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frinnstwow, 100mb/s improvement with noatime02:04
frinnstlots of random read/writes02:04
frinnstdidnt think it would be *that* dramatic02:04
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teK_frinnst: wow, which fs?02:53
frinnstvmware on a netapp02:54
frinnstguestfs is ext402:54
teK_playing with vmware, too..02:54
teK_which HW (server) do you use?02:54
frinnststruggled with ~30mb/s before.. not it maxes out the gbit connection02:54
frinnstthis is on an old bc460c or whatever they are called02:55
teK_google images suggests that this is not a server model02:55
frinnstbl460c asdf02:55
frinnstdunno what gen, let me check02:56
teK_I found bladeservers to be expensive as fuck02:56
frinnstmeh, doesnt say02:57
teK_as I plan to only build up a shadow-backup infrastructure, I plan on buying some cheapish (700 EUR) Tyan + AMD 6-core "servers" without the fancy LEDs/reporting and redundant PSUs02:57
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frinnstwe are going to buy the new gen8 series soon02:58
frinnstsandybridge ftw02:58
teK_well the AMD CPU is arround 180 bucks with 6+10 MB Cache, 3,3GHz and 6 cores03:01
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frinnstyeah amd is probably the best bang for the buck03:38
frinnstbut <3 sandy bridge03:39
nogagplzunhealthy obsession03:43
Romstermmm donuts03:56
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Romsternot that scientific testing and i don't think the case got burnt enough.05:00
frinnstthere are other tests :)05:01
frinnststill pretty cool05:01
frinnstfire = awesome05:01
* frinnst is 12yrs old05:01
Romsterlike myth busters trying to destroy it? :D05:02
frinnstcheck out the tesla coil tests :D05:03
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joe9what is the crux prt-get command to reinstall all ports?11:58
joe9prt-get update -fr ...11:58
joe9i just moved my crux installed hard disk from a system with celeron to a system with Pentium-III12:03
joe9and I get these errors: with a kernel "make menuconfig"12:04
joe9I believe that it could be because of some C library install.12:04
joe9hence, trying to update all crux ports on the system.12:05
joe9prt-get listinst | xargs prt-get update -fr -- is this a good idea?12:06
Rotwangwhy do you need all these variables?12:06
joe9would you consider this to be an 686 cpu:
joe9Rotwang: don't know. for some reason, without them, i get "ngcc not found" messages.12:08
joe9have not had the chance to dig through the issue.12:08
Rotwangthats weird12:08
joe9Rotwang: yes, I agree. will have to dig through at some point.12:09
Rotwangstart from new shell12:09
joe9yes, tried that.12:09
Rotwangmake V=1 menuconfig12:10
joe9does crux support 386 pc's?12:10
Rotwangbut p3 is not 38612:10
joe9would you have any thoughts on why I would be getting an error like this:
joe9Rotwang: thanks for clearing it up.12:12
Rotwangand from what i see pentium coppermine is 686 processor12:13
Rotwangupdating gcc is probably a good idea12:14
Rotwangwith proper cflags12:14
jsejoe9: did you try something like make clean on the kernel source?12:15
joe9 jse yes.12:15
joe9googling up on the error indicates that it is an issue with libgmp12:15
joe9let me upgrade that package and see what happens.12:15
jseDamn. Sounds serious.12:15
joe9looks like PIII > celeron. Is that a fair opinion?12:19
joe9the celeron's seem to be crap.12:19
jaegercelerons were just targeted as a cheaper option13:00
jaegerThey're fine for some things, bad at things that take a lot of math processing, I think13:00
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joe9ok, thanks.14:06
joe9i have a list of installed ports. i can do "cat installed_packages | xargs prt-get update -fr"14:23
joe9wondering if there is a better/simpler way of doing that.14:24
jaegerprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)14:27
joe9jaeger: thanks. that is simpler.14:27
jaegerThough reinstalling them would be even simpler than that14:27
RotwangI need database entity relationship diagram14:27
joe9jaeger: how will reinstalling them be simpler?14:27
Rotwanganyone have any?14:27
Rotwangplx plx14:28
Rotwangpretty plx14:28
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jaegerjoe9: well, it's not simpler in terms of what you have to type/do, it's simpler in that you wouldn't need to recompile every package14:38
jaegerif you WANT to recompile everything, then go ahead14:38
veehi guys14:38
jaegerobviously you can't reinstall packages if you don't have the package files, but everything that came from the install ISO, for example, could be reinstalled easily14:38
jaegerheyo, vee14:38
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.14:39
veeso, i found out i might be able to get the alienware mx14 with an i7, 2gb video card that'll be ddr5, and 8 gigs of ram, and a 500 gig hard drive for about 70014:39
jaegerWhy are you reinstalling, anyway? I missed that part, I think14:39
jaegervee: sounds like a decent deal if it's legitimate14:40
veeseems to good to be true though lol14:41
veei didn't know those boogers weighed 6 pounds though14:41
joe9jaeger: i had moved my hard disk from an amd cpu to a celeron. just wanted to recompile to be sure.14:41
joe9jaeger: not an issue anymore. the builds are working fine.14:42
jaegerAh, that isn't necessary at all if you're running the official crux14:46
jaegerOnly the kernel might need recompiling if you had set it to a specific type of CPU14:46
jaegerCRUX's default CFLAGS (-march=i686) builds for basically anything from pentium II onwards, including celeron.14:47
jaegerAs far as I'm aware there were no pre-P6 celerons14:47
veehow stable is the x64 version of crux, and, is it "offical" yet?14:52
Rotwangvee: it is quite stable and usable14:53
Rotwangnot official yet14:54
rmullvee: I have had no problems with it14:55
rmullGo for it14:55
rmullWish it was considered "official" so that people would take crux a little more seriously14:56
veewell, once the laptop comes in, ill be forced to use the 64 bit...guess we'll see then15:01
rmullYou'll be okay15:01
jaegerYou won't be forced, technically. You can of course run x86 linux on x86_64 hardware, if you have that requirement15:01
veewouldn't the ram be limited though?15:03
jaegerJust saying that it will run. :)15:03
veeah....i know x86 would work fine...but i wanna make full use of 8 gigs of ram, though im not quite sure as ot "how" yet lol15:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-python: updated to 1.1.016:18
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joe9anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this:
joe9romster, any thoughts, please?18:43
joe9romster, not sure if this helps:
joe9 with more details.18:45
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joe9tilman, error in gdk-pixbuf package
joe9changed the rmdir $PKG/usr/share to rm -rf19:33
joe9romster, the numpy/.footprint and romster/python-stdlib-extensions/.footprint need to be updated in your collection.19:35
* nogagplz lines joe9 up in crosshairs from a great distance19:37
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veehey guys, quick question20:43
veeso i was installing windows 7, and the all of hte studden, the screen got all multicolor and stuff, so i assumed the installer crashed. i restarted the comptuer, and bam, black screen....the hell just happened?20:44
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Romsterok what the heck mess is this joe921:14
joe9Romster: hello.21:14
joe9romster, freeimage does not install. it gives me an error about existing directory.21:15
joe9I did not have an idea on how to fix it.21:15
Romsterwhy use all them vars on make for menuconfig?21:15
joe9romster, that was a weird thing at that point. everything is cool on that front now.21:16
Romsterbest thing todo if your -march is not compatible to new cpu is to reinstall core ports off iso then rebuild kernel, then do a rm of all built packages and rebuild the lot again.21:18
joe9romster, now, it does. but, this does not seem related to that.21:18
joe9bsdtar -p -o -C /var/pkgmk/work/freeimage/src -xf /var/pkgmk/distfiles/ FreeImage/: Can't remove already-existing dir bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.21:18
joe9prt-get depinst freeimage -- from this.21:19
Romsterprobably worked with the older pkgutils...21:19
joe9does it work for you.21:19
joe9oh, ok.21:19
joe9will install bsdtar then.21:19
joe9i made a mistake by installing jue's glibc21:20
joe9and that gave me some issues with other packages. now, I am back to the glib in the core.21:20
Romsterit's a old version anyways i'm downloading 3.15.3 to test.21:20
Romsterjoe9, you got bsdtar already.....21:21
Romsterolder pkgutils used tar directly.21:21
Romsterit fails for me but newer version will work hopefully.21:21
joe9i do. but, not sure if it was built with jue's glib.21:21
joe9oh, ok. good to know that it fails for you too.21:21
Romsterelse i'll just overide unpack_source with my own unzip command to get around it.21:21
Romsterwhat are you using that uses freeimage?21:22
joe9i am trying to install heekscad (which uses opencascade (which uses freeimage)).21:22
Romsternot in portsdb so your building them.21:25
Romsterports -u romster ; prt-get depinst freeimage21:26
Romstershould be fine now.21:26
Romstermight move it to contrib if a few things use freeimage.21:26
joe9romster, would you mind updating the footprints of numpy and python-stdlib-extensions too.21:34
joe9whenever I do ports -u, I lose my changes.21:34
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Romsterjoe9, done anything else? I haven't done a big cleanup of my repo in ages but i have it planned.21:41
Romsterbe sure to add your ports to portdb so i can see what's using my ports.21:42
Romsteras i'll focus on those that are being used.21:42
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joe9romster, i cannot figure out how to package opencascade as it needs a registration to download the package.21:57
joe9romster, wondering if you have any thoughts. debian packages libopencascadedev21:57
joe9which is also good enough.21:58
joe9but, anyway, let me get it to work and then I will worry about packaging it.21:58
Romsteruse source=(file:///$name-$version/tar.xz) and add a README on how to obtain the source.22:00
Romsterand place it in distfiles22:00
joe9oh, good idea. thanks. will do.22:05
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joe9romster, just wanted you to know that freeimage is working fine now. thanks for the fix.22:19
nogagplzyou're lucky Romster likes you, he usually breaks trouble makers knees22:20
Romsterit's only those that never fix broken ports even when asked a million times that get on my nerves. or update them when it does not break anything else.22:21
joe9nogagplz, i am not a trouble-maker. i feel that it is for the greater good to point any issues. Ofcourse, I greatly appreciate his expertise and enthusiasm.22:21
Romsterbut i know nogagplz is just being sarcastic. :D22:21
Romsteroff to lunch later.22:21
nogagplzyeah joe9, making a joke ;P22:22
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