IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2012-04-25

rauz_morning any other have a problems with kde4 and i915 strange graphic error and redraw errors01:45
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niklasweGood morning guys02:23
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teK_Romster / jaeger:
Romstera double negative effectively cancels out the negative meaning of a sentence and gives it a positive meaning.03:23
RomsterteK_, +1 me 003:24
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frinnstrauz_: may be cairo related04:08
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teK_who is going to win tonight? :>04:37
juehi sepen04:37
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sepenhmm I removed module-init-tools first and I can recompile my kernel, so the right order should be something like: recompile kernel (+devtmps), remove module-init-tools, depupdate udev (install kmod), right?05:10
teK_rule #1 don't reboot with new udev+ no devtmpfs settings05:12
teK_+ I got a warning about module-init-tools missing while compiling the new kernel but that was not a problem at all05:12
sepenteK_: ^^ explained in notify ML05:12
teK_yeah so just fricking do it! :>05:13
sepenteK_: here stalled compilation05:13
teK_which kernel?05:15
teK_I had it with 3.3.1 or so05:15
sepenI'll try with no 3.x.x series05:15
sepen2.6.39.4 is the one in crux 2.7.1, so I think some people will try with no 3.x.x series05:20
juewell, the module-init-tools/kmod replacement is somewhat unrelated to the rest05:25
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rauz_frinnst: i rebuild cairo i build a older version of cairo but didn't help07:29
rauz_i tried newer and older version from intel xorg driver07:30
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jaegereveryday I'm shufflin'.... er... buildin' firefox18:44
nogagplzdarn tootin'18:59
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rmullI locked firefox19:50
jaegerf you, libmozgnome.so20:01
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