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juejoe9: contrib/remind works great for me06:26
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joe9jue: thanks. that is what i am planning on using too.06:36
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rauz_i have strange problem my /proc/cpuinfo shows only one core i have a 64bit crux running11:11
jaegerdo you have CONFIG_SMP=y and CONFIG_X86_HT=y in your kernel config?11:12
jaegerWhat does 'lscpu' say about your processor?11:12
rauz_oh man i forget the CONFIG_X86_HT thx jaeger11:15
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joe9in crux, when the disk "maximum mount count" > "mount count", i see the boot process hanging or stopping on a large disk. I am presuming that it happens as the machine is doing fsck on that mount.22:36
joe9is there anyway to get more info or messages while it is doing fsck.22:37
joe9i checked the /etc folders and I do not see anything in there that seems to be doing the mount check.22:37
joe9any suggestions on where I can find the script that does the mount check and executes fsck on that mount?22:38
jaegertune2fs is where you should start, probably22:38
jaegerThe mount count is set in the filesystem itself22:38
jaegerAs I understand it, when you mount the filesystem that has reached its maximum mount count an fsck is forced by the mount program, though I've never looked extremely closely at that process22:39
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks. so, it is something in the mount program then. let me check the mount manpages for details.22:51
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jaegercould also be fsck.ext4 but I guess he's not around to see that. :P23:07
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