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RomsterRomster, in da house mixxing all your vinyl01:55
Romsterfinsihed setting up a dj rig for tonight01:56
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rauz_Romster: nice what music do you play ?02:55
Romsteri like techno but i jsut setup the rig speakers amps lights for the DJ's that will be in tonight.02:57
Romsteroh and a couple of lasers02:57
nogagplzteenybopper music02:57
rauz_i'm in jungle dnb and dubstep02:58
rauz_and i love my turntables :)02:59
Romsternot a big fan of dubstep03:00
rauz_dubstep was way better befor skrillex or what ever his name is showed up ...03:01
Romsterput it this way most mainstream music is horrible.03:01
Romsterunderground stuff is far better03:02
Romsterskrillex is likened to sounds of a dialup modem03:02
rauz_haha so true03:03
rauz_junglist movement !03:07
Romsterand that's the tame stuff.03:10
Romstermost of the stuff i like isn't on youtube03:11
rauz_a friend of mine make some nix techno minimal mixes
Romster that's more my temp 140bpm03:15
Romsternot bad but that's more bakground music when ya at a drinking session.03:20
Romsterto mellow out too.03:21
rauz_i like this sound for programming :)03:27
Romsterthe darn comments on the tracks seek bar are really irritating whos idea was that03:30
rauz_i blend them out with the little button in the right corner03:31
Romsterah there it is03:31
Romsterway better03:31
rauz_ i went there for a couple years it's a nice goa/trance festival03:33
Romsterrave parties \0/03:36
Romster3:00 sweet melody line03:38
Romsteras the comments say not much goatrance in here.03:39
Romsterwonder when nvidia/flash will fix the red being blue in flash issue...03:42
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: sudo: update to 1.8.5p108:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: imagemagick: update to 6.7.608:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mdadm: update to 3.2.508:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] poppler: update to 0.20.008:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.20.008:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.20.008:40
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joe9anyone packaged anything like this:
joe9it uses distutilys and python to build/install09:37
jaegeryou could grep through /usr/ports for to look for some that are already done09:41
joe9ok, thanks. good idea.09:43
joe9very simple and good idea, jaeger09:43
joe9the hallmark of zen.09:44
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joe9i am trying to use swig 2.0.6 to install pivy
joe9and I am getting these warning about nested classes and nested struct.10:28
joe9wondering if anyone has encountered these errors before.10:28
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joe9need some advice, please. I have a package that can only work with swig-1.3.40, whereas the current swig port is at
joe9How should I go about building a port for the lower version that I want.11:51
Rotwangput the swig libs and headers to separate dir11:52
joe9I am thinking of naming it swig-1.3.40  like this
joe9but, the footprint would muck up the original swig 2.0.611:52
RotwangI'd do it this way:11:52
joe9Rotwang: like $PKG/swig-1.3.40/...11:52
Rotwangname it swig-1 or so11:53
Rotwangand then use configure switches to put libs and header to swig-1 directories11:53
Rotwangso there wont be .footprint clashes11:53
Rotwangof just change library names11:56
joe9Rotwang: are you aware of any libraries or ports that use this mechanism. just so that I can check the port to figure out the details.11:57
joe9and then do you add swig-1  stuff to the path?11:57
joe9how do I convert this url to the Pkgfile source url  I am trying to get the swig-1.3.40.tar.gz12:01
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joe9and the url is
joe9and prt-get complains about the name "download" in the filename.12:01
Rotwangjoe9: I've just built swig from your port12:04
Rotwanglooks good12:04
Rotwangthere shouldn't be any .footprint clashes except for usr/bin and usr/man directories12:04
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Rotwangbut you can change those names12:05
joe9Rotwang: are you sure, I cannot even get it to download.12:24
Rotwangjust klik on the link to download12:25
Rotwangwhere it says that it is going to start in few seconds12:25
Rotwangthen get that download link and strip all the http url query12:25
Rotwangpast to Pkgfile12:26
joe9./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man/swig-1.3.40 --bindir=/usr/bin/swig-1.3.4012:30
joe9rotwang, is that good?12:30
Rotwangdon't think so12:31
RotwangI'd change the names12:31
joe9i know you mentioned swig-1. but, other than that do you see something wrong.12:31
Rotwangthey need to have different names not to be in separate directories12:34
joe9rotwang, you mean the executable name itself?12:36
joe9but, how would the other packages find the correct swig if both swig (2.0.6) and swig-1 are in the same directory.12:37
joe9sorry, i do not catch what you meant.12:37
Rotwangit depends on how swig is used by other packages12:37
Rotwangif you put swig executable to /usr/bin/somedir/swig12:38
Rotwangthe person installing port will have to add this directory to his path12:38
Rotwangand even then it won't work12:38
joe9rotwang, this is the Pkgfile that uses the swig-1.3.40
joe9not sure if it works still. build running while we speak.12:41
joe9 rotwang, it seems to work.12:41
joe9not sure if it is a good idea, but, it works. would love to do it differently (in the correct manner) if I could figure out how it works.12:42
joe9do you have any suggestions or examples where something like this was done?12:42
Rotwangputting directories to /usr/bin is usually not a good idea12:42
RotwangI gave you suggestion12:42
joe9yes, but I cannot figure out how to use it12:44
joe9if the executable is swig-112:44
Rotwanglook into teh code12:44
joe9how does the dependent port know to use swig-1? ok, check the python code.12:44
joe9let me do that.12:44
joe9Rotwang: this is the
joe9as a fyi.12:47
joe9I could  SWIG = ((sys.platform == "win32" and "swig.exe") or "swig")12:48
joe9change that line to swig-1.3.4012:48
joe9would that be along the lines of your thinking?12:48
joe9 ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man/swig-1.3.40 --program-suffix=-1.3.4012:53
joe9rotwang, like this?12:53
Rotwangmandir stays the way it is12:53
Rotwangif you change mandir, it will require people to modify MANPATH12:54
Rotwangand even then it won't work12:54
joe9Rotwang: yes, you are correct. the mandir does not need to change.12:55
joe9./configure --prefix=/usr --program-suffix=-1.3.4012:55
joe9is what I am ending with.12:55
Rotwangi'd stick to -112:56
joe9updated footprint
joe9ok, thanks.12:57
Rotwangthe manpath is wrong12:59
Rotwangshould be /usr/man12:59
joe9Rotwang: thanks for pointing that.13:02
joe9Rotwang: i did not notice that.13:02
Rotwangno prob13:03
joe9Rotwang: as a fyi, this is the Pkgfile that I ended up with for the port using that executable13:05
Rotwangyou can use: sed -i.orig .....13:09
Rotwanginstead of cp .....; sed -i ......13:09
Rotwangbut really you don't have to do that in a port13:10
kruejaeger: Multilib works great. Thanks.13:13
krueThe binary app is looking for libpng12 now, but that's a different issue.13:14
krueCan I just modify the Pkgfile for libpng-32 temporarily to get version 1.2?13:15
krueI'd had to remove the current version symlinks in /lib32 and rename the package too.13:16
krueActually, it looks like it's better to copy the whole port directory to libpng12-32 and modify that one.13:19
jaegerI just made my own libpn12 (for google chrome)13:21
jaegerer, libpng1213:21
krueCool. I'll wait for that one.13:30
jaegerwell, it's not in any public repo, I just made it as a one-off13:33
krueAll right, I won't then :)13:42
jaegersorry for the confusion, hehe13:43
krueAnd after a few more xorg libs, quartus is working now.13:43
joe9is there a difference between .a library archive file vs .la library archive file?13:49
joe9i have a port that can build .so or .a files.13:49
joe9and I am putting that file in /usr/lib13:50
joe9wondering if anyone has any thoughts, please?13:50
joe9 .footprint13:50
joe9build log files are libtool archives, .a files are static libraries13:53
jaegerI generally leave the static libs out of my ports unless they're required for some reason13:54
joe9i am building freecad which needs libf2c13:55
joe9should I convert the .a file to .la or there is an install command for a .so file.13:56
joe9 is from the makefile13:57 $(OFILES) $(CC) -shared -o $(OFILES)13:57
jaegerI'd suggest using that shared library variant13:57
joe9and there is also a target for .so.13:57
joe9oh, ok. thanks.13:57
joe9jaeger: this is what I ended up with :
jaegerYou could change /$PKG to $PKG, the first slash is redundant. Should work either way, though. Looks alright14:03
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joe9i just put a port for Freecad. this is the footprint
joe9there are some unconventional dirs, wondering if anyone has any comments17:10
joe9 is the Pkgfile17:10
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joe9romster, wondering if you might be insterested in hosting my freecad repos. but, some packages build out of a git repo.17:31
joe9so, might not be good for official crux repos.17:31
joe9 /ws 3317:35
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_hansihey all!17:56
_hansii'm trying to install ffmpeg, but i get "http://www.zlib-1.2.5.tar.bz2" failed17:56
_hansi(ilenia tries to download the dependency, but seems the version is too old)17:57
_hansianything easy i can do to fix this?17:57
jaegerI know nothing about ilenia but you could search for a copy of zlib-1.2.5.tar.bz2 and download it manually to the proper place18:01
_hansijaeger: thx, that worked18:12
_hansii had to try a few different version,18:12
_hansiin the end i just searched for the md5 checksum, that gave me the right file18:13
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jaeger_hansi: good deal18:42
jaegerthat's jacked up :P18:51
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Romster_hansi, why are you on 1.2.5 you should be on 1.2.7
Romsteri'd make sure your on crux 2.7 or 2.7.1 and that your /etc/ports/ point to 2.7 for core opt xorg and contrib19:39
_hansiRomster: idk, got an old machine, (crux 2.6 it seems),19:39
_hansii ran ilenia -u, but that didn't help19:39
_hansiit's some very weird machine,19:39
Romsterah that's not maintained anymore.19:39
_hansiand i don't want to touch anything i don't have to19:39
_hansi^  ah, that explains it :)19:39
Romsterwe all do 2.7 now.19:40
_hansiis it safe/easy to upgrade?19:40
Romsterwhat pc is it can you get the iso anddo a upgrade rebuild newer kernel?19:40
_hansiit's a p-series server, apperently it was very painful to get anything to run on it19:40
_hansii'll really just use it to run ffmpeg over night,19:41
_hansiit converts my image series to movies19:41
_hansiso as long as i get ffmpeg on there i'm happy :)19:41
Romsteri'd do a backup just incase of configuration files and packages and then try an upgrade.19:42
Romsterbut it might be painful to get it working. hard to say how much effort or it may just work.19:42
jaegerthat explains the ilenia use, crux-ppc19:42
_hansiis there an upgrade guide? i looked a bit in the wiki but didn't see anything19:42
Romsteri was thinking it's arm...19:42
_hansiah, y, powerpc19:43
jaegercrux-ppc has been discontinued but there was a 2.7a release before then, I believe19:43
_hansialright, i think i'm convinced, i'll leave it untouched :)19:43
_hansi(just watching that thing boot scares me to death)19:44
Romsteracrux is the guy to talk too, but the crux-ppc has been recently suspended put to too few developers and there version numbers arn't quite the same as ours.19:44
Romster_hansi, if you want to be hacky you can bump zlib and such ports should be reasonibly ok, (have backups and a iso that can boot the box to restore back if any port bump breaks anything bad)19:46
Romster_hansi, another idea grab the last crux ppc iso and burn to cd see if the pc boots off the iso ok?19:46
Romsterif it boots etc it's doable to get to crux 2.7a19:47
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Romsterwonder where the ports trees are for ppc anyways19:48
_hansikk, well, currently it's compiling tons of stuff for ffmpeg without error; if i don't get it to run i'll try going down the 2.7 road19:49
Romsterit may work but you might have fun finding sources for the older files.19:49
_hansiyep, already doing that19:49
_hansibut just googling for the md5 sums makes those libraries pretty easy to find19:50
_hansi(so far the zlib  and expat downloads were dead)19:50
Romsterluckily i have a distfiles of most stuff if oyu can't find it anywhere else. i only got a slow upload.19:50
_hansiRomster: oh wow, that's neat, thx a ton!19:51
Romsteri've been thinking of adding a download page with md5sums for each of these files too.19:51
Romsterther'es other mirrors see for core contrib opt19:51
jaegerwoot, esxi box is up, time to start the virtualization19:52
Romstermight be a bit of hunting around it's a file per a maintainer per a repo (core opt xorg...) but the side effect of my verison sort work shows other faster mirrors for files too.19:53
Romsterincluding my distfiles in there too.19:53
Romsterso getting the older files should be ok, if googleing the md5sums fails.19:53
Romsteri odn't like saying it but if crux-ppc lays dormant for ages and you do want something newer arch ppc might be an option later on too. but i refer crux stuff. or you could ask if acrux if oyu want to maintian ppc project but that's alot of effort too but i also know nogagplz might want to pitch in with his G4 aswell. i don't have any arm stuff as of yet.19:58
Romsterjust getting it working with ffmpeg on older versions probably is the least amount of pain though19:58
_hansiyea, i think that's were i'm heading right now,19:59
Romsterjaeger, you used nything other than vmware?19:59
Romsteri need to get into serious VM's at some point when i free up some space.20:00
jaegerI use ESXi 5 for most things at work, VirtualBox for things on my workstations20:00
jaegerI want to consolidate my computers at home, though, so I'm going to test using ESXi at home for a while to see if I can do all I need to that way20:01
jaegerI suspect I will be able to without trouble20:01
Romsteri was thinking of virtualbox. but if something open source works just as well i'd prefer to use opensource.20:01
Romstertoo many boxes and not using much cpu?20:02
jaegerI have not used qemu in many years or xen in 2-3 years but they were both decent options back then, probably have gotten better now20:02
jaegeryeah, pretty much. also have quite a few VMs on my main workstation that could be offloaded20:02
Romsterhmm jaeger should we have multilib listed on this page to
Romsterwhich also reminds me need to check port versions in multilib20:17
jaegerI have refrained from adding it due to its youth and unofficial status so far20:17
Romsterand fix that other git push i did to the wrong host.20:18
Romsteractually it's not as bad as i think it was. jaeger if you get some time could you see if we can do without the headers on python32 i had no luck using the python headers for libxml2-python-3220:23
Romstercame up with some typedef or something error being wrong length i can't quite remember the exact error. might be fixable with a ifdef something.20:24
jaegerI'm confused, weren't you the one who added them? or asked me to, I don't remember20:24
Romsterthat's if your not too busy to take a look sometime20:24
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Romsteri added it but i was meant to push it to my fire git tree but i accidentally pushed it to morpheus and just left it there.20:25
jaegerAh, I see20:25
jaegerI know I don't need them, haven't run into any situation so far that required them at all20:25
Romsteralong with that wine 32bit and 64bit change.20:25
jaegerI was not able to build your dual-arch wine20:25
jaegerI don't remember the problem, I'll test it again20:25
Romsterit should work i got it here. to build.20:26
jaegerI stuck with my own wine port for the time being, I have no need for a 64-bit wine20:26
jaegerwith that said, I'll try it again in a bit20:26
jaegerquite a few updates are needed on my laptop, will get those started20:28
Romsteronly thing is when you use a new prefix for the first time it'll default to 64bit unless you set WINEARCH=win32 for the first time, after that the prefix is 32bit forever.20:29
Romsteri probably should add that to README but then it's on the wine site too.20:29
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Romsteroh nvidia-32 needs a bump too, frinnst and nvidia for x86_64 too.20:32
Romsterexcept where it said this version of autotools doens't match the one used in configure...20:59
Romsteroops wrong channel sorry20:59
Romsterthat was dumb21:00
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Romsterjoe i can make a joe9.git if that's what you wan then you can clone that and add your ports and push and ic an get it listed on portsdb but doens't that defeat the use of github?21:48
Romsterjoe9 ^21:48
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