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NecrosporusHow to make initrd on CRUX installation?02:26
NecrosporusIs there a tool on its CD?02:26
teK_no but you can use the isos initrd as a starting point. I doubt that there's an article in our wiki for that.02:27
teK_;a=tree;f=initramfs;h=576fa455e2b4164914b2b798a61bca0a71799e71;hb=2.7 might be a good starting point02:27
teK_+ parts of;a=blob;f=Makefile02:28
NecrosporusIs there LVM binaries on the CD?02:34
NecrosporusI didn't download it yet to check02:34
teK_frinnst: you may want to bump the 64bit firefox-java-plugin even if it's not outdated as it only links to some .so02:41
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frinnstpedja maintains it these days02:42
frinnsti think02:42
teK_thought you were listed as arch maintainer02:42
frinnstno, its me02:42
frinnstill take a look once i get home, thanks02:42
teK_you're welcome02:43
teK_it's a non-issue :p02:43
frinnstyeah, but ugly02:45
teK_the ports could/should have no opt(ff-java-plugin) related version02:47
teK_because once you intall it, you're done02:47
frinnstyep, but iirc when sepen took over as maintainer of opt/firefox-java-plugin he changed it02:48
frinnstit used to be that way02:49
teK_maybe you can talk to him. Duplicate work has to be avoided at all costs ;>02:49
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Romsterthat was fast.05:18
Romsteror is it on some cron job to check if it's running?05:19
frinnstthe uni restarted the box perhaps?05:24
frinnstwhy does virtualbox keep crashing?05:24
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Romsterno idea06:38
frinnstHOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW?!06:39
frinnsti am deeply dissapointed in you06:39
frinnstreloading the modules seems to have done the trick06:39
teK_frinnst is just too hardcore :\06:39
Romsterme ears are deff06:40
Romsteror is it death06:40
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jaegerWe had a wicked storm last night, looks like there were problems at the university07:58
jaegerthe server didn't go down but the network sure did :)08:01
jaeger08:01:43 up 446 days, 13:2308:01
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frinnststupid vbox, crashed yet again08:41
sepenfrinnst: contrib/vbox  ?08:44
jaegerStop making it do difficult things like running VMs :D08:44
frinnstno, rhel oracle-built08:44
frinnsta trifecta of crap08:45
sepenis CRUX your guest?08:45
sepenfor desktop uses?08:45
frinnstnah, building an iso08:45
frinnstwell, attempting to08:45
sepenwhy not use a full chroot environment for that?08:45
frinnstbecause i run a rhel system at work08:46
frinnstI could, but it ought to be easier to just use a VM08:46
frinnstbut i guess not :)08:46
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sepenfrinnst: I'm running CRUX chroot on centos and ubuntu (via safe-crux's project)08:47
jaegerI generally use VMs to build my ISOs, for what that's worth08:48
jaegerThough they usually run on a windows host08:48
sepenjust the problem could be the kernel in use (for old distros)08:48
jaegerI have run them on a crux host without trouble08:48
frinnstI guess i'll have to build a chroot at home08:49
frinnsti used to use vbox at home, but it almost hosed my btrfs fs :)08:49
jaegersepen: is that the same as safe-build?08:49
jaegerI guess not, after a search08:50
sepenjaeger: ATM we have a problem with our RPS (, so when it come back I paste you where the git repo is located08:51
jaegerCan I view the source online?08:51
jaegerah, ok08:51
jaegerI tried to get to and failed08:51
jaeger :D08:51
sepenovh sucks08:51
Romsteru havne't updated safe-build for quite some time. i got some commands to create the inital one then i use safe-build clean to clean up after.08:51
jaegerfound the ohloh page08:51
sepenis the 2nd time they crashed in a year08:51
jaegerWhat do safe-crux or safe-build give you that a simple chroot doesn't? Just automation of the chroot creation?08:52
sepenjaeger: yep, plus features08:52
sepenfor example, you can manage more than one 'CRUX image' at same time08:52
Romsterjust a wrapper script really.08:53
frinnstlooks nice08:54
sepenfrinnst: now, safe-crux could manage image-files, partitions, or dirs08:55
sepenso just you can use safe-crux also to install CRUX on a partition you have08:55
frinnstdoes the wrapper mount an image as the filesystem?08:55
frinnstor just a dir with the filesystem in it?08:56
sepenboth options08:56
frinnstsweet, because a big image with btrfs/COW is probably not a good idea at the moment :)08:56
sepenwell, wait a moment and I upload a copy of my current code08:57
frinnstDelta file linked to incompatible encryption IV. (data/1/2/3/3/1/1/3194/175282.1332457200) (data/1/2/3/3/1/1/3194/175282.1332284400)08:58
frinnstinformative errormsg08:58
jaegerthanks, will check it out08:59
sepennah, to you too, reports/tests/etc are always welcome09:00
frinnstc0x: what ISO were you using? the one from ?09:01
sepenjaeger, frinnst, just as a note, our server ( is running centos6 (64bits) + CRUX 2.6 (via safe-crux), and all services are served from CRUX's guest09:03
jaegerinteresting combo, heh09:03
sepenand easy to migrate, backup, etc.09:03
sepenalso I used it in the past to create my own packages for uCRUX (I had an old 486 laptop) :D09:05
frinnst <- awesome09:06
jaegerAnyone running chrome 18.0.1025.151 in linux currently?09:06
jaegerit seems REALLY slow and I'm wondering if others are experiencing that09:06
frinnstno, i have a soul09:06
sepenjaeger: not chrome, but chromium 18.0.1025.39-1 (x64 purelib) here09:06
jaegerTNT, you so crazy09:08
jaegersepen: any speed issues? switching tabs or creating new ones is horribly slow here09:08
pitilloI'm using chromium at home and no problems (old p4 laptop 512MB, but don't try to put more than 15-20 tabs...)09:10
pitillobuilding it here on a vbox CRUX guest...09:10
sepenjaeger: yep, more than 20 tabs is horrible to me too09:14
jaegerI only have 6 tabs open currently :/09:14
pitillojaeger: do you have good graphics support? (because you'll have more ram than me for sure xD) it's the only thing I can think (as I got problems in older versions some time ago with some intel driver version)09:14
sepenI tried to build newer releases of chromium, but they failed, so I decided to wait a bit more09:14
sepenmaybe is the time to try it again09:15
jaegerpitillo: I'm using an nvidia quadro fx 580, which isn't the newest but probably similar to a geforce 960009:15
jaegerwith the nvidia binary driver09:15
sepenjaeger: are you running any chrome-extensions or just only tried some tabs?09:16
pitilloummm there weren't movements by nvidia driver latelly... may be it isn't related with video then (it's powerfull than mine), sorry09:17
jaegersepen: I run flashblock and adblock, no other ones09:18
sepenfont rendering maybe?09:18
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jaegerMaybe related to the cairo update09:18
jaegerI vaguely remember some intel+cairo thing lately or something but I don't remember the details09:19
frinnstati+cairo = b0rked fonts09:19
sepenI saw that on the backlog iirc09:19
jaegerAh, ATI, not intel09:21
jaegersorry, I've forgotten the details09:21
sepenan offtopic question, anyone with similar issues with libdrm?
jaegerI have not run into that yet, myself09:23
sepenI've no idea about, just I noted that after running a sysup at home. Here is the complete log
sepenjue: hi09:23
Romsterhi jue09:23
pitillosepen: which kernel?09:25
sepenor similar, I'm sure <= 3.x kernel series09:25
pitilloummmm I think you should bump it up a bit... if you don't want to put 3.x series at least try to test it with a higher 2.6.x one (but really it's just a thought...)09:27
sepenthe only thing related to 965_3d was a long time ago
jaegeroh wow09:30
jaegerit's *definitely* cairo 1.1209:30
jaegerreverted to 1.10.2 and chrome is fast again09:30
jaegerThe difference is huge09:30
frinnst1.12 was supposed to bring performance improvements :D09:31
jaegerMaybe it did, somewhere else... just not in chrome's font rendering09:31
pitillogood to know09:31
jueI have huge performance issues with the nouveau driver and cairo 1.12 here, too09:33
sepenjaeger: neat!09:33
teK_still having artifacts / parts of chromium not showing up on window resize :\09:34
frinnsti havent noticed any issues, other than the font thing09:34
frinnstbut there was a driver option that worked around it, disabling something09:34
teK_sepen: have you tried building the latest chromium release (20.x)? It fails after half an hour while linking due to some missing symbols from libnss{3/4} ..09:34
juebut it seems to work with intel09:34
thrice`I think the cairo codebase which is broken doesn't touch intel09:35
sepenteK_: I tried diferents builts of chromium weekly09:35
teK_each failing during the final linking-step?09:36
teK_fun fact: chromiums Makefile will start over again if you call make again, regardless objects need to be rebuilt or not09:36
teK_which is fun because I takes my quadcore 26 minutes to build this monster09:37
sepenteK_: lol09:38
sepenfirst time I built chromium takes me more than a day :D09:39
jaegersepen: I'm recording videos of chrome with both cairo versions to show how different it is09:43
teK_like the lightning ad? :)09:44
jaegerwell, I was going to, but here's a new very odd thing09:45
jaeger1) cairo 1.12, chrome was slow09:46
jaeger2) cairo 1.10.2, chrome is fast09:46
jaeger3) cairo 1.12 again, chrome is fast09:46
jaegerwhat the hell happened in between?09:46
jaegernow I'm confused, but I guess I'll leave it alone until it happens again09:47
jaegerooh, now it's slowing down again... it must take some time09:51
jaegeralso seems to be specific to certain pages, interesting09:56
Romsterhard one to pinpoint sure it's not webgl?10:08
jaegerI don't think any of the pages I view use webgl but I'm not sure on that10:09
jaegereither way the problem does not occur with cairo 1.10.210:09
jaegerIt came back eventually with 1.1210:10
Romsteri guess a regression10:10
jaegergood times10:15
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joe9is chrome faster than firefox?12:19
joe9i have been a dedicate firefox guy. but, it is way too slow.12:19
rinesjoe9: yes, chome is faster than ff (but only at "cold" startup)12:28
rineswith tabs, etc. ff is faster (and uses less memory)12:29
jaegerThey both leak memory and will trash your system if you leave them open too long, but chrome seems to take slightly longer and webkit seems generally faster12:31
jaegerI have not benchmarked it, that's just my perception12:31
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sepenjaeger: there is one *feature* from chromium I don't like
sepenI migrated a firefox extension to chrome and was painful not to use synchronous calls to prompt the user13:37
sepenwebfiltering toolbar:
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teK_anyone running wicd 1.7.1 willing to confim ?13:41
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rines13500?? Why it is so expensive?16:08
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rines1break your old nintendo controller, add some wood around and it's ready to use.16:09
niklaswemaybe it´s time to go to bed..16:18
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Qettanyone active?17:58
Qetthey I have some questions about crux17:59
Qettdoes it have a package manager? or ports?18:00
wobsiteit does.18:00
Qettit says that crux is optimized for i68618:01
Qettdoes it work well with x86_64?18:01
wobsite(see chapter 4 & 5 of the handbook for a feel of package management)18:02
Qettok thanks18:02
wobsitethere's an unoffical 64-bit iso. can't vouch for it personally, I'm running the 32-bit version. I decided since I don't have more than 4GB of ram it wasn't worth messing with.18:03
wobsiteAlso, I'm not the most knowledgeable person about crux; I've dabbled a few times, put on my system again like a few days ago.18:03
Qettim trying to decide what distro to install18:04
Qettso far gentoo or crux18:04
Qettarchlinux package management is so terrible18:04
jaegerThere are both pure 64-bit and multilib unofficially, currently only 32-bit is official18:04
wobsiteMy machine's only using 212M of ram right now... It's not like I do much that really requires much in the way of resources.18:05
wobsiteare you coming from arch?18:05
Qettwell ive used a bunch of distros before, not crux though18:05
Qetti liked gentoo but their documentation is all messed up and unsynced18:06
wobsiteArch was based on crux, way back. It might be helpful to know what your complaints are about it.18:06
wobsiteor inspired by at least.18:06
wobsitenot really a direct fork.18:06
Qettwell pacman is pootly designed18:06
jaegerIt was at one time but has changed a lot since then18:06
Qettit doesnt manage dependencies properly, or in order18:06
Qettends of breaking itself18:07
wobsitehmm. I never really had problems with the deps handling.18:07
Qettand a bunch of packages sometimes break the system18:07
Qettlike if there is an update for pacmand gcc and gcc-libs18:07
Qettits gona complain18:08
Qettcause checks like pacman depends on the new gcc18:08
Qettand the gcc depends on gcc-libs18:08
Qettbut it wants to upgrade pacman first18:08
wobsitejaeger: yes, it's been about 10 years.18:08
Qettand stuff like that18:09
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Qettand gentoo has absolete docs which are unversioned which break your system if you follow them18:10
Qettwell, thanks for the help18:10
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wobsiteno problem.18:10
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EkiminoHello everyone, I'm thinking about installing Crux on my Desktop. I have a few questions though, I'm wondering if i should install the unofficial 64 bit, or i686, If it's up to me it's 64bit. The only things that is keeping me awayfrom it, it's that i need to run Wine to caml the angry-gamer inside of me, how's wine doing on 64 bit, anybody know?22:22
EkiminoAs Crux needs a lot of love, i just don't want to start on the wrong foot. is the next release going to be 64 bit official?22:25
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jaegerEkimino: greetings; I'd suggest you try it in a VM first if you can, that way you haven't erased anything if you don't like it, HD-wise... (for everything but wine)22:36
jaegerwith that said, use i686 if you don't want to run an unofficial version, because the two 64-bit versions are both unofficial22:36
jaegerthere's pure 64-bit and multilib - unless you want to run 64-bit wine on 64-bit windows executables, you'll want multilib22:36
jaegerI would like to see 64-bit become official with the next release but the decision isn't made yet22:38
rmullFWIW the people who are running x86_64 are doing so with very few problems to report :P22:41
rmullI don't run Wine though so I can't comment on that.22:41
EkiminoI've tried Crux quite a few times, and trust me., It's by far the simplest distribution i have seen, including BSD, i love it.22:41
jaegerI run multilib and wine22:44
Ekiminono issues on it?22:44
jaegerNothing big. There were plenty when it first started but we've worked them out22:44
Ekiminomultilib is on ports then?22:45
jaegeryes and no. It's installed via ISO like the others, then uses the ports system22:45
jaegerthe ports systems are overlaid, those in the multilib and pure64 tiers replace the others where needed22:46
jaegerso if 'awesomeport' exists in all three repos, multilib -> pure64 -> i686 is the order of preference22:46
EkiminoI see22:47
EkiminoI'm wondering if Wine pure64 should present any issues on "modern games"22:48
jaeger64-bit wine seems to me to be fairly unexplored territory22:48
jaegerThough I'm certainly no expert on that, my wine needs are nearly all 32-bit22:48
EkiminoI'll take a run on 64 then22:50
jaegerthe ISO at is pure64, the iso at is multilib, for reference22:50
jaegeryay for being inconsistent22:51
Ekiminonever have been22:52
jaegerI was referring to my typing :)22:52
Ekimino Am i correct?22:54
jaegerThat one is an updated i686 ISO, actually22:55
jaeger <--- this is multilib22:56
jaeger <-- this is pure6422:56
EkiminoDownloading, I'll just listen to that kickass song, over and over until it is completed22:59
jaeger <-- I've had this one stuck in my head most of the day23:00
jaegerwhich is fine, it's awesome23:00
EkiminoSeatbelts, gotta love Cowboy Bebop23:00
Ekimino -- This one makes me feel like a little girl spinning around light sparks23:03
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