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rauzhi  anyone useing encrypted home with cryptsetup ?02:36
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teK_rauz: I do03:24
teK_but not via SSH-login. (you can use pam_mount for that)03:25
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niklaswehow can i fix this problem ?
rauzteK_: where did yout put the script for luksOpen at boot time04:28
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horrorStruckniklaswe: ?04:53
teK_rauz: rc.local06:03
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jaeger@seen sepen08:14
clbjaeger: sepen was last seen in #crux 6 days, 6 hours, 21 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <sepen> morning08:14
frinnsttry a /whois sepen08:15
frinnsthe's online :)08:15
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jaegersneaky, hehe08:19
frinnstsysup'ing a raspberry pi is painful :)08:20
jaegerI bet so08:20
jaegerI would probably try to set up a cross compiler on a fast machine08:20
frinnstyeah, its probably the way to go :)08:21
pitillofrinnst: where are you compiling?08:21
frinnston the pi ofcourse!08:23
frinnstim powering it from my tv's usb port :)08:23
pitilloon the pi is using the card or memory?08:25
pitillohere for little sysups (or big ones but of smalls ports, I try to build them on memory and swap when it has no space, it avoids some time. Instead of building directly in SD cards, I used to do it on nfs/nbd mount point, and it was good with time and without wasting too much the SD card rw cycles). Cross compiling with these toys isn't really needed, it was interesting with 32/64MB ram and slower cpus08:30
frinnstthere is no on-board storage09:10
frinnstthe board has ~200mb usable ram09:10
pitillowell, it's enought to build small ports in a faster way... and I would use external usb drive or net mount point for making native builds... the SD card life will grow (and it's a bit faster)09:11
frinnstyep. i've yet to really dig into it. threw on crux last night and just doing the first sysup now09:13
frinnstooh, awesome. gcc is queued to be updated :D09:14
pitillofrinnst: take a look in to 2.7.1 packages... you can avoid some updates (if it's a fresh core install)09:15
pitilloand I would start thinking in setting up a place to compile instead of waste the SD... compilations are hard with them09:16
pitillolocking big sized ports and letting build the smaller ones directly in ram is a good way to don't be bored... or letting it build the one of the beasts with looooot of hours ahead09:17
frinnstyeah, I will *NOT* build gcc on it09:19
pitilloit's just a matter of time too... :)09:19
frinnst <- prt-get diff09:19
frinnstsans gcc, the rest would build in a couple of minutes on my desktop :)09:20
pitillocheck this out to see if they can avoid you some time
pitillosure, as jaeger said, cross compiling is another way to go... it has cons and pros...09:21
pitilloI think you shouldn't take care of udev09:24
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frinnstyes, udev will be locked09:34
pitilloyou were running 3.3.x kernel version, don't you? (or it hasn't devtmps support?)09:35
frinnstLinux pi 3.1.9+ #90 Wed Apr 18 18:23:05 BST 2012 armv6l ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l) BCM2708 GNU/Linux09:36
frinnstkernel from the debian image09:36
pitilloI think newer udev versions will work on it (as we lock it on imx51 due to old kernel 2.6.31)09:37
frinnsti will leave it alone for now until i start playing around with kernels09:37
frinnsti have some reading to do too. to be honest i didnt expect to get my raspberry untill after summer09:38
pitillo here there are some file I put some time ago and I see they are a bit old compared with yours (btw you can check how were they built;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/2.7 )09:38
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Rotwangany idea how can I be sure that a process is dead without kill -9?12:49
Rotwangthe problem is: I have this process that I have to kill, so firstly I want to kill -15 it12:50
Rotwangbut what then?12:50
Rotwanghow do I know it died?12:50
Rotwangrmull: so i send a sigterm and then check if pid is still there?12:57
Rotwangthere are at least two problems with this approach:12:57
Rotwanghow long should I wait until I check12:58
Rotwangand if I check and it is still there is it the same process or a new one?12:58
rmullah, I see13:03
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rmullRotwang: Do you control how the pid is created?13:05
rmullYou could fork it from your own process and then waitpid(2) on it13:06
Rotwangrmull: bash only13:07
Rotwangand this process never ends until I send a signal to it13:07
Rotwangso I could wait infinite time for it13:08
rmullAnd polling isn't good enough because you think another process will start up and claim the pid?13:08
RotwangI know it is unlikely13:08
Rotwangand other problem is much time should I give that process to exit after sigterm13:09
Rotwangsay usually it will tak <1s but when loads are high it could be >1s13:09
rmullWhen you start it, does it fork to the background?13:10
rmullIF not, you could wait for it to return control13:10
Rotwangit forks, and it is a daemon13:11
rmullThere should still be a return value from it, right?13:12
rmullwonder how to catch that13:12
rmullsounds almost like an interview question <_<13:13
Rotwangit seems to be a good task for cgroups13:18
Rotwangbut there are no cgroups on rh513:18
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Romster se the arrows above the circle and find the uni new mexico feed17:34
RomsterVenus is passing the sun17:35
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Romsterdid anyone other than me see it?21:28
nogagplzyeah I've been looking on and off21:29
nogagplzthe talking could use an explosion or two though21:30
Romsteri was listening to it the whole time at work21:30
Romsteryeah got a little boring21:30
Romsterlive feed from sidney wasn't bad21:30
nogagplzhow much is your pay gonna get docked for getting distracted21:32
Romsteryour still unemployed no one wants to hire you yet?21:38
Romsteryou'd make a great comedian21:38
nogagplzno I wouldn't21:39
nogagplzand no, nothing yet21:39
nogagplzwaiting for mining stuff to reappear to try that21:39
jaegerFIFO mining job?21:40
nogagplzI'd be the canary for the canary21:40
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