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Romstermorning pitillo03:42
pitilloyo Romster :)03:45
frinnstsup, bitches?03:46
nogagplzyour cholestrol03:46
Romsterthe moon03:50
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n3tsharki need help03:54
n3tsharki'm try to install crux 2.7 on i486 machine03:54
frinnstyeah thats not going to work03:54
frinnstunless you use some prepared i486 iso03:54
n3tsharkwhere i can found it?03:55
frinnsti dont know if one exist03:55
frinnstthere are (used to be, atleast) i586 iso's03:55
n3tsharkbecause when i boot it say me "this kernel requires the following features not present in cpu: fpu"03:56
Romsteryou will need to rebuild the iso for i48603:56
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n3tsharkbut how i can recompile the kernel? on anothe machibe?03:57
Romsterhi sepen03:57
frinnstn3tshark: yes, you need to rebuild everything03:57
frinnstall binaries are optimized for i686 on the iso and not compatible with older architectures03:57
Romsteryou'll want to clone this;a=summary then place at least core ports in the ports directory and issue a build but i think you may need to downgrade glib to even support i48603:59
n3tsharki try, tnx!!!03:59
Romsteryou'll have to do some research on glibc to see what was the last version that supported i48604:00
Romsterbe far easier to get a i486 distro from as compiling crux on a 486 would be painful anyways.04:00
frinnstyes to be honest I would also look elsewhere unless you have lots of time on your hands04:01
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frinnstslackware, debian or perhaps a bsd04:01
n3tsharkdo you have a distro to adivise me?04:01
sepenRomster: I compiled packages for my old laptop-486 by using safe-crux :D04:02
sepenthat could help04:02
Romsterit's possible perhaps you can supply n3tshark a i486 iso?04:02
sepensafe-crux changed a bit since I wrote this doc, but it should be backwards compatible04:03
n3tsharkbut i need 2.6.30.x kernel :D04:04
n3tsharkit's the problem :D04:04
n3tsharkbecause i nett to use a new modem the with 2.6.20 don't work04:04
Romsterthen you need a newer arch than i48604:04
n3tshark2.6 don't work on i486?04:05
Romstermight i haven't tried04:05
sepenn3tshark: you should try 2.1 first04:06
n3tsharki have installed 2.204:06
n3tsharkwith recompiled kernel04:06
sepeniirc, uCRUX 2.1 (for i486) has uclibc instead of glibc04:06
sepenno idea how should work with glibc04:06
sepenn3tshark: how did you installed 2.2?04:07
sepen2.2 is at least for i58604:07
n3tsharksepen i don't konw :d04:07
n3tsharki haven't installed 2.204:08
n3tshark'My colleague has made ​​it04:08
sepenyou should try ucrux-2.1 for i486 machines04:08
sepenif you use 'safe-crux' it will automate the task for you, but is only useful if you've in mind to build packages from another box04:10
sepenwell, or you can use it to create a rootfs for you target04:10
n3tsharkok tnx04:17
n3tsharkscuse me another question04:42
n3tsharki don't finf rc.conf in /etc04:47
n3tsharkhow i can change my keyboard layout?04:48
n3tshark??? there are some one?05:04
sepenfor example 'loadkeys -q es' works for me05:04
n3tsharkbut do you heva rc.conf in etc folder?05:04
sepenn3tshark: please read the fucking manuall05:04
sepenare you installing 2.7?05:05
sepenso yes05:05
sepenif you don't have rc.conf in etc folder you don't have crux installd05:06
n3tsharkif you read handbook it suppose that it hav e a rc.conf file05:06
n3tsharkthe install procedure say that i can modify rc.conf during installation05:07
sepenyep, but not /etc/rc.conf05:07
n3tsharkafter mount filesystem05:07
sepenjust edit the rc.conf under your mnt partition05:07
sepenor use setup-chroot to pivot your root to the target, and later edit /etc/rc.conf05:07
sepenread again the manual, if you use chroot /mnt ... then you should get /etc/rc.conf available05:08
sepenand see the third 'Note'05:10
sepenseems that you're not familiarized with chroot environments, so get some info about, since CRUX installer is more manual than other distros you should use chroot to the final rootfs target05:11
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Romeo-i got kernelpanik on fs05:14
Romeo-i have install crux on sda705:14
RomsterRomeo-, pastebin your .config lilo.conf or grub.1st and fstab05:17
Romsteroh and output of lspci -k05:17
sepenseems that the filesystem you choose is not compiled in the kernel, maybe you compiled it as a separated module?05:21
frinnstRomeo-: you are missing either scsi-disk support, your sata-controller/scsi or filesystem as non-modules05:21
Romsteror your boot loader is configured incorrectly.05:21
Romsterthis seems to hit alot of users.05:22
sepenwhen problems I used to configure lilo like this
sepenthen you could debug where is the problem05:23
Romeo-i don't use lilo:)05:24
sepenmigrate lilo conf to grub05:24
Romsternotice i said lilo.conf or grub.1st05:24
sepenRomeo-: where is your CRUX's config? I can only see archlinux, archlinux, ...05:25
Romster# (4)05:25
Romstertitle Crux Linux05:25
sepenah sorry,05:25
sepenat the end05:25
Romeo-sepen, clean your glasses05:25
sepenRomeo-: ok, for the next time I remember this05:26
frinnstdid you paste your kernel .config ?05:26
frinnstplease do05:26
sepenRomeo-: but note that you can't migrate a silly config from lilo to grub05:26
sependid you read my paste?05:27
Romsterata_piix is needed05:27
sepenram0, initramfs, you know05:27
Romeo-sepen sorry 4 u, but i don't try to help you:))05:27
Romeo-ok Romster , I'll check05:28
frinnstis a common mistake05:28
frinnstmake sure you have it05:28
Romsteralso don't forget the two required devtmpfs and devtmpfs_mount options for newer udev.05:28
Romeo-in kernel?05:29
frinnstbut the devtmpfs is not related to your current issue05:29
Romsterno but it will be the next issue you'll hit after a prt-get sysup05:30
Romeo-where i find the settings for that05:30
Romeo-i mean on make menuconfig05:30
frinnstyou can search with /05:30
frinnstbut its under drivers->scsi05:31
sepenCRUX: "...Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users..."05:31
frinnstalso make *SURE* ext3 is selected and not as a module!05:32
Romeo-strange it was as m05:33
Romeo-bun in menuconfig as *05:33
frinnstwell there you have it05:33
frinnsteasy mistake to make05:33
Romeo-i know05:34
frinnstboot issues are pretty much always related to one of these three things05:34
Romeo-it's easyer to build a BSD kernel:)05:34
Romeo-that's right05:34
sepenI said that 10 minutes ago, 12:22 < sepen> seems that the filesystem you choose is not compiled in the  kernel, maybe you compiled it as a separated module?05:34
Romeo-sepen thanky you master05:35
sepenboy, clean your glasses05:40
nogagplzfight fight fight05:41
nogagplzwe payed for bloooooooooooooood05:41
Romeo-do you have a middle finger? *fg05:42
nogagplztwo actually05:43
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Romeo-:) ups05:43
Romeo-hm, i look for the laptop support...05:46
Romeo-thank you guys, i'll hope that's boot after that05:53
Romsterit should.05:59
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Romeo-where can i ind the gnome ports?06:08
rauz_ --> ports06:10
Romstergnome isn't supported sadly you'll have better luck with kde4 or xfce06:14
Romeo-i see06:18
Romstermost of us use WMs06:19
Romsteror no X at all.06:19
Romeo-openbox blackbox and stuff?06:21
Romsteryeah i'm using pekwm06:28
niklaswe<3 pekwm06:34
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frinnstyay.. gpu corruption07:51
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frinnstfucking hp and their useless cooling07:51
Romstersolution don't buy HP08:01
* jaeger hides his HP workstation08:11
* jaeger also hides his HP laptop08:11
Romsteroh dear08:13
Romsterfactory recall :D08:14
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jaegerThey've worked great so far, though the laptop has some quirks08:18
Romsterliek no wifi when plugged into lan socket08:19
jaegerthe grub menu on the laptop is about the size of a postage stamp and repeated across the screen... some kind of weird framebuffer issue, I'm guessing08:19
jaegeryeah, that was the second thing I was going to mention08:19
jaegerI was able to disable that in the BIOS, at least08:19
Romsterframebuffer driver bug perhaps08:19
jaegerI have no idea what driver or mode grub might be trying to load before the kernel is loaded but it's distorted. I can still tell which options are what but it's an annoyance08:20
jaegerIt's fedora 16's grub, for what that's worth, I'll try an unpatched one at some point08:21
Romsteroh maybe fedora did a bobo on there patches.08:21
jaegerRomeo-: If you're really interested in gnome you could make ports for it yourself, there's no active gnome maintainer currently08:22
jaegerAFK to hook up some fiber cables08:22
Romeo-ok jaeger08:23
rmull_Hi #crux08:24
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Romsterwish i had fibre optic cables here :D09:17
Romsterhi rmull09:17
rmullHey Romster09:23
Romstercan't even remember the last time i've seen rmull in here.09:24
Romstertoo much work to even remember the last repair job i did.09:24
rmullRomster: I'm in here all the time :P09:24
rmullUsually idling though09:24
Romsterso you see all09:25
rmullProbably not everything09:25
Romsterand in the other channel too :D09:25
rmullHaha, yeah09:25
rmullHanging around #crux-arm a bit09:25
rmullKeeping my ports up to date09:25
Romsterhm if i had anything armish i'd be in there too.09:25
* Romster chines in nogagplz with his witty remarks after saying armish09:26
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Romsteri'm pretty worn out mentally after work so i haven't been doing alot of crux lately.09:27
frinnstprocrastination ftw09:31
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Romeo-i try to install pekwm10:03
Romeo-shoul i use the ports for that?10:03
Romster "only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge."10:07
Romsterwhat the hell10:07
Romsterit's in contrib Romeo- prt-get depinst pekwm10:07
Romsterproviced you read the handbook on how to enable contrib.10:07
Romeo-i rename in /etc/ports the contrib file & ports -u10:08
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Romsterand uncommented prtdir /usr/ports/contrib in /etc/prt-get.conf10:10
Romsterthen you can depinst10:10
Romeo-oh, thanks10:11
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joacimRomeo-: did someome answer your question?10:12
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Romeo-prt-get sysup was not a good idea:)10:26
Romsteryou probably forgot rejmerge too.10:27
Romsterif you leave sysup for a long time you'll end up with more issues when you do sysup later on.10:27
Romeo-it's run prt-get sysup now:)10:28
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Romeo-where i put the config for pekwm?11:44
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Burebistai need java an flash now:)11:52
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Burebista i cannot install bluez and bluetooth :)13:10
frinnstshould be safe to ignore if you dont have gstreamer installed13:17
frinnstyou can use the -if flag to ignore footprints13:18
Burebistayeah, but now i get some errors more13:18
Burebista prt-get sysup13:19
frinnstlibnl is a new dependency for wpa_supplicant i guess13:20
frinnst"prt-get fsearch genl.h"13:21
BurebistaFound in /usr/ports/opt/libnl:13:21
Burebistahere /usr/include/netlink/genl/genl.h13:22
frinnstyeah, install libnl and try again13:23
Burebistado you use gusy bluetooth on craptopss?13:23
Burebistai have a bluetooth mouse here13:24
frinnst;a=commit;h=0bfb20cb3acba64410cf279b73a0fba3c793fc4c <- regarding libnl/wpa_supplicant13:24
frinnstpygobject ?13:36
Burebistai see13:36
BurebistaImportError: No module named dbus13:37
Burebistadbus-glib and dbus-python install now, let's see13:38
Burebistajust hidd --connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX14:01
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veeSup guys15:56
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Romsterlol poor computer21:43
nogagplzwe can't all win powerball like you21:58

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