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Romsterjaeger, happen to have the source/patches of that still?05:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libdrm: updated to
Romstertilman, did you check if libdrm 2.4.34 breaks mesa3d build it did for me.06:13
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sepenjoe9: sorry, yesterday I was really busy06:25
sepennow I'm reading the backlog06:26
sepenjoe9: thanks I'll fix imlib206:26
sepenjust give some minutes, now I arrived from a customer and need some time :P06:27
Romsteri know the feeling sepen my brain is still numb06:34
frinnstpoor working peons06:34
frinnstholiday yesterday and off today06:34
frinnst4day weekend ftw06:34
sepennow we're installing zentyal on customers, great product06:42
sepenubuntu based, but at least is really fast to have a full system on production06:42
sepenah, and also 'thinstation' for other purposses, and iirc now its based on CRUX06:43
sepenfrinnst: at least I've a job06:45
sepenwell, in the past I worked as a R&D leader, but now ... I am a cheap whore06:49
Romsteroh gawd young charlie sheen on a movie on tv...06:50
sepenjoe9: could you fill a ticket in flyspray with your research?06:50
Romsterbefore he became an arsehole.06:50
sepenRomster: whats about qt4?06:52
RomsterLD_LIBRARY_PATH="$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$SRC/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-$version/lib" make06:53
Romsterelse it wont build if it's not already on the system06:53
Romsterand verison bump to 4.8.106:54
sepenRomster: where do you export LD_LIBRARY_PATH?06:58
Romstererr np07:00
sepenbp! fuel07:00
Romsteralso i found another line that had quoted string that made setting CC fail07:01
Romsterit's just easier if i edit it than to tell everyone what's wrong and point them to what i've done.07:02
sepenor run git diff07:03
jaegerRomster: I'll look for it, probably don't have it anymore07:05
Romsterdon'ty worry if oyu don't but if you do i can use it to edit revdep add a port for it and see if jue will adopt it. else i can just host it with the rest i got.07:06
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Romstersepen, got it here
Romsteramong other patches i've been doing.07:08
sepenhmmm many work Romster at the end you'll got tired07:09
Romsterand see xorg07:10
sepenI only have patches for nice-to-have or feature-requests about prt-get, pkgutils, etc. etc.07:10
Romsteryeah i got some help now joe9 has access too.07:10
sepenRomster: anyways its better than fork your own distro, lol07:10
Romsteri havne't done much on version sort for a week or two now. but i take a break then i'll do another major overhaul.07:11
sependo you know about 'buildbot'?07:11
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Romsteryes i know about that.07:11
Romsteri did have a fork hvl but i haven't touched that in ages now.07:11
sepenI was wondering about how to optimize our time with all the stuff we have and created + buildbot07:11
Romstertoo much effort to maintain.07:11
sepenRomster: I don't like to say 'fork' I prefer to say 'I started a project to learn' :D07:12
Romsteri've been thinking of a chroot buildbot with my safe-build i have now, and version sort to automaticlu sed version= lines and test to build.07:12
sepenwell, boss is now around me, later07:13
Romstermorning pitillo07:14
sepenRomster, 0076-qt4-4.8.0-4.8.1.patch 0053-qt4-4.8.0-4.8.1.patch are the same file07:19
Romsteryeah i got something funky going on there i'll fix that shortly.07:28
Romsteri don't know why but that's what "git format-patch origin/2.7" generates...07:32
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Romstermaybe it's all the merges i've done...07:35
Romsterseems rather stupid for git to do that.07:36
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jueRomster: wrt libdrm, that was my fault, I've ask tilman to do the update because latest nouveau needs that version, but I didn't test to build mesa :(07:51
teK_btw my chromium-resize problem (if anybody remembers) was related to the outdated xcompmgr07:53
RomsterPer Lidén, had the best idea start a distro let us zeaots keep it running. xD07:54
Romsterjue, ah might be fixable if it's just headers i didn't look into trying that though.07:55
Romstera tip i do look at prt-get dependent --all libdrm then test if they build still after the version bump.07:56
Romsterwas a missing header error in mesa3d07:57
jaegerRomster: don't have the revdep patch anymore, looks like08:14
jueRomster: at the most I'm very careful with such update requests, but shit happens ;)08:18
Romsteryeah not blaming anyone just said when i tested libdrm 2.4.34 it broke mesa3d 8.0.208:22
Romsteri'm seeing if there is a patch floating about to fix mesa3d08:22
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Romsteri'm not finding anything don't know if i want to attempt to patch it myself.08:29
Romstermight be a whole lot of hurt going by the git history for mesa3d08:29
Romsterjue, i'm hoping new mesa3d will be out soon to solve this mess.08:31
Romsterjaeger, i might hack around revdep if i ever get bored and feel motivated to look at a whilelist or file to add paths for such ports.08:32
jaegerAll I did back then was add a whitelist var to the script and set it to something like (firefox thunderbird jre)08:33
jaegerIf the port being checked was in the whitelist, skip it. if verbose is set to 2, run the revdep anyway08:37
Romstereasy enough to do.08:38
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Romsteroh crap donna summer died :(09:09
joe9romster, I want to add some ports mpfi, rs (trying to install openscad). wondering if you might be interested in taking them onto your git tree.09:34
Romsterkeep them in your joe9 git tree for now until you get openscad working, wouldn't it be best if you applied for contrib then you can maintain those there then?09:35
Romsterdon't want to add new ports to version_updates/* but if you want a joe9.git on my host I can make one for you for them ports.09:36
joe9Romster: for something like this: is it just a bunch of cp statements in the Pkgfile?09:36
Romsterjsut like nogagplz romster emulators are now.09:37
Romsterjoe9, if you had them in your i could see what is going on and decide.09:38
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joe9romster, i am still building the Pkgfile. I will keep you posted once I have them.09:39
Romsterif a port happens to be duplicated everywhere those i tend to add to contrib.09:40
Romsterto help reduce duplication in other repos.09:40
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frinnst insane fucking russians!09:54
joe9Romster:  romster: any thoughts on what I should be doing in these situations
joe9the "make install" is trying to install to PREFIX/.. instead of $PKG/..10:05
joe9 make DESTDIR=/var/pkgmk/work/libqglviewer/pkg install -- basically disregarding the DESTDIR.10:05
teK_have you used DESTIDR?10:05
teK_I'd try and see if I could patch the Makefile10:06
Romstercheack the makefile it may have another var like INSTALLROOT or something if not patch it to use $(DESTDIR)/...10:07
Romsterjoe9, /usr/ports/contrib/qiv/Makefile.patch os a good example to see how to do it.10:09
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teK_prt-get info qiv | grep URL10:11
teK_paste fail I'd say;)10:12
Romsterhmm url parked... or page died...10:12 is a huge newspaper's site10:12
Romsterwhy is it on a newspaper site... yeah i just seen that too.10:13
Romstersepen oh hes gone again.10:14
Romsteri guess project was hosted on there by one of the workers at that site/company.10:15
Romsteror paste fail but it had the /qiv directory on the end...10:15
rmullAnybody have a freebsd machine they want to test a build on?10:15
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Romsterah short lived split.10:16
teK_btw since when does grep wine about directories if invoked like grep foo *?10:24
teK_this is just stupid10:25
teK_and yes I saw the -d flag..10:26
teK_grep foo /etc/*10:53
teK_% /usr/bin/grep foo /etc/*10:54
teK_/usr/bin/grep: /etc/acpi: Is a directory10:54
teK_/usr/bin/grep: /etc/apache: Is a directory10:54
teK_grep 2.9  won't do that (but -d skip)10:54
Romstergrep -r foo /etc/10:54
teK_what if only want to search file in /etc (not /etc/bar/..)?10:54
teK_with zsh taht would be grep foo /etc/*(^/)10:55
teK_but I'm lazy.10:55
teK_alias grep to grep -d skip .. still werid10:55
Romsterfind /etc -type f -exec grep {} foo \;10:55
* Romster shrugs10:55
teK_GNU/retards  :)10:56
Romsteroh i forgot -depth10:56
teK_I got your point10:56
Romsteri see your predicament too.10:56
jueteK_: IMO the current behaviour is more consistent, why should grep silently ignore a wrong input file by default?11:21
teK_when does it make sense to 'grep' a directory?11:21
teK_just skip it dammit..11:21
teK_if I want recursive operation I'll -r just as with chown, chmod etc11:21
juewell, it's just a warning you can suppress with -s11:22
jueor even use -d skip as you said11:22
teK_just a warning is a nice description11:24
jueI bet there was a hot discussion in the grep mailing list about that change ;)11:24
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teK_for etc this is 54 lines of garbage11:25
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jaegerAnyone using enlightenment as their WM/DE these days?12:37
pitillojaeger: yes12:39
pitillonot sure if someone else... xD12:40
jaegerIs it still actively developed?12:41
joe9wondering if anyone can help me with this, please? is the issue with cmake pkg_config_libdir12:41
pitilloyes jaeger, as always... in development12:41
joe9'-- found /opt/lib/pkgconfig " -- is what the script says12:41
joe9cmake, i meant.12:41
joe9"-- pkg_config_libdir_search directory /usr/lib" -- there is no /opt/lib here.12:42
joe9this is the CMakeLists.txt
joe9how do I get cmake to take /usr/lib/pkgconfig as the pkgconfig directory?12:42
joe9anyone encountered this issue?12:42
jaegerI don't know cmake at all, sorry12:43
joe9relevant function in CMakeLists.txt
Rotwangnever used cmake this way12:44
Rotwangcan't help12:44
teK_jaeger: it is. I used easy_*.sh to check it out and compile it.. failed. Friend:"re run the checkou"   -- etvoila error fixed13:01
jaegeryeah, that's what I always used... I wonder if he still uses crux at all13:03
teK_hehe ;)13:03
teK_i never got why e17 was so awesome (I don't need animated backgrounds)13:03
jaegerTo me it's just neat13:04
jaegerI look at it every year or so, heh13:04
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jaegerHrmm.... this is an odd question but anyone know if I can make the LED on a specific drive in a SAS expander blink in FreeBSD?15:15
teK_I only did with FSC's RAID View software (on LNX)15:15
jaegerI think maybe camcontrol plus ses devices plus smp commands might do it but having trouble finding the exact info15:17
jaeger looks promising15:18
jaegerwoot, /usr/ports/sysutils/smp_utils, gonna play with that15:18
teK_stupid marginal operating systems with pseudo-supeior FSs ;>15:19
teK_ZFS > btrfs?15:19
jaegerI don't have any experience with btrfs, can't say.... but I love ZFS15:20
teK_wrt love..15:21
teK_I rediscovered qemu for me15:21
teK_they even are developing a qemu-guest agent15:21
teK_virtio for hdd/nic seem to rock (on windows, too)15:21
teK_and it even has a json-based console for remote control15:22
teK_AND (most important) they have fixed (my) performance issues on a crypted partition holding the guest-image15:22
teK_oh did I mention it was open source? ;->15:22
teK_I even consider using it for a virtualisation project @work over vmware15:24
teK_If I'm not mistaken esxi takes ~500-600MB of RAM just for itself.. hello?15:25
teK_hey tilman15:30
jaegerdoh, smp_utils doesn't seem to work for my expanders15:31
teK_boot a linux livecd :o15:32
jaegerI'd like to avoid downtime in this case15:33
teK_oh ok15:34
teK_too bad15:34
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joe9romster, I have openscad port in my github directory. not sure if you want to import it to your opt directory.16:27
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frinnstzfs < btrfs17:59
frinnstatleast if you disregard the stability and sometimes speed :)18:00
teK_well -.-18:11
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Romsterjoe9, for that pkg-config uissue try using cmake 2.8.720:41
Romsteri have found cmake 2.8.8 break a couple of ports.20:41
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