IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2012-04-14

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Romsteri wouldn't even feel 4kg Ekimino00:15
Romsteri'm used to lifting stuff that's 60-80kg in weight00:15
EkiminoRomster, I guess you are a gym addict00:22
Romsteri was but i'm going to be again.00:26
Romsteri can still lift that sort of weight in my semifit state i'm in now.00:27
Romsteri've put a little weight on is all :D00:27
Romsterconstantly lifting heavy stuff keeps ya fit like that.00:27
EkiminoMy family bought a Jet-Ski, so I'm on my way to become a sports man again00:27
Ekiminoor Maybe on my way to  the hospital, It's one these two00:28
EkiminoLinking a library fails on dolphin-emu on i68600:47
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RomsterEkimino, that emulator repo was designed for multilib but i've wondered if i should make a i686 branch for it too.01:27
EkiminoI see, that's why01:28
Romsterhmm but then dolphin-emu isn't 32bit it should work ok.01:28
EkiminoI'll take the repo out01:28
EkiminoIt compiles, faisl at linking01:28
Romsteralso the deps havne't got -32 on them so it should work on i686/x86_6401:29
Ekimino1 sec01:29
EkiminoBuilding...01:30 file format not recognized01:35
Ekiminomy humble guess after google research , is that's a cross-compiling issue01:35
Romsterfile .......libCg.so01:36
Romsteroh that's binary and is meant for 64bit...01:36
EkiminoI'll just remove the repo01:37
Romsterlook at nvidia-cg-toolkit-32 but you'llneed ot edit the lib32 to lib then it'll work.01:37
Romstersorry it's relaly a bother to maintian i686 with multilib01:37
EkiminoRomster, no worries =)01:37
Romsteras it is now i do far too much.01:38
EkiminoIt's just good to know01:38
EkiminoI don't know if I shall enable tricky solutions, my best bet is to remove all packages and existance of that repo01:39
Romsteri'm hoping i686 will be put ont he back burner and x86_64 become the new offical one with the multilib gcc on it.01:39
EkiminoI hope so01:39
Romsterso guys that want multilib onyl need to install glibc-32 then any of the other repos.01:39
Ekiminothis install should do me good to learn the system then01:40
Romstertilma_n, is getting behind on ports so i'm taking up the slack to test stuff too. just did opt/git bump
Romsteryou might get confused with my stuff than the ones in opt/contrib so i woulnd't recomend looking at the others of mine other than the version-updates01:42
Ekiminoabout ports,as I'm learning perl, I was wondering if a 404 error checker for ports would do nice01:42
Ekiminoshould be something to practice on01:43
Romsterthere is a couple already01:43
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Romsteri got a half baked one sepen has a tool also. also i thin that just uses the prtverify tool.01:43
Romsteri'll be incorporating url testing into my version sort project
Ekiminolibvs sounds nice01:45
Romsterso far it's only in Shell script but that example is in C01:46
Romsterthought it best to nut out all the quirks with stuff before trying to write it in a lower level language.01:46
Romsterthat i barely know01:46
Romsterend goal is to get prt-get diff working correctly and other package managers using it :D01:47
Ekiminohow do you manage to find out of a new version?01:47
Ekiminocheck the ftp dir for x.x.x> ?01:48
Romsteri use curl to troll all the source= lines.01:48
Romsterand yeah i look in what i call branches of x.x.x/01:48
Romsterbreak apart all the complex strings of name version and sort it.01:48
Romstersounds easier than done.01:48
Ekiminothat must be tough in C01:49
Romsteryeah that's why i got in shell atm.01:50
Ekiminoif you want everyone to use it, comment the source =P01:51
Ekiminoor else you'll get too much love01:51
Romsterlol yeah good idea...01:51
Romsteri'd likely get whos the crazy person that coded this like that.01:51
Romster"how does that even work?"01:52
Ekiminostarted reading Kernigan's and Ritchie once01:52
Ekiminoturned to perl01:52
nogagplzshould I change the emulator stuff for i686 crux01:52
Romsteri got so much regex lines here it's like reading brainfuck01:52
Ekiminonogagplz, It's ok as it is by me01:53
Ekiminonogagplz, you shouldn't worry, if next release is x86_64 I'll be turning01:53
EkiminoC as first language is tough01:53
Romsternogagplz, i'd keep that as is but perhaps make a new git branch for i686 with the necessary changes but i don't know if oyu want the effort of that.01:53
Romsterwe don't know if it'll be x86_64 or x86_64 with multilib gcc yet, i hope it is though.01:54
Romsterbut i have a feeling it won't be for a long time yet.01:54
Ekiminomultilib repo maybe?01:55
nogagplzbranch it for me Romster and I'll fiddle with the big parts in a bit01:56
Romsternogagplz, k01:56
nogagplzprobably have it as the current one for multilib and emulators-i68601:56
Romsteryeah that'll do.01:57
Romsterwe are working in master currently for multilib so i guess a i686 branch will do. as i'll need the name of the branch to be able to checkout the i686 stuff into a REPO file. then get sepen to add it to portsdb01:58
Romsteri seriously need to get a buildbot going, rines is working on such a setup as soon as he has it polished up i'll take a look at that.01:59
RomsterEkimino, are you seriously on dialup as your host suggests?02:00
EkiminoRomster, negative02:00
Romsteror maybe not it says dialup.adsl02:00
EkiminoRomster, who knows why02:00
Romsterthat is really weird of a isp to do that.02:00
Ekiminoit has been like that, since I remember02:01
RomsterEkimino, so how long have you been using crux for? or are you a first timer? or where you here under another name?02:01
EkiminoI have tried it quite a few times02:01
Ekiminostruggled on no desktop facilities, etc..02:02
Romsteri think i joined in 2006 to crux02:02
EkiminoBut, i loved the simplicity of it02:02
Ekiminonow I just decided to learn02:02
Romsteryeah i like that too.02:02
Ekiminothe startup scripts02:03
Romsterwell if your good at computer's it wont take long to pick up on the quirks.02:03
Ekiminogenius to me02:03
RomsterBSD style init system02:03
EkiminoI'm running a BSD home server, i think those are even more complex02:03
Romsterwell it's like BSD it isn't exactly is though.02:03
Romsterthe structure of /etc/rc.d02:04
EkiminoBSD's are pretty straightforward also, now that I'm looking02:04
EkiminoBeen attached to  computer's all my life02:05
Ekiminobut I have just decided to learn how to code02:05
EkiminoI just can't keep on breaking systems to have fun02:06
Romsterbreaking systems is fun well not really but you learn fast on not what to do.02:07
Ekiminogames were my issue02:09
Ekiminonever went pro, and never will02:09
Romsternogagplz, actaulyl do you want a emulators-i686.git tre eon it's own or jsut use a i686 git branch in existing emulators.git?02:09
Romsteri'm no big gammer but i play a little.02:10
Romsternogagplz, is the one into many games.02:10
EkiminoI was into Counter-Strike back in the beggining of 200002:10
Ekiminoactually we made a sponsor who payed the trips to tournaments02:11
Ekiminobut had no team to practice against02:11
Ekiminoso, call it quits, then I met MMO's02:11
EkiminoIf one of this existed in my country>
EkiminoI would have probably gone02:13
EkiminoI'm a sick bastard02:13
RomsterLOL oh man02:14
Ekiminocheck this out02:14
EkiminoI don't know which one is, the first one wanted 3 million02:16
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Romsterno self control02:19
Ekiminomost people lose it on those games02:19
Ekiminousers have a point02:21
EkiminoRomster, I've been wondering why prt-get install is not the same as depinst02:23
Ekiminosince, you could single install with pkgmk02:26
Romsterwell 'prt-get install' is calling pkgmk and pkgadd02:27
Romsterdepisnt installs the entire dependency tree02:27
Romsterthen said package02:28
Romstermost cases you want depinst02:28
Romsterthe other stuff is there to do more advanced stuff.02:29
Romsterit's nice knowing you can remove a port without removing half the system like ubuntu does.02:30
Ekiminoit is02:30
Romstercan do more advanced stuff like remove module-init-tools and install kmod try that in some of the other distros.02:30
Ekiminothough recursive removal of orphan deps is nice02:30
Ekimino"would be orphan deps"02:31
Romstertrue but you can script something around prt-get listorphans02:31
Romstercrux is centered around simplicity of tools and user base that either knows or is prepared to learn how too.02:33
Ekiminosounds good02:33
Romstersome write there own tools and Pkgfily then for others to use too.02:34
EkiminoIt's what got me attracted in the first place02:34
Romsteryeah customize it to whatever task.02:34
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Romsterhi horrorStruck02:38
RomsterEkimino, well it's nice to see some new users using crux.02:38
EkiminoRomster, :)02:39
EkiminoRomster, It's nice to meet you guys also02:39
Romstersadly a few thigns are getting a bit outdated so horrorStruck and myself are stepping up on updates in the hope they'll eventually get merged back in.02:39
Romsterno problem02:40
Romsteroh lovely i just nuked some patches i applied to ppp -_-02:42
Romsterat least i it's not much effort to redo.02:43
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horrorStruckRomster: hi03:43
horrorStruckhi everyone in fact :)03:43
horrorStruckjue: you there?03:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro4: add missing dependency libidn09:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: atanks: 5.3 -> 5.409:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: allegro: add missing dependency libidn09:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: deluge: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.509:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: help2man: 1.40.7 -> 1.40.809:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 0.15.10 -> 0.16.009:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-io-socket-ssl: 1.62 -> 1.6409:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xplanet: 1.2.2 -> 1.3.009:15
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Romster the heck10:08
Rotwangthese crazy canonical people10:10
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joe9romster, I think icu version is wrong: icu                  49.1.1-111:37
joe9is it really 49.1...?11:37
Rotwangwebsite from 199611:38
Rotwangso oldschool11:38
Rotwangframes and <center> markups11:39
Rotwangugly ass backgrounds and unreadable fonts obligatory!11:39
Romsterjoe9,  they changed there version scheme11:46
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tilmanjaeger: fyi, i can run steam with WINEDEBUG set to "+relay,+seh,+tid"11:58
Romsterthat would be pretty spammy and slow...12:05
joe9Romster: oh, ok. thanks.12:43
Jessica_1ilyHey guys12:44
jaegertilman: good to know12:59
Jessica_1ilyhow are you all, been a while?13:02
Jessica_1ilyI've been pretty busy with uni and things though..13:02
jaegerBeen pretty busy but things are going well13:06
Jessica_1ily:) good13:09
Jessica_1ilymy macbook died :(13:09
Jessica_1ilyI accidently gave it (another) drink of coffee13:09
tilmanjaeger: well, it worked exactly once. FML.13:11
jaegertilman: doh13:27
jaegerJessica_1ily: ah, that sucks13:27
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root___hey jaeger, have you checked out the new sager np6110 or w/e?13:48
root___--hostname -h vee13:50
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veewoops, forgot to leave first13:51
veeanyways, jaeger, you should have a look see. it looks like a nice alternative to the x220, but, has a dedicated graphics card now13:52
joe9anyone having this error for jdk :
niklaswethe best concert I been on .13:59
Jessica_1ilyjaeger: it does indeed. I bought a second hand thinkpad, yet to put crux on it though14:01
joe9jue:  i think udev dependencies are missing:
thrice`you must be using jue's repo, which alreayd has the dep on kmod.  install it!14:08
veejust waiting for ivy bridge to come out, and im going to grab one for myself14:10
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jaegervee: I've looked at a few of them and owned one of theirs in the past, but I'm happy with the x22014:37
jaegerJessica_1ily: should be solid, I love mine so far14:37
jaegerthey've got a good record in general14:37
Jessica_1ilyone of my reasons for getting it was the keyboard drainage :P14:37
jseThey've thought of everything. \o/14:38
jaegerI assume you're not *planning* to give it a drink again but it never hurts to be prepared14:38
Jessica_1ilywell my mac had 2 coffee's and a cider14:38
jaegeralso, now I want a cider14:39
* Jessica_1ily is drinking some14:39
jseLotta liquid for something mac-sized.14:39
* niklaswe drinking beer :)14:39
jaegerI need to go shopping anyway, I'll get some while I'm out14:39
veei was going to get the x220 (or the new 230), but, i'm waiting for the rest of the specs to be released. im tired of this p4. its time for an i7 lol14:39
jaegervee: on the one hand, the new hardware may be awesome, but you can always wait for something better :)14:40
veetrue...but, since ivy bridge is coming out on the 23rd, buying soemthing now would be pointless, eh?14:41
jaegerNever pointless, because it'll still do the job... but you might get it cheaper or slightly more powerful if you wait14:41
veewell, thats what i mean lol14:42
jaegerAFK to figure out what spices I need to restock14:42
veei got crux to boot up in roughly 15 seconds with this p4. really intersted in what it could do with an i7 and an ssd14:42
tilmanvee: an ssd will most likely help noticably14:43
frinnst booting crux doesnt require much i/o :)14:43
tilmanit did for me14:43
tilmanfrinnst: still!14:43
jseToo slow.14:43
jseNeeds MOAR speed.14:43
frinnstaye, ssd is the most profound upgrade you can do14:43
veeim sure the i7 will come in handy when compiling chromium14:44
veethis poor p4 takes ages lol14:45
jseKeep compiling chromium and you will not even need heating.14:46
jaegerI still need to put the second SSD into this machine, haven't gotten around to that yet14:46
veewhy would you need a 2nd ssd? doing a raid?14:47
jaegerOne for each OS install, in this case. I replaced my 120GB intel SSD with a 256GB samsung SSD14:48
jaegerSo I already have both14:48
jaegerThe intel is just sitting around at the moment14:48
veeah. makes sense...14:48
veeat the current moment, i dont need anything from windows (though itunes makes it a lot easier), so i guess i lucked out there lol14:49
jaegerI use windows enough to keep it around. Mostly for gaming14:50
veeoh? what do you play?14:50
jaegerA few games. World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Xenoblade Chronicles, Mass Effect 314:52
jaegerWorld of Warcraft runs fine in wine but the others not so much14:52
tilmanjaeger: you're in the diablo 3 beta?14:53
tilmanjaeger: or just preparing mentally? :P14:53
jaegerIn the beta14:53
tilmanlike it?14:53
jaegerlove it, but I expected to. I've always liked the diablo games14:54
tilmanjaeger: d1/d2 didnt have so weird gfx tho :D14:57
jaegerweird in what way?14:57
jaegerThey seem pretty true to the diablo style to me, just evolved with the times14:57
* jaeger shrugs14:58
jaegerI still like it :)14:58
jaegerAFK, time to go shopping15:04
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* Ekimino is jealous of jaeger {Diablo 3 beta}15:53
jaegerok, shopping is done. I have cider as well as all the things I need to make chicken tikka masala15:54
Jessica_1ilyjaeger: Sounds delightful15:54
jaegerwon't hear me complaining :D15:54
Ekiminolooks good also =P15:55
EkiminoI was checking out yesterday oclHashcat... bye bye passwords15:56
Ekimino500KK tries per second15:56
Ekiminoonce they code it for clusters, it's goodbye, we need something new15:56
jaegeryou've already memorized it15:57
jaegerI wonder how many people are using that as their password, incidentally15:59
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Ekiminoon small cluster it wouldn't take more than a week16:04
EkiminoIt's too darn fast16:05
Ekiminoand I'm using a notebook GPU16:05
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EkiminoGood night everyone19:06
jaegertake care19:07
EkiminoI was actually saying hello19:07
jaegerAh, sorry. :)19:07
Ekiminobut jaeger, now that you are here =P19:07
Ekiminoyou are chosen to anwser my question19:07
Ekiminowhen DESTDIR variable does not work19:08
jaegerThe answer is hjornk.19:08
Ekiminoshould I add a nasty work around with pwd?19:08
jaegerYou have a few options19:08
jaegeryou could patch the makefile or whatever make system it has to support DESTDIR19:09
jaegeryou could install the files manually into $PKG19:09
jaegeryou could look through the makefile to see if it has an alternative like INSTALL_ROOT19:09
EkiminoI'll check those out then19:09
* Ekimino still wonders what the hell hjornk is19:10
jaegerIt is a made-up word19:10
* Ekimino slaps jaeger 19:10
jaegerbah, it was a joke :P19:11
EkiminoI got one you should know19:11
* Ekimino slaps jaeger with a large trout19:11
EkiminoWow's default slap19:11
jaeger <-- related19:12
EkiminoI'll get my hands on Flying Circus someday19:13
EkiminoMovies made me laugh so hard, and Meaning of Life is just plain Awesome19:14
jaegeryeah, good stuff19:14
Ekiminojaeger, thanks again for the tips19:15
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Romster that is insane21:25
nogagplzwow wtf21:27
rmullThat can't be real.21:41
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Romsteri can believe the guy on the left to be real but that on the right O_O21:58
nogagplzI think I remember seeing him competing in one of those monster truck rallies21:59
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