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niklaswehas someone installed crux on an Alix ?02:46
niklasweand can give me some hints.. how I will do..02:46
Romsterthere ya go frinnst03:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.0.2003:57
teK_hi sepen03:57
Romsterhi sepen teK_04:49
Romsterthis site is better than youtube05:24
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sudaraka_hello everyone, is this the correct place to ask a Q about crux-i586 ?07:29
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teK_sudaraka_: give it a try07:41
sudaraka_ok, so I'm installing crux on a Xcore86 device which has an i586 compatible processor. Everything goes fine until the last step where I try to install grub, using grub-install it just waits for a long time (maybe forever)07:44
sudaraka_it doesn't freeze the system, I can get back to the shell with ^C, but grub doesn't install07:45
frinnstthe iso will not run on a i58608:19
frinnstall binaries are built for i68608:20
frinnstthere is an i586 iso available08:20
jaegerniklaswe: I had CRUX on a WRAP for a while, the predecessor to the ALIX. There wasn't anything complicated about it, just had to build everything for i486 for that. The ALIX at least does i586.08:23
Romsteri might of kept the i586 build going but my k6-II 450MHz sucks so badly i have left it collecting dust.08:32
sudaraka_frinnst: yes, I'm using the i586 iso08:38
sepensudaraka_: what about to try with a different bootloader like lilo or syslinux?08:39
jaegerIf you didn't already, also try grub --no-floppy08:40
sepenI've a norhtec microclient device at office but never used it or played with it08:40
sudaraka_sepen: yah, I will try those, I'm kind of hooked on grub, but this doesn't seem to go anywhere08:42
sudaraka_jaeger: same with --no-floppy08:42
jaegerHrmm, odd. Might not have a choice but to go with another boot loader08:46
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: virtualbox: updated to 4.1.1608:50
sudaraka_thanks everyone, I will try some thing else08:51
jaegerIf it gave you some useful error maybe I'd have a better idea but no way to tell if it just hangs, sorry08:52
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: updated to 1.0.0 and fixed deps09:25
sepenjaeger: ^^09:26
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: tumbler: fixed deps (added intltool)09:30
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sudarakalilo worked fine for me for the grub problem I was talking about, fyi09:52
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niklaswejaeger: okey, How did you boot up the installation on it?..10:28
jaegerniklaswe: not sure exactly what you're asking for, it wasn't anything too unusual... you need a boot loader and serial console setup unless yours has a VGA port or something10:30
niklaswejaeger: hehe okey :) What i wondering is this.. When I installed OpenBSD on it I used tftpd-boot and when it load the image I set set tty com0 and I can continue with the installation.. but now I want to install crux on it instead.. and wondering who I will do with the installation Media.. and also get so it using serial console as default..10:33
jaegerI installed the packages onto the CF card from another linux machine with a CF reader, built a kernel with serial console support, and passed the serial console options via the boot loader, like "console=ttyS0,38400"10:37
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niklaswe hmm will try to install linux on bubba two..13:14
rmullCrux doesn't have a "mirror" infrastructure, right?13:48
rmullBy that I mean we can't volunteer to host crux files for faster download13:48
jaegerNot currently13:49
jaegerI'm actually working on a distfile mirroring setup today, coincidentally13:49
rmullOh, neat13:49
rmullThis is hilarious:
nogagplzhow are they going to capitalise SQL13:56
jaeger  _________________  .____13:57
jaeger /   _____/\_____  \ |    |13:57
jaeger \_____  \  /  / \  \|    |13:57
jaeger /        \/   \_/.  \    |___13:57
jaeger/_______  /\_____\ \_/_______ \13:57
jaeger        \/        \__>       \/13:57
* jaeger apologizes13:57
nogagplzdon't apologise, you just saved them millions in research13:58
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teK_mplayer 1.1 seems to be out15:38
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nezcazyo :)15:39
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frinnstRotwang: lol16:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mplayer: 2012-05-14 -> 1.116:43
jaegerRotwang: did you look at thunderbird 12?16:45
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Rotwangjaeger: tomorrow17:13
jaegerok :) I'll stop asking about it, heh17:13
Rotwangno, thanks for reminding [:17:14
jaegernp :)17:14
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