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teK_jaeger: please give notice if you've got a minute, thanks01:30
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horrorStruckRomster: did you play with fq_codel?05:20
pitillowhere can I find the 64b multilib iso?05:23
horrorStruckpitillo: ?05:24
pitillothank you horrorStruck :)05:25
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Romsterhi niklaswe07:11
RomsterhorrorStruck, i haven't touched that, i've been putting off bumping kernel on my router as something is broken.07:12
niklasweRomster: how is it?07:14
Romsterhows what?07:16
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niklaswehow are you =)07:18
Romsterah, bit sore but otherwise ok.07:22
Romsternearly won at darts even with the fact the other guy threw a 180. i still nearly beat him.07:23
Romstermaybe next time.07:26
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Romsteri used to do that to my other dog10:29
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Romsterthough i was on the swing and dog was on my lap.10:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: kqemu: removed obsolete port12:23
frinnstnow that port deserved to die! :)12:24
teK_frinnst always sooo harsh12:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nmap: 5.51 -> 6.0016:27
frinnstand with that i bid you adiu16:45
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veesup guys18:17
nogagplzthe amount of static electricity housed in Romsters beard18:17
veewell well18:22
veei must see this beard now18:22
nogagplz lol18:28
veeif that were really him....18:34
veedear god18:34
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nogagplzlooks close enough tbh18:43
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