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Romsterdidn't know of ext4 issue i'm still on ext303:13
Romsteri shoul probably convert to ext4 someday.03:14
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frinnstwhat ext4 issue?03:48
Romsterjaeger, got the reference to the issue in ext4? i'm guessing it's something on the iso that wasn't right.03:53
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nogagplzthe decrease in productivity you cause frinnst is downright disgraceful06:23
nogagplzyou're hired06:23
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nogagplzhuh wha?06:25
nogagplzit's funny because it's true06:25
teK_almost every joke is true to some degree06:25
nogagplzhow could he afford lunch when he just lost $800,000,00006:27
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Romsterwtf lol....07:55
jaegerRomster: It was pretty simple. ext4 was not loaded by the initramfs but rather when you ran mkfs.ext4 later. module-init-tools was removed from the ISO in favor of kmod but not replaced in the ISO_PACKAGES or whatever line in the Makefile08:02
Romster "i hate it when i?m laying down on my stomach and then my cat lays on top of me and i?m stuck there till she decides to get up. SO FRUSTRATING UGH."08:02
jaegerSo modprobe/insmod didn't exist once the ISO was booted08:02
Romster"That?s why I have one sleeping cat at each side of me at night. Net force = 0." LOL08:02
Romsterjaeger, oh so not a direct ext4 bug, but in itself but it affected that module08:03
jaegerIt wasn't a bug at all, it was an oversight on my part08:03
Romsterins't that a bug when it don't work as expected? because of a typo or a oversight.08:05
Romsteranyways you fixed it now, was curious what issue you had.08:05
jaegerI suppose... I didn't consider it a bug because there's no code involved but if you prefer to look at it that way, sure08:05
jaegeryeah, just had to add kmod to the ISO packages08:06
Romstereasy mistake to make.08:06
jaegerI also added ext4 to the initramfs, which wasn't really necessary but was more consistent08:06
Romsteri guess we are all paranoid when you say bug and file system in the same sentience.08:07
Romsteri guess some will ise ext4 in the initramfs too *shrugs*08:07
jaegerNobody had yet, or at least nobody complained about it being missing, heh08:08
jaegerIt would only have been needed in the initramfs if the install media were formatted ext408:08
Romsterwhich wouldn't happen08:09
jaegerFor most people it's probably the ISO (iso9660/squashfs/tmpfs) or fat16/32 (usb)08:09
jaegerI've installed from a hard disk before but not from one formatted ext408:09
Romsteryet :D08:09
jaegerThe 32-bit official image is missing it in the initramfs, too, for what that's worth08:10
Romstersometimes it's hard to guess or gauge if it's needed or might be needed.08:10
Romsteri guess if no one reports it it's not needed.08:11
jaegerAt the time that rewritten initramfs was created, ext4 was still very immature08:11
Romsteris your iso modfications being put back into iso.git? for i68608:11
jaegerIt got added into the install environment later but never the initramfs08:11
jaegerperhaps for 2.808:11
Romsteryeah thought ext4 is mature now.08:11
jaegerIt is now08:12
Romsteri'm just too lazy to move to ext4 when ext3 works well enough for my current needs. if i was to re-install i'd go with ext408:12
frinnstyou can easily convert it08:13
jaegerI use ext4 because there are few choices for SSDs unless you are willing to lose performance08:13
Romsteryeah i know just too lazy to do that even.08:13
Romsterit wont optimize fully for ext4 on a conversion.08:13
jaegerThough technically ext3 can do offline TRIM08:14
jaegerRomster: for what it's worth the ext4 issue that ekimino (sp?) ran into was specific to the latest multilib ISO I had uploaded08:16
jaegerThat was the first one that was missing module-init-tools08:17
Romsteryeah replacing core stuff usually leaves some trail of destruction behind unnoticed.08:18
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frinnstjaeger: your current multilib iso doesnt install the kernel source08:57
frinnst(from the 12th)08:57
jaegerhrmm, interesting08:57
frinnst./kernel/linux-*.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file08:58
jaegerah, oops. .xz instead08:58
jaegerThanks for the heads-up, I'll fix it09:02
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frinnstmultilib is looking good to replace my shitty rhel desktop at work \o/09:58
jaegernice :)10:01
jaegerI'm using it fulltime at work, myself10:01
jaegerok, uploaded a fixed ISO10:04
Romsteri thought rhel is supposed to be good for enterprise work stuff frinnst10:08
jaegerIt's fine if you like RHEL10:09
Romsteri know the versions lag behind but they patch and it's hardened.10:09
Romsterwouldn't use it for a desktop though10:10
jaegerRun centos for a while and you won't be far off the feel10:13
Romstercentos lags be far the longest i know what that is like.10:13
Romsterat lest it's not debian -_-10:14
jaegercentos is built from RHEL sources10:14
Romsteryeah but the versions are far more older update cycle and only security patches are applied until the next new cycle.10:14
jaegeractually they keep up with RHEL quite well10:15
jaegerthe latest release of centos was 14 days behind its corresponding RHEL release10:15
jaegerthere have been bigger gaps in the past, though10:16
Romsterhrmm i haven't updated that box in a very long time, in the past it was a very big gap yes.10:16
jaegerthe largest gaps were unfortunately in the 6 release but in general it hasn't been terribly far between10:17
Romsterreally hate when everything changes so much when you don't keep track of it... that makes me feel even older.10:17
frinnstrhel is crap10:26
frinnstatleast on the desktop10:26
frinnsti guess it translates to "pulseaudio, gnome etc" are crap10:26
frinnstscrew it, weekend10:26
rmullHey, on a laptop, if ACPI reports that the battery's last full charge was something completely wrong (like 63000mAH), is there a way to reset that in software? Does that affect the battery discharge time?10:35
rmullRight now I'm trying to discharge it entirely until it dies, then charge it all the way up before turning it on10:35
jaegerNo idea here, sorry10:38
rmull:) thanks anyway10:39
rmullI'm asking on behalf of a friend, so I'm not too heavily invested in it ;)10:39
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joe9this is not a crux question, but, I am clueless at this point. checked in #linux, #bash and #wget, without an answer.11:03
joe9I am trying to replicate firefox "save page as" -> "web page complete" behaviour with a cmd utility.11:03
joe9 wget; from firefox11:03
joe9notice how directory structure is different with wget vs firefox.11:04
joe9i think ff not only downloads the linked files, but, also changes the .html file to point to those linked files11:04
joe9the linked files are kept in a local dir with the name of "<webpage>_files"11:04
joe9wondering if that is possible with wget / curl /lynx / w3m or any other linux command line utility.11:05
teK_Warning: you may need to install module-init-tools12:37
teK_joe9: in my experience wget did not quite do what I wanted it to do.. sorry12:37
tilmananyone running steam in wine?12:41
tilmanthe damn thing keeps crashing when i try to login12:42
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veehey guys, what screen shot program do you use?13:13
jaegerscrot here as well13:53
jaegertilman: steam loves to crash in wine, best thing you can do is turn off the news popup13:53
tilmanjaeger: well, i dont think i'm getting to a point where i can turn off anything ._.13:58
tilmanjaeger: gonna try with crossover RSN13:58
jaegertilman: I remember it being a pain but once I turned off the notification stuff it started crashing less, though it still does quite often14:02
veehow is everyone?14:12
jaegerkeeping busy, not bad14:18
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rmullvee: imagemagick and graphicsmagick offer the "import" tool, which I use14:42
rmullsince I already have graphicsmagick installed14:45
veealright, thanks guys :D14:56
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EkiminoHello everyone19:56
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Romsterthat y3llow guy doesn't talk as far as i'm aware. only ever joins and timeout alot.20:03
Romsterhi Ekimino20:03
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Romstery3llow, hey your connection sucks badly needs fixing.20:05
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Romsterhmm note to self if p decides to go spastic after recompiling with a patch best bet is to just reboot the machine....20:28
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Ekiminohey Romster20:28
Romstery3llow for gods sake fix it already -_-20:28
EkiminoI'm trying to make some builds, do you mind if paste the Pkgfile and results, to check what should i wipe out and any mistakes?20:29
Romsteras long as you use a a pastebin service :)20:29
Ekiminosure =D20:29
Romsterif oyu follow the hundreds of other Pkgfiles about you should nut out most of the problems.20:31
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Romsterhint in future jsut ask than to wait for someone to reply. you'll get a answer quicker usually.20:33
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EkiminoRomster, I just don't want to disturb, if I just try a little more i can get things solved20:34
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EkiminoRomster, I am reading Pkgfile examples, still I want to make sure, which files do I need to erase, etc..20:35
jaegerEkimino: I think you were gone at the time I did it but I've uploaded an ISO that fixes the ext4 issue you saw20:35
Ekiminojaeger, =P, I'll use it on my notebook probably, thank you20:36
EkiminoRomster, i should not use /usr/local right, everything to /usr?20:36
jaegerYou're welcome to use /usr/local for stuff you compile outside of ports/packages but for ports we don't use it20:37
RomsterEkimino, doesn't look like your mandir and usr is being honored, you'll need ot dig into the source more. are those variables in ?20:37
jaegerthere's a section of the handbook that details what goes where20:37
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EkiminoRomster, those variables should probably go in the install section20:38
Romsteryou may have to use sed to edit those in that mscript.py20:38
Romsterif you can't configure them.20:38
Romsterwont something along the lines of python install --root=$PKG --prefix=/usr work for you?20:39
Romsterproviding it uses setuptools i haven't looked at that.20:40
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EkiminoIt does have configure options, i fixed it already. While i get profficient at this, I should probably use /usr/local for my stuff20:41
EkiminoRomster, Instead of using variables in build section, they go at install section20:41
Romster./ configure --prefix=/usr --destdir=$PKG --disable-gettext --disable-po4a --disable-translations20:42
Romstermv $PKG/usr/share/man $PKG/usr/man20:43
Romstershouldn't need all them other lines in build() function.20:43
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Romsterother than cd $name-$version of course :)20:43
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Romsterdon't forget the maintianer url description depends on lines in your Pkgfile too.20:44
EkiminoRomster, ty20:45
Romsteryou may need to rm -r $PKG/usr/share/doc and locales if they still get built, see what jaeger said in the manual about what goes where.20:45
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Romsteryeah i avoid /usr/local i infact did use /usr/opt for stuf foutside of pkgfiles but that is rarely ever, i prefer to package them then install.20:52
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Romsterspecially when you find out you need like 10 dependencies not already packaged to even compile it.20:52
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Romsteri'm sure jaeger knows that feeling.20:53
EkiminoI'm starting to know it, spent nearly 4 hours trying to package i3 wm20:54
Ekiminoluckily, some dependencies had already been packaged by other users20:54
jaegerThat was me with gnome deps again today and yesterday20:55
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Ekiminojaeger, are you packaging gnome3 or mate?20:56
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Ekiminognome3 must be pretty crazy20:56
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Ekiminojaeger, get some James Brown going on, so you groove while you package20:59
jaegeractually packaging gnome 2.32.1 again... I used gnome3 for a week or so and wasn't happy enough with it to package it all21:01
jaegerI've also built parts of MATE but its builds are a real pain in the ass at times21:01
jaegerlots of autotools fuckery21:01
Ekiminohave you checked out
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EkiminoI'm trying to switch to a tiling wm21:02
jaegerI'll likely give it another look at some point, just not now. :)21:02
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Ekiminoleft xfce installed for zombie-minded-computing21:02
jaegerHrmm... I'm going to have to rework all the ethernet drivers in the install ISOs, that layout got changed a lot21:04
Romsterhow so?21:04
Romsternewer kernel i know has moved config options for network21:04
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Romsteri'm out for lunch later21:08
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jaegerRomster: yeah, they got arranged so that importing a config from the previous kernel version doesn't catch them all, it seems21:12
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EkiminoRomster, are you back from lunch? I hope so, if you are still eating, you will regret the extra 4Kg23:44
jaegerwill have an updated xbmc package tomorrow, too tired to finish it now. Good night23:50
Ekiminojaeger, Good Night23:58

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