IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-04-09

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frinnstRotwang: lol08:01
frinnst awesome, im moving to spain08:06
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jaegerplanning an upgrade? :)09:30
frinnsti'll wait for the ivy bridge benchmarks09:37
frinnstit will probably be hard to stay away :)09:37
jaegerhaha, nice09:56
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rinesRotwang: download url of streamripper in contrib is broken11:18
c0xall ports with src pointed to now get html page11:37
c0xs/all/almost all/11:41
rinesc0x: yes, thats the old download url; new sf-urls (should) work fine11:47
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Jessica_LilyHey ho :)15:54
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joe9jue: error with glib:
joe9maybe elfutils should be a dependency?21:18
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