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Romsterhi rines you checked your prtverify url?
Romsterdamn just missed him02:49
frinnststupid hp desktops02:49
frinnstfucking integrated intel gpu overheats every once in a while leaving artifacts.. great excuse for a coffee break though02:50
entesounds good02:51
Romstersound like you need that gpu vcore throttling to limit temperature02:51
frinnstsounds like a need a better workstation to me :)02:52
Romsterthat too02:52
enteno coffee for me though :(02:52
enteno breakfast either02:52
Romsterno money or just didn't have time?02:53
enteno food in the fridge02:54
Romsterwot at nerd dating 10102:55
Romsterente, damn get your missues if oyu got one to go shopping.02:55
enteyeah, will do that today02:57
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frinnstenabled ssh on my workstation at home so i could roll an iso from work04:14
frinnstof coure i forgot to edit hosts.allow :(04:14
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frinnsthaha, awesome07:31
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jaegerfrinnst: I hate it when I do that :(08:21
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frinnstseems quite painless to roll x86_64 iso's these days compared to.. say 2.5(?), 2.608:25
jaegerfrinnst: what kind of HP desktop is that? One of the SFF types?08:27
jaegerJust curious as we have a bunch of SFF HP desktops with intel onboard GPUs here08:28
jaegerThough so far they haven't been a problem08:28
frinnstno, an old crappy dc580008:29
frinnstcore2duo ~3ghz08:29
jaegerAh, so it's basically the same design, just a bit older08:31
jaegerI think ours are 780008:31
frinnstheh, just looked for a newer bios that might allow me to use ahci.. this is the only change in the latest bios:08:35
frinnst- Improves security of the BIOS flashing process under certain circumstances by adding a stronger flash process verification algorithm.08:35
frinnstpointless, no?08:35
jaegerI guess someone had a reason for it but definitely odd08:36
teK_ASUS? :>08:37
frinnstits not like they will release any future versions of it08:37
jaegeryeah, seems unlikely08:37
frinnsthow can a company like asus build a website that doesnt work?08:42
teK_yeah or provide DL-Servers with about 40kb/s per user08:43
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jaegergrr... stupid cups and its stupid hosts.allow syntax09:17
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frinnstjaeger: have you built an iso with a 3.x kernel?11:20
frinnstexportfs and usb-common needs to be added to initramfs it seems11:53
frinnstexportfs for xfs11:53
frinnstc0x: you required cciss? hpsa is a no-go?12:29
frinnstlet me know if you feel like testing a new iso12:35
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jaegerfrinnst: a few, yes... 3.2.13 in the current one, I think12:43
jaegeryes, I had to add usb-common and exportfs12:52
jaegerI've considered writing a script to check for new module deps before the ISO build but haven't gotten around to it yet12:52
frinnstanyone feeling like testing a new install iso: head over to
frinnsttests on wierd (non ahci) hardware welcome13:02
jaegerI can give it a shot in virtualbox if that would be helpful13:06
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frinnstsure, if you got nothing better to do :D13:09
jaegerThere's always something to do but mostly today it's "start and wait" kinds of things13:10
frinnsti had 3hrs of that yesterday :)13:10
frinnstthe kernel config for that iso could probably use some tweaking. I find that hard since I use pretty much the same hardware everywhere13:11
jaegerI try to make sure mine work in virtualbox, on my hardware, and then add things if they're requested later :)13:12
frinnsti had apparently built the 2.7.1 iso without smp (lol)13:13
frinnsti've installed from that image on 2-3 physical machines and not noticed it13:13
jaegerNot like it's really required for installation :)13:13
frinnstdont forget the kernel build! :)13:14
thrice`does netinst actually work?13:14
frinnsti have no idea :D13:15
jaegerIt has worked fine in the past but I no longer bother with it... as far as I know nobody used it13:15
jaegerI was planning to remove it in 2.813:15
frinnstfeels pointless since the full image is ~250mb13:15
thrice`well, if there was a repo with kinda regularly updated packages, that's a neat idea13:16
jaegerThere was back then... I maintained that while I was using the netinst13:16
thrice`but sure, pulling said packages and doing a pkgadd -u  is just as easy13:16
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jaegerfrinnst: The ISO works well for me for every combination of virtualbox hardware I tested13:44
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frinnstim afraid to run virtualbox from home :>13:51
jaegerstill having that crash problem?13:53
frinnstim afraid to test13:55
frinnstidling in #btrfs is starting to wear on my health13:55
jaegerI can only imagine13:57
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joe9my linux system freezes sometimes. I have no idea why it does that. nothing in the /var/log files. I suspect that it has to do something with an rsync cron job that runs hourly. but, it only happens on certain occassions. maybe twice a week. Even the Ctl+Alt+SysRq+<s,u,b> has no effect15:37
joe9any suggestions on how to go about finding the causes or fixing it?15:37
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jaegerjoe9: do you have a custom built machine or something from a vendor like dell, etc.? You could try running diagnostics on it16:16
jaegerjoe9: if not from a vendor diagnostic CD, stuff like memtest86+ etc.16:16
jaegeralso check if there's a lot of dust in the cpu fan or the like16:16
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks. will check the cpu fan.16:17
joe9i ran memtest for a few hours and everything is fine.16:18
jaegerThe reason I suggest that is that if it locks up to the point where the sysrq stuff doesn't even work, it could be heat related16:18
jaegerit could be other things, of course, just something I'd check16:18
joe9is there something in the kernel that can diagnose this stuff?16:18
joe9probably a system hang timer or dump or something of that sort.16:19
joe9let me check the kernel config.16:19
joe9i think I remember something like that.16:19
jaegerNot sure, maybe the watchdog timer stuff16:19
joe9ok, thanks.16:19
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Romster<frinnst> enabled ssh on my workstation at home so i could roll an iso from work <- lol done that before...21:25
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Romsterhi Ekimino did you get my message the other day about emulators-i686?21:49
EkiminoRomster, I did, already testing the repo22:05
EkiminoRomster, if any major changes come along, I'll let you know.22:05
c0xfrinnst, cciss ok, and kernel smp up to 8 cpu's now, nice!23:06
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EkiminoWhee, received headset USB headset as a gift, probably won-t owkr23:53
Ekiminowon't work23:53
* Ekimino Wonders if alsa-drivers are included in kernel23:57

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