add the LIB in their packages... so seems there is no fix upstream (as it was reported in older versions and svn has the same problem)08:54
teK_manipulating LIB is cheating :p08:55
teK_I will see if I can roll&send in a proper fix tonight :)08:56
pitillosure... but if there is no way of doing things rights... may be the way is cheating... only a bit :)08:56
teK_he has to check during pkgmk-time if libnl is installed if it's an optional dependency08:57
teK_or if the ../configure script found a libnl08:57
teK_-> ugly :>08:57
joe9error in gnome install:
jaegerjoe9: in this case you can probably just find a new location for that source tarball, but gnome is completely unmaintained09:03
joe9jaeger: oh, good to know. thanks.09:03
jaegerI have offered to let someone else take over maintenance of it but so far nobody has wanted to :)09:03
jueteK_: IIRC, we've talked about the issue already. Problem is the --with-libpcap=included configure option09:03
jueteK_: well, looks like the included libpcap locks for libnl and uses it, but nmap links static against the just build libpcap.a09:05
jueI'd suggest to remove --with-libpcap=included, same for libpcre09:07
teK_will try :-)09:08
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joe9i installed gnome and it installed a bunch of packages. I want to remove them now.10:05
joe9when I try prt-get listorphans, it does not list all the packages that were just installed.10:05
joe9is there a way to figure and remove the packages that were installed in the last hour or 2.10:06
thrice`prt-get doesn't keep track of deps vs. explicitely installed packages10:07
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joe9i can see the list of packages installed in the last hour.10:08
joe9in /var/pkgmk/packages.10:08
joe9just need to figure out how to get the module name from them.10:08
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Romsterpitillo, try this out10:32
Romster$ wgetpaste ~/.safe-build_crux2.7/usr/ports/contrib/nmap/nmap-5.51.6-libnl.patch10:32
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterso rusty with autohell this works.10:32
Romstersend it upstream to nmap for me :)10:33
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Romsterjoe9, something like this perhaps? for p in $(find /usr/ports/packages -newermt yesterday -ls | xargs); do pkgrm $p; done10:39
joe9romster, thanks. that is cool.10:39
Romsterany package file modified since yesterday remove10:39
Romsteryou can do a ton of stuff but also means you can make big bobobs too :D10:40
joe9Romster: that worked like a charm.10:42
Romsterno problem10:42
jueRomster: looks not correct for me because it's not a problem of nmap itself, but how the included libpcap is build10:42
Romsteryeah it's messed up badly jue i just butchered it to add in -lnl when it sees that libnl is pressent.10:43
Romsterit at least works with and without libnl with that patch.10:43
Romsteri'd leave it to the nmap team to fix their darn mess it's horrible how it is currently.10:44
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Romsterthere is like at least 4 different configure scripts, and i can't even do autoreconf as it's missing some BSD include too.10:44
Romsteri know my patch is a hack -_-10:45
juesure, but I wouldn't send your patch10:45
jueIMO the best solution is to use system libpcap10:45
Romsteri'm seriously rusty on autotconf, could you knock a better one out?10:45
jueand system libpcre as well10:45
juesorry, I mean in the nmap port10:47
Romsterthere is a reason why they bundle stuff... they modify it from upstream.10:47
Romsteryou can test i've had enough looking at nmap for one night.10:48
Romsterat least i tired.10:48
juewell, if you have to enable it explicit the default seems to be to use the system libraries10:48
Romsterok removing pcre and libpcap to use system supplied compiles with and without libnl too pitillo10:52
Romsterwithout that patch i made.10:52
Romsterwho knows if it breaks nmap though jue10:53
Romsterthere still is a issue with their build system though all this is doing is side stepping there bundled libpcap avoiding there build mess.10:54
juesure, it's broken, they use the static libpcap library without looking at its dependencies10:56
Romsterthe real problem is no check for libnl in ncat10:56
Romster2am and i should of been in bed ages ago..10:58
jueno, they shouldn't just link to -lpcap but use pcap-config10:58
jueto get the dependent libraries10:58
Romsteri'm tired... well yeah pkg-config is how it's meat to be found.10:59
juetry './pcap-config --static --libs10:59
jue-L/usr/lib -lpcap -lnl10:59
Romsterah why didn't i see that11:00
Romsteri fail11:00
juein the pcap subdir, but better go to bed now ;)11:00
Romsteri just got onto wrong track and not looked at the bigger picture.11:01
Romstermight try a propepr fix for it later after work.11:01
Romsterif no one beats me to it before then11:01
juegood night11:02
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