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pitilloany thoughts about booting 2.7.1 multilib from usb and only detecting sda (usb stick) but it doesn't see SATA disks (ahci)?08:25
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frinnstspent "#!"ยค"!# amount of time trying to figure out why the FUCK a user was not allowed to login with keys via ssh08:27
frinnstsolution: echo 0 > /selinux/enforce08:27
frinnsthate hate hate08:27
sepenfrinnst: or setenforce08:28
sepenor # sed -e 's|^SELINUX=.*|SELINUX=disabled|' -i /etc/selinux/config08:29
sepento have permanent changes08:29
frinnsthate it08:29
sepenyep, fedoras08:29
frinnstsooo stupid08:29
frinnstdidnt even cross my mind08:29
pitilloummm next try... putting sata controller pci and check what happens...08:31
sepenohh sorry, wrong window08:32
frinnstheh, busted on a rock? :)08:38
* frinnst remembers when you had to change the entire frame just because the ear got ruined :)08:39
sepenyep frinnst08:43
sepenlol (again)
frinnstnooo, i ran out of space for the entire internet!08:52
sepenyep, and I don't have any floppy here08:53
Romsterwill a 5 1/4 do :D08:56
Romstershame i never picked up any 8" ones i wanted to frame one on my wall08:57
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pitillohey jue10:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: procps: update to 3.3.310:19
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 3.4.010:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to
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acrux|xpRomster, are you still able to build agg ?12:27
acrux|xphi jaeger12:27
acrux|xpRomster, to get it build against new automake13:01
acrux|xpRomster, i added a sed -i "s|AM_C_PROTOTYPES|#AM_C_PROTOTYPES|g" configure.in13:01
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joe9romster, did you remove nano.static from the nano build?15:11
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joe9i remember that it used to be part of the build.15:12
joe9romster, no you did not. the /opt/nano has been upgraded. let me bump the version in yours.15:13
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joe9this used to be the original nano Pkgfile: and now in your opt directory, it is:
joe9i get it now. the /usr/ports/romster/nano has nano.static but not the nano in the opt of your git repo or the official crux opt repo.15:17
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pitilloummm does someone remember how to fix problems, with ati and kms, in console? I think was teK_ who had problems and added an option at boot time to fix it, does someone remember which video mode used? (or teK_ if you can give me a clue)17:26
jaegerI do not remember, sorry... no ATI cards here17:30
pitilloummm thx anyways jaeger. I'm giving a try to multilib and now I'm trying to build wine from opt-multilib but it's making strange things17:33
jaegerwhat strange things? unrelated to the KMS stuff, I assume17:33
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pitilloyes, I'm using kms without console support atm... all seems to be right but I'm trying to build expat-32 and it breaks (I haven't touched anything as it seems to be done automated from pkgmk.conf)17:36
pitilloI don't know if I'm missing something17:36
jaegerwhat is the error?17:37
pitillothis is from config.log
jaegerwhat does your gcc -v output look like?17:48
pitilloseems right, 1 sec17:48
jaegercan you compile a small 32-bit hello world program?17:48
jaegerohhh, dur, I bet I know what it is, sec17:49
jaegeris that in your kernel config?17:49
pitilloI don't think so... 1 sec and I verify17:49
pitillo# CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION is not set17:49
pitillothank you very much jaeger :)17:50
jaegerturn that on, it's required to run ANY 32-bit apps :)17:50
jaegerno problem17:50
pitilloyeah, I haven't thought it when I was reviewing the new kernel17:50
jaegerAt some point I may add some multilib documentation to the wiki, that would be part of it17:51
jaegerthe old pure64->multilib conversion doc mentioned it if I remember right but it's also way out of date17:51
pitilloummm I just started from multilib directly... I had some problems with sata controller (which I don't understand... as its support is there "ahci") ran from a usb stick (finally with a sil sata card it was right)17:53
jaegeryeah, I just meant that that wiki page had some useful info in it, not that it's where new installs should read :)17:58
pitillotrue... I hadn't checked it and the answer was there...17:59
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pitilloummmm libpng-32 fails to find libz18:21
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pitilloport zlib-32 doesn't exist18:57
pitillotomorrow more... night :)19:03
jaegerzlib-32 definitely exists19:22
jaegerperhaps prtdir entries need tweaking in /etc/prt-get.conf19:24
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veequestion guys. approximately how long does it take to compile chrome on a quad core20:45
jaegerno idea, never compiled it20:55
jaegerthe speed of the quad core would be important as well as how much RAM, etc.20:55
veewell, im running roughly 8 gigs...20:57
veesurely it'll be faster than this god forsaken p420:57
joacimtook about an hour on my core2duo (e6300)20:59
joacimfairly low end, and i only have about 2GB of ram21:00
veeah. i guess it'd be safe to say roughly an hour, then....21:02
joacimi assume it'll compile much faster on your computer21:04
veethe p4 took about 4 hours. lmao i just wanna get a rough estimate is all. thanks joacim :D21:08
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