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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libao: 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0, picked up orphaned port03:20
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Rotwangwhich one is better?03:35
RotwangI like core 2 duo more03:35
frinnstquad ofcourse03:46
Romstermoar pwer :D03:46
* Romster shrugs03:46
Rotwangbut split into four cores03:46
frinnstyeah, but i guess it depends on your workload03:46
Romsterdepends on the programs are they SMP aware?03:47
Romsterolder games only used 2 cores too.03:47
Rotwangbut it seems quad has limited virtualization support03:48
frinnsthuh? how can that be03:49
nogagplzlower model number probably03:50
RomsterhorrorStruck, opt is in there you can use whatever you wish more will be added over time so bookmark it :)03:51
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joe9anyone have their /etc directory in git?07:52
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RotwangI like to live on the edge08:07
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horrorStruckRomster: awesome, thanks! don't you want to open a github account so i can give you full write access to the repo? their signup/setup process is rather painless, which is rare enough nowadays to be mentioned.08:24
jsejoe9: heard of etckeeper?;a=summary08:25
Romsteri prefer to host my own stuff. and as predatorfreak was saying hosting a normal git tree than one full of patches so it's easier to make the /patches from it that are dynamically done from the diff to upstream git tree.08:26
Romsterif i really have to i'll make a github account and mirror my stuff.08:26
joe9jse: that is interesting.08:27
Romsteri aslo fixed a qt4 issue just now that prevented it form being built if it's not already installed on the system. i've known about that for a while now.08:27
jseKnown about it for a few years. Never used it personally since there's no need.08:27
joe9jse: i just put /etc in git and have a crontab entry to commit every hour.08:28
Romsterhmm i know of a few methods to keep /etc but a backup copy is good enough for me.08:28
joe9i do not care much for the file permissions though.08:28
joe9and, I also have a rsync backup of the rootfs too.08:29
horrorStruckRomster: ok, np. i'll setup the full git trees soon.08:29
Romstercron eh i spotted this and think i'll package it if it's not already
joe9etckeeper is cool, though.08:29
jsejoe9: yeah. There's always more than one way to accomplish the same result.08:29
Romsteri like jse's idea only with gpsd than cron though.08:30
joe9jse: yes, but, etckeeper is definitely the better solution. if it was already packaged for crux, it would have been a no-brainer for me.08:30
Romsternothing stops you form packaging it joe9 :)08:31
jsejoe9: that kitenet guy does lots of awesome things using git. Ever heard of git-annex?08:33
joe9no, I haven't. let me google it.08:33
joe9jse: that looks cool. need to get my hands dirty on it to understand it better, it appears.08:37
joe9jse: thanks for passing that along.08:37
jseNo problem.08:37
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RomsterRotwang, if that's not a branfuck i don't know what is09:17
Romstermakes me more dyslexic reading it...09:17
RotwangI like the final part09:19
Rotwangleft up down left left right down right and at this point I always lose. I hate that fucking game.09:19
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Romsterpick a less frustrating game Rotwang :)10:08
Rotwangcompiling qemu on a low ram machine is pita10:10
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Rotwangthere are screenshots in handbook, nice15:19
frinnsthuh, in ours?15:20
frinnstwhat linked to that? i dont see it in the handbook15:21
Rotwangjust ctrl + f15:22
Rotwangand then search for Screenshots15:22
frinnstguess that looks pretty silly when reading from the iso during an actual install15:23
Rotwanginstalling crux on qemu that on host that is virtualized by xen15:24
frinnsthah, recursive vm's rule15:24
Rotwangand that is?15:24
frinnsta vm in a vm?15:24
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RotwangI know it is going to be slow15:25
Rotwangbut hey, I have a linode, and no idea what to do with it15:26
frinnsthey, im not judging.. i run a few at work :)15:27
frinnststill, it can get quite annoying at times when sitting and waiting for simple tasks to complete :)15:27
Rotwangso I've thought that doing pseude ci setup for my contrib ports might be a good idea15:28
Rotwangcrap, can't type15:29
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NomiusWhere are you from Romster?20:46
Romsteraustralia mate :)20:49
Romstermost in here are mornings when it's after work for me in which case i say morning/evening mostly to greet them. but since 'm up in my morning here, as i don't go back to work untill tomorrow. i say morning.20:50
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: reiserfsprogs: new source URL21:20
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