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veeis it possible to use wifi while after compiling a kernel on a fresh install?01:23
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Romsterdon't quite follow that sentience, existing modules work until you reboot.02:58
frinnsthe left03:00
frinnsti take it he was wondering if the iso contained the required userspace tools03:00
frinnstwhich it does iirc03:00
Romsteryeah but we log the channel03:00
Romsterall you need is modprobe on the iso03:01
frinnstwpa_supplicant ?03:01
Romsternever looked at the userspace tools03:01
pitillojaeger: I checked overlays yesterday. I couldn't fiund it in core-x86_6404:08
pitilloand another question too, there is a opt-multilib collection and there isn't a httpup/rsync file for it, is this expected?04:09
pitillowell, seems I broke opt-multilib rsync file...04:21
pitilloI had a little confusion with names, but I had multilib collection synced. I can't see zlib-32 there.04:26
pitillopfff... going backwards...04:30
pitilloall is fine. I don't know what I did yesterday at night... sorry04:33
* nogagplz rolls frinnst up in a carpet and throws him off a bridge05:27
frinnstatleast its summer05:27
nogagplzyeah, the only time of year when oxygen isn't needed to continue living... ;P05:28
frinnstbut the water is warm!05:28
pitillosure is it warm there?05:28
frinnstwell, in the air at least :P05:33
pitilloprobably water here is warmer than air there05:35
Romsterpitillo, do this,
Romsterpitillo, it's in x86_64-multilib that's layered above x86_64 that's layered over x8605:49
pitilloRomster: I just reviewed the ports package from the iso... and I saw that I meesed them up... Not sure how, but probably because I didn't put enought attention05:50
Romsteri think cmpa stands for crux multilib ports aggregate05:50
pitilloyes, I reviewed the collections and verified that there is a multilib ovelay over x86_64... which I don't know how I managed yesterday to delete them05:50
Romsterif use that driver that jaeger has a cron job to pull all the ports into one repo for each of the 3 layers.05:51
pitillonow all overlays for core/opt/xorg-x86_64-multilib are right...05:51
Romsterso prt-get depinst wine should work now then?05:51
pitilloummm I like the way is done right now... but yesterday was late at night when I put hands on it and I meesed them up05:52
pitilloyes, it's finishing wine atm without problems... was my error from yesterday over collections05:52
Romsterjaeger, packaged the minimum for wine, but i've since added in gstreamer mpg123 and others but they aren't listed in the depends on line for wine.05:52
pitilloI'm getting older... xD05:52
Romsterso if you need anything extra depinst them and then rebuild wine.05:53
pitillowell, I'll give a try to the minimal build in some days...not sure if I will test a game there or I'll wait d3... xD05:53
Romsterit happens, the side effect of having multiple overlays is that the preferhigher yes will sometimes break that setup. be warned.05:54
Romsteralso wine will make 64bit prefix unless you tell it WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-foo wine foo.exe05:55
pitilloI'll see if I need extra things or if I'm able to run it without extra stuff... I'm quite bad with HD space atm... I'm using a HD from another machine because they are really expensive... 500GB 70e when I bought one of those some time ago for 30e...05:55
RomsterWINEARCH only needs to be set at creation then it's permanently set to that. but you should find wine64 will be ok.05:55
pitilloummmm I'm confortable with overlays and the mix of versions... on arm our overlays work in the same way05:56
nogagplzthe 64bit prefixes aren't all that friendly with winetricks05:56
pitilloummmm I'll try to remember it... atm I haven't tested it yet (I don't know if I have here a game to test)05:56
Romsterah so you'd know them quirks then, i got updated xorg if your keen on testing. though i'm lagging a little on the *-32 ports versions atm need to fix that.05:57
Romsteroh yeah winetricks might not like the 64bit prefix so much, thanks for pointing that out nogagplz05:58
Romsternogagplz, also has a emulator repo that'll work in multilib. though you'll have to get your own roms.05:58
pitilloummmm I know about the xorg stuff but I haven't put hands on it yet... too many things between hands and really, I had only the laptop running xorg (and I prefer to don't touch it so much xD)05:59
pitilloyeah Romster, I saw it yesterday... that's a good one to keep in mind too05:59
Romsteryeah if you got any spare time for a game lol.06:00
pitilloI saw there is a qt gui for mame... I had sdlmame some time ago, but I think it doesn't build anymore (I haven't reviewed it in long time)06:00
Romsteri find the sdl stuff to sometimes get stale. you get that impression nogagplz ?06:01
Romsteroh and excuse me if i make any mistakes i'm very drowsy due to a cold.06:03
Romsterfeels like i got ran over.06:03
pitilloit worked like a charm here (old duron 700... now I put this machine in its wood case) I remember I put a pad too... that was funny xD06:04
Romstermame box?06:05
pitillofun box06:10
pitillosmall wood case sitted down the TV... multimedia box06:10
pitillo"small" xD06:10
Romster dude what dr who mame box do want.06:11
pitillobig and nice one... I don't put a pic of has nothing to do vs that one06:12
Romsteryeah jsut decided to do a search on mame cabnets to see if anything i haven't seen before crops up.06:13
pitillothere are lot of them overthere, people with resources and space to build one of them06:14
Romsteryeah i'm lacking the funds to do much for a long time.06:14
Romsterif i had a dedicated games pc setup i'd probably be more inclined to play more than spend most of my time fixing issues in ports to get some game working.06:15
pitillomine was really cheap... two wood planks for free and some plexiglas, and job done06:16
pitilloI intend to use this one to play d3 at least... spend some hours at night on it as some years ago... I only played some fps (q2/q3/q2w/tce) and diablo06:18
Romsterneed some form of relaxing06:19
Romsterdie die die keeps shooting nmes06:19
Romsternmes is intentional06:19
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pitillowhat does nmes mean?06:24
Romstererr enemies06:25
Romsterenemies it's a short spelled out phenitically way of saying enemies, as n,m,e...s06:26
pitilloyeah I see :)06:26
nogagplzpfft learn to spell06:26
Romsterso my spelling is bad.... i have warned everyone.06:27
Romstermy window is getting pelted with rain and wind gusts.06:30
jaegerpitillo: glad you got it sorted07:35
pitillosorry for the noise jaeger, yesterday I messed up the overlays. All is going on really well (I'm not used to this performance at desktop level xD)07:50
jaegerNo worries :)07:50
jaegerIt isn't particularly documented yet07:50
Romsterbut excellent help is available in here. though there isn't much to it.07:51
pitillowell, I think was late yesterday night and I didn't pay attention to the overlays... a bit tired... (I'm getting old xD)07:52
pitillosure, I was following all the development for pure/multilib but I hadn't hardware to test or play07:53
Romstereveryone makes mistakes when tired.07:53
Romsterso it's quite speedy did oyu use 32bit chroots or something or a VM in the past?07:54
pitilloand of course, here there is excellent help... First topic I saw here "welcome to the temple of knowledge", and it was a truth07:54
Romsteris a truth :)07:56
Romsterwas is past tense07:57
Romsterthough don't quote me i'm horrible in english07:57
RomsterGrammatical tenses yeah i am right this time. need more reading though to learn more.07:58
Romsteri was reading the other day about English having so many dumb rules from Greek/Latin that isn't simple straightforward easy to remember.08:02
jaegerjue and I had a long discussion in 2004 about why I like German so much better than English... I think he was surprised, hehe08:05
RomsterI don't know anything about German sadly. it's probably easier than English to learn, I would imagine.08:06
Romsterthough i could never pronounce German I have a hard enough time with English on some words. Well Ok i can speak a couple of words but that's not even a drop of water in a lake's worth of German.08:07
teK_german is quite hard to leearn08:19
teK_I have seen a scale that stated english easy ... others german, chinese, . hard08:20
teK_we have three forms of 'the' for example :>08:20
teK_words like bus, head, sentence are 'male', sun, clock, and card are 'female'08:21
Romsterok that's confusing to remember08:27
Romsterdoesn't that seem sexist german to relate that to an item.08:27
teK_it's always been that way ;P08:29
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia:updated to 295.53.08:29
RomsterEs ist also wirklich dumm, man denke an satz wie ein männliches Wort deutsch08:31
Romsterif the translator makes no sense i won't be surprised.08:31
teK_trying to figure it out08:32
teK_so it's really stupid to think of a german sentence ... male word08:33
teK_whatever :P08:33
Romsterso it's really silly to think of sentence as a male word in german08:34
Romsterso that's hard to read in german even.08:34
Romstertranslators have a long way to go.08:34
teK_arry page jsut said at google zeitgeist (aha, another germanword) 2012 that it can translate 64 languages pairwise quite well08:37
Romsteri used babylon08:39
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pitillohello teK_, were you using an ati card and had problems with terminals?08:56
teK_which problems?09:00
pitilloah sorry then, I thought were you who didn't get the terminal output and just only X09:01
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Romsterpitillo, not using vte?09:06
pitilloRomster: nop, from grub black screen... without login manager it stays, when it goes to run level 5 it shows the login09:15
Romsterwhat ati driver tried with fglrx and the other one?09:19
Romsternot a ati user here though sorry.09:20
Romsterhmm that's before that is used isn't it..09:20
Romstertry older kernel?09:20
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pitilloRomster: ummmm I think I'm missing something somewhere, I need more reading about it10:08
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veedo httpup's work the same as rsync files/10:37
frinnstwhat do you mean?10:50
frinnstthey work over different protocol, but the outcome for the user is about the same10:51
frinnstbtw, the iso should contain everything you need for wifi setup10:51
frinnst(dont leave before we get a chance to answer your questions :) )10:51
veeoh no, im here.11:04
veei assumed i could use httpup the same way as the rsync...boy was i mistaken.11:06
veei found the wiki, but, using httpup-regen says no command found11:06
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frinnsttry httpup-repgen :)11:35
veegod damn it...lmao11:49
pitillowell, seems the problem was related to the second video card attached, my connection with hdmi and default fb... the right kernel boot options with a newer one works great :)11:58
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veeyea, i tried messing around with httpups, no clue how to use em' xD15:31
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frinnstvee: whats the problem16:25
frinnstput your ports on a webserver. run httpup-repgen on the dir: done16:28
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frinnstniklaswe: cool read16:34
niklaswefrinnst: yeah :) very intressting read.16:35
niklaswefrinnst: so what are you doing?16:35
frinnstwow, real name and everything16:38
frinnstdoing? not much. relaxing before bed :)16:42
veesorry frinnst, i was trying to add someones httpup to the ports, but i couldn't figure it out. lol16:55
frinnstoh, someone elses repo? just add the .httpup file in /etc/ports and do a ports -u16:56
veei did, i even added their stuff to prt-get.conf16:57
frinnstbroken repo then maybe?16:57
veehm....perhaps. sorry, im working on an essay, and i kepe forgetting to look back :P17:27
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veefor all you ssd do you update your firmware on linux?18:13
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