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sepenlol, in 6502 assembly language02:00
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frinnsthah, awesome02:17
frinnstI never played much of prince of persia02:17
sepenI played in my uncle's old pc (386SX 25Mhz 2MB)02:21
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RomsterGreg Ham out of men at work died :( sad day....
nogagplzwhy couldn't they take that yellow wiggle instead03:11
* Romster shrugs03:13
rinesRomster: I fixed the main bugs in openimageio and 0ad03:19
rinesbluefish and audacious are GTK+ related03:19
Romsterwell i'm testing it against my gtk with xdamage already added as a dep03:20
rinesall right. Your "style"-improvements will be added from time to time03:21
rinesimportant is the current functionality ;)03:21
Romsteryeah functionality is important, you may also want to remove horrible spaces and use tabs.03:25
Romsterlike in python3 port has spaces, i always reformat with tabs.03:26
nogagplzan ascii beard after the build function is also how you can tell it comes from Romster03:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fpc: 2.4.4 -> 2.6.003:29
rinespython3 was stolen from prologic :D03:31
nogagplznaughty naughty03:32
rineshope he forgives me!03:34
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Brodi816I'm having an issue setting up a static ip in crux 2.703:36
Romsteri've stolen many just quite them as the packager and your fine rines.03:36
RomsterBrodi816, need more details than that.03:37
Romsteredit /etc/rc.d/net03:37
Brodi816I have03:38
frinnstlooks ok, whats the problem?03:39
frinnstdont forget to add the dns server in /etc/resolv.conf03:39
Brodi816I did03:39
Brodi816I added the google public dns03:39
Brodi8168.8.8.8 and
Brodi816Any ping from the server results in "Destination Host Unreachable"03:40
Romster/sbin/ip addr add dev eth0 broadcast +03:40
Romster/sbin/ip link set eth0 up03:40
Romster/sbin/ip route add default via
frinnstdid you remove the old 192.* entries/reboot?03:40
Brodi816I have03:41
Romsteredit /etc/hosts add in your dns entries.03:41
frinnstthat shouldnt matter unless you're pinging an internal address by hostname03:42
Romstersorry it's /etc/resolv.conf for dns enteries...03:42
Romsteri use internal names for some stuff in /etc/hosts03:43
RomsterBrodi816, also stop using ifconfig it's bad use ip as seen above ^03:43
frinnstifconfig should do the trick for just displaying stuff03:44
Romsterit's still bad ip addr does the same.03:44
Romsteri don't even have ifconfig on my pc.03:44
Brodi816I changed my /etc/rc.d/net to the /ip and server is restarting03:45
Romsteras long as eth0 is your interface.03:45
Romsterit's fun when you got 3 or more and udev decides to change the order on you.03:46
Brodi816My server also has a eth1 but my server provider didn't tell me which one I'm suppose to use03:46
frinnstudev's write_net_rules should make eth interfaces pretty static nowdays03:47
Romsterif addr should list them all.03:47
Romsterip addr sorry...03:47
Romsterlspci -k might also help you pick which.03:48
frinnstdoes eth0 have a link? dmesg should print a line03:48
frinnstor ethtool03:48
Brodi816Both eth0 and eth1 are Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connections03:49
Romsterof all fails try each one until one works.03:50
frinnstwee, my new netapp shelf is up and running finally \o/03:51
Brodi816I used your setting Romster, replaced eth0 to eth1 but no packets are being recieved still03:51
Brodi816eth1 doesn't even send any03:51
Brodi816TX is 003:51
frinnstdid you bring down eth0 ?03:52
Brodi816while with eth0 it would increase03:52
Brodi816bring down?03:52
Romsterip link set eth0 down03:52
Romsterip link set eth1 down03:52
frinnstdunno what happens if you have two interfaces with identical configs up and running at the same time03:52
Romster/etc/rc.d/net restart03:52
Romsternothing happens :P03:53
Brodi816Did that ifconfig doesn't show eth0 unless I use ifconfig -a, and eth1 still isn't recieving packets, but ping is sending it using lo resulting in a loopback03:54
Brodi816So does that narrow down that eth0 is the one connected?03:55
Brodi816Is there the possibilty this could be a hardware problem?04:03
frinnstits not a virtual machine?04:03
frinnstwell, either way i really doubt it04:03
frinnstis there a link online for eth1?04:04
Brodi816How would I check for that?04:04
frinnstyou should see something like "e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: None"04:04
frinnstin dmesg04:04
Romsterip -s link04:04
Romsteror dmesg as frinnst said.04:05
frinnstor ip as Romster said.04:05
Brodi816eth1 has NO-CARRIER in ip -s04:05
frinnstok, so no cable attached then04:05
Romsterlol frinnst paradox04:05
Romsterhi jue04:07
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samba: install pkg-config files04:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cifs-utils: update to 5.404:08
jueRomster: who said that we should use tabs in our Pkgfiles? I prefer spaces ;)04:09
Romsterit's my preference tabs are for formatting not spaces.
Brodi816eth0 has the LOWER_UP state which means it's connected?04:10
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-diskperf-plugin: updated to 2.5.104:11
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-mount-plugin: updated to 0.6.004:11
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-time-out-plugin: updated to 1.0.104:11
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-battery-plugin: updated to 1.0.104:11
jueRomster: as long as we have no official style guide you can do what you want, but dont force other people to follow that ;)04:12
Romsterjue, all i said is i prefer them for being cleaner but i did also add it's my preference. and makes more sense than spaces. but you keep your spaces it still works which is what counts.04:14
Romsternot forcing i was suggesting since his other ports already use tabs.04:14
Romsterthat's another thing pock one style and keep to it.04:15
jueRomster: btw, if you look at some prominent software like coreutils you will see that they use spaces only04:15
teK_First off, I'd suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards,04:16
teK_and NOT read it.  Burn them, it's a great symbolic gesture.04:16
Romsteryeah that's there choice.04:16
teK_taken from the Linux kernel coding style Manual04:16
RomsterBasically, using spaces is like saying ?I don?t give a rat?s ass about how you feel more comfortable reading code. I will force you to use my preferences because it?s my code?.04:16
Romsterquoting that blog i couldn't say it any better.04:17
Romsteranyways personal preference and it's up to the user to choose which.04:17
Romsterperhaps you can tell me why spaces are superior to tabs? and i might convert to spaces :)04:18
sepen^^ to have a max width on docs?04:20
Romsterand as always i cop the flac for suggesting my preferences but i'm not forcing them on anyone.04:21
Romstertab stop setting in editor...04:21
sepenfrom my POV I don't like to see an ascii doc that exceeds the width of a terminal04:21
Romstertabs take less chars than 2 spaces even.04:21
Romsterthat's why i also suggested if lines can be broken up no longer than 70 chars04:22
sepen80x25 is the standar iirc04:22
Romsterthan gives a 10 char leayway to break words at a sane point. so the 70 char point isn't a hard limit. but 80 is absolutely the limit.04:23
sepenwell, but this is only my personal opinion04:23
Romsteri aim for 70 sometimes i go to 75 or so. but never on 8004:24
Romsterjust a style i've settled on. not any recommendations on that one.04:24
jueRomster: no wish to debate that deeper, IMO tabs are sometimes better, like changelogs etc., but not for code04:24
juethe fact that the view of your code depends on tab-settings is just silly04:25
Romsteri'd like to know why spaces are better for code. if it's relaly better than my current practice i'd like to know so i can decide if i want to change my style. else i'll never learn.04:25
juee.g. just look at some python script with a default tab setting of 8 spaces and  you know what I mean04:26
Romsterum python must use tabs04:26
Romsterspaces in it's code blocks breaks it.04:26
sepenjue: +104:26
Romsterdoes make copy pasting a pain though.04:26
jueyeah, exactly04:27
sepenor ruby04:27
Romsterthe default tab setting is int he editor not in the file itself...04:27
Romsteris in the*04:27
sepenon vim you could use # ts= on files04:28
sepensometimes it's a headache to convert those files from python recipes04:28
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] adobereader: updated to 9.5.104:30
Brodi816The static still isn't working for me04:31
Brodi816*static ip04:31
rinesRomster: in python you can uses spaces as well; you only need the same count04:32
Romsterthere is :set list abd :set nolist though for checking spaces tabs04:32
Romsterevery time i used spaces in python "it broke"04:33
Romsterbut i could be doing it wrong.04:35
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] udev: update to 18204:44
Romsterjue,  you should of mentioned that module-init-tools be removed before kmod is installed? but being a experienced user orientated distro i guess they'll figure that out on there own.04:51
Romsteralso i though this type of thing should not be applied until crux 2.804:52
Romsteralso does this mean that the kernel modules all need rebuilding due to kmod?04:55
teK_the kernel will whine about missing module-init-tools, btw :)04:55
Romsterfatal error or just a warning?04:57
Romsterand safe to ignore?04:57
jueRomster: I wrote that with the initial commit of kmod05:01
jueRomster: now need to rebuild kernel modules05:01
Romsterah i did read that then i forgot sorry05:02
teK_Romster: save to ignore05:02
Romsterno need too.05:02
Romstersafe to.05:02
Romstersorry not like me to correct spelling when i make so many mistakes too.05:03
Romsterok good to know.05:03
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: module-init-tools: replaced by kmod05:10
jueRomster: of course it's arguable if we should do such more 'intrusive' things within our current release, but the only hard part is to install kmod05:13
jueso I'd say it's not that complicated05:13
prologicrines, you're forgiven :)05:19
rinesthank you very much! I hope I can sleep again from now on :D05:20
rines(pangs of remorse)05:20
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Romsterand recompile kernel if it's missing them two features.05:22
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frinnsthaha, awesome06:29
Romsterseen that one06:51
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rinessepen: is it possible to use things like shutdown, reboot, etc. in XFCE without consolekit?08:18
rinesI'm using slim as login manager and it doesn't work :/08:19
sepenrines: $ sudo halt08:19
rineshmm.. yes, that's my current workaround08:20
sepenrines: I can't guaranted if you're not using xfce4-session08:20
rinesxfce4-session should be used, yes08:21
sepenbut on the other hand I never installed/used consolekit08:21
sepenand all my desktop worked fine08:21
rinesI googled around to get the built-in shutdown working and most of wikis/forums said "consolekit"08:21
sepenjust you need 'sudo' as dependency for xfce4-session to shutdown08:22
Romster"consolekit" makes me shudder08:22
rinesdo you use a login manager sepen?08:22
sepenI never installed consolekit08:22
rinesRomster: oh yes :D08:22
rinessepen: can you tell me your setup?08:22
sepenrines: here now I'm using slim, though08:22
sepenroot      1341 31.4 11.6 243316 119184 tty7    Ss+  Apr04 6830:28 /usr/bin/X -auth /var/run/slim.auth vt0708:23
rinesvia .xinitrc?08:23
sepenvia .xinitrc where I've startxfce4 command08:23
rinesstartxfce4 only?08:23
sepenslim uses .xinitrc or .xsession08:24
sepenso in .xinitrc I exec startxfce4 which loads xfce4-session08:24
sepenor I think so08:24
rinesyes, that's my setup, too08:24
sepenso where is the problem?08:24
rineshmm... I'm setting up a new workstation right now; will checḱ it on a fresh new xfce08:24
sepencheck your sudoers file08:25
joe9rines: why do you need a login manager?08:26
joe9can you not have .zshrc or .bashrc call the startx when from a terminal?08:27
sepen or startxfce4 from the terminal too08:27
rinesjoe9: of couse, but I save "startx" or "startxfce4" if I use slim ;)08:28
joe9that is what probably slim does too.08:28
rinesyeah, but with slim I only have to type in username and password and it saves around 2 seconds / day :D08:29
sepenfor that use, inittab, or rc.local instead08:30
joe9rines, having it in a .zshrc or .bashrc also saves that typing startx. you just console login with your login and password, and the rest is taken care of by the shell.08:30
rinesjoe9: but the .bashrc will be read at every bash startup!?08:31
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joe9# [ "`tty`" = "/dev/tty1" ] && /usr/bin/startx -- -nolisten tcp >>/var/log/startx.log 2>&108:31
joe9[[ "$(tty)" == "/dev/tty1" ]] && [[ "$(hostname)" == "main" ]] && /usr/bin/startx -- -nolisten tcp >>/var/log/startx.log 2>&108:31
joe9in .zprofile, in my case.08:32
rinesah, yes. tty108:32
joe9sorry, .zprofile not .zshrc08:32
rinesso this would work, yeah08:32
joe9i have autologin in inittab as mine is a local computer and nobody else touches it and this in the .zprofile.08:33
frinnsti just use slim with autologin08:36
rinesfrinnst: yes, same here on one of my local workstations08:37
joe9c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty --autologin joe --host mymachine --8bits --keep-baud 38400 tty1 linux08:38
joe9autologin in inittab08:38
frinnsthow are login failures handled with a respawn in inittab? (ie, homedir not readable or whatever)08:39
jaegerIt will fail a few times and then you'll get a message that it's respawning too quickly08:40
joe9it seems to error out to the console, in my case.08:40
joe9and i see the error in the console, i think.08:40
teK_if there's no /home/$USER it will send you to /, IIRC08:40
teK_this may be zsh-specific08:40
joe9bash might not be that different, either, imho.08:41
frinnstno, bash does the same usually08:41
frinnstslim refuses to log you in though08:41
joe9to me, the login manager just added another layer that I have to worry about. does it compile from source, does it work properly, etc? and, this way, I understood more about inittab and agetty.08:43
frinnstfair enough08:44
frinnsti'm just lazy :)08:44
teK_of course it does compile from source! :>08:46
teK_I wanted my GF to have a fancy login screen, so I installed slim.08:46
rinessepen: btw. thunar 1.3.2? Several bug fixes08:46
rines(and gudev url is broken)08:50
teK_jue: OpenSSL 1.0.1a/1.0.0i is now available, including important bug and security fixes08:51
teK_btw is there a reason we're using 1.0.0, not 1.0.1?08:52
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rinessepen: I think you can use the url for gudev09:00
rinesshould be stable ;)09:00
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jaegerfrinnst: one of our HP SFF boxes wouldn't boot this morning due to a failing HD, but I took it out of the office to check it out and it had an *amazing* amount of dust in it09:42
jaegerfrinnst: terrible airflow in those things, might be contributing to your heat issues09:42
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jaegergah... I hate that --disable-gtk-doc doesn't actually disable gtk-doc09:55
Romsteryou and me both10:12
Romsterbiggest configure bug problem in documentation ever?10:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmake: updated to 2.8.810:34
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jueteK_: thanks, will do the update soon11:11
jueteK_: yeah, because it's not ABI compatible11:12
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] openssl: update to 1.0.0.i11:37
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frinnstjaeger: i wish it were12:11
frinnsti had the box open a few weeks ago to install more ram.. it was pretty clean12:11
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joe9has anyone built freecad on crux?16:10
joe9there seem to be a lot of dependencies. not sure if it will build, though.16:11
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joe9i just installed some packages that I do not need. Is there some ports log that can show what packages were installed?16:35
joe9ls /var/pkgmk/packages?16:36
teK_IF you turned on logging for prt-get you could have a look at ls -ltr /var/log/pkgbuild16:37
joe9teK_: thanks, let me do that.16:37
jaegeryay, my 10Gbe NICs work in FreeBSD16:39
teK_ZFS + 10Gbe = teh win? ;)16:40
jaegerHopefully it will be :) Just got them in so I haven't had a lot of time to push it yet16:40
jaegerNeed to configure jumbo frames as well16:42
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frinnstI got my netapp shelf up and running today16:48
frinnstit was a good day :)16:48
joe9 what is the need for "shm"?17:11
joe9is that really needed.17:11
joe9Mem:   2047600k total,  1845212k used,   202388k free,   308300k buffers17:12
joe9is what says about my memory.17:12
joe9firefox runs very slow on my machine and I am suspecting that it could be because shm is taking away 1GB of ram.17:12
joe9is there any way to see what it is doing with that?17:12
joe9shm                    /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults               0      017:13
joe9is my entry in /etc/fstab17:13
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joacimi believe chromium requires shm17:44
joacimbut i do not know why17:45
teK_df -h /dev/shm17:45
teK_*hint* *hint*17:45
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joe9ncdu is pretty cool with disk usage.19:31
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