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Romsterhave to sign up to view it....00:37
Romsterhi acrux i got nogagplz to fix that port for that newer automake.00:38
nogagplz does this link work then00:38
Romsterand oh gawd that's fat00:39
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Romsteracrux, say what i need to add more stuff?01:16
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Romeo-where i have to put a rsync file,  for xfce4 ports01:22
horrorStruckRomeo-: you can follow this as an example:
Romeo-an to use httpup same, i edit the prt-get.conf and put the path there01:40
Romsterand drop the httpup or rsync file in /etc/ports/ aswell.01:43
Romeo-yes, i'll do that01:44
Romeo-will be nice to have xfce4-goodies there :) like in archlinux repo01:45
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horrorStruckfor those who couldn't sleep since the day i mentioned my nmap build problem (i know you are many) you can relax now, it was due to bash being built with screwening^W hardening flags.03:13
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Romeo-hello, how can i start xfce from slim?03:39
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Romeo-wich of you guys are you using xfce4 on crux, i don't have borders on started applications:) close, maxim, mini etc04:18
Romsteri know how to add it for startx but not how slim works.04:18
Romeo-yes .xinitrc startxxfce404:20
Romeo-port xfce4-icon-theme are broken04:20
Romstercontact the maintainer of that port.04:23
Romsterthere'll be a email address in that Pkgfile for hnc04:24
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Romsteri've never seen a error at install05:50
Romsterare you sure your packages path is writable?05:51
Romeo-the package paht is the pwd of the port05:53
Romsterdid oyu build it as root or use faekroot?05:54
Romsterthen it should just build.05:54
Romsteryou've broken something.05:54
Romsteris there a built package in that directory?05:55
Romsterit'll have #1.2.3.tar.xz on the end05:55
Romsterpkgadd that file if it exists05:55
Romeo-i don't get05:56
Romsteri would try re installing prt-get and pkgutils off the iso then prt-get sysup05:57
Romeo-searching of the cdrim05:59
Romstermount the iso it'll be in crux/core/ or some such path on the cd.05:59
Romsterpkgadd -u ... them two.05:59
Romeo-don't have a cdrom in /dev :)06:04
Romeo-same error06:07
Romstersorry i don't know what you've done to your system. other than i have never seen that error before if anything it should build see the buile package then pkgadd errors out.06:08
Romsterbut your not even getting that far.06:08
Romstercd to core on the iso06:09
Romsterfor p in *; do pkgadd -u $p ; pkgadd $p; done06:09
Romsterreboot then see if you can prt-get sysup and build what you were doing before.06:10
Romsterrejmerge might not be a bad idea either after that pkgadd.06:10
Romsterbear in mind we now use kmod and not module-init-tools06:11
Romsterand need devtmpfs and devtmpfs_mount on in the kernel.06:12
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Romeo-Romster, maby i activate to  much ports repos06:42
Romsterdoubt it, i got tons on here.06:52
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Romeo-Romster, the same error:)07:43
Romsteri'm out of ideas... you not out of space or something?07:51
Romeo-used 14%07:52
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libmad: opt -> contrib, picked up orphaned port09:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libmad: opt -> contrib, picked up orphaned port09:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cabextract: 1.2 -> 1.4, picked up orphaned port09:51
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veeis there an alternative to xwinwrap?14:45
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cruxbot[core-x86_64.git/2.7]: util-linux-ng: update to 2.21.215:43
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veesomethign weird just, i turned on the computer, and xorg was crashing because of inet6....ended up having to recompile the kernel with ipv6 support to fix it.17:16
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veei'm confused, i added the e17 rsync file to /usr/ports, i added the prtdir /usr/ports/e17 to prt-get.conf, but, when i update ports, it doesn't update th e17 ports O.o23:22
horrorStruckvee: it goes in /etc/ports/23:33
veegod damn it, i always do that lol23:33
veethanks horrorStruck :)23:34

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