IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2012-04-24

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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libusb: fixed wrong library link02:03
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: libusb-compat: update to 0.1.402:03
rauz_  /clear02:23
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niklasweGood morning!03:04
niklaswehow are you Romster ?03:04
Romsterthe same work is over preparing for table tennis tonight03:06
niklasweoh :)03:07
niklasweDo you have any idé about this problem..03:07
niklasweI using ssh -X Machine [C] but it doesnt set $DISPLAY (And I jumping from my client --> [B Jump host] --> [C])..03:08
frinnstcute doodle on google03:16
Romsterso machine [B Jump host] hasn't got support for X connections?03:19
niklasweI have fix it already :)03:27
Romsterso what was it?03:28
niklasweOn Machine "C" I must add AddressFamily inet to sshd_config03:28
niklasweotherwise I got this error message "Failed to allocate internet-domain X11 display socket"03:29
Romsterthought AddressFamily any would be sufficient. which is the default03:29
Romsterjust thought you missed X11Forwarding03:31
niklasweRomster: nope I had X11forwarding enabled..03:31
Romsterah well sorted now03:41
Romsterlol that's the wall...03:41
frinnstreverse gear malfunction04:00
Romsterthat reminds me a fire truck station is over the road from me and one of the drivers stalled the truck while gong /down/ the driveway...04:01
frinnsthehe.. well to be honest there must have been a mechanical issue for that :)04:02
Romstermore like the driver i'd say. but they are really heavy when full of water.04:06
frinnsti guess it depends on the degree of the slope but even a n00b can start a manual downhill :)04:07
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-mount-plugin: updated to 0.6.204:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-systemload-plugin: updated to 1.1.004:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-places-plugin: updated to 1.3.004:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-places-plugin: cleanup04:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-kbdleds-plugin: initial import04:35
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-mpc-plugin: initial import04:35
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rauz_someone an idea after update udev and build kmod my crux cannot boot ?07:40
rauz_i think i read something about that in the irc but i can't remember what it was to fix that error07:41
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joe9rauz_: i heard about it on #linux yesterday. something about the install having errors. not sure if that is the same issue that you have, though.07:53
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rauz_joe9: when i boot /lib/udev/rule_generator.functions: line 54: /dev/null: read-only file system that's my error08:01
joe9rauz_: can you remount as rw? maybe the / is mounted ro..08:02
rauz_yep i can remount the / with rw08:03
joe9maybe, there is an error and that could be the reason it is mounted ro. this udev error is probably an offshoot of the other error.08:07
rauz_maybe i missed to recompile something else08:08
joe9can you check dmesg or /var/log/kernel?08:08
rauz_i find no errors in /var/log/kernel or via dmesg08:09
Romsterrauz_, did you enable CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y   CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y08:14
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rauz_Romster: nope i build a new kernel an try it, thx08:20
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juehmm, looks like my assumption that everyone using crux is subscribed to the mailing list isn't true08:34
Romsterthey'll learn08:36
jseIncorrect. Some will learn, some will not.08:36
teK_my system was not unable to boot ..08:37
Romsterjue, if you haven't already throw a readme in for udev about them two kernel options08:37
teK_(though lacking the mentioned config-options)08:37
Romsternot unable? oxymoron?08:38
jaegerdouble negative08:39
teK_double negative.08:41
teK_as in 'xy said I was unable to boot after the upgrade'08:42
nogagplzare you positive?08:42
teK_and 'me: i was NOT unable to boot after the upgrade'08:42
Romsternot able08:43
teK_thanks for the hint08:43
Romsterthats ij08:43
Romsteroops ok08:43
Romsterand chime in nogagplz the helpful jester08:46
teK_I'm positive that I'm negative08:49
jaegerTwo atoms are walking down the street. One stops and says, "Uh oh, I've lost an electron!" The second says, "Are you sure?" The first responds, "I'm positive!"08:50
Romsterheard that one :D08:50
nogagplzthe sort of joke that warrants a slow and painful death08:50
jaegerIt's not new at all but seemed appropriate under the circumstances08:50
rauz_Romster: thx now it's booting again09:01
juerauz_: are you subscribed to the mailing list?09:12
jueok, but you ignored the notify email that comes with the udev update?09:17
rauz_oh damit i should have search first in the ML09:17
rauz_i forgot about that09:18
jaeger <-- found this while shopping for RC car batteries, heh09:21
jaegerIt was under something titled BeerLift 201109:21
frinnstcrazy germans09:21
frinnstbatteries in that round things at the bottom?09:23
frinnstmaybe the white ones just under the rotors09:23
jaegerI would guess the battery packs are the white ones09:23
jaeger <-- for reference, the car version I'm looking at09:24
frinnstthat battery could probably charge my s2 for half a day of usage :>09:25
frinnsterr, -charge +power09:25
Romsterjaeger, interesting idea but i'd imagine it wont stay in the air for long.09:26
frinnstsamsung galaxy s209:26
jaegerRomster: the first flight was apparently around 90 seconds09:27
RomsterDischarge: 20C Constant / 30C Burst09:28
Romsterso 20 times the 5AH rating continuous... that's 100amps for 3 minutes O_O09:29
frinnstfine, 24hrs09:29
jaegerIt'll run my RC car longer than the NiMH 3300mAh pack that came stock :)09:30
jseLiPo batteries are great until they catch on fire if you charge them the wrong way. :P09:30
rmullSo, who knows a lot about udev? Not me, so I have questions. Do I /need/ udev (or any dev manager) if I know in advance all the hardware that will ever be attached to my system, including removable USB devices?09:31
jaeger <-- charging them seems really easy these days, though having a sand bucket around wouldn't hurt09:31
Romsterputs my 7.2v 1.2AH nicad battery packs to shame that i used years ago09:31
jaegerrmull: as far as I know there's NO need for udev if you prefer a static /dev or want to manage creation of device nodes yourself09:31
Romsteryeah i've seen on youtube of LiPo asploding09:32
Romsterseen some cool bag you stick the battery in if it does decide to go up in flames this bag keeps the fire contained and smothers it.09:33
rmulljaeger: What about the insertion/removal of USB devices? Can I still have a static /dev? I have some USB drives and some serial adapters09:33
rmullOtherwise, I'd be happy to write a script. It's just a single-user system09:33
rmullIt seems like udev is more complex than what I need at a glance09:34
jaegerrmull: I haven't tried it myself but I would think that if you created, for example, /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 manually, you could plug in a usb storage or scsi device with 1 partition09:34
jaegermake sense?09:34
jaegerYou couldn't use those device nodes properly without the device attached, obviously09:34
rmullYes, that much makes sense09:34
rmullI need to read about dev node creation, I don't get the major/minor thing09:35
jaegerrmull: you might also take a look at devfsd (if it still exists) or mdev09:35
jaegerOn the other hand, unless you specifically need to avoid udev, you could just use it and let it do its thing in the background :)09:36
frinnstits probably not worth the trouble abandoning udev at the moment09:36
Romsteri'm wonderingf if anyone will work on a fork due to this systemd kmod udev that's been going on, just think will embedded cpu's handle all this extra stuff than the static nodes.09:40
jaegermdev is probably more popular for embedded, or static09:41
Romsterthen agian mdev might be good enough.09:41
jaegerI used mdev when I played with CRUX on an ALIX/WRAP for a while09:41
jaegerworked great09:41
rmulljaeger: Yeah, I may start looking at mdev. I guess. If I need a dev manager at all.09:42
jaegerIt's part of busybox, for what that's worth. It's used on the install ISO09:42
Romsterwhat i'm worried about is systemd will kill off all the other init systems too. users should be able to choose which they want.09:42
jaegerYou could always fork sysvinit or something09:43
Romstercould but i'm far too busy and i don't think i have the necessary skills to do that. i'm just wondering and looking around at any backlash at this new direction. or everyone agrees to with the way it's heading.09:44
frinnst <- fun trollthread09:45
RomsterI'm stupider for just reading your email. Go away.09:47
Romsterlinus actually says your a moron... must of been a bad day.09:48
frinnsti think its pretty much bussiness as usual :)09:49
jaegersuch rage09:56
teK_I like him. Just as much as Theo de Raadt :>09:56
jaegerThat's a low bar09:57
jaegerA deserved low bar09:57
jaegerMeaning he's not particularly likeable, which I'm guessing was your point. :)09:58
frinnst"Richard Stallman Agrees That C++ Sucks"09:58
jaegerit's time for the systemd folks to step in and write c++d09:58
teK_yeah, quite some people dislike both of them. My guess is they are great guys09:59
teK_maybe they could incorporate a JIT compiler in systemd for that09:59
jaegerI wonder if that's fake10:05
frinnstit must be10:05
jaegerit's funny as hell but I still wonder10:05
frinnststill funny as hell10:05
Romster"Actually, I got some of the ideas from X10, you know, X windows. That was such a bitch of a graphics system"10:06
Romsteri remember reading that awhile ago. no idea if it was a joke or for real.10:20
Romsterso tired i'm calling it a night, g'night all.10:23
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rauz_ /clear10:33
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: grep: update to 2.1210:38
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jaegeranyone in here running a gitlab install?
jaegerwe currently use github:fi at work but considering switching to gitlab since github:fi has been discontinued. github:enterprise is an option but I'm curious about gitlab11:48
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veequestion. would the intel hd3000 be able to run compiz effects without too much lag?14:26
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jaegerIt should, look for videos on youtube14:27
veedidn't think of that one...lol14:29
veehey jaeger, i know you've used gentoo before, and was wondering...which would you prefer? crux or gentoo? crux seems a lot more simpler to me.14:36
jaegerI mostly prefer crux, it's rare that I use gentoo now14:40
veei tried it out...14:42
veeit seems like somethign you use just to show off. lol14:42
veeand all that talk about it being really hard was a fat lie. though it did take a while...lol14:42
jaegerIt's not difficult and they have a lot of great documentation. It's just far more complex.14:42
jaegerportage has some nice features and I like USE flags but 99% of the time it's not needed for what I do14:43
jaegerAt my previous job most of our servers were gentoo14:43
veeit is complex...but, i dont know, after using it i realized its not for me. i want something fast and simple. though compiling on a p4 is a nightmare sometimes lol14:48
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rmullI used gentoo for like 4 or 5 years before switching to crux14:48
rmullI plan on sticking with crux14:48
rmullStill have a gentoo fileserver because it's mostly an appliance and I rarely update it though14:48
vee4chan ruined gentoo for me14:51
rmullhow so? what did they do to it?14:51
veeany time you ask for anything, you get an install gentoo15:02
veejust visit */g15:02
rmullI'll pass15:02
rmullNo offense15:03
veeits their technology board, but, i dont blame you for it15:04
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joe9vee, i tried exherbo. but, I feel crux is better. its' simplicity is a plus.15:32
jaegerI was mostly a gentoo user before a friend told me about crux15:36
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jaegerwoot, recovered an important piece of my "research equipment" that was thought lost in the parking lot15:41
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veeanyone need an 8gb ddr 1333 laptop ram stick?18:31
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Romstermorning all whats left of morning 15mins.20:45
Romsteranzac day in australia so i can do whatever today20:45
nogagplzget back to work20:49
Romsteryou should know it's a public holiday20:50
Romsterthey wont pay me triple wage to work today -_-20:50
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