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joe9can I have more than one line of "depends on":
joe9i have a lot of depends and i suspect that it does not work with multiple lines.08:45
joe9 found this.08:50
frinnstseems you have lots of redundant dependencies there08:51
frinnsti would guess atleast pyqt4 depends on qt4 :)08:52
frinnstalso python08:52
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joe9frinnst: thanks, will check on that.08:54
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acrux_hansi: just yesterday i updated cruxppc 2.7 branch09:07
acrux|xpthey are available also latest icedtea6-openjdk and apache-openoffice09:10
acrux|xpyour cruxppc-2.6 is quite old and unmaintained as cruxppc-2.7 was released in Feb 201109:10
acrux|xpand a bugfix release (cruxppc-2.7a) in Aug 201109:11
acrux|xpi strongly suggest to bump09:11
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acrux|xpand to use
acrux|xpif you need help 'cause i'm not always online09:12
_hansiacrux|xp: cool, thx for the offer! i went away letting the machine compile stuff, i'll have to check on monday if things worked :)09:27
_hansi(this must be the nicest irc channel every)09:27
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_hansinot sure why i keep typing every09:27
acrux|xp_hansi, what's your pseries model?09:28
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_hansi615 or so09:37
_hansia friend gave it to me cause he had to more space for it09:37
_hansiit's definitely 6 and two more digits, could also bo 685 :)09:38
acrux|xpit should be a POWER4+09:42
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_hansino idea :)09:51
acrux|xpgo away, see you!10:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: update to 2.5210:31
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.5210:31
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krueI've got a powerstation and would be willing to help.11:23
acruxkrue: nice, please write on cruxppc ml to arrange something12:18
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jaegerwow, month and a half since I built an updated 32-bit ISO14:24
nogagplzyeah, you're good for another year or so :P14:32
jaegerI don't really know what you mean by that but I'm building one now, anyway14:51
nogagplzmeant to leave it14:52
nogagplzgeez tough crowd14:52
jaegerFor some reason device nodes aren't being created properly, very annoying14:55
jaegerMakes partitioning an empty drive difficult14:56
jaegernogagplz: it just seemed an odd joke as the entire point of the updated ISOs is to save time :P15:04
nogagplzhaving trouble thinking of how to explain the idea behind it, lets just pretend it never happened :P15:05
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jaegerheh, alright15:10
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jaegerargh... why will you not create device nodes?15:27
teK_hello Romster, maybe you want to include the patch from in libvdpau .. fixes the blue-people-bug on youtube with flashvideos16:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cdrkit: adopted orphaned port16:29
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veesup fellas20:07
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jaegerdoing laundry, playing some diablo 320:34
jaegertesting hard drives20:34
veeim waiting till the semster ends20:40
veeand im going to get my new new laptop, along with diablo 320:40
veebetter farm some decent items for me till then!20:40
jaegerI've also converted my linux server here at home to an ESXi 5 host temporarily, it's working well so far20:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libvdpau: workaround to flash bug, to fix flash blue tint and bleed through, thanks tek20:46
veenot sure what an esxi 5 host is, but sounds cool lol20:47
jaegerVMWare vsphere20:49
jaegervirtualization server20:49
veeand what is inside this server?20:50
jaegerAt the moment it's the hardware I already had running linux, but if I'm still happy with it after a week or so I'll buy server class motherboard, CPU, and RAM for it20:51
jaegerat the moment, Intel Core i5-760 @ 2.80GHz, 8GB RAM20:51
veeill trade you my p4 for your i5 :D20:52
jaegerI'm sure :P20:52
veei really cant wait to upgrade form an p4 to an i7. i feel like the little the disney character will bust out singing a whole new world20:54
jaegerIt's quite an upgrade20:54
veesomehow, i feel like i'm going ot have problems with the video card though20:55
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