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Romsteri didn't see that when i did my check...00:25
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juegood morning03:08
Romstermorning jue03:16
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horrorStruckhi jue03:39
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frinnstdhl delivered my raspberry pi to the wrong *SWEDISH* city. Now they've sent it to Leipzig ?!05:37
teK_aka "drieben" :>05:43
frinnstJune 02, 201205:43
frinnst00:45 Leipzig - Germany   Processed at Leipzig - Germany05:43
Romsterfrinnst, wtf are your couriers on meth or what?05:43
Rotwangnice little thing05:45
Rotwangwhat are you going to use it for05:45
Rotwangfrinnst: ^05:47
Romsterto spy on Rotwang :P05:54
Rotwangmaybe it sounds like retarded question, but I may consider buying one too05:54
Rotwangjust need to find a good use [;05:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nspr: update 4.9.105:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nss: update to 3.13.505:57
frinnstRotwang: no idea yet :)05:58
Rotwangso there is prepared debian image for it?06:01
Rotwangit look really really neat06:01
tilmanno nvram?06:04
tilmanerr, nand06:04
tilmannvm, doesnt really matter06:04
tilmanif it had 2 nics it could replace my guruplug ;)06:05
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pitillofrinnst: wrong again? or was the same misteka as yesterday?06:37
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frinnstthey said I would recieve it on monday07:33
frinnstbut dunno what the fuck they are doing right now07:33
pitillowell, I hope you get it soon to share impressions... I'm waiting news to get one too... but this seems to be a loooong wait (since february when they started shipping the first 10k units... until I don't know when it'll be ready)07:35
pitillobtw, it's good to know that there are another alternatives on the way too (cheap ones)07:36
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nspr: update to 4.9.107:42
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nss: update to 3.13.507:42
Rotwangfrinnst: ping08:28
Rotwangnevermind [;08:57
RotwangI wanted to ask where  you ordered it08:58
Rotwangbut I you can't get it at the moment08:58
Rotwangs/you/see you/08:59
frinnstmine shipped from rs components08:59
frinnstbut i pre-ordered it on release day08:59
frinnstafter the servers got back up again :)08:59
Rotwangwhy the hell I didn't know about raspberry earlier?09:05
Rotwangneed to get out from my cave from time to time09:05
frinnstyeah I dont know to be honest09:06
frinnsti've been raving on about it for.. a year?09:06
RotwangI read irc like I read my mails at work09:06
Rotwangi.e. don't read at all09:07
Rotwangpeople tend to complain a lot via email09:09
Rotwangso best way is not to read it09:09
Rotwangespecially chinese folks09:09
frinnstwhere do you work?09:09
frinnstDeparted from DHL facility in Leipzig - Germany09:10
frinnstwoot! wonder where it will end up next? spain perhaps?09:10
Rotwangfrinnst: nsn09:10
Rotwangnokia siemens networks09:11
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RotwangI bought new dvd writer17:30
Rotwangafter I inserted it into my box, it turned out that there is no additional sata power suply17:31
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Rotwangso I installed new power adapter17:31
Rotwangthen it turned out that cable is too short to reach dvd writer and hd at the same time17:32
Rotwangand afterI replaced disk and dvd, one of my raid array discs refused to work17:32
Rotwangwell spent saturday evening17:33
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jaegerthat sucks :(17:36
Rotwangeverything works now17:36
Rotwangbut it took me like 4 hours17:36
jaegerI hate times like that17:37
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Romsterdude what, that's some bad luck Rotwang, and he arn't here. and probably wont read backlog oh well.21:48
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