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veeso whats everyone doing today?00:26
Romsterhacking away at sqlite and you?00:36
* c0x twiddling thumbs00:39
veetrying to see if i can get crux up on a friends laptop :P00:40
veeone hell of a friday night eh? party hardy lol00:40
veehow have you been romster? been a while since we've tlaked00:42
Romsterthe same really.00:43
veeanything new?00:44
Romsterkeeping busy between work and my own projects00:44
Romsternot much other than i've bumped all of xorg if you didn't know about that.00:44
veehaven't been keeping up with the updates actually00:45
veehave hardly had a day to myself in a while00:45
Romsterxorg i think is about ready on xorg-server 1.12.x branch but waiting for tilman to have free time to bump it int he meantime i'll keep maintaining that there.00:50
veeso you have been busy...lol00:50
Romsteri'm databasing verson sort to get rid of the ugly flat files and make better output.00:50
Romster132 patches in xorg now, that was not fun.00:51
Romsteri need version sort so i can keep track of everything.00:52
veewhy so many patches?00:53
Romsterbecause it's that far behind.00:57
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Romsterjue, your the awk master why am i even getting a : token in this?01:12
Romstergetsource >> /tmp/getsource01:12
Romster/home/romster/var/cwd/remote/projects/vs/src/bin/getsource: line 317: syntax error in expression (error token is "://")01:12
RomsterIFS=$'\n' ; array=( $( printf "%s\n" "${URLLIST[@]}" | awk 'x[$0]++ == 0 { print $0 }' ) )01:13
Romsteri should one of these days stop using shell code.01:16
Romsternever mind i had another mistake in something else.01:24
Romsteralways happens to me.01:24
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juegood morning03:47
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: kmod: update to 803:48
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libusb: update to 1.0.903:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] ruby: update to 1.9.3-p19403:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.3-p19403:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 3.1.003:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: swig: update to 2.0.503:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fuse: update to 2.9.003:49
mike_krines: I am quickly checking you repo. openjpeg fails with
rinesmike_k: strange; tested right now on a clean chroot. works fine04:00
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rinesmike_k: I will update openjpeg to 1.5 today (have to test the new release a little bit), this might fix your problem.04:03
rinesback in 5 mins04:04
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juerines: sorry, but's your problem ;) your port tries to install into the real filesystem instead of the package04:13
juehint: use fakeroot to build/test ports, with that such errors cannot be missed04:15
rinesjue: yes, that's a bug in 1.404:16
rinesthis is fixed in 1.504:16
jueok, but at all it's a bug in your port as well :)04:16
RomsterBuilding '/usr/ports/packages/openjpeg#v1_4-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.04:16
Romsterworks for me.04:17
Romsteri reviewed them and told about the missing $PKG unless i missed another one...04:17
juehmm, didn't built it, just looked at mike_k's paste04:18
rinesyeah, but it fails with fakeroot because v1.4 will (as jue said) install docs in real filesystem04:18
Romsterno openjpeg looks fine.04:18
Romsterack go figure04:18
Romstermust fix my other chroot to use fakeroot too.04:18
Romsterwhy the fuck would that ignore DESTDIR=$PKG04:19
Romsterthey either use DESTDIR for everything or not have DESTDIR at all.04:20
rinesI think v1_4 was a really really strange release ;)04:21
rinesupdate is online:
rinesonly have to fix man dir04:23
Romsteri guess being a snapshot they have a few bugs in there makefile.04:26
rinesshould be fixed now04:31
rinesmike_k: have a look at v1.5.004:32
mike_krines: yep, builds OK04:45
mike_krines: installd some garbage in usr/share/doc though (04:52
mike_k* installs04:52
rinesyou mean CHANGES/LICENSE?04:53
rinesare these garbage files? They were not detected by prtverify04:53
mike_krines: I guess, we remove anything from /usr/share/doc05:02
rinesah, okay05:02
mike_kthere are just a few exceptions on my system. can't find "official" rule on that though05:03
rineswould be interesting. Else I have to remove some more junk files in other packages like blender, bluefish, openimageio, etc.05:04
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mike_kjue: can you confirm we do not package the whole /usr/share/doc?05:05
teK_rines: have you talked to sepen wrt duplicate blender ports in contrib?05:17
teK_I have seen yours is more current so maybe you could take taht over if sepen is fine with that05:18
rinesyes, it's okay05:18
rineswe talked a few weeks ago05:18
teK_how what about the python3000, I suppose it collides with opt/python, does it?05:19
rinesno, should be fine.05:19
rinesmany packages still use py205:19
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rinesdefault /usr/bin/python is current 2.705:20
rinesthats's horrible in arch for example05:20
rinesthey use python3k as default so they have to patch nearly everything :D05:21
teK_most I'd say. I also read that not many libraries are ready for 3k05:21
teK_have you used it yourself?05:21
rinesthat's true.05:21
rinesyes, I used python3k for blender plugins for example05:23
teK_yeah I read that, too05:25
teK_I ask because I may have to program in  python two months from now05:26
teK_I'm a starter05:26
teK_the task will be to implement a framework for run-time interception / manipulation of network traffic of arbitrary binaries05:26
teK_so my guess is I will stick to python2.705:27
rinesyes, I think you'll need python2.7 - nearly everything uses py205:28
teK_rines: your repo is quite new, have you maintained it somewhere else for a longer time?05:28
rinesteK_: yes, I started in December last year but cleaned up the whole repo some days/weeks before and set up a new git repo05:29
teK_we should sue google.05:33
teK_the CRUX ppl have been using +1 for sign approval far longer than G+ has05:33
teK_damn copycats05:33
rineshaha! Perhaps there are some google dev's here?05:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: wireshark: updated to
teK_md5sum mismatch for 64-bit flash!06:57
frinnstyou just forgot to remove the old tarball!06:59
frinnstI SAID IT!07:01
frinnstMAKE ME!07:02
teK_i have to look that up, one second07:02
frinnstI CAN LIVE WITH THAT07:02
teK_mommy, the man on teh internetz is mean07:04
teK_thanks anyway :}07:05
* nogagplz means teK_ around a bit with a large mean07:05
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juemike_k: yeah, that's right. See
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rinesjue: okay. So it would be useful it these files will detected by prtverify, too08:29
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pedja224 lines of 'junk file found' .damn :)09:30
pedja3 ports account for most of them:emacs, mailman and tetex, whatever that might be...09:33
frinnstemacs is unmaintained and should probably be removed10:02
frinnstvi ftw :)10:02
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pedjavi ships with openwrt by default.luckily, I have a rudimentary knowledge of it :)10:34
pedjai really need to learn vim properly10:35
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pedjagreat.gdm/kdm/lightdm-mandatory pam, slim can't pick up consolekit.that leaves me with...old school .xinitrc :)10:47
joe9pedja: do you need to login?10:52
joe9or, is it autologin?10:52
joe9in my .zprofile: [[ "$(tty)" == "/dev/tty1" ]] && [[ "$(hostname)" == "main" ]] && /usr/bin/startx -- -nolisten tcp >>/var/log/startx.log 2>&110:52
pedjaI would prefer login.10:52
joe9just login to to the console, and I think that will start X, if that is what you need.10:53
joe9do not have to worry with slim.10:53
joe9or, if you want to autologin, check the /etc/inittab file, the agetty can autologin.10:54
pedjaI know that, but I'd like to have a proper graphical login, like on a real computer :)10:54
pedjalike i have on a netbook.10:55
pedjaand since I am exprerimenting with consolekit, DM that actually uses it its a plus[tm].10:56
pedjaconsolekit is already deprecated, btw, systemd (the emacs of inits) apparently 'has an app for that', too :)10:58
pedjano offence to emacs users intended :)10:59
tilmanpedja: "\o/"11:14
pedjatilman: can latest git build without installing perl-error module?i couldn't figure it out, so i just added perl-error as a dependency for it.11:34
joacimoffence taken11:37
pedjahappy now? :)11:54
tilmanpedja: gotta run, but i promise i'll look into it tomorrow11:56
pedjano problem, I have it in my private repo, built that way, and I am curious if there is a better/cleaner way to do it.11:58
pedjayay, election time.11:59
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pedjaeven less stuff worthy of watching on tv.thank $deity for internet...12:01
veepidgin fails with a mismatch fooprint for ss-gnutls.so12:01
pedjanew or missing?12:01
pedjaif it is new, son't worry.if it is missing, check the deps.12:02
veecrap, i closed it lol12:03
veeill check it out later on, just thought i should let you guys know12:03
pedjafrom the .footprint12:05
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mike_krines: blender build log:
rinesmike_k: dallas news?12:48
rinesmike_k: but I know what you mean. Blender 2.63 will be release within the next hours and it will work with openjpeg 1.512:55
mike_ksorry, wgetpaste -u did that (.  I have no time to dig into and run them, but otherwise repo is OK. and
rinesmike_k: blender 2.49 is not my package :D12:56
mike_komg. I did  prt-get depinst `ls` with your repo at the bottom of prt-get's list )12:57
rineswas confused after I saw python2.712:57
mike_ksecond paste is for openimageio12:59
rineshmm.. any special entries in your /etc/hosts or DNS records?13:01
rinesI always get a 404 page on dallasnews.com13:01
mike_ksorry, I guess it's tinyurl or wgetpaste's fault13:02
rinesmike_k: seems to be libboost & libicu-related?13:04
rinesI think (same as GTK+), there's another missing dep13:05
rinesbut boost has icu as dep; perhaps you have to rebuild your boost-package?13:06
rinesyes, it links to icu48; current should be 4913:08
rinesto try to rebuild your local boost13:09
rinesafter this it should work13:09
mike_kthanks, i'll try13:24
rinescurrent openjpeg will kill blender build process; I'll remove the dep until blender 2.63 will be released (within the next two days)13:34
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veeis there any program that i can use to send mass emails out to clients?15:55
rinesvee: a local client or as web app?16:01
rinesweb (php) newsletter system:
rinesor you can set up a "one way mailing list" with mailman, for example16:03
veeat this point, any app would do lol16:06
veeeven if its on...dun dun dun....windows16:06
veeim going to check out that phplist thing, thanks rines16:07
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Romsterpedja, that's what i did and it works.21:58
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