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teK_jaeger: that was my experience, too (iirc)03:20
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deep42thoughtHi guys, is there any possibility to reset a forgotton root-pw w/o booting another system (I've physical access). Booting in single-mode doesn't work, because he asks for my rootpw :-(06:58
frinnstyou could boot with init=/bin/bash i think07:12
deep42thoughtyea, I tried this, but I don't get write-access on /07:12
frinnstyeah you need to remount it07:12
frinnstmount -o remount,rw /07:12
deep42thoughtah, okay, I tried this in seperate commands :-)07:13
deep42thoughtthanks a lot!07:13
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deep42thoughtit's a bit difficultly to decipher08:57
Romsterseems to count in 4 steps every second for the colour change09:01
deep42thought60 sec = 256 counts -> 1 sec = 4,26... counts09:02
Romsterclose enough...09:03
deep42thoughtthe problem is to distinguish between two sligtly different red-shades for neighbouring hours09:03
Romsterwell it's blow for me atm due to just after midnight.09:03
Romstererr blue09:04
Romsteri hate being dyslexic... drives me insane.09:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: updated to
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veesup guys10:39
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jaegerthere we go, think I finally got windows booting properly in EFI mode on the desktop20:26
jaegernow hopefully it will continue to boot when I reconnect the CRUX SSD20:29
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jaegerwoot! both crux and windows are booting properly in EFI mode21:02
joe9firefox build failure:
joe9anyone else noticed the error?21:28
jaegerNot I but I am building it right now, will see if it finishes21:28
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jaegerhrmm, finished fine here21:31
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joe9ok, thanks. let me try the build again.21:32
Romsterwill firefox build with system cairo 1.12.2 now21:35
Romsteror is it really a ff bug21:35
jaegerIt did for me21:35
Romsteryou changed it to system cairo than the included one that firefox 12 had changed?21:35
Romster-ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo21:38
Romster+#ac_add_options --enable-system-cairo21:38
jaegeroh, no, if firefox has its own I didn't21:38
jaegernever mind, then21:38
Romsterjsut wondering if the newer cairo fixed the build issue, guess i'll test it myself.21:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wgetpaste: 2.18 -> 2.1921:56
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