IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-04-16

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SmoziusAnyone awake here?04:58
SmoziusHow can you reload or save iptables in Crux?04:59
enteiptables-save, presumably04:59
SmoziusAnd to load from a file?05:00
enteiptables-restore <file05:00
Smoziusawesome, thanks05:00
SmoziusIt seems like iptables should mention that in its help option05:01
enteSEE ALSO05:02
ente       iptables-save(8), iptables-restore(8), ip6tables(8), ip6tables-save(8), ip6tables-restore(8), libipq(3).05:02
ente(in the manpage)05:02
ente(which you should read, rather than --help)05:02
SmoziusRight, its one long read =)05:03
frinnstI just start iptables from a script with all the rules in it05:04
enteI just shoved the config file around05:05
entesometimes I replaced the interface with sed05:05
entelike sed s/eth/wlan/g /etc/ | iptables-restore :P05:05
SmoziusHeading out, thanks again ente05:07
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jaegercouple hours too slow on that one, heh07:13
Romsteri was out07:14
Romsterplaying darts07:14
Romsterjaeger, i accedently pushed to your server than mine for a wine commit. that is a version bump and builds it as 32bit and 64bit, do you want me to git-revert that change? i did this right before i headed to work forgetting that my host isn't the default for git push07:17
jaegerWell, you wanted to maintain the wine port anyway, right?07:18
jaegerup to you, then07:19
Romsterk no big issue then. i shoudl relaly tink more on soem of my git trees that have more than one remotes added07:20
jaegerI make sure to set the default remote to wherever I'll push most07:21
Romsteri made a xorg-multilib to match up on the versions i got on my xorg fork git tree. hopefully later tilman will update xorg. until then i'll keep testing and using the later xorg version stuff.07:21
Romsteryeah that makes sense.07:22
Romsterack but i also touched a couple of other ports i'll revert those... damn mess i made.07:23
Romsterand i'l change the default on that git tree as i got another cleaner one for xorg-multilib than the one with changes to reflect newer xorg.07:24
Romsteri should learn not to do rush jobs as that's when i usually do something silly.07:25
nogagplzthat picture just screams Romster was here08:15
nogagplzwhat can you even say to that08:22
Romsternot much but i don't crash cranes08:32
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