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frinnstyay, firefox 12...06:20
frinnstand it still fails to build with gcc 4.706:27
frinnstseems they do like to add features, but not really squash bugs06:27
frinnstwow, 12 seems quite broken06:35
Romsterwhat broke?06:35
frinnstbuild against the new cairo06:36
Romsterwell that sucks so which patch did you do revert commit via patch or use included cairo?06:38
frinnstneither yet06:38
Romstermight be best to wait for them to release 12.1?06:40
frinnstcould take weeks/months06:42
frinnstand i guess there are security fixes in 1206:42
frinnstasdf, need coffee06:42
Romsterthat is insane07:34
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Romsterwhat the heck teK_ with your email that's got facebook crud in it on the ML07:58
Romsterah no just thunderbird going spastic.07:59
Romsternew iptables is out.07:59
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frinnsthaha, aussies09:09
frinnstopenssh 6.0p1 is also out, not announced yet09:10
jueRomster: 1.4.13 is still current09:12
frinnstSeems like firefox 12 will use the shipped cairo :(09:13
juebtw, we are running ck4up for all core ports on, so we shouldn't miss any update, anyway thanks for the hints09:14
Romsterfreecode is crap slow at advertising when it's out...09:17
frinnstdistrowatch's rss feed is quite useful I find09:17
Romster21/04/12 17:4309:18
jueRomster: you mean iptables?09:19
juehmm, nothing new on their ftp server09:20
Romsteri got follow on iptables on freecode and it only announced it at that date, obviously jengelh is lagging on release advertising.09:22
Romsteri wont be using that to see new versions in future.09:22
Romsterwithout first checking site as well09:23
Romsteryour pretty much onto core ports so i really shouldn't be also advertising when i see something like that that's also lagging sorry.09:24
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veehello all13:59
rineshey vee13:59
veehow are you rines?14:05
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fillowho's there?14:07
filloi have a question about php-fcgi and su14:08
fillophp-fcgi registered in rc.conf, but does not run at system startup14:09
filloin auth.log: su[426]: + ??? root:php14:09
fillo??? - this should not be, should be /dev/pts14:10
fillohelp me plz14:10
jaegerNo idea there, I've only used it from lighttpd's configs, not as a standalone thing14:10
filloclear... I'm using php with nginx14:12
rinesvee: thanks, fine! What about you? Did you had a look at phplist?14:22
veetook a quick glance at it. been busy with stuff. this ivy bridge is pissing me off. im tired of waiting for it lol14:24
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veei really need to upgrade. im still using this old p4 for gods sake xD14:48
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mike_kfillo: it is a bug in "su". see for temporary workaround14:54
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fillomike_k, thanx15:08
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RotwangI need pkgadd static binary15:35
Rotwangwhere can I find it without downloading iso15:35
Rotwang32bit binary15:36
mike_kyou can trust someone who already have the iso ) Can't remember any online source for that though.15:40
RotwangI'll download iso15:41
Rotwanganyway, udev update blew my system up15:41
Rotwangmaybe because I've forgot to run rejmerge15:41
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Rotwanganyway going back to old udev15:41
mike_kgood catch. I'll try not to forget that.15:41
mike_kany particular reason do downgrade?15:42
Rotwangcan't boot15:43
Rotwangudev complains a lot15:43
Rotwanganyway, could be my mistake not to run rejmerge15:44
Rotwangbecause it complains something about configuration15:44
* Rotwang is so silly15:44
Rotwangso I made ubuntu usb stick, and now rescueing my system15:45
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Rotwangpraise lord for pkgadd and pkgrm '-r' option16:02
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tilmanpedja: git update seems ok wrt the thing:
tilmanpedja: want to test that patch? :D16:04
pedjatilman: my .footprint is a bit different
pedjaworks fine otherwise16:21
tilmanpedja: huh? usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12/ is in my old port's footprint too16:21
tilmanpedja: did you modify it maybe?16:21
pedjausr/share/git-gui/lib/msgs/, to be exact.16:23
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Rotwangit seems that everything comes down to "getting socket address family not supported by protocol16:46
Rotwangweird, because I didn't recompile kernel in weeks16:46
Rotwangdowngrading udev didn't help16:46
pedjatilman: <--Pkgfile that I used to build.16:48
tilmanpedja: post the full pkgfile? not your diff plx :p16:50
pedjadisregard p5-error dep, I removed it prior the build.16:52
tilmanpedja: those message files are in my .footprint16:53
pedjaI on't see them in the paste.16:54
tilmanpedja: paste was a diff - they were in .footprint before :)16:55
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pedja-ECOFFEEDEFICIENCY on my part, than :)16:56
pedjagtk3 works fine so far.yay.17:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 12.0. Uses internal cairo library due to mozilla bugs.17:04
pedja12?oh, great...17:04
frinnstenjoy the rebuild :)17:04
pedjaas always :)17:04
pedjafrinnst: how long does it take you to build it on your, iirc, beefy machine?17:05
frinnstlet me time it17:07
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pedjanice :)17:33
pedjathat is on i7, 8gb ram?17:34
frinnsti7 2600k17:35
pedjacool hardware17:36
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test_hi all19:41
test_ERROR: Footprint mismatch found when trying to unpack ndiswrapper ?19:42
test_someone know what it is ? please19:42
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himynameisphilI may have missed the memo on this, but I am having trouble updating udev. It complains that kmod is not installed, but when I try to install it, it says there are a number of files (e.g., sbin/depmod) which are already installed.20:14
himynameisphilWhat is the correct way to resolve this?20:14
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jaegerhimynameisphil: remove module-init-tools first20:35
jaegerhimynameisphil: then install kmod and udev20:35
jaegertest_: try deleting the source file and redownloading it... if it's wrong every time then the maintainer will need to update it20:35
test_i thing i did something wrong :s20:39
test_i saw wifi connection in th "net" file i removed the # and now my wifi card disapeard20:40
test_thanx for your help i wil retry tomorrow21:04
test_goodnight ! see you21:04
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veethe ocz ssd drives are on sale if anyone is interested21:33
jaegerI strongly recommend NOT buying OCZ products21:38
veereally? why is that?21:39
jaegerTheir customer support is terrible21:39
jaegerIf your drive ever fails getting it replaced is a huge pain in the ass21:39
veewhat would you suggest?21:39
rmullJust FYII regarding udev - my machine wouldn't boot after upgrading udev and rebooting. Had to enable a few additional kernel flags as mentioned in the udev release notes.21:39
jaegersamsung, corsair, intel21:39
veedang. their 120gb ssd 3 drive was on sale for a 100 bucks too21:40
jaegerI have 2 OCZ SSDs, 1 Intel, and 2 Samsung currently21:40
jaegerMy 60GB OCZ is dying and I'm not even gonna TRY to get them to replace it again, this would be the third time21:40
jaegerMy 120GB OCZ is still working well but if it does fail I'll replace it rather than contact OCZ's support again21:40
jaegerThe intel and the 2 samsungs are awesome21:40
veeare they still under warranty?21:41
veethat much of a pain in the arse ey?21:42
veeguess ill keep looking.21:42
veethe have ones that have nearly 1g read/write speed now21:42
jaegerSequential read/write speeds aren't the important ones, for what that's worth21:42
jaegermost of your day to day access is small random reads and writes21:43
veestill, hopefully ill get me a 10 second crux boot21:43
jaegerIt's interesting to see the sequential numbers but make sure if you're comparing benchmarks that you're comparing the randoms21:43
veebtw, does the hd3000 have any draw backs? most of what i do will be youtubing anyway21:43
veei believe the x220 has the hd300021:43
veealso, will do21:44
jaegerIt does and so far it's fine21:44
jaegernot a heavy lifter for games, obviously, but quite usable21:44
veewith the ivy bridge, i should be set. i was going back on forth on whether to get a 2gb video card, or, just get a ssd instead, and ended up sticking with an ssd drive since i dont play games all too much21:45
jaegersounds reasonable21:45
veei just hope the battery life on linux is managable21:46
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