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veehi everyone01:09
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frinnstasdf, crappy hp01:29
frinnstgfx artifacts again.. useless cooling01:29
veehp's have TERRIBLE cooling01:33
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pitillogood morning05:17
Romstermorning pitillo05:22
Romsternice i'm doing some file moves in logical volumes over a few disks at 100mbit and it's not making my pc ice station anymore.05:25
Romsterin the past the lag was so unbearable05:25
teK_what did you change05:26
Romsterheaps newer xorg newer kernel. only now i have the need to move a bunch of files around.05:30
Romsterso i noticed it never slowed or lagged on me on large i/o moves like it had in the past.05:31
frinnstmm, writeback regressions05:31
frinnstintroduced with every kernelrelease, courtesty of Linus Torvalds! :)05:32
Romster75-100mb/s isn't that fast between disks but the mass amount of iops in the past used to really cause waits.05:32
frinnstinteresting panel, talks a bit about the writeback issues05:33
Romsterso i guess they finally got rid of the last of the annoying big kernel lock in the subsections.05:33
frinnsti experienced a lot more issues with i/o after the upgrade to 16gig ram05:33
frinnstworked better with 4gb05:33
frinnstguess the commit queue was a05:34
frinnst*bit* longer05:34
Romsterstrange that.05:36
Romsteri'd assume it be more the kernel than xorg changes that fixed that but who knows. i haven't done this much iops or i/o in a while05:37
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frinnstteK_, jaeger.. what steps are needed for uefi booting?09:12
frinnstiirc, you guys played around with that a while back09:12
teK_coming back later sry :)09:12
frinnstno worries09:13
frinnstI could read up on it on my own i guess, but that requires more work than just asking :)09:14
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jaegerfrinnst: you need either an EFI bootloader (elilo, patched grub, grub2, etc.) or the experimental kernel 3.3 EFI stub loader, as well as an EFI system partition09:57
jaegeryour kernel/initrd and the loader go on the EFI system partition unless the loader has support for other filesystems09:58
jaegerthe architecture of the machine and the UEFI implementation must match09:58
jaegeralso it needs to be x86_64, basically09:58
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jaegerThe EFI system partition is a small FAT32 partition, 100 or 200MB is plenty10:03
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jaegerIt doesn't matter where on the drive it's located10:03
jaegerIf you're dual booting with windows in EFI mode you have to use GPT instead of MBR disk layout, don't know if linux requires that10:04
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jaegerI suppose if your drive is larger than 2TB you'll also need GPT regardless of windows' existence on it10:11
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frinnstjaeger: cheers11:25
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niklaswegood evening12:28
niklaswehow are you jaeger ?12:38
jaegerDoing pretty well here, you?12:40
niklaswenice to hear, it´s fine with.. So what are you doing?12:44
jaegerlearning the new storage appliance12:46
niklasweoooh, what kind of storage?12:47
niklaswecool :)12:54
niklasweoh, dating a gril with children can be hard sometimes..12:54
niklaswejaeger: it´s true :P12:57
teK_frinnst: figured it out?13:17
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frinnstwell jaeger gave me the quick tour. i've yet to try anything.. shuffling 3TB data around at the moment13:29
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jaegerfrinnst: has a lot of useful info on it13:31
teK_frinnst: good luck13:31
jaegerfrinnst: what motherboard are you using with UEFI support, out of curiosity?13:32
frinnstp8p67 deluxe13:32
jaegerShould be simple, then. I'm working with a p8p67 pro13:33
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frinnstthank god for gbit networking14:11
frinnstfeels good maxing it out :)14:12
* nogagplz maxes frinnst out14:19
* nogagplz sends him to fight the last boss alone14:19
frinnstno worries14:20
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frinnsthah, ubuntu 12.04.. what an incredible piece of shit16:17
frinnsthow do they manage to make software *MORE* unreliable and unstable?16:18
jaegerafter a few tweaks I don't hate unity... but it's definitely not my favorite16:18
frinnst<ubuntu dev> hey guys, things are running too stable! lets break it so we can fix it after a year or five!16:19
nogagplzthey need something to justify their existence16:19
frinnsti have a box that has been running every ubuntu version since -07 or something, just upgrading between releases16:19
frinnstfired it up and upgraded it16:19
frinnstno programs in the launcher, no nothing16:20
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teK_any plans on updating atk to  >=2.2.0, gimp 2.8 won't build without that16:45
jaegerI've been testing a whole new set of gtk+ and friends here, working well so far16:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: docutils: 0.8.1 -> 0.918:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cacti: 0.8.7i -> 0.8.8a18:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 2.1.2 -> 2.218:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.16.0 -> 0.17.018:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xlockmore: 5.30 -> 5.3218:30
jaegerAnyone happen to recognize this openbox theme?
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carharttjimmyI was looking into trying out CRUX, how different is it from Arch?19:48
jaegerI've not used arch in a while but arch uses a binary package system, for one, whereas crux builds packages from a ports system. you should look at the handbook on the website if you want the details19:51
carharttjimmyDo you still go all from source?19:51
jaegernot 100% - the installation is done from an ISO with precompiled packages19:52
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joe9i am thinking of using hibernate and resume on crux. not sure where I should start. Anyone using that functionality? Any helpful hints, please?19:53
joe9should i be using pm-utils?19:53
joe9i do not use dbus.19:53
carharttjimmy can you do <<asci append >>?19:53
s44carharttjimmy: IMHO CRUX is more simle and minimalistic.19:53
carharttjimmyArch is minimalistic too.19:54
s44I have userd Arch and it can't reboot after pacman update.19:54
carharttjimmyDoes CRUX do dependency checks?19:54
s44After it i returned to Slackware and tryCRUX/19:54
carharttjimmyi.e package manager19:54
jaegerpkgutils doesn't, prt-get does using its "depinst" option19:55
carharttjimmythats the problem with rolling release models s44 . It can break your whole system19:55
s44I don't now, i use it since few days in VirtualBox ;)19:55
s44carharttjimmy: is there a way to cvhange it? A sable reposityory?19:55
carharttjimmyThat would be against the Arch way19:56
carharttjimmyMy advice is to force update your filesystem and remove yaourt if you have it.19:56
carharttjimmyThe repos now are moving towards signed packages only and they are heavy stable. Cairo was broken by pacman update though19:57
s44yhm. I'll check it in the future. Thx.19:58
s44In pl is 3:00, i have to sleep. Good night.19:58
carharttjimmyI used to run CRUX19:58
carharttjimmygot tired of missing dependencies so I went to Arch.20:02
jaegergrr... in the future I'm gonna have to remember to put the theme name in the screenshot filename20:16
carharttjimmywhat window manager do you use jaeger ?20:16
jaegerI've used a bit of everything but at the moment I'm trying to remember an openbox theme20:17
carharttjimmyAh, I use xmonad20:17
jaeger <-- this one20:17
joe9carharttjimmy: i use xmonad too.20:19
carharttjimmyI am on windows atm. :( Working on some papers20:20
joe9is uswsusp available with crux? I am trying to implement hibernate/resume on crux.20:22
carharttjimmyHow many distros have based off of Crux?20:22
joe9not sure if that is a good reference to use.20:23
carharttjimmycant you compile it for crux joe9 ?20:23
joe9anyone using pm-utils on crux to hibernate/resume? mind sharing your configuration?20:33
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Romstercarharttjimmy, what missing dependence's?21:49
carharttjimmyheh I skimmed a depdency onetime and it crashed21:50
Romsteroh that no one seems to use gnome21:50
Romsterafk work21:51
jaegeryeah, gnome is unofficial and unmaintained21:53
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jaegerThat reminds me, way past time to remove the gnome wiki page22:05
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