IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2012-05-17

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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.303:14
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: [notify] sudo: update to 1.8.503:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cups: update to 1.5.303:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: hpijs: update to 3.12.403:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nfs-utils: update to 1.2.603:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nvidia: update to 295.5303:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.1203:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] socat: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_perl: update to 2.0.603:14
RomsterGood evening ladies and gentlemen.03:46
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Romsterhi sepen05:13
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joe9sepen, there is a package called imlib2 that you maintain.05:57
joe9it did not compile with the newer version of libpng and I was trying to see if there was anything I could do to get it to compile.05:57
joe9imlib2 seems to have been broken into different packages now.05:58
joe9 sepen05:58
joe9seems to be the download page05:58
joe9got to it from here
joe9 found this url.06:00
joe9romster, wondering if you might be interested in upgrading libpng to 1.5.10? i found that it necessitated an upgrade to gdk-pixbuf, links and imlib2. the other packages just needed a recompile.06:07
joe9if you are interested, here is the source:
Romstermaybe in a chroot to see how much breakage it will cause.06:09
frinnstbuilds fine here06:09
frinnstlibpng is a pain to update usually06:10
frinnstbreaks all sorts of things06:11
joe9frinnst: it does. but, once I had gdk-pixbuf upgraded, everything has been compiling fine.06:12
frinnstim sure sepen will fix imlib2 once we upgrade libpng globally06:13
Romstersepen, subversion bump to 1.7.506:19
Romsterjoe9, i'l get a start on it but wony know when i'll get it done.06:20
joe9romster, ok, cool. thanks for considering it.06:21
Romsterbtw why do you need boost-jam when it's in the boost package?06:22
joe9romster, i am not sure if I bumped up gtk. is my version.06:23
joe9romster, I did not know that boost-jam was part of boost. will remove it.06:23
Romsteri'm on gtk
Romster2.24.19 damn it...06:23
joe9oh, cool.06:23
Romsterargh lets try that again 2.24.1006:23
joe9isn't stable releases even?06:23
joe9oh, ok.06:23
joe9that makes sense.06:24
Romsterit's stable it's in
Romsteri need todo more of a tidy up the only thing i've really been keeping up on is xorg.06:24
joe9prt-get cat boost .footprint | grep -i bjam -- there is no boost-jam in boost.06:25
joe9bjam is the executable name06:26
Romsterjam is bjam...oh i see what's goign on.... i didn't install bjam out of boost package only used it internally to compile boost.06:27
Romsteri can fix that.06:28
joe9and, looks like gtkmm needs a version boost too. it does not seem to compile (the one in contrib)06:32
Romsteryour ghc port is old i got a newer version in romster/ghc06:33
joe9i just used it to bootstrap. I have 7.4.1 installed06:33
joe9i do not upgrade it anymore from ports. i build it from source.06:34
Romsteri made mine bootstrap in a unique way.
Romsterbit hacky but bootstraps on 32 and 64bit. comments?06:35
joe9romster, what is a good version number to bump gtkmm to?06:35
joe9gtkmm latest stable is 3.0. but that needs gtk-306:35
Romstergtkmm 2.24.2 is the latest stable for gtk2...06:36
Romsteranything 3.x.x is for gtk306:36
joe9oh, ok. let me try it again.06:37
joe9 romster06:38
Romsteri wouldn't mind if who ever built gtk3 put it in opt along with pyhton3 too.06:38
joe9romster, I like your ghc.06:39
joe9i will remove mine. it is not needed anymore.06:39
joe9thanks for pointing it.06:39
Romsteri might split it out in contrib for 32 and 64bit use later on if it's popular.06:40
Romsteryou might be hitting the dreaded libtool issue06:40
Romstergrep la files for libpng1406:40
Romsteror actually just png1406:41
Romsterand edit it out or change it to 1506:41
Romsterif you haven't already rebuild all the *mm ports that might fix the libtool issue with wrong libpng.06:42
Romsterelse hack the la files yourself.06:42
Romsteryou'll probably find it'll work in a clean chroot but not on your system.06:43
joe9 grep -ir png14 * -- in the /lib directory did not return anything.06:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: boost: include bjam06:45
joe9thanks for that update to boost. I will remove my boost-jam06:46
Romstergrep png14 /usr/lib/*.la |wc -l06:47
Romsteryou sure...06:47
Romsterthanks for pointing it out i didn't realize i missed installing bjam.06:48
joe9that helped, thanks.06:48
Romsterjoe9, your quite active, i was thinking of possibly adding you to my gitolite so you can commit to version_updates i have limited amount of time to work on crux. but i don't want experiential stuff in version updates i can make another git repo for newer stuff like libpng and all the other stuff for testing. if your keen on that.06:50
Romsterthough i think only a few if that use any of them repos as it is now.06:50
joe9i normally do not experimental stuff in ports.06:51
joe9so, yeah, it would be good if you can me in for version updates.06:52
Romstersend me your DSA key i'll add you. getting stuff tested so it can hopefully make it's way back in official crux repos. i merge in from upstream when changes occur so the versions are not lagging by far from official versions if any get bumped there.06:56
Romsteronly thing is if oyu bump something you need to be sure that anything that depends on it still builds. i don't bump anything in contrib or opt unless ports that depends on that still compile.06:57
Romsternothing more annoying than ports randomly breaking.06:58
joe9makes sense. How do I get the DSA key to send you? i do not have any machine that is open to the world from my home network and the only DSA key, I know, is in the .ssh directory.06:59
Romsteryou generate a new one just for this.06:59
Romsterssh-keygen -t dsa07:00
Romsteryou may want to add in your name in the comment filed see man ssh-keygen07:00
Romstersave the pub filename as your put your private key one without the .pub into ~/.ssh/07:01
Romsterand send me the one07:02
joe9I have an id_dsa in .ssh directory, if that is what you are referring to.07:02
joe9and, do you connect to my machine?07:02
joe9i do not have access from outside to my network.07:02
Romsteryou connect to my server here when you git push and git fetch electra.07:02
Romsteri don't connect to you.07:03
Romsterdon't touch that id_dsa file that's an existing key for something else... make a new key.07:03
Romsterssh-keygen -t dsa -C "your name" -G yourname07:05
Romstersomething like that.07:05
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joe9ok, thanks. generating.07:07
joe9btw, the gtkmm is compiling fine now. it needed a rebuild of pangomm.07:08
Romsteryeah thought as much07:08
Romsterlibtool hell07:08
Romsteri've been there before.07:08
Romsterbut it was far worse than that.07:09
Romsteremail it to me you know my email address, i'll add it and let you know how to clone and get started. you probably know git well enough already.07:11
joe9does the ssh-keygen take a while. I do not recall it taking this long.07:12
Romsteroh that't -G don't work remove that option...07:14
Romsteror does not work as i expected it too.07:14
Romstercopy both files to ~/.ssh/ email me foo.pub07:16
Romsterneed to configure ~/.ssh.config too i'll get you the details and email it back to you.07:16
joe9romster: received it?07:27
joe9i sent it to yourid@gmail.com07:27
* nogagplz intercepts the letter07:27
* nogagplz washes it down the drain07:27
joe9and also to your email07:27
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Romsteroh that shortcircuit one is long gone. gmail is fine07:44
Romsteri don't see it yet though on gmail.07:45
joe917 mins since I sent it.07:47
joe9can you check the junk folder, by any chance.07:47
Romsteralready on it.07:47
Romsterdon't see it.07:48 -- correct?07:48
Romsteryou didn't look in the Pkgfile maintainer line..07:48
Romsterromster was taken.07:49
joe9i missed the monster part.07:49
joe9in the Pkgfile.07:49
Romsterand everyone used to call me romster monster so i did monster.romster@07:49
joe9ok, sent it. do you see it?07:49
Romsteri should of chose a better name but i've had that for awhile now.07:50
Romstergot it07:50
Romstersomething mangled the attachment it's a base64 string in the email body. email why must you be a prick.07:51
Romstergot it after base64 -d it.07:53
Romsterjoe9, sent email08:10
joe9 ok, thanks.08:10
Romsteri forgotto add after you clone do git checkout 2.708:10
Romsterin each08:10
Romsteroh and i did another bobo hostname should be hostname romster.dyndns.org08:12
Romstersorry been awhile.08:12
joe9that is what i thought. thanks.08:13
joe9should host be too?08:14
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Romsterno that stays as fire08:16
Romsterit's so you can use @fire:... you can rename that but do it before you checkout the git trees if you wish.08:17
Romsteri named that box fire08:17
nogagplzbecause it bursts into flames under a small load08:17
* Romster flames nogagplz 08:17
Romsterhaha if only eh :D08:18
Romsternogagplz, box has done more than mine on that front.08:18
nogagplzI took points out of its luck stat to put into charisma08:18
Romstercome to think of it this is the 3rd rebuild of fire now.08:19
Romsterthe p3 was really flaky08:19
Romsterthe p2 was just slow.08:19
Romsterthe pentium D isn't bad though but i might put this amd 3000+ in place of that.08:19
Romstermore sata pcie slots.08:20
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* nogagplz leaves Romster high and dry in the same manner08:21
nogagplz cats how do they work08:22
Romsterlol it was stalking the tail08:24
joe9romster, and any changes i make, do I push them with "git push -u origin master"?08:25
Romsteryou should be able ot do just git push on the origin/2.7 branch08:26
joe9ok, thanks.08:26
Romsteronce you checkout origin/2.708:26
Romsteredit add commit git push08:26
Romstersome things are bumped already like alsa gtk08:27
Romsterpatched qt4 a little for a issue and bumped it's version too.08:27
Romsterlook at the git log too see what's been going on.08:27
joe9romster, i will not push the new version bump of libpng. It might be too much for a newb like me? or, is it not? what do you think?08:28
Romsterthere lagging off crux's git trees a bit too i need to do another merge but i'll do that on the weekend so avoid editing ports that official opt contrib has already bumped.08:28
Romsteri'd hold off libpng for the moment it'll break some stuff.08:29
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan08:29
nogagplzby so me stuff you mean a whole lot of crap08:29
Romsterneed to look into that to see how much damage it will cause.08:29
Romsterwhat nogagplz said.08:29
nogagplzie I know for certain updating libpng breaks glibc if you aren't careful08:30
Romsterprobably bump imlib2 though without any sie effects.08:30
joe9yes, imlib2 version bump worked fined.08:33
joe9let me do that.08:33
joe9nogaplz, this particular libpng bump did not break glibc for me.08:34
nogagplzgood, I was only joking08:34
Romsteri've had majoy issues with libpng libjpeg in the past with gdk-pixbuf08:34
Romsteri was wondering wtf glibc too...08:35
joe9yes, gdk-pixbuf needs to be bumped up.08:36
joe9why not generate the ports from exherbo or some kind of gentoo distro.08:36
joe9they seem to be on top of these things.08:36
Romsterneeds testing with gtk and other ports that use it like librsvg other image formats.08:36
Romsteruse there version numbers?08:37
Romsteri was thinking of something like that...08:37
Romsteri got version sort but i might extend that to track other distros versions too.08:37
joe9romster, just use their packaging. exherbo seems to have a pretty well developed packaging system.08:39
joe9is that ok?08:39
Romstereh this is crux it's meant to look simple.08:39
joe9romster, i know. i like it for its' simplicity.08:39
Romsteryeah git checkout origin/2.708:39
joe9it is just for ports maintenance, why not piggyback some one else..08:40
Romsteri haven't seen that warning though.08:40
joe9 something seems wrong.08:40
Romsteri'm going to track versions with vs08:40
Romsterwhat the heck...08:41
Romsternogagplz, you didn't see any of that, did you save the commands you used to setup?08:42
Romstergit branch 2.7 origin/2.708:43
Romstergit checkout 2.708:43
Romsterah unless i got it as fire 2.708:45
Romsterah it's just 2.708:46
Romsterjoe9, git checkout 2.708:46
joe9ok, will do.08:47
Romsteri got origin/2.7 as the upstream branch for crux and just 2.7 as the local branch08:47
Romsteri should make a note of that so i don't forget again.08:47
Romsterbe sure your ~/.gitconfig is setup before you commit anything too.08:50
Romster    email = my@myhost.org08:50
Romster    name = Your RealName08:50
Romsterif it isn't already08:50
joe9git clone is taking a while.08:51
nogagplzit's a slow host08:51
joe9romster, I do not want to use my real name for name. I prefer to leave it as "joe9".08:52
joe9is that ok?08:52
Romsteryeah that's ok08:52
Romsterbut do put in your correct email08:52
joe9yes, that i have.08:53
Romstergmail filters spam pretty well.08:53
joe9 looks like I am good to go with the contrib08:53
Romsternogagplz, it's being hammered atm so it will be slow. i'll have more speed later and i may move it to the 100mbit host at some point too.08:54
Romsterjoe9, yep that's good.08:54
Romsterthis one suits nogagplz
Romsterok seems bandwidth is back to normal again nogagplz08:58
nogagplzsuits me how08:58
Romstermountain goblins08:59
Romsteryou seem like one trolling everyone with humor.08:59
nogagplztrolling sounds too malicious though09:00
Romstertrue i can't think of anything lighter09:03
joe9romster, bumped imlib2 version and updated the collection.09:05
joe9can you please check opt.09:05
Romsteryeah looks fine though i do prefer the notion of "imlib2: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.5" for version bumps but it's not critical yours works too but more typing.09:10
joe9ok, thanks. will keep that in mind for next time.09:10
Romsterok i just merged in crux opt to it.09:13
Romstergit fetch ; git rebase 2.7 before you do new changes as others (mostly me as nogagplz hasn't done anything yet) will push changes too.09:16
Romstermerged contrib now too.09:18
joe9romster, no need for git pull?09:21
Romsternah use git fetch ; git rebase fire/2.709:23
Romstergit pull does a merge when we don't want that.09:23
joe9it is a "git rebase fire/2.7" and not " git rebase 2.7"?09:24
Romstergit rebase fire/2.709:24
Romsterwhen you od merges it's git rebase fire 2.709:24
Romsterbut you shouldn't need to do any merges.09:24
jaegerrebase rebases your current branch to the remote you specify (or other local branch)09:24
Romsterunless we both work on the same port at the same time which should be rare.09:25
joe9 romster.09:25
Romstergit fetch ; git rebase 2.709:26
Romstertry that09:26
joe9that worked09:26
Romsterthis is where it gets confusing i got multiple remotes in mine.09:26
Romsteri got fire/2.7 and origin/2.709:26
joe9git fetch ; git rebase 2.7 # from romster: do these before doing any new changes09:27
Romsterand git push when your done.09:27
joe9Current branch 2.7 is up to date.09:27
Romsterdone committing.09:28
Romsterah i now why i did git remote add fire09:28
Romsterto mine so it's fire/2.7 for me but only 2.7 for you.09:28
* Romster makes new notes.09:28
Romsteri want to test that whole atk and friends that jaeger and jue has had no issues with sometime too and jaegers new toolchain but in another git tree.09:30
Romsteryou could use git-pull --rebase instead of git fetch ; git rebase 2.709:32
Romstergit-pull is just a wrapper over them two commands. with --rebase09:33
Romsternot much more typing to do both command's really IMO.09:33
Romsteri'm still a git noob haven't used more than about 10 commands.09:34
joe9what's up with the jdk port? it seems to be horribly broken.09:38
Romsteri haven't touched that09:39
Romsterbeen meaning to fix jdk09:39
Romstersources have to downloaded manually and needs a version bump09:40
Romstersee jre09:40
joe9ok, thanks.09:42
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Romstercan only do so much work and linux before i get burnout09:43
joe9i do not use jdk. i removed the port after the above comment.09:44
joe9do not bother with it.09:44
Romsteri use jdk..09:44
joe9i do not use it and happen to notice the error for quite some time.09:44
joe9oh, you do.09:44
Romsterdon't remove ports out of that git tree. just leave them be if you don't use it.09:44
joe9don't burnout.09:44
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joe9i won't remove from the git tree.09:45
Romsteri just haven't got around to looking at that.09:45
Romsterif you did remvoe it and not git pushed yet use this git reset --soft HEAD^09:46
Romsterthen unstage the files. as it says in git status09:46
Romsterif oyu pushed use git revert sha1sum09:47
Romsterof that commit.09:47
joe9romster is a gimp footprint update. can I commit these too?09:49
joe9or, do you want me to stick with version bumps only?09:49
rmulljoe9: I updated the 'stow' port to 2.2.0 - this was one of the ports I was hosting for you09:51
joe9rmull: ok, cool. thanks.09:51
joe9rmull, I will remove stow from my github repo to avoid confusion.09:51
Romsterjoe9, if your going to do footprint updates do then with a clean chroot with only prt-get depinst portname09:51
Romsterto keep footprints clean09:51
frinnstSubject: Raspberry Pi - Time to order09:52
joe9Romster: no, I do not have a clean chroot.09:52
joe9will not bother with the footprint updates then.09:52
Romsternew files for additional ports shoulnd't be added unless that port is on the depends on line.09:52
Romsterthe ignore new files in footprint -in on pkgmk was added ot account for new files there should however be no missing files in footprint that's a issue.09:53
Romsterfix those.09:53
joe9ok, there are no missing files here.09:53
joe9will do, when I come across them.09:53
Romsteri'll do a footprint cleanup sometime.09:53
Romsteryou on 32 or 64bit?09:54
Romsteri'm on multilib but i got a 32bit chroot for keeping footprints clean.09:54
joe9on 32bit.09:55
joe9i am on 32bit.09:55
Romsterk most footprints should be ok then.09:55
Romsteron 64bit they get changed on some ports.09:55
frinnstSubject: Order Confirmation09:57
frinnstbooya, bitches!09:57
frinnstraspberry pi on its way!09:57
rmullfrinnst: Nice, that will be fun09:57
joe9frinnst: why the craze for Pi?09:58
frinnst3wks shipment09:58
joe9it seems to be pretty slow.09:58
frinnstthe soc is awesome09:58
frinnst1080p playback etc09:58
frinnstand its dirt cheap09:58
RomsterGame room Tour09:59
frinnst39EUR incl. shipping09:59
Romsteras on that picture of all them consoles the other day in here09:59
frinnsthaha romster10:00
*** mike_k has quit IRC10:11
Romsterwhat a collection10:12
* niklaswe is at ^^10:15
* frinnst slaps niklaswe 10:17
niklaswewtf? :P10:18
frinnstheh, #birdie @ quakenet :)10:19
niklaswefrinnst: upp10:19
frinnstslappade dig där10:19
tilmanfrinnst: demo party and lan party?10:25
frinnstsadly, im not there10:25
frinnstbut couldn't resist a cross-irc-network slap :)10:25
jaegerfrinnst: I'd love to hear your thoughts on the pi after you've had it for a while, I want to get one later10:27
jaegerwaiting for them to get the sales and shipping ironed out a bit more10:27
frinnstsure. though it wont ship for another tree weeks :/10:37
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rmullRomster: What do I do if a project for a port I'm maintaining undergoes a name change?11:01
rmullJust amke a new port and ermove the old one?11:01
joe9revdep is pretty slow. is there something to just the libraries for a single port?11:05
joe9revdep port -- got it.11:05
Romsterrmull, git mv it11:07
Romsteri better get to bed g'night11:08
rmullRomster: thanks11:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: qemu-kvm: build man pages (thank you jue for the hint)13:22
*** Rotwang has joined #crux13:52
joe9 romster, can you please do a pkgmk -uf in /usr/ports/romster/ghc for these files:, if you do not mind.13:58
*** cruxbot has quit IRC15:09
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*** vaddi has quit IRC15:57 down?15:58
joe9romster, as a fyi, the ghc port said everything installed fine. but,
joe9will keep you posted when I find a resolution.16:06
frinnstjoe9: seems like it16:07
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joe9ghc: error in /usr/lib/ghc-7.4.1/Cabal-1.14.0/ -- this is what revdep and verbosity=2 tells16:56
joe9is there any way to find out more details about what error.16:56
Romsterjoe9, that's fine with revdep it does that to libreoffice jre/jdk and stuff too, as files aren't in the same path or something for revdep to know about. i thnk jue said how to solve that but i have forgotten now.17:40
jaegerjoe9: ldd /usr/lib/ghc-7.4.1/Cabal-1.14.0/ | grep -i "not found"17:48
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rmullRomster: Can you update the crosstool-ng port when you get the chance?19:49
*** joacim has joined #crux19:49
joe9sorry for the delay.21:00
joe9romster, ^^21:00
jaegerjoe9: that's probably not an issue, those are likely part of the port itself in a nested lib dir like firefox/thunderbird/jre have21:22
joe9jaeger: i agree, it seems to work.21:28
Romsterrmull, done21:35
rmullRomster: Thanks21:35
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Romsterjoe9, like i said earlier it can't find the path to them libs etc if you really want to fix that add it to /etc/
Romsterbut it's harmless error as anything that uses ghc will find the libs on it's own.21:37
*** _mavrick61 has joined #crux21:37
joe9romster, have you seen this:
joe9noticed it on one machine and not on the other.21:38
joe9makes me wonder if I should try this version instead
Romsterjoe9, i havne't seen that you sure the ram in that machine is ok? memtest86+ over it21:40
Romsterno wild CFLAGS?21:40
joe9romster, yes, i think ram is ok. it was working earlier before I started rebuilding it.21:40
joe9no wild CFLAGS either, I think. will double check. thanks.21:40
Romsterprt-get sysup ; rejmerge and prt-get update -fr `revdep` over it. then retry21:41
Romsterif it's already installed pkgrm ghc then try to build it.21:42
Romsterif it's already installed but broken it will not build.21:42
jaegerIt's not broken21:42
RomsterGHC bug21:42
jaegernot a bug, I think21:42
jaegerIt's like firefox or jre with its own nested libdirs21:43
jaegerI could be wrong, though21:43
jaegeroh, wait, never mind, you're talking about another paste21:43
jaegersorry for the noise21:43
Romsteri've built it on 32bit and multilib and it worked ok.21:43
Romsteryeah that one jaeger21:43
Romsternah i'm not worried about revdep complaining about ghc jdk/jre libreoffice that's normal.21:43
Romsterjsut some libs not in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH21:44
Romsterthat revdep can't find with ldd.21:44
Romstercan't remeber if revdep has a whitelist option for those.21:45
Romstertesting ghc again21:45
Romsterbbl work21:59
jaegerI made one for it years ago but it didn't get merged21:59

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