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niklaswegaah I really hate tivoli tsm..02:09
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frinnstniklaswe: maybe try a more modern backup system? :)04:01
frinnst<disclaimer> we sell a more modern system </disclaimer>04:02
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niklaswefrinnst: hehe =) but now it´s working ^^04:16
frinnstaaw :(04:17
teK_frinnst: who is we? CRUX? :->04:18
frinnstheh, the company i work for04:19
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Romstermorning pitillo05:09
pt_st1yo Romster :)05:20
Romsterintersting nick btw05:21
nogagplzyeah, how do you get a name like Romster05:21
pt_st1Romster: my server died and I put this toy here to check talks (it cames from the machine where is running irssi st=smarttop)05:24
Romsterread only memory as found in game cartridges, was thinking back when i was doing tons of emulation and actually played a lot of games, and then the ster came from me being and still em into speed ways. roms... dragster.... romster05:25
Romsteri've been called many other things though -_-05:25
Romsterpt_st1, oh that's a bugger. poor server.05:25
Romsterbugger = bad, crappy, sad in aussie slang.05:27
pt_st1Romster: nah, some work ahead... the server was a laptop with faulty graphics card... it needed some time to be burnt xD05:27
Romsterlol i see.05:28
pt_st1and I putting only some services in the arm toy will be a good way to test it too (and less noise than the laptop too)05:28
pt_st1*s/I/ / xD05:28
Romstershame i can't gag nogagplz for real that would be kinky.05:28
Romsteris that arm like the itx boards or some older apple G4 or something05:29
Romsterwhat's a good cure for a headache? more coffee?05:29
pt_st1nearest phones... they are smaller than itx (not sure about G4 but I think so too)05:30
frinnstyou can never go wrong with more coffee05:30
teK_fresh air, enough water to drink, sleep and maybe some pill(s) :}05:30
pt_st1coffee adicts... rest Romster, that's good for headaches if you don't want to take medcines05:31
pt_st1true teK_05:31
Romsteryeah had some fresh air. hmm i should drink more water as i might be dehydrated...05:31
Romsteri'l rest when i'm sleeping in ~3 hours time.05:32
Romsteri just want a delayed headache until then. than having it now.05:32
frinnstif you drop something heavy on your toes you'll soon forget about your headache05:33
frinnstyou're welcome05:33
Romsteri nearly mistaken frinnst for nogagplz just then.05:34
teK_frinnst is one crazy _______ :p05:35
pt_st1ummmm has someone experience with ati crossfire with CRUX?05:37
pt_st1well, I think I'll go ahead...seems D3 runs with wine... and it would be good to make some tests with a cheap A4 3400 and a hd6450... first time I'll put hands on 64b multilib05:44
Romsterpt_st1, cool that reminds me i need to review ports in multilib too. been pretty lazy lately due to work05:53
pt_st1all people are busy... that's normal :)05:58
Romsteryeah but i'm more busy than usual.05:59
Romsterwhen i get home i'm just too brain dead to want to do much.05:59
pt_st1give time to time...06:00
pt_st1that's normal... look at sepen, he follows these channels from outside too, and he's really busy too06:01
Romstermost of my work comes on public holidays and weekends when i'm not working on weekends.06:01
Romsterlike right now i got a little incentive to do a fix on one of my projects. since headache is starting to subside.06:02
pt_st1I think that's normal for all people... and more when there are more responsabilities than a job... as wife, kids, ...06:02
pt_st1real life rules... :)06:02
Romsteri scare all the women away -_-06:03
Romsterif i had one i probably wouldn't be here as much heh06:21
rmullWhat?? And sacrifice *productivity*??06:30
Romsterwhat productivity :P and besides i'd have some more time if i didn't have to do everything like i am doing now.06:33
teK_sacrificing productivy is frinnst's + imgur's task :>06:34
frinnst<frinnst> you're welcome06:34
teK_< teK_> thanks06:35
Romsteroh god damn. now i have the urge to click that and not keep working on other tasks >D06:35
frinnstperhaps I was away on lunch? :)06:36
Romsterthe what... so what game/console tonight guys06:36
frinnst<frinnst> <frinnst> you're welcome06:36
Romster<frinnst> <frinnst> <frinnst> your talking to yourself lol...06:37
Romsterno wait do i see an atari in that collection.06:38
Romstercan't make some of the others out either.06:40
frinnstrebooted a server and forgot to put it in maintenence mode06:41
frinnstnow i get ~50 emails telling me I suck06:41
* Romster facepalms06:42
teK_frinnst baby you don't suck06:43
frinnst*aaaw* thanks06:46
* teK_ don't dares to paste it06:47
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Rotwangneed some iptables help06:51
RotwangRomster frinnst anyone06:51
Rotwangwho knows iptables06:51
Romsteri guess here will do or #Netfilter if i can't answer it06:51
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Romsteri know enough to get by :D06:51
Romsterand tc06:52
RotwangRomster: so I have this server with public ip, and another one with private ip06:52
Rotwangboth of them "see" each other06:52
Rotwangnow I want to forward tcp port 1234 to 80006:52
Rotwangsay server A has public ip, server B private06:53
Rotwangnow i want to forward A:1234 -> B:800006:53
Romsteron the same machine? or to another ip and port.06:53
Romsterhmm other ip and port you'll need to use dnat06:53
Rotwangthey are two different machines06:53
Romsterunless you got multiple ips to use.06:54
Rotwangit may be NAT06:54
RotwangI have root access to machine A, but not B06:54
Romsteriptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 31000 -j DNAT --to
Romsterwill make connections to that box port 31000 redirect to second box on new port 3200006:56
Romsterconnection tracking should take care of the replies06:56
Romsteron top of that rule you need one on INPUT to allow them connections.06:57
Romsterto that port 3100006:57
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RotwangI have forwarding enabled06:59
RotwangRomster: I used your rule06:59
Romsterwhy don't i see any rules in there.07:00
Romsterthat's a open firewall07:00
Romsterso if you added that rule it would be listed.07:01
Rotwangmachine A is not a gateway for machine B07:01
Romsteroh ok..07:02
Romsteroh you didn't list the PREROUTING chain so you don't need a INPUT rule as it's already ALLOWED07:02
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Rotwangany ideas?07:03
Romsterthat should work but i'd recommend specifying the interface. but then your not using that box with 2 nics in it?07:04
Rotwangbox B probably has more than one nic07:05
Rotwangso options -i and -o?07:05
Romsterbox A should have the source nic listed for incoming connection to redirect. that's what i always do.07:06
Romsteri never bothered with the destination nic.07:06
Romsteryes -i for in interface07:07
Romsteri usually use iptables -t nat -L -x -n -v07:09
Romsterwhen i review the output.07:09
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Rotwangeveryone says it should work07:46
Rotwangbut it doesn't :C07:46
RotwangI wonder what might be the problem07:46
RotwangA sees B and B sees A07:46
pt_st1Rotwang: echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward ?07:47
Rotwangsure I did this07:47
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Romsteroh i forgot that but i got that on my setup.07:50
Romsteryes it should work provided you got NAT in your kernel config and dnat support. if you didn't it would complain when you insert the rule.07:50
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RotwangRomster: it worked when I changed port from 1234 to 900008:32
Romsterhmm the reserved ports must be more than i was expecting. or something else listens on 123408:35
joe9romster, would you mind adding libpng as a dependency to wxgtk?08:35
joe9/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.5.3/../../../ undefined reference to `png_create_read_struct@PNG14_0'08:36
joe9i upgraded libpng locally, and did not show wxgtk as a dependency.08:37
joe9not sure if it is supposed to, just wanted to bring it to your attention.08:37
Romsteryou could check with iptstate08:37
Romsterjoe9,  look at finddeps wxgtk08:38
Romsteryou should run revdep over your stuff to be sure you don't have any broken links08:38
Romsternot all ports list every dependency as some are pulled in by other ports.08:39
joe9romster, cool. thanks. exactly what I need.08:39
joe9revdep libpng does not have any output08:39
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep`08:39
joe9though finddeps should libpng as a dependency of wxgtk08:39
Romsterupgrading libpng will break alot of stuff that needs rebuilding.08:40
joe9but, i need it as there is one app that has this error: [09:08:47am] : Warning: Application built with libpng-1.4.10 but08:42
joe9running with 1.5.908:42
joe9[09:08:47am] : Error: Couldn't load a PNG image - file is corrupted or08:42
joe9not enough memory.08:42
joe9[09:08:47am] : Warning: Application built with libpng-1.4.10 but08:42
joe9running with 1.5.908:42
joe9[09:08:47am] : Error: Couldn't load a PNG image - file is corrupted or08:42
joe9did not realise that it would paste as that many lines.08:42
joe9not enough memory.08:42
joe9oops, sorry. too many lines08:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fftw: 3.3.1 -> 3.3.208:42
joe9and, to fix that error, I upgraded libpng to 1.5.908:42
Romsterupgrading libpng is fine you jsut need to run that revdep line after doing that.08:43
joe9romster, ok. thanks.08:43
Romsterthen the08:44
Romstergdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders08:44
Romstercommand after that for gtk/wxgtk to use the new libpng08:44
Romsterforgetting that will result in missing png images even after revdep is done.08:45
joe9ok, thanks.08:45
joe9revdep is taking a while to list the dependencies. is that expected? it just listed the first package and then seems to be working on..08:45
Romsterif you had of said you updated libpng the other day i would of saved you the hassle of seeing why.08:45
Romsteror if you did i missed that.08:46
joe9romster, no, I did not upgrade libpng the other day.08:46
joe9i just found out about this message today.08:46
Romsterah ok08:46
RotwangRomster: how to add ing to word "strip"?09:04
Rotwangstrip -> striping09:04
Rotwangor strip -> stripping?09:04
frinnststriping are go-faster lines on your car (the act of adding them) or data striped over may disks etc09:05
frinnststripping are girls on poles :D09:05
Romsterstriping a relatively long, narrow band of a different color, appearance, weave, material, or nature from the rest of a surface or thing09:06
Romstergo faster lines eh lol.09:07
Romsterneed more lines on my car then :D09:07
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RomsterRotwang, and i'm about the worst person to ask about language except for a non native speaker.09:08
acrux|xpfrinnst, please can you check your last radeon-ucode commit?09:09
frinnstsure, what broke?09:09
acrux|xpit seems to include also firmware already schipped with kernel09:09
frinnstr100, etc?09:09
frinnstwill fix it once i get off work09:10
Romsterhi acrux|xp09:10
acrux|xphallo Romster09:10
acrux|xpfrinnst, thanks09:10
RotwangI'll go with striping then09:11
Romsterdepends what you mean but more than likely you do not want stripping09:14
rmullHuh? strip + ing = stripping09:14
rmullstripe + ing = striping09:15
rmullYou might be stripping a binary, stripping paint, or stripping your clothes off09:15
rmullYou might be striping if you use RAID0 or if you are painting stripes on something09:17
rmullHope that helps.09:17
Romsteryeah that's right09:18
Romsterit depends in what context and stuff.09:18
Rotwangstriping binary09:21
Rotwangstripping binary09:21
Rotwangso in the end strippping binary is correct?09:21
Romsterstripping binary09:22
rmullYes, stripping binary with the 'strip' command09:22
Romsteras your removing stuff09:22
Rotwangok [;, thanks09:23
rmullRomster: It doesn't depend on the context. "stripe" and "strip" are two different words that aren't related at all.09:23
Romsterhmm good point depends on what your trying to say.09:23
Romsteri sucked at english.09:24
RotwangRomster: don't worry, I suck at my native language as well09:24
Rotwangno idea how to write stuff correctly09:24
Romsteri should say suck not sucked as i still suck not as in sucked in the past.09:25
Romsterbrain impairment does not help but i try to be correct to the best of my ability09:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gpgme: 1.3.1 -> 1.3.209:28
joe9romster, you are correct. libpng upgrade broke quite a bunch of stuff. gtk does not compile anymore. i am having one of those moments when I am looking at exherbo with envy... haha..09:29
joe9hopefully, i can get through this.09:29
Romsterjoe9, i've been there before, that's why i know.09:29
joe9were you able to get through or did you just give up on the png upgrade?09:30
Romsterif that one app really needs that version prefix it's path and add that path to that Pkgfile to find it.09:30
Romsterit went though but i wasn't going ot a dev version i was on a stable one.09:30
joe9in this line: gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders > /usr/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders  -- is it really /usr/etc/?09:33
Romsterprt-get fsearch gdk-pixbuf.loaders09:34
Romsterhmm it's not tracked of course... so that wont say..09:34
Romsterhmp opt ha sit in /lib/...09:37
Romsterhas it09:37
Romsterbeats me...09:37
Romsteri've changed my system around a bit.09:37
joe9prt-get fsearch gdk-pixbuf.loaders --does not return anything for me.09:39
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Romsterargh why am i looking at that when it's librsvg i was looking at before... just regenerate both.09:47
Romsteri can not think straight09:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: help2man: 1.40.8 -> 1.40.909:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libbluray: 0.2.1 -> 0.2.209:49
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Romsterhi sepen09:53
Romstergoing ot bed g'night10:00
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joe9romster, thanks. i think the gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders did the trick.10:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: exclude shipping firmware12:17
frinnstshipped perhaps12:17
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