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deep42thoughtHi guys, do you know any possibility to tune ssh's understanding of what X-commands are considered "save" (allowed with ssh -X) and "unsafe" (only allowed with -Y)?03:53
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Romsterdeep42thought,  you can add option's to ssh keys file. bbl table tennis04:00
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deep42thoughtRomster: sry, I don't get it :-( which is the file and which are the options?04:12
* nogagplz saws a small piece of one of the legs of the table04:14
deep42thoughtThat's actually not, what I'm looking for. I search a possibility to allow forwarding (or "backwarding") some commands (via the X11-tunnel) considered as "unsecure" by ssh -X without allowing everything per ssh -Y (such as some Alt-/Ctrl-/AltGr-key-strokes).04:24
* frinnst is installing mono04:34
* frinnst dies inside04:34
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krueHas anyone compiled a multilib crux?18:27
krueThe one binary app I use (Altera's Quartus II) only comes in a 32 bit version.18:27
krue(unless you pay 3000USD)18:27
krueI have read suggestions for both multilib and 32bit chroots.18:29
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nogagplzkrue, does this help you19:07
krueOh wow, I'll try this out. Thanks.19:13
krueCan I "upgrade" from a pure 64bit install, or do I have to reinstall?19:15
nogagplzmaybe you can pkgadd the core over the top of yours and work from there, I never tried19:15
nogagplzjust installed fresh and ditched the old 32bit crux19:16
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jaegerkrue: you can upgrade easily, yes... just have to replace the toolchain packages and pkgutils, basically19:58
jaegerglibc, glibc-32, binutils, gcc, pkgutils19:58
jaegeroh, and ports20:00
jaegerso you get the multilib repositories20:00
joe9can anyone please tell me what the size of this file is: /usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gthread.h20:54
joe9i have 2 different crux systems with different file sizes. not sure which one is correct.20:55
joe9 /usr/ports/core/glib -- is what prt-get fsearch tells me about that file.20:55
joe9and I have the same version of that port on both system.s20:55
joe9on a different note, i have an app which shows without any icons. it just shows blank tool bars.20:57
jaeger17064 for mine20:59
joe9jaeger: thanks.21:01
joe9jaeger, wondering if you can help me, please? I have an app with this footprint. . it shows empty toolbars, and, I assume that it is because it cannot find the .png icons.21:04
joe9i do not use gnome or kde.21:04
joe9i start x with startx and xinitrc.21:05
joe9is there anything I can do to get the icons to appear.21:05
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jaegerjoe9: sorry, not sure. if you run it in a terminal does it output anything when it fails to load an image?21:19
joe9jaeger: no, it did not.21:19
jaegersorry for the slow response, playing diablo 3 with some friends21:19
joe9jaeger: that's ok. I will the app src.21:30
Romsteronly thing i can think of is librsvg if it uses that or not is another story21:43
Romstergdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders21:45
Romsterjoe9, also you could do this to the Pkgfile python -mcompileall $PKG21:46
Romsterto gain startup time speed.21:46
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joe9romster, thanks. will check it out.21:56
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veesup guys23:10

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