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sepenohh! bikini weather here04:18
sepenfucking hot! nice!!04:18
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Rotwangeuro starts today(?)04:25
Rotwangyeah, poland - greece and russia - czech rep.04:27
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frinnstIT'S FUCKING ...ALRIGHT04:31
teK_there.. there04:32
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Romsteri have noscript :D05:46
sepenget headers to see more info, no?05:47
sepensmall town in Alaska ... lol05:48
Romsterlike how his tweet address is the effing weather05:48
sepenRomster: did you noticed gstreamer-0.11.92.tar.xz?05:52
Romsteryeah i have but not tested any of them yet05:53
Romsteri see all on version sort. well most things.05:53
Romsterlooking over how much pain it is to update xorg05:53
Romsterbecause i know frinnst can't wait05:54
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Romsterdamn it i can't download a file i need. xorg servers are being hammered i guess06:53
sepenwhich file?06:54
Romsterdon't worry i'll get it off a gentoo mirror06:55
sepenI have some distfiles here
sepenbut only a few06:56
Romsternot found :D06:56
Romsteri got nearly all of ports distfiles here
Romstermore than likely it's the xorg/freedesktop mirrors syncing.06:57
Romsterthere super slow06:57
Romsteroh had to add a / on the end of your address sepen  i thought the web server was meant to redirect me to that with trailing / on directories06:58
Romsterexcellent xorg builds, building other deps then testing random picks to see if there happy.07:06
Romsterhopefully tilman will pick up my work for a offical update soon.07:07
sepenooops, wrong window07:08
Romsterxorg-xf86-video-ati#6.14.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.07:09
Romsteroh noes...07:09
Romstereverything else built07:09
Romsterok here is the shit xorg-xf86-video-ati needs libdrm ...35 while novou in mesa3d brakes past libdrm ....3307:12
Romsterwhos bright idea was that not to fix that issue.07:13
jueRomster: yeah, the libdrm/nouveau issue is known07:22
Romsteryeah but any patches floating around or am i stuffed to break either that nouveau or xorg-xf86-video-ati.07:23
Rotwangoha noes07:32
Rotwangnot crapi07:32
frinnstfeel free to break nouveau :)07:49
Romsteraleayd have07:50
Romsterpushed changes07:50
Romsterfor anyone that has not been using my updated xorg 7.7 is complete except no nouveau07:51
frinnstconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-nouveau-experimental-api07:51
Romsterwhere is that?07:52
Romsternot in mesa3d07:52
juelooks like libdrm?07:53
Romsteroh lets see...07:53
Romster--disable-nouveau       Enable support for nouveau's KMS API (default: auto)07:54
Romsteri'll remove that --enable-nouveau-experimental-api07:54
Romsterjust a warning...07:54
frinnsthmm, pretty much everything failed to build07:55
frinnststupid gcc 4.707:55
frinnstlibpthread-stubs is broken romster07:56
frinnstonly installs a .pc07:56
Romster--enable-udev           Enable support for using udev instead of mknod  (default: disabled)07:56
Romsterhmm should i be removing that option sicne we now have kmod07:56
Romstereh i looked at that but i assumed that was by design of xorg.07:57
Romstereverything built with that version of libpthread-stubs07:57
Romsteroh shit... i didn't read that correctly. sigh... i'm tired from work and i rushed to get this done.07:58
Romsteri better leave that there.07:58
Romsteri really don't get the idea of /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pthread-stubs.pc08:00
Romsteras it says it's a stub to nothing.08:00
Romsterseems pointless even installing that.08:00
frinnstyeah but everything breaks without the library08:02
frinnstthat package seems fucked08:02
Romsterchecking for PTHREADSTUBS... no08:02
Romsterbreaks xorg-libxcb libdrm08:02
frinnstbreaks pretty much everything X related08:03
Romsterguess i'll revert the version, but why have that 0.3 if it's fucked on there server?08:03
Romsterwhy not a fixed 0.408:03
Romsteri built everything with libpthread-stubs 0.3 nothing broke.08:03
Romstermy reasoning being the stuff in there is no longer used it just needs that pthread-stubs.pc file to satisfy autotools on xorg-libxcb libdrm08:04
frinnstmight be my system that's fucked08:05
* frinnst rebuilds08:06
Romsteri built in a clean chroot08:09
Romstermight be that prt-get sysup can't handle that sort of major change to xorg without a proper rebuild of it.08:09
Romsterpushed libdrm obsolete option removal08:11
Romsterhas anyone tested newer nvidia drivers i see some newer versions out probably beta quality but still08:12
jueRomster: sorry, no, but 302.11 is the current beta08:26
Romsteri haven't had time to do much08:33
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frinnstwow, a dj with a golden shirt.. how very eastern euro :D10:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: taglib: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.211:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: xorg-font-msttcorefonts: picked up orphand port11:18
frinnstRomster: got everything going with libpthread-stubs after a couple of library rebuilds :)11:28
Romsteryeah thought as much since it all builds here fine.11:30
Romstermost likely them libtool files revenge? or was it them pkg-config files biting you.11:30
frinnstnot sure exactly what caused it11:31
frinnstbut once libpthread-stubs 0.3 was installed, pretty much everything got reported with a revdep11:31
frinnstlibjpeg made pretty much everything fail to run :)11:31
Romsterouch so pretty much a pain to rebuild if you had a older version installed.11:34
Romstermight have to wait for crux 2.8 iso to push new xorg out then?11:34
frinnststill lots of broken libs11:38
Romsterlibreoffice jre will always show up in revdep but you should be able to rebuild the rest.11:40
Romsteri didn't think that many things linked to that.11:40
jaegerI've been meaning to patch revdep to add a search for libs that are in the same dir or in nested dirs of the port it's checking11:50
Romsterme too but it's either a) no time b) i forget about doing that or c) no motivation when i do have time11:57
jaegerI did it once, lost the work11:58
Romsterthat sucks12:01
Romsteruse git more :)12:01
jaegerI do now, didn't then12:01
Romsteri make it a habit to revision control stuff. nothing worse than having to do the same thing over again.12:02
Romsterman i've been slack in contrib so many things need bumping.12:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ant: 1.8.3 -> 1.8.412:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bftpd: 3.7 -> 3.812:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cgit: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cpuid: 20120225 -> 2012060112:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: cython: 0.15.1 -> 0.1612:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 0.10.3 -> 0.11.112:14
jaegerhave you looked at avconv? I think it's replacing ffmpeg12:15
Romsternope not even aware of it.12:15
Romstergot a url for it?12:15
jaegerI guess it's a fork, not a replacement12:16
jaegerlibav project12:16
jaegersorry for the noise12:16
Romsteroh still i wasn't aware of that fork12:17
rmullI heard about it when it happened. I support it, I think12:17
rmullI haven't looked at it recentely12:17
jaegerI only heard about it because ffmpeg disappeared from one of my ubuntu installs :P12:18
Romsterit's getting early i'm gonna get to sleep. got a dj rig to setup later.12:18
Romsterubuntu says it all12:18
jaegerI don't have the hate for other distros that most do, I use a little of everything12:19
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Romsterit's just ubuntu in particular12:19
Romsterso i wonder how many projects can use libav instead of ffmpeg and the motives of the fork. may read more later.12:20
frinnststupid libtool12:26
frinnstthose spanish refs do like their yellow and red card12:28
frinnstthough the last one was pretty obvious :)12:28
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Rotwangit doesn't look weel for polish team15:10
frinnstwell. dont complain too much, goalie sent off and a penalty saved :)15:31
frinnstcould have been muuuuch worse15:31
Rotwangruskies massacred czech 4:115:32
frinnsthehe yeah15:32
frinnstso, udev free15:32
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frinnstthat should wake you up on your boring commute16:24
nogagplznah, happens all the time16:31
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joe9does anyone have jdk installed?16:46
joe9Romster: any thoughts, please?16:47
nogagplzyou're supposed to grabthe archive yourself and stick it in distfiles16:49
jaegeryou have to agree to oracle's license to download it, pkgmk can't do it for you16:49
jaegerso you download it from manually and then install the port16:50
joe9nogagplz: ok, thanks.16:51
joe9jaeger: ok, thanks.16:51
jaegerIf that isn't in the README file it probably should be16:52
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joe9jaeger: it is in the README file. i did not notice it.17:26
joe9i am trying to install this: it has these dependencies
joe9other than having to install the deps manually, is there an alternative.17:28
joe9i could not find anything in the crux ports browser.17:28
jaegermake ports of them yourself?17:34
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joe9the download is a .bin file. whereas the dependency is a .jar file.17:35
joe9does the difference matter?17:35
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jaegerI have no idea, not familiar with it, sorry17:36
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to see
krueacrux: Do you know what an <<R_PPC64_ADDR32 fff9e30a830 for symbol `' out of range>> error might be?18:40
krueThis is on ppc64.18:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: revert last change as it breaks dependent ports21:57
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