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jaegerRomster: that's what it's always been, from the start07:34
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: openssh: update to 6.0p109:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dovecot: update to 2.1.509:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fakeroot: update to 1.18.309:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mc: update to 4.8.309:47
teK_openssh 6.0? weee09:48
teK_nothing about it on wow :)09:49
jueteK_: nothing special it's just 5.9 + 0.1 ;)09:49
teK_hm ok ._.-09:50
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teK_Add a new privilege separation sandbox implementation for Linux's new seccomp sandbox, automatically enabled on platforms that support it.10:25
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nogagplzlol cats how do they work12:31
frinnst"In the end, those desktop users who decided to skip Sandy Bridge to hold out for Ivy Bridge, probably shouldn't have."12:35
frinnstI FEEL VINDICATED!12:35
nogagplzwhat sandy bridge did you get12:36
nogagplzhow much did it cost you12:36
frinnstdont remember.. wasnt that bad12:37
nogagplzgot my 2600k for $325, worth it12:37
frinnst2 445 kr12:37
frinnstSEK = 351.05 AUD12:38
nogagplz\o/ winning ;P12:38
frinnstits an awesome piece of kit12:39
nogagplzcame from a q6600, the difference was crazy12:40
frinnsthah, me too12:41
teK_the 2600K rocks <312:42
frinnstteK_: why are you using the development branch of rtorrent/libtorrent?12:57
teK_worked for me[tm]12:57
frinnstyes, but my "perfectly legal" trackers complain :p12:58
teK_sounds like a lame excuse, I know. I did not know that the x.y.z versions were dev-branches12:58
frinnstits not really a branch12:58
frinnstbut they actually promote stable "unstable releases" once they've been tested12:59
teK_i'm not exactly a native speaker12:59
teK_in other words: you object me tracking the stable unstable releases?12:59
frinnstobject is a strong word, just wondering if there was a reason behind it13:01
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jaegerI'm totally happy with my i7-2600k. sandy bridge is fine by me13:21
* nogagplz quotes jaeger in a magazine ad13:29
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Rotwangwhat am I doing wrong, after  sysup, firstly I couldn't make my system to boot14:41
Rotwangwhich is my fault because I didn't read a readme14:41
Rotwangbut now there are further problems with assembling my raid14:41
jaegersounds bad :(14:46
joe9Rotwang: i had issues with mdadm too.14:48
joe9does your raid have a label?14:49
Rotwangjoe9: I think not14:49
joe9does it error about something in the c library?14:49
Rotwangno, it says that /dev/sdc is not part of the array14:49
Rotwangbut it certainly is14:49
joe9oh, ok. can you just remove it and added it back in?14:49
Rotwangwill try after kernel upgrade14:50
joe9or, do you some disk issues? badblocks?14:50
Rotwangno I can easily assemble my array under ubuntu liveusb14:50
Rotwangbut teh array isn't only problem, my mouse won't work14:54
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niklaswegood evening =)15:17
niklaswewazup jaeger ?15:23
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jaegernot much at the moment, bit slow15:30
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Rotwangmy raid and mouse are back \:D/15:33
teK_now fix filezilla. :>15:34
niklaswejaeger: good to hear.-15:38
jaegerI've been researching stuff for my RC cars :)15:40
niklaswejaeger: what kind of stuff? :P15:44
niklaswenew car body?15:44
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rmullHow do I break the pkg-config looped dependency again?16:30
rmullpkg-config and glib-2.0 not found...16:30
Rotwanginstall pkg-config, install glib16:38
Rotwangrmull: what is the exact error?16:39
Rotwanganyway, any mercedes 124 owners around?16:41
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* Rotwang sleep16:47
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veejaeger: just came across this....
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frinnstwhat a hero17:19
jaegervee: See? I didn't make that up, heh17:24
frinnstwow, ocz really sucks17:25
frinnstglad i bought intel17:25
jaegerfrinnst: great example of internet brolidarity there :D17:25
veeguess im going to get me an intel17:26
jaegerI love my intel and my samsungs17:26
jaegerI'm waiting patiently for my 2nd OCZ to fail, heh17:26
veewould compiling on an ssd be bad? also, how do you monitor its life span?17:27
frinnstbuy lots of ram and ramdisk that sucker17:27
frinnsta 8gb /tmp serves me well17:28
veeill be rolling with 8 gigs so...not sure if that'll be enough lol17:28
jaegerNo, it won't hurt the drive life17:28
jaegeryou'd have to write a hell of a lot of data to shorten the life enough to worry about it17:28
frinnstyeah, true17:28
jaegeranandtech has an article or two about that17:29
jaegerIt's far more likely (if you buy a decent SSD to start) that you'll replace it with a newer larger one before it fails due to writes17:29
veewell, i plan on building crux on the ssd. but ill take your word for it lo17:29
veewell, i plan on building crux on the ssd. but ill take your word for it lol17:29
frinnstI have ssd's in both my crux boxen17:29
jaegerI run crux full-time on my OCZ Vertex 2 at home17:29
jaegerIt's also my ISO build machine17:29
jaegerSo it sees a lot of compiling17:30
jaegerI'm planning to put crux on my intel as well but have been lazy about that. It's sitting in the case unplugged :P17:30
veehow fast does it boot though? lol17:30
frinnstI build iso's in my ~/ but its all spinning17:30
jaegerNot very quickly, it has a lot of other bullshit to wade through like my RAID controller's firmware17:30
frinnstyeah hardware init is what takes the longest for me too17:31
jaegerI'm not concerned with fast boots, only fast daily work :D17:31
jaegeranyway, got stuck at work over an hour late, I'm heading home.17:31
veewell, i have one d-bag class mate that thinks his mac is superior17:31
frinnstonce init starts its pretty much all done17:31
veei'm counting down the days till i put him in his place with my linux skills lmao17:31
veenot sure how much skill that is anyway17:32
veeoh, see you later jager!17:32
frinnst00:33 - bit late17:33
veefrinnst: i dont think ill have much to hoping to hit a 5-10 second boot17:33
vee33 seconds?17:33
frinnstno, the time is 00:3317:34
frinnst00:34 even17:34
frinnstfuck, 00:3617:34
frinnstmy desktop is lying to me17:34
veeam im assuming?17:34
frinnstwell, yes i guess17:35
frinnstam/pm - silly invention17:35
frinnstjust use a 24hr clock damnit! :)17:35
veeit really is easier17:35
veeexcept the people here will probably never catch on17:36
frinnstalso metric ftw :)17:36
veeman....i hate the system they have here17:37
veeits so pointless17:37
frinnsthere is a bit of trivia for you to impress your friends: In Sweden we actually use miles also, sort of. a "mil" is 10km!17:39
frinnstdunno how common it is in the other nordic countries, or other metric countries for that matter17:40
veei really REALLY want to visit norway and sweden17:41
veewhen i do, i expect us to have a get together17:41
veei was suppose to come this summer actally17:41
frinnstheh, just dont visit during winter or you will probably jump off a bridge or something :)17:43
frinnstlack of daylight takes its toll17:43
joacimnorway have the same "mil"17:45
joacimit is also the cheatcode to get weapons and keys in wolfenstein 3d17:45
veeoh god. i might have to bring cali weather with me lol17:47
joacimit is quite pleasant during the summer17:47
joacimabout 20-30 degrees celcius most places17:48
frinnstthe current weather is pretty nice. its almost summer17:48
joacim30 is too hot tho17:48
frinnstt-shirt weather17:48
veethe weather here is bipolar17:50
veeit was 85 degrees 3 days ago17:50
veeits raining today17:50
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jaegerI really liked Stockholm when I was there, haven't been to other places18:30
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joe9quick question: I am installing crux on a new machine from an old machine. I have the new machine's hard disk and am copying the root directory from the old machine to the new machine.22:13
joe9other than taking care of the kernel configuration, and the boot stuff (and the other config stuff mentioned in the crux handbook), is there anything else that I would have to worry about?22:14
joe9jaeger: you around?22:14
joe9any thoughts, please?22:14
veewish i could help....i have NO clue22:35
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joe9vee, ok. thanks.22:52
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joacimuser permissions23:13
jaegerjoe9: if you use rsync to copy from one disk to another the permissions should be simple23:14
jaegersuch as "rsync -avz /mnt/hd1/ /mnt/hd2"23:15
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks. but, other than that. do you see any issues from the fact that I am not compiling it all over again.23:15
jaegerotherwise the kernel config, etc.23:15
jaegerNot if the target machine is the proper arch23:15
jaegerfor example, you can't copy a 64-bit install to a 32-bit system23:15
joe9i am thinking of cp --archive, but, rsync is fine too.23:15
joe9jaeger: no, both are 32 bits. though, the cpu frequency is different. one is 3GHz and another is 2.5GHz.23:15
jaegerthat's not a problem23:16
joe9both celeron though.23:16
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.23:16
jaegercp would work fine, I just suggest rsync because it can always be restarted if anything interrupts the process23:17
jaegerif you run the cp again it doesn't know what it's already copied, just takes more time23:17
joe9ok, thanks.23:17
jaegerboth work, though23:17
jaegernp, good luck23:18

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