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frinnstheh, yeahh i saw that03:30
Romsterso what happens when the next model has the a smaller size :P03:32
frinnstor better, made out of aluminium/plastic/something non-magnetic03:33
nogagplzwarm up his wrist until the strength of the magnets goes down enough :P03:33
nogagplzin that case bolt a rail onto his forearm03:33
Romster that's insane Maldonado's win then a fire explosion03:36
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frinnstoh how i love these well-calibrated sensors: temp4:      -128.0°C03:51
teK_your air con has snmp?03:54
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frinnstI dont have aircon!04:06
frinnstno need, ambient airtemp is around 15C unless I have the heater on :p04:06
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sepensorry, wrong window06:10
frinnstnot the same guy, but this is probably more awesome06:37
frinnst    Why?06:37
frinnstBecause science.06:37
sepenon the other wrist still could have the TV remote06:40
sepenfrinnst: lol, playing guitar ...06:41
sepencan't imagine this guy having sex with a girl with vagina piercings06:45
frinnstwell, it might be awesome :)06:45
sepenI'd buy the movie :D06:46
frinnstbut does piercings usually contain iron?06:46
sepenreally, no idea06:46
sepenand soda cans?06:47
frinnstsoda cans in sweden are aluminium06:48
sepenwell, anyways he never be able to open his pc, etc.06:49
sepenI see only disadvantages06:50
frinnstnoo, its brilliant! :)06:50
frinnstheh, no clue06:50
sepenimagine all the magnetic field flux06:50
frinnstbut he says they are not strong enough to really interfere with anything06:51
sepenhmmm, guitar pickups are the example06:52
frinnstProbably not. My implants only have a weak magnetic field (~600uT), which is not enough to harm anything. I can't break a hard drive. I can't erase debit cards. I don't hurt my laptop. LCD screens aren't really affected by magnets. As far as things I might be working with in my profession: really the only thing in the ECE world that would be affected by magnetic fields this small is in MEMS design. This is because the systems you are designing are so sm06:53
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Romstersome things they do there body is crazy.07:33
Romsters/do there/do to there07:36
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joe9anyone using distccd on crux?11:12
joe9 are the errors I get.11:12
joe9export DISTCC_DIR='/var'11:13
joe9in my /etc/rc.conf11:13
joe9when I comment out the distcc_dir: this is what happens:
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-battery-plugin: updated to 1.0.412:31
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-sensors-plugin: updated to 1.2.412:31
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: gudev: updated to 182 and fixed source url12:31
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jaegerjoe9: I do not use it, sorry13:15
joe9jaeger: thanks. i figured it out. i had the host names setup wrong in /etc/hosts13:16
rmullIs "predatorfreak" in here?13:36
jseDisappeared some years ago.13:37
rmullSo his ports are abandoned? There's a md5sum mismatch in giflib13:38
rmullActually, the upstream checksum is wrong too... maybe problem on my end? one sec.13:40
rmullAh, I see. It's downloading an HTML file13:42
rmullThis port is busted13:43
rmullAnd so is sourceforge. -_-13:43
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sepen@seen predatorfreak13:46
clbsepen: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 3 years, 46 weeks, 5 days, 9 hours, 2 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> Yes, same engine13:46
rmullMaybe he'll see the bug I just assigned to him >_>13:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mplayer: export-2011-11-30 -> 2012-05-1414:04
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sepenrmull: where you filed the bug?14:32
sepeniirc, giflib is hosted in a private repo, not crux's ones14:33
sepenrmull: please, read the footer in portdb page: "DISCLAIMER: the ports not belonging to the core, opt and xorg collections are provided by contributors; there is no guarantee or support by the CRUX team."14:34
rmullsepen: I filed the bug in flyspray, and added the port's maintainer as the owner.14:37
rmullAFAIK bugs with repos listed in the portdb should be reported as such. Is that incorrect?14:38
rmullI know the crux team won't be supporting it, which is why I put the correct owner on the bug14:38
rmullHmmm, weird: If I browse to "", search for a port, and then click "Community" in the links on the top, I get a 403 error. Anyone else?14:40
rmullHuh, it only happens when I search for "xxxterm"14:41
rmullSearching for "xxx" does the same thing14:42
sepenofficial repos are listed as project CRUX, and contrib ones listed as CRUX-Contrib14:42
sepenxxterm search worked for me14:43
rmullOh, so I posted in the wrong project14:43
rmullsepen: with three x?14:43
sepen$ portdbc search xxterm14:43
sepenxxxterm                      rmull          httpup sync xxxterm14:43
rmullsepen: I mean the website14:43
sepenrmull: there is no project support for private repos in FS14:43
rmullsearch for "xxx" in
rmullthen click "community"14:44
rmullMine 403s every time14:44
rmullsome safe browsing thing on my end, maybe?14:44
sepenrmull: hmmm, it worked from the url line, but you're right, didn't work from the input form14:44
rmullso weird...14:44
rmullglad to hear I'm not the only one though :P14:44
sepenwell, I'll take a look later14:44
rmullI was looking for a tool that does what portdbc does just 10 minutes ago :D thanks14:45
sepennp, thanks to you too for reporting a portdb issue ;D14:46
sepenrmull: imho you should close the ticket you filed as invalid, and send an email to predatorfreak directly14:47
rmullsepen: Okay. And to make myself feel better I'm gonna open a bug about the "xxx" search term.14:47
sepenyeah +114:48
sepenbe sure to fill the right category, assign, etc. options14:48
rmullI can only "Request Closure," I can't actually close it?14:49
sepenok let me try14:50
rmullWho maintains the website?14:51
sepenrmull: the Team, not only one person14:51
rmullsepen: Thanks14:52
rmullI assume you mean the core devs?14:53
sepensome of the core maintainers and maintainers14:55
sepeniirc teK_ does the most part of the work14:56
rmulloops, assigned it to jue. Whatever, they'll straighten it out14:57
rmullpeople don't search for porn in the crux portdb anyway14:57
sepenrmull: portdb is maintained by me in this case :D14:58
sepennice report, thanks15:00
rmullGood luck :)15:00
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sabayonuserhi, I'm trying to install crux, just for the fun to see if I can do it16:12
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teK_so have fun16:15
maaloat the step of mounting the partition on which I want to install crux I get the mesage:16:20
maalo"Package directories (core, opt, xorg or kernel) were not found in /media/crux. Aborting"16:21
jaegerDid you mount the partition to /media?16:24
maalonop :)16:38
maalothe installer shows /mnt and there I've tried different things16:40
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jaegerok, just wanted to make sure. /mnt is correct, I thought you might have mounted it to /media and then /media would be missing the files it expected17:06
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