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EkiminoAre ALL the drivers included in the kernel, or I should I disable alsa on kernel and use the alsa-driver package?00:02
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frinnstc0x: sweet, thanks01:28
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Romsterhi everyone04:27
Romsterrines, how is your build system testing stuff i found 4 broken ports
Romsterfootprints on everything else is ok though.04:28
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rinesHey Romster!04:33
Romsteri looked though your stuff.04:34
Romsterimpressed on the clean footprints but the dependencies got missed on 4 of them.04:34
rinesyes, thanks. I think openimageio was installed as dep (blender) so cmake was there04:34
Romsteri make it a habit to remove all ports except core before testing the next port with depinst.04:35
rinesyes, I'm using a clean core04:35
rinesI'll have a look; wait a minute04:36
Romsterin those cases add cmake to openimageio then findredundantdeps -s blender would say cmake is redundant and can be removed off that port.04:36
Romsterthat's how i keep my ports dependencies clean.04:36
rinesah, this sounds nice!04:37
Romsterwork from the leafs reverse dependency tree back to the branch main port.04:37
Romsteryou have to be careful with "findredundantdeps -s portname" and test building everything again somethings it wont pick up on i have found.04:38
Romsterlike build time dependencies.04:38
Romstera few small nitpicks i've spotted not required but i think it's nice:04:39
Romstersource=( one url per a line try to keep lines to less than 70 chars if you can split lines with \ at a sane position. but for source urls one per a line. local port files can be a few on a line not exceeding 70 chars in length.04:40
Romster0ad being the one i saw with the huge long source line.04:41
Romstercd ./gcc i would just use cd gcc04:41
rinesokay, thanks04:42
rinesI'll fix that04:42
Romsterbut i'd be more inclined to do make -C gccCONFIG=Release04:42
Romsterbut i'd be more inclined to do make -C gcc CONFIG=Release04:42
Romsterand omit the cd gcc entirely.04:42
Romsteractually i'll make a diff of changes it'll be easier to show.04:43
rinesI know what you mean ;)04:43
rinesso remove line 19 and use the path in the make line04:44
frinnstheh, reading the glibc FAQ - you can really tell what questions were answered by drepper04:45
frinnst"Great!  To get this bug fixed convince the authorities to change the laws04:46
frinnstand regulations of the country this effects.  glibc behaves correctly."04:46
Romsterhah frinnst05:00
Romsterrines, you could probably speed up python3 a bit by doing this instead of them two find lines05:04
Romsterfind $PKG/usr/lib/python*/ -type d \05:04
Romster\( -name "test" -o -name "tests" \) -exec rm -r {} +05:04
Romstersince it'll search once instead of twice for the two directories to remove.05:04
Romsterreally worth it on the bigger ports with lots of files.05:05
rinesyeah, makes sense05:06
Romsteri wouldn't use make -D if it's more than 2 lines into the same directory, as a install -d .... then the two or more lines can be condensed more a sin that pastebin.05:07
Romsteri also prefer to specify -m before -D as not all lines need -D and it keeps all the -m xxxx in the same line.05:08
Romsterpersonal preference.05:08
Romsteroh i did see install -Dm755 ./build/resources/$ /usr/bin/$name in 0ad that i addressed in that diff. you forgot to add $PKG/05:09
Romsteruse fakeroot in your build environment to bomb out in error to catch stuff like that, prtverify should of shouted at you on that too.05:10
Romsterbut to use fakeroot i mae a pkgmk user and i edited prt-get.conf to prefix fakeroot to my pkgmk command.05:11
rinesRomster: the bluefish build: libXdamage should be a dep of GTK+05:11
Romsterother than those your good for contrib in my opinion05:11
Romsterhmm will check05:11
Romsteri don't see any xorg-libxdamage from gtk.05:16
Romsterand gtk builds without it.05:16
Romsterrines, gtk does certantly link to xorg-libxdamage if it's installed though. but prt-get depinst gtk does not drag that in. does bluefish require gtk built with xorg-libxdamage ?05:18
Romsterfinddeps gtk on my system says it does.05:18
Romsteralso another handy command ^05:18
Romsterxorg-libxdamage drags in alot of ports.05:19
Romsterbut gtk does drag a few in itself. ok i'd submit a bug report too tilman for that one rines05:20
Romsterin the mean time i'll edit my version-updates gtk to include it.05:21
Romsteri've started on bumping stuff and fixing issues myself. in the hope the maintainers will pick up on the fixes.05:21
rinesmesa 8.0.2!!!!05:23
rineswhy default xorg is so outdated?05:24
Romsteri don't know why but i've taken the trouble to bump xorg and some opt ports.05:24
Romsterfeel free to test my work. frinnst horrorstruck nogagplz myself are testing xorg. i'm on it right now even.05:25
rinesyou spent a lot of time I think05:25
Romsteryeah i have.05:25
rinesyes, I absolutel will do!05:25
Romsterfeel free to comment, and if you like i can give you access to help out i use gitolite it's not a issue adding more users, but they got to be trustworthy ones :)05:26
Romsterrines, i've done this in such a way i can rebase the work should anyone decide to incorporate any of it into crux.05:31
Romstergit is great xD05:31
Romsterpushed gtk fix.05:33
Romsterwasn't all my work i've had some input from a few users. so i can't take 100% of the credit.05:34
Romsterif you haven't already i'm working on a version sort more too be far easier to keep track of ports when it's more mature.05:35
Romsterbut it's good enough for xorg and a few other ports so far.05:35
rinesCRUX is you full time job, isn't it? ;)05:37
Romsternope but it so feels like it.05:37
Romsteri honestly don't know why i do so much for crux. i just enjoy it i guess.05:38
Romsterpart of me also doesn't want crux to lose it's userbase so i help out.05:38
rinesthats really fantastic. like your work!05:39
Romsteri'll test your ports again after your done fixing, never mind that xorg-libxdamage in bluefish i've got it in one of my test environments.05:40
Romsternogagplz, has done all the work for the emulators- and emulators-i686 repos too. i did help out int he cleaning up part of it.05:41
frinnstwow, just had a few of our rhel servers spew out ~100 dns requests/second.. nscd ftw06:52
frinnstI wonder why we dont include any init/configs for nscd with our glibc port06:53
frinnstjust a few extra bytes06:54
* Romster shrugs07:03
Romsterwould make sense if your not running a dns cache gateway07:03
frinnstsorry, but I laughed :>07:25
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Romsterhaha i'm dyslexic and i laughed.08:20
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: man-pages: update to 3.3909:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dcraw: also depends on jasper12:04
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