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frinnstjoe9: yeah its quite useful01:42
deus_exfrinnst: there is a new flash-plugin release, only from now :)01:52
deus_excan gtk3 and gtk2 coexist?I'd like to update glx-dock.01:53
* deus_ex is missing some magic ingredient in xfce01:57
deus_exwhen I plug in usb stick, no icon appears on the desktop (yes, I'm lazy :) )01:59
deus_exI have udisks and all that jazz...02:00
frinnstno clue02:00
deus_exme neither :)02:00
deus_exxfce sure needs a bunch of gnome libs...02:01
frinnstsilly openssl vulnerability, lots of boxes to patch02:01
frinnstI need to look into puppet or something02:01
deus_exwhat do you run on that boxes?SL?02:02
frinnstour internal systems are mostly debian02:02
frinnstsome rhel (redhat, centos, sl)02:03
deus_exiirc, you played with Scientific Linux?Do you like it?02:03
frinnstyeah I use it on my desktop at work02:03
frinnstnot really, its rhel :)02:04
frinnstbut for what it is, it pretty nice02:04
frinnstthe GUI still feel like alpha/beta02:04
deus_exI haven't used rpm based distro in years, Suse was the last, before Crux.02:04
deus_ex8 or so years ago02:05
deus_exthese days I mainly play with openwrt on my dir-300.02:06
frinnstits so much crap in rhel02:06
frinnstmayhem of backports02:07
deus_exit's a 'profesional' OS :) I might try Oracle Linux at some point.02:08
deus_exa friend of mine is studying for RHEL certificate.He is a gentoo fan IRL, so it's fun for him.02:10
deus_exHe is herding IBM Blades for a living, among other things.02:12
frinnstyeah, I read one of those cert-preparation books.. looked kinda fun02:16
deus_exhe also prepares for AIX cert, his boss saw he is talented for that stuff :)02:19
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frinnstoh, what do they run on aix?02:45
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deus_exi think one of the banks that his firm is supporting has a bunch of aix machines, and also one of the telcos.02:54
deus_exon a PowerPC, iirc02:54
niklaswegood morning02:55
deus_exJS23 IBM Blades, PPC iirc.03:01
frinnstsounds fun, some exotic systems keeps you sharp :)03:03
deus_exyeah, he gets to play with big toys all the time :)03:04
frinnstwe run all vmware, so its the same hardware everywhere03:05
frinnstno driver challenges :/03:05
frinnst3.5 still03:06
frinnstbut hopefully we get to start our upgrade to 5 in a few months or so03:06
deus_exthat should be fun03:06
deus_exEver played with Xen?03:06
frinnstnope, ive somehow managed to avoid it completely03:07
deus_exlucky you, Xen is a reason my friend has a few gray hairs more than he should in his age :)03:08
deus_exI mainly use VmwareWS, to virtualise Windows, because of Skype.03:09
deus_exI'll have to convert VM to VBox ones one day...03:11
frinnstyeah i didnt like vmware workstation for linux03:12
frinnstsomething was just "off" with it03:12
deus_exit sorta works, but it has its moments :;)03:12
frinnstI used kvm on my workstation at work. but it started to do some wierd shit so i had to revert to virtualbox03:12
frinnstwindows apps froze and stuff03:13
deus_exi wish i could just make one ovf, and  use it with both, but no chance of that.03:13
deus_exkmod-8 is out, bugfixes only.03:17
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niklaswedoes someone have any idé how I will fix this problem... I using ssh -Y to machine C, But I jumping from my client via B to reach C... And it doesnt set DISPLAY variable.. so I cant start the X-app..03:56
niklaswebut I set $DISPLAY on machine B..03:56
niklasweguys a question about...04:04
niklaswechecking for BLKID... yes04:04
niklaswechecking for KMOD... no04:04
niklasweconfigure: error: Package requirements (libkmod >= 5) were not met:04:04
niklasweNo package 'libkmod' found04:04
niklasweConsider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you04:04
frinnstcan you really just pipe that stuff over a box in the middle (with, without X?)04:04
niklasweinstalled software in a non-standard prefi04:04
frinnstwhat are you trying to build? udev?04:05
niklaswefrinnst: yupp or upgrade  my system04:05
frinnstsee the mail in the ml. (you need kmod)04:05
frinnstyou need to remove module-init-tools04:05
frinnstand install kmod04:05
niklasweokey :) thanks frinnst.04:07
Romster* the following kernel options are required:        CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y        CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y04:35
frinnstright, forgot about that04:48
frinnsttip of the day: subscribe to ML :)04:49
Romsterthe fun of wanting to work on my pet projects but too buggered from work todo so04:51
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niklaswe hehe05:20
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frinnstFatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /tmp/tpl-happy2-header-ffee4d3779825fdae16929d81678cd22.php-stage2 on line 905:59
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joe9jue's udev requires kmod . will this udev be "the crux's default udev"?07:53
jaegerit is now07:55
frinnst11:50 <frinnst> tip of the day: subscribe to ML07:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dokuwiki: 2012-01-25 -> 2012-01-25a11:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.25.0 -> 4.26.011:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libtorrent: 0.13.1 -> 0.13.211:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: rtorrent: 0.9.1 -> 0.9.211:29
teK_austrian train11:49
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veehi everyone17:25
veehow are you jaeger?18:00
jaegerDoing alright, you?18:02
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to
frinnsta non-security update of flash(!)18:10
frinnstPrinting to local printer generates unusably large print jobs(315883618:10
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veei hate flash18:27
veeand im doing well, thanks jaeger18:27
veewhy is flash so laggy on linux?18:27
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Romsterhmm i've never had this happen before21:07
Romstersqlite3 ~/.vs/vs.db "SELECT * FROM n"; |tee /tmp/foo21:07
Romsterbash: syntax error near unexpected token `|'21:07
Romsterperhaps i nee to do it in a for loop21:07
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Romsteryeah for loop fixed it when also setting IFS21:39
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