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frinnsthaha, australia is awesome03:03
nogagplzyeah it's awesome to live here03:10
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Romsterfrinnst, no more insanse than some kid in USA killing people in a school03:47
Romsterhahaha awesome03:50
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frinnsthah, i like the belt buckle method04:14
Romstertable top is my method04:17
frinnstyeah, probably the most common one04:17
teK_a friend of mine uses his calculator back from our time in school..04:17
frinnstwhy does firefox use more cpu and ram than fedora running in vbox?04:20
frinnstanswer: its shite04:21
Romsterno idea memory leaks bad code04:26
Romsteri've had a few gb of ram consumed by firefox04:26
Romsterwhen all i had was like 3 browsers with 20-30 tabs each open.04:27
Romsterpretty pathetic04:27
frinnsti have maybe 15 tabs open with static content04:27
frinnststill constant cpu usage04:28
frinnstoo, galaxy s3 announced04:28
pitillogood morning04:28
frinnstlooks too big :(04:28
pitilloummm nice toy too... 4.8", a bit bigger than htc one X04:29
frinnstmy s2 is really too big i think04:30
pitilloI'm in love with my s2... good size :)04:30
frinnstI have tiny hands :)04:30
frinnstcant really use with just one hand04:31
pitillobut bigger ones as the one X is nice too... impressive performance really04:31
pitillooh! here big hands... I think s3 would be right between mines too xD04:31
pitilloseems it has a bigger battery than one X too... we'll see how it manages it04:34
frinnstRomster: there are updates for iozone in your repo04:49
Romsterplenty of updates i'll bump iozone though.04:52
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niklaswedoes someone has any good utility to convert mysql -> postgresql?06:22
mike_kniklaswe: what is the source of your data? it's sometimes easier to convert application-specific database. for example, Django web framework has a few serialization formats to dump into and restor from...06:29
niklaswemike_k: its an mediawiki database.06:32
mike_k have you seen that?06:33
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mike_kor you can just rely on some more generic tool. anyway some (automated?) testing is required after such a migration )06:36
mike_ksorry, have to go. good luck!06:37
niklaswemike_k: yupp, I have tried the but when I running it I got this Error "ould not open "tables.sql": make sure this script is run from maintenance/postgres/"06:38
niklaswewhen I trying to dump de mysql-database.06:38
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frinnstsilly freebsd9, refuses to properly align the disk08:11
jaegerperhaps you could align in parted/gparted first, then install?08:12
frinnstyeah it seems like the only solution08:13
joe9anyone using pm08:13
joe9i mean pm-utils.08:13
frinnstnot these days08:14
joe9when I do "sudo pm-hibernate", nothing happens.08:14
jaegerNot I08:14
joe9frinnst: on crux, is there a lot of extra configuration that is required to make pm-utils work.08:14
frinnsti remembered it being pretty straight forward08:14
joe9there is no file in /etc/pm/*.d directories08:14
joe9and this is the defaults file:
frinnstiirc, you can just echo "hibernate" to /sys/something08:15
joe9frinnst: ok, thanks. will check the echo stuff.08:15
jaegerhave you looked at ?08:16
joe9jaeger: thanks. i had not.08:16
joe9i am, now.08:16
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teK_pm-suspend works for me without configuration (but the corresponding kernel option[s] enable, of course)08:25
joe9nothing happens with this:
joe9teK_: thanks. I have the kernel options enabled in "menuconfig".08:26
joe9teK_: is there some other place for those options?08:26
joe9and, I presume that you did not touch /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults.08:26
teK_what happens on:08:27
teK_sudo su -c 'echo mem > /sys/power/state'08:27
teK_or without sudo, just as you like08:27
joe9teK_: ok, will check. thanks.08:27
teK_< /sys/power/state08:27
teK_schould give you all supported states08:28
teK_I have no suspend enabled..08:28
joe9cat /sys/power/state08:28
joe9standby disk08:28
joe9teK_: can you please give me the output of sudo PM_DEBUG=1 /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate08:28
teK_my kernel does not support hibernation08:30
joe9teK_: oh, maybe that is the issue with mine too.08:31
teK_15:27 < teK_> < /sys/power/state08:31
teK_will give you all supported states08:31
teK_% zgrep -i hiber /proc/config.gz08:32
teK_# CONFIG_HIBERNATION is not set08:32
teK_for hibernate (+ no support for it ;))08:33
teK_have you passed a resume partition to your kenrel?08:37
frinnstit defaults to swap usually i think08:38
frinnstoh, resume08:38
* frinnst stays quiet08:38
teK_I, for example, don't have swap. I have (plenty of) RAM. :p08:38
joe9teK_: i have not tried resume yet. I just did pm-hibernate and was hoping that it would halt the system oslt.08:39
joe9teK_: is that what is expected?08:39
teK_hibernate is not suspend to disk?08:39
joe9I have multiple swap partitions and I am not sure where I should be specifying where the image should be written.08:39
joe9teK_: oh, I was under the impression that "hibernate == suspend to disk"08:39
teK_me too08:40
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joe9teK_: "Hibernation (aka 'suspend to disk')"08:53
joe9"hibernate == suspend to disk"08:53
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jaegerman... unity can make my machine CRAWL at times12:09
jaegerreally sad12:09
jaegerIf we upgrade our 10.04 installs to 12.04 we may have to use xubuntu or the fallback session12:18
jaegerI can only imagine how much users will complain if AFNI/SUMA run like complete crap12:18
frinnstyou run ubuntu on all the desktops/workstations?12:18
jaegerNot all, we have a split between fedora and ubuntu12:18
jaegeruntil unity it's not been a problem :)12:19
frinnstcentos/sl might be a viable alternative for new installs12:19
jaegerWe don't have a large number of linux users, though, only about 812:19
jaegerI wonder if there's any way I could get my boss to agree to something like "we will support distribution X; if you want Y or Z we will install it but not support it."13:07
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Romsterwerid sleep pattern i had bed way early and wake up at 3am13:36
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ravishello cruxers. i have booted into runlevel 2 after reading through the handbook. I now need pointers to GNOME or KDE13:38
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Romstergnome is a no go it'll be removed... i think kde will work, but i'd suggest xfce as that is more lightweight.13:42
frinnstor no DE at all :)13:42
deep42thoughtI've got a problem (first I want to excuse for so less information, but I don't know in which direction to look right now): My crux-system won't boot correctly after my last "ports -u && prt-get sysup" (which updated everythingl correctly except sudo, because the server seemed to have internal problems). This appeares in the following: my (data)raid is not available (/dev/md0 is missing completely). furthermore /dev/sde1 (beeing13:42
Romsterand i know sepen is maintaining that xfce.13:43
frinnstyou can find kde in the port db at crux.nu13:43
Romsteri'm using pekwm there is others in the repos for blackbox,fluxbox icewm, fvwm choose your poison :D13:43
frinnstdeep42thought: might be related to the udev update13:44
frinnstyou need some kernel thingys for it to work with kmod13:44
frinnstlet me find the commit13:44
Romsterjaeger, was maintaining gnome but lately has lost interest in gnome with t's direction of development.13:44
Romsterdevtmpfs and automount devtempfs needs to be enabled.13:45
ravisok xfce it is then..any recently updated guides?13:45
deep42thought@frinnst: yeah, my /dev looked quite empty, too :)13:45
Romsteriirc jsut add the xfce.rsync file to /etc/ports/13:46
deep42thoughtfrinnst: yeah, my /dev looked quite empty, too :)13:46
frinnstand "prt-get depinst xfce4"13:46
Romsteredit /etc/prt-get.conf to add prtdir /etc/ports/xfce13:46
Romsterthen prt-get depinst xfce13:46
frinnstyou might need "--install-scripts" when doing that, not sure13:47
Romsteri'm suprissed it even booted without devtmpfs13:47
ravisRomster: thanks! where can i find the xfce4 rsync file?13:47
Romsteroh i would recomend enabling installscripts yes in prt-get.conf too.13:47
Romsteron portsdb13:47
ravisgotcha! thanks! you guys are awesome!13:47
frinnstI like you ravis. you are easily impressed :D13:48
Romsternot quite as polished as other distros but we are more focused at experienced users13:48
ravisi am beginning to see why certain folks like CRUX so much;-) says a once upon a time gentoo user;-)13:48
Romsterif you happen to want gnome you can always painstakingly build up a new gnome repo :D but it's a wold of hurt with it's dependencies13:49
ravisRomster: I know exactly what you mean. I don't like using GNOME anymore unless I am really forced into it..KDE probably would be my first pref.13:50
frinnstgnome2 is pretty nice13:50
frinnstto use.. not to maintain :)13:50
ravisanybody running KDE4 reasonably newish release stably?13:50
Romsterravis, if oyu hit any issues with any of my maintianer ports jsut let me know i'll check it out, but the majority of maintainers arn't watching irc and prefer a bug report on the site.13:51
Romsterfrinnst, was that mate any good?13:51
frinnstwell, most devs *are* on irc, but its easy to miss a bug here13:51
ravisgot it..the wiki article by Alan Mizrahi...known to work well?13:51
frinnstdunno, never tried it13:51
Romsterurl to it? not sure whcih wiki page your talking about.13:52
Romstersome of the wiki is outdated.13:52
frinnst ?13:52
frinnstwell alan maintains kde4 so..13:53
frinnstshould be pretty up to date i guess13:53
frinnstor maybe not: Page last modified on 2010-09-24 11:1313:53
Romsterlast commit in kde4 5 weeks ago13:54
raviswell.. time to whip out gcc and give this new laptop a can't hurt worse than some of the gentoo system updates ive been thru in the past:-)13:54
ravisi mean portage is good and all.. but i started reading the handbook like 4 hrs ago and I already understand what Per meant by "taste"13:55
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Romsterbtw i got a more recent xorg if your keen to test i've got no problems here
ravisi have 1.11.3 in my system as per pkginfo13:56
Romsteri think i got like 4 users on xorg-server 1.12.113:56
ravisi grabbed the newer ISO from the 64-bit site13:56
ravisok. so i just add your port and then uprade?13:56
Romsterit's jsut tilman's xorg but bumped versions. it'll work on 32 and 64 bit systems and multilib too.13:57
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frinnstassdf. stupid writeback lag13:57
Romsterjsut throw in the version-updates_xorg.httpup  to  /etc/ports and add the entry to prt-get above the other xorg prtdir so it gets first preference.13:58
ravisgotcha..just read that in the prt-get manpage13:58
Romsterif you want to test that is until it's merged in to official.13:58
Romsteri'm a dev so my ports are trustworthy13:58
ravisi will give it a try..i need a WM first..easiest one? openbox?13:59
frinnsti prefer fluxbox13:59
Romsterany problems let me know13:59
Romsteri like pekwm light and fast.13:59
ravisin contrib??13:59
Romsterbutt he default theme is not so nice so i have some themes packaged for it.14:00
frinnstfluxbox is in contrib, yes14:00
Romsterin contrib but the extra themes for pekwm is in my romster repo.14:00
ravisgot it.14:00
Romsterbut you can find your fav on and package it yourself too for your fave WM14:01
Romsterthat's the other advantage of crux whipping a new port/package is just minutes away.14:01
deep42thoughtfrinnst: It seem's, I've enabled the kerneloptions ... Is this the standard? (in which file do I have to look actualy?)14:02
frinnstthe kernel config is saved in /usr/src/linux-<version>/.config usually14:02
Romsterzgrep DEVTMPFS /proc/config.gz14:02
deep42thoughtI#m an idiot14:03
frinnstor yes, /proc/config.gz if you use that feature14:03
deep42thoughti left out hidden files *grrrr*14:03
Romstermake menuconfig14:03
tilmanmodprobe configs14:03
ravisRomster: I am looking at your port list..dont see xorg server listed? all i see is some xorg fonts and themes?14:03
Romsterhmm i haven't used modprobe configs before handy tip thanks tilman14:04
ravisnever mind..found it14:05
Romsteryeah that's got lots of outdated ports only a few are maintained. but if you use anything that's got a old version i'll bump it.14:05
Romstertime to bump iozone i got too tired earlier too.14:06
Romsterthat's probably a good candidate for contrib too14:08
Romsteris that the only thing in romster that your using frinnst ?14:08
frinnsthmm, dunno14:11
frinnsti had w4d in my meta-list also, but i dont use that14:13
deep42thoughtfrinnst: thx a lot, now's everything fine (at least it looks so :D)14:22
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to resolves CVE-2012-0779.14:30
frinnstI cant wait for adobe to drop flash linux/android support14:32
frinnstmy systems will be sooo much safer14:32
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teK_as if flash had been a security risk in the past14:43
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Romstermore important is when flash sites convert to html515:13
Romsterflash is a bad design from the very beginning.15:14
nogagplzlol Romster have you even been to sleep yet15:17
nogagplzor did you wake up early15:17
Romsteri went to bed early and woke up early.15:17
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Romsterhi brndklng20:57
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Romstercmake 2.8.8 breaks building sakura can't find pkg-config yet it reports pkg-config as version 0.2621:49
Romstercmake 2.8.7 works as expected.21:49
nogagplzyeah I see that too22:49
nogagplzalthough not a fan of card captor tbh...22:49
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