IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2012-05-07

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jaegerargh... whose idea was it at HP to make this laptop default to disabling the wireless card if there's a wire plugged in? :P12:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nginx: update to 1.0.1513:10
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veehi guys13:35
rmullhi vee13:36
veehow are you rmull?13:37
veeand how are you sir jaeger13:39
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jaegerDoing reasonably well13:43
teK_anyone watching snooker finals? :>13:43
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jaegerNot I13:44
veesnooker finals?13:47
teK_world championships13:47
jaegerwatching now...13:58
teK_he made some really awesome shots yester/today13:58
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mike_kteK_: seems Ronnie is back14:55
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jaegerfrinnst: everyday I'm trollin' ? :P15:21
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veesomeone should add bumblebee to the ports :D16:14
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teK_wil it work on an ordinary i7 and a recent GTX card?16:15
veei believe so, but let me check16:16
teK_it told me it won't..16:16
teK_I'd love to turn off my GTX 570 on linux without fiddling dvi-cables16:17
veei think its just an optimus replacement16:17
teK_too bad16:20
teK_this would rock an make sense16:20
teK_my cpu will save power like hell (2600K) but not my VGA16:21
veethe laptop im getting has a nvidia 650m. im sure it'll be a power hungry monster...gotta figure out how to put this thing on there lol16:21
teK_should be no problem afaic16:27
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veemaybe for you teK lol16:38
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