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horrorStruckRomster: many ports won't build with libpthread-stubs 0.3 on my machine too, what is the magic trick ?03:48
Romsterwhich ports?04:01
nogagplzusb ports04:01
Romsteri only tested a handful and they worked.04:01
Romsternogagplz, you tool04:01
* nogagplz unscrews Romsters head04:02
Romsteri so asked for that didn't i -_-04:02
RomsterhorrorStruck, what wont build04:02
horrorStrucklibdrm xf86-video-intel04:05
horrorStruckmaybe more04:05
horrorStruckthey all expect /usr/lib/libpthread-stubs.la04:05
horrorStruckyou mean "in process of building" or "builds fine here" ?04:12
Romsterin process04:13
horrorStruckok thanks04:13
Romstererr why process. more like in progress04:13
horrorStruckhmm sorry, you must be right.04:14
Romsteri'm not always right but i am sure on this one.04:16
horrorStruckstill building?04:18
horrorStrucki mean, still in progress :P ?04:18
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Romsterbuilding complete
Romsteri rebuilt every package other than core...04:22
Romsterin that list.04:22
Romsteragainst libpthread-stubs 0.304:22
horrorStruckthis is a mystery04:26
Romsterbuild in a chroot then install all them built packages on your system?04:27
Romsteryou probably have broken stuff that you should find with revdep04:29
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horrorStruckpossible indeed, i'll try that04:33
Romstertesting more ports but so far i've not had anything fail04:37
Romsterupdating libpthread-stubs must be like updating libpng or libjpeg it breaks a ton of stuff that needs rebuilding.04:44
Romsterdamn that Hitler he should of been erased from the time line04:58
horrorStruckoh have to rebuild half of my ports now :O05:05
horrorStruckonly necause of that ultra small pthread-stub05:06
Romsteri wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal but apparently it affects alot.05:07
Rotwangwhat is this pthread-stub used for?05:09
horrorStruckdunno exactly i can't even give you a link as all my browsers are broken ATM05:10
horrorStruckah crap, now a xorg related port rebuild failed because of latest ffmpeg :D please God kill me NOW05:12
Romsteri reverted ffmpeg already05:38
Romsterports -u contrib ; prt-get sysup05:39
niklasweguys how can i do so dhcpcd doesnt update my resolv.conf..05:42
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niklaswehmm I used chattr +i on it resolv.conf..05:44
Rotwangniklaswe: there is a dhcpcd config option for that05:45
Rotwangdon't remember which one though :C05:45
teK_btw.. anyone ever cat(1)ed a tar file to /dev/nst0 with success?05:47
niklasweRotwang: dhcpcd -C resolv.conf..05:48
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frinnstteK_: what? i already pushed it last night07:29
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teK_thanks :)07:44
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joe9romster, I want to install this package which has the dependencies
joe9i am trying to package these packages. but, i could only find  .bin files on the oracle website.11:38
joe9i am wondering if you have some mechanism/guidelines to use debian packages.11:39
jaegerare the .bin files self-extracting archives like java, etc.?12:25
jaegeryou could run it and then install packages from there if so12:25
jaegerIf you need to use a .deb, you can extract it with ar and tar12:25
jaegerar p whatever.deb | tar Jxf data.tar.lzma12:26
jaegersometimes it's data.tar.bz2 or .xz or .gz as well, just have to check12:26
jaegerI can post a chrome Pkgfile I use if you need an example for that12:26
joe9jaeger: thanks a lot.12:36
joe9i found romster's openjdk installation and am playing around with it.12:36
joe9can you please post the chrome Pkgfile, if it is not a bother for you.12:37
joe9jaeger: ^^^12:37
jaegersorry, my command above was wrong, the one in the Pkgfile is correct12:41
frinnstopenjdk is a pain to build12:55
frinnstrequires virgins sacrifices etc12:58
jaegerjava is such a pain13:06
jaegerno matter which one it is13:06
Romsteri'm drunk and just finished a night of dj-ing and i must say i never completed openjdk yet13:14
Romsterit has a ton pf dependencies13:14
joe9Romster: there was one in /usr/ports/romster13:14
joe9i am trying to build it now.13:14
joe9let me see how it goes for me.13:14
Romsteryes but it wont build without further work13:15
joe9 is my Pkgfile13:15
joe9still working on it, though.13:15
joe9Romster: thanks.13:15
Romsterit was a half harted attempt.13:15
joe9romster: atleast  you tried13:20
Romsterthat i did13:20
Romsterif you make any progress let me know, i'm off to bed to sleep this booze off13:26
joe9ok, thanks.13:27
frinnstI wonder if the germans may threaten to withold bailout money on the pitch (germany - portugal)13:49
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jaegerI present to you the king:
jaeger"The king of what?", you ask? EVERYTHING.15:19
frinnstffs, does the german fans only know one chant?15:19
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