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acruxkrue: seems to be bad assembly00:44
acruxsomething managed as ppc on ppc6400:44
acruxbtw, gcc could be able to fix these things00:44
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veehello hello02:14
veehow are you romster?02:25
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Romsterkrue, change lines in asm sections from ".long 98b\n" to "LONGT " 99b\n"02:28
Romster#ifdef __powerpc64__02:30
Romster# define LONGT ".llong"02:30
Romster# define LONGT ".long"02:30
Romsterand add that near the top of the file02:30
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juegood morning03:37
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Ovim-ObscurumHi everyone!07:21
Ovim-ObscurumIs it possible to get CRUX booting from LVM without using a initrd?07:21
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jaegerOvim-Obscurum: I don't see how it would be, honestly... the kernel would have to do all the LVM setup, like mdadm raid autodetection, and I don't think any of that code exists08:33
Ovim-ObscurumYeah I saw that in my experiment too08:33
Ovim-Obscurumunfortunately the LVM isn't loaded before mounting the rootfs08:33
Ovim-ObscurumThere is now "nice" tool to create a initrd under CRUX isn't it? Doing it manually by using dd and cpio looks hard08:34
jaegerI assume you could use mkinitrd, maybe, but I've not tried it myself08:41
jaegerthere's also gen_init_cpio or whatever it's called08:41
jaeger <-- maybe this is good enough, if not you could modify it08:41
Ovim-ObscurumUh okay08:42
Ovim-ObscurumGonna have a look at it08:42
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, grub2 can do only /basic/ setups if you say span the root LV over two or more PVs it breaks booting with grub208:47
Ovim-ObscurumI wanted to keep the whole OS on a LV, only /boot as a primary partition08:48
Ovim-ObscurumLike in RHEL08:48
Romsterpersonally for muliple disks it's best to keep root on a SSD and lvm for everything else.08:49
Ovim-ObscurumYeah, that would have been a option, too.08:49
Ovim-ObscurumBut there must be a possibility to get the whole OS (excluding /boot) working on LVM :D08:50
Ovim-ObscurumAs I see there's a port of mkinitrd for CRUX. Gonna update it (it's outdated) and have a look at it. :)08:50
Romsterthere is but that's with either grub2 or a initramfs setup08:50
Ovim-ObscurumI think initramfs is a good point to checkout. Need to learn working with that - never did something with initramfs by now. :x08:51
Romsteruntil now08:51
Ovim-ObscurumEh yes :D08:52
Ovim-ObscurumSorry for my english.08:52
Ovim-Obscuruminitrd's are a LPIC-2 topic - wanted to take the exam this year. So I got to learn this anyway :D08:52
Romsterthat's fine, i'm just correcting sometimes to help out.08:52
Ovim-ObscurumThank you :)08:52
Romsterif oyu don't know you wont learn.08:52
Ovim-ObscurumThat's correct :D08:53
Romsteri expect the same if i make a mistake.08:53
Romsterif you find any good initramfs generating projects i could port it08:54
Ovim-ObscurumI only know mkinitrd from the busybox project08:54
Ovim-ObscurumAnd there's for example the outdated 1.01 port for CRUX Linux:
Ovim-ObscurumCurrent version is 1.20.1 from june 201208:55
Ovim-Obscurumoh brb someone's on the door08:55
Romsterseems odd as it's bdfy's project and his port.08:56
Romsteroh, right his ports are hsoted on google code.08:56
Romsterhosted even...08:56
frinnstteK_: any specific reason contrib/ntp runs as root?08:56
frinnstmind if i patch it a bit to run as a non-priv user?08:57
Romsterit has t update the clock how else can it without permission unless you can make it run in the daemon group or it's own ntpd user.08:57
Romsterdoes it matter it hasn't got any security issues?08:57
frinnstno, but it runs fine as non root08:58
Romsteralso if the time/date is that far out it has to do a large jump?08:58
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frinnstis it just me, or does scrolling in firefox 13 seem a bit more sluggish?09:17
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Romsterhaven't bumped to 12 even yet still on 1109:38
Romsteri think firefox gets slower every release. the whole cairo is broken made me not bother upgrading.09:39
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jaegerI think the slowness in 13 is a cairo workaround but I'm not sure10:13
teK_frinnst: patches welcome;)10:17
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spaceninjaudev needs libkmod10:26
jaegerspaceninja: kmod is listed in udev's dependencies10:27
frinnst <- epic10:27
spaceninjajaeger:ok thx10:28
frinnstit replaces modules-init-tools10:29
frinnstalso, udev sucks :)10:29
sepenspaceninja: it would be usefult to you to get subscribed to mailing lists10:30
frinnstaye, they are very low traffic10:31
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spaceninjayes, I'll do that10:34
teK_mike_k_: any plans on updating powertop?10:34
teK_frinnst: why gid 73?10:39
frinnstno idea, it was unused?10:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ntp: run without root-privileges, patch by frinnst10:49
teK_it wasnt for me. :p10:49
frinnsthah, did you change it?10:49
frinnstbtw, do we have a policy for stuff like that? reserved ranges etc?10:49
teK_I grepped /usr/ports for grouadd calls :o10:50
frinnstso did I, no hit. what used 73?10:51
teK_net-snmp does funky stuff in a while loop to figure out the next free gid =)10:51
teK_snmpd ;)10:51
teK_because zabbix uses 72 andit starts searching from 72 up. I think10:52
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goodboxhi *12:44
Ovim-ObscurumHey tilman seems like your lftp port is broken due to renaming the URL12:46
krueacrux,Romster: thanks, I'll try that.12:49
kruetrying to get ardour running on my Powerstation...12:49
Ovim-ObscurumPowerstation? A "real" Powerstation with IBM Power?12:50
krueIt's the one from terrasoft/fixstars with the 970s.12:56
Ovim-ObscurumThe POWER5-One?12:57
krue /proc/cpuinfo says "PPC970MP, altivec supported". It's not a real POWER5.13:01
Ovim-ObscurumThe POWER devices are pretty cool, I'd really like to have one, too.13:05
Ovim-ObscurumBut don't know where to put it under my table :D13:05
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joe9arch PKGBUILD file seem pretty similar to our Pkgfile13:36
joe9and it supports git packages, etc.13:36
joe9any arch users here? any differences why you prefer crux over arch?13:37
Ovim-ObscurumIt's smarter and stabler13:39
joe9ok, thanks. Ovim-Obscurum13:47
Ovim-ObscurumNo problem, you're welcome.13:48
Ovim-Obscurumlol I just said that CRUX is stabler than Arch - and now the udev update crashed my whole system14:00
veei used crux, went to arch, then came back to crux....14:05
veeafter using crux for a while, everything else seems to be extremely slow for me...but that might be because i'm just use to it14:05
veeother than that, crux is more stable, simpler, and the community is awesome. i'd say fast again, but that might be relative lol14:06
veehope that helps joe914:06
joe9vee, thanks.14:07
Ovim-ObscurumSee you tomorrow, goodbye14:18
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tilman o_O14:42
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teK_speaking ofclang: ;)15:04
joe9vee: one thing with crux that I am struggling with. there are a lot of ports that I am building for myself.15:06
mike_k_teK_: I'll look into powertop. not using laptop atm, but it should still work15:51
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krueRomster: your suggestion worked!18:57
krueCan fixes for building on ppc64 go into the "normal" ports, or do they have go to the ppc-specific ones instead?18:57
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krueppc64 fix for jack:
krueversion/url change for liblrdf:
krueThe liblrdf includes some autotools stuff that I'm not sure on, but it worked for me (tm)18:59
krueraptor is up to version 2.0.7. Version 2 can coexist with version 1, so you might need a raptor2 port.19:01
krueOn the other hand, liblrdf was the only thing I saw that used raptor...19:01
krue(I have a patch for raptor-1.4.21 if you want it)19:02
kruelibgnomecanvas needs a version bump to 2.30.319:03
krueAlso, I find it easier to use gnome urls of the form$name/$majminver/$name-$version.tar.bz219:04
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krueardour version bump/ppc64 fix:
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joe9this is my CFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf19:34
joe9export CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"19:34
joe9does it make apps go faster if I change it to O3?19:35
joe9or, is there anything more that I can add to make stuff go faster.19:35
veehas anyone built this for this for crux?
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Romsterkrue, that's odd because i was trying to build a newer version of ardour last night, didn't complete it though.20:53
Romsterkrue, i'd suggest they go into there own ppc ports, otherwise those that arn't using ppc have no way of testing it.20:58
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Romsterclang sword fighting eh, they could of choose a better name... how on earth did you find that tilman21:02
Romsterbefore i clicked on that link i was expecting news about the clang compiler.21:02
Romsterkrue, i would submit that patch to the jack project in there bug tracker.21:03
Romsterkrue, could you do that if it's not already aware about.21:03
nogagplzlets have a chainsaw fight Romster21:05
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Romsterkrue, also i much prefer this notion "patch -p 2 -i $SRC/jack-1.9.8-ppc64-long.patch" over "patch -p2 < ../../jack-1.9.8-ppc64-long.patch"21:08
Romsterjoe9, i wouldn't use -O3 system wide but you can change your -march to suit your processor or even use -march=native on newer gcc versions for it to guess itself.21:12
Romsterbut built packages wont work on other cpus unless they are the same cpu. that turns on features like SSE SSE2 and other stuff that your cpu supports for faster code.21:12
Romsterthere is  big improvement for CXXFLAGS if you add -fvisibility-inlines-hidden but a handful of ports break with that but not many. and you can tack in -fno-visibility-inlines-hidden into those.21:14
Romsterwhen it fails it'll be like missing symbol not found errors.21:15
Romsterlonger to compile but way quicker at run time.21:15
Romsterthere is other methods but they are more invasive.21:16
Romsterkrue, i was stuck on liblrdf thanks for that patch made it compile, it will link with raptor2 so i'l push that shortly.21:19
veeromster, i hope you'll help me fine tune my system too :P21:28
Romsteri've done many things to do that already to mine.21:28
veea bit of guidance for me would be wonderful :P21:28
Romsterwell fixing up -march for your cpu type cat /proc/cpuinfo21:29
Romsterman gcc find what arch it is.21:29
Romsterand it'll only speed up stuff you recompile of course.21:30
veewell, the new lappy im going to install crux on has maybe i can get a head start on that21:30
Romsterah you could do this too.
Romsterapplied to binutils21:31
Romsterbut it requires a whole system rebuild to work.21:31
Romsteror a fresh install.21:32
veewell, i gotta cycle through the man pages and see what i can find21:32
Romsterthat optimises the linker and the newer gnu dtags that is more efferent at resolving symbols in libraries21:32
veeon my cpu so i can change the -march thingie21:32
Romsterwell what cpu is it?21:33
veethe one i have now is a p421:33
veethe new lappy has an i7 ivy bridge 361021:33
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Romsternogagplz,  what was your CFLAGS for the I{3,5,7} you used as i know it's not got it's own specific one until gcc 4.6.x21:34
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Romsterfor the p421:35
nogagplzexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=core2 -pipe -maes -msse4.1 -msse4.2" dunno how reliable that is for everybody but nothing has broken with them here21:36
Romsteri'm pretty sure it was -march=nocona and some other SSE stuff added in for the i{3,5,7} but nogagplz knows exactly as he has set that up, until we move to gcc 4.6.x or higher for the specific nameed -march21:36
Romsteroh it's core221:36
Romsteri think that's what gentoo recommended for the i series cpu's anyways nogagplz21:37
Romstervee, use what nogagplz has for the I721:37
nogagplzwish you told me that before I wasted time looking the hard way21:37
Romsteri only found that out after you did that.21:38
nogagplzno excuses, you and me outside right now21:38
veeinteresting, i should write this down21:39
veethere are two files on the export thingie, should i alter both to pentium 4?21:39
Romsterhmm no it's not what nogagplz said but nogagplz is working...21:39
Romsterwhat i do is include the CFLAGS into the CXXFLAGS21:40
veesounds good to me, thanks!21:40
veeso, just to make sure, when im installing crux, after i run setup-chroot, i should alter these settings, correct?21:41
Romsteroh right it is but they didn't include the asm options how odd.21:41
Romsteryep before rebuilding your system21:41
Romsteri would rebuild all core ports but it's not necessary for a slight speed up.21:42
Romsterwhich flavour you going with 32,64,multilib?21:42
vee64 bit probably, since im rolling with 8 gigs of ram21:43
nogagplzdo multilib, covered then if you need some 32 only crap21:43
Romsterthat would be my and nogagplz suggestion the only difference is glibc-32 in core and a gcc that can compile 64 and 32bit.21:44
Romsterof course nogagplz myself jaeger are biased as we are on multilib, not sure who else uses multilib.21:45
veejust to make sure,
veethat, right? lol21:45
Romsteryeha i merged them or you can use jaegers21:46
Romsteri copied his stuff but i think i added in an extra layer for my version updated opt ports that i've bumped myself.21:46
Romster you need that to install.21:47
nogagplzhow long until crux gets into bed with systemd :P21:47
Romsterfor opt.rsync21:48
Romsterdo the same with core contrib xorg21:48
veewell, we should probably discuss all this when i actually get the laptop and start installing it :P21:48
Romsterand if you like i got updated xorg which you might already be using.21:49
Romsterinstructions are lacking in multilib21:49
veetell you what, the second i get my lappy, and i get the main installation stuff up, ill hop on to irc... :D21:50
veeas for now, i must go attend to the gf....21:50
veethanks again romster!21:50
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Romsterkrue, something is amiss here still scons: *** [/usr/ports/work/ardour/pkg/usr/etc/ardour2/ardour-sae.menus] gtk2_ardour/ardour-sae.menus: No such file or directory22:01
Romsteri pushed the other port updates22:01
Romsternogagplz,  hopefully never22:01
Romsteri think we might goto mdev before that ever happens22:02
nogagplzthought mdev wasn't very mature though22:04
Romsterno idea others are testing it22:10
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