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veehello hello01:52
acruxkrue: good catch!01:52
acruxkrue: btw, i'm unable to use a X-Fi soundcard on my Powerstation01:53
Romsteracrux, i found it by searching the web.01:53
acruxRomster: :D great!01:53
Romsterperhaps krue could join you acrux on ppc maintaining.01:55
acruxRomster: 'd be really nice and desirable01:55
acruxas i don't use anymopre ppc machines as desktops01:56
Romstersince krue seems to know enough to do ports stuff.01:56
Romsteroh none at all.01:57
Romsteri'd help out but i have nothing ppc around here.01:57
nogagplzI could give you a G3 laptop01:57
Romsternot the one you fixed up for yourself?01:57
acruxthree days ago my ibookG4 went in Paradise...01:57
Romsterwent to01:58
nogagplzthere was a place selling them for ~$15001:58
acruxRomster: to much work along the years... CRUX is a bit hw consuming...01:58
nogagplzshipping was murder though01:58
Romsteris there anything that's not a apple product that's powerpc though?01:59
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Romsterthem apples are so flimsy i know i've pulled them apart.01:59
acruxRomster: POWER based from IBM02:00
Romsteryeah i'd settle with a IBM product. far more reliable.02:00
acruxi've online a POWER4 if someone wont to join02:00
acruxi've also a POWER5 and an Xserve dualG4 but no housing for them...02:01
acruxat my uni they cut down support/sponsorships for third part project02:02
acruxthus still housed only cruxppc server and one workstation (the power4 one)02:02
Romsternear impossible to find anything with ibm-ppc power5 notebook02:08
Romsteri've looked a few times over the years but never spotted anything i was after in a notebook02:09
acruxRomster: eh, no new ppc notebook around :/02:09
Romsterwhy the heck not.02:09
Romsterpower5 has been out for awhile now.02:09
acruxpower5 cpu is really big (and power hungry)02:10
acruxand it lacks a simd unit02:10
Romsteri thought pcc machines were supposed to be very power efferent.02:10
acruxnowday.. yes02:11
acruxbut the legacy ppc64 product were an epic fails02:11
acrux(POWER4, G5, POWER5)02:12
Romstermaybe under the newer name power isa02:13
acrux"power isa" is the standars they must respecty to be a power architecure product02:14
acruxnew SoC from Freescale are powerfull and nice products02:14
acruxbut Freescale sucks...02:15
Romsterthe market is so flooded with x86/x86_64 items it's hard to find anything RISC based.02:15
acruxeh, on linkedin channel i said a lot of time that these roadmaps are out of the world :D02:17
Romsteri think the expectations are way to high02:18
acruxonly industrial/automotive related product02:18
acruxRomster: yep02:18
Romsteri've been wanting a RSIC based notebook for a very very long time02:18
acruxi signed a lot of papers to have Power Source logo02:18
Romsterthat's not a flimsy apple02:18
acruxand i got only the logo.... not support or sposorships...02:19
Romsterlogo for the ppc site?02:19
Romsterall that effort.02:19
Romsterseems to me they want to keep ppc for corporate and not consumer use.02:19
acruxRomster: it is, only corporate and to sell TM02:20
acruxi guess we are the only one community distro to be qualified to use their logo02:21
acrux(the last one was YDL)02:21
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Romsterdrivine me crazy that we are still using a x86_64 with so many instruction adons that it's so messy it's very hard to optimize code.02:21
Romsterok i can put up with it for a desktop but laptop use...02:22
Romsterwhat notebooks out there do i even have a chance to get my hands on?02:22
acruxa powerbook02:23
acruxbut a desktop use is always a pain... avery new kernel features or drivers aren't tested on ppc02:24
acruxthus is always a fight to fix everithing02:24
Romsterpowerbook's don't get a lot of enthusiasm from me.02:25
Romsterheck even something using the cell processor has to be better.02:26
Romsterthan a intel based laptop02:26
nogagplzPS3 uses cell afaik02:26
Romsterit does02:26
acruxi never owned a ps302:26
nogagplzme neither02:27
Romsteroh i found one that uses a cell as a co-processor
acruxbut i think that pcie powerxcell8i addon card it's a nice thing02:27
Romsterwell based on Cell architecture02:27
acruxRomster: always cellBE like ps302:28
acruxthe good one is powerxcell8i02:28
acruxanyway every cell based is legacy02:28
acruxthis is the actual one02:29
Romsterdamn it i'll never find one i like. i may as well settle for a toshiba i7 or something...02:29
acrux(as Cell segment)02:30
Romsterit's seriously crap that it's hard to find anything RISC makes me sad and frustrated.02:30
acruxeheh, you need to look at arm02:31
Romster or even that in a notebook.02:32
acruxeh, i also like Lamborghini but it's always a 3Km/l car02:33
acruxi go away, see you Romster02:33
Romsterlater acrux i'll look around the arm stuff02:34
RomsterLamborghini Asus VX3 Laptop, good gawd i don't want to spend $3000 on one -_-02:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: docbook-xml: include all the 4.x series of DTD's04:53
acruxRomster: new tegra3 based is nice05:07
acruxand maybe the next upcoming genesi imx.6 based netbook too05:07
acruxkrue: i prepared a port for ff-10 but i never committed because i'm unable to get gnash working against05:07
acruxmaybe you could be interested (and maybe fix it)05:08
Romsterhow do you nuke gconf from being a dependency on a port... sadly this port has no --disable-gconf on geoclue05:17
Romsterok seems it's broken i'll have to use a git checkout.05:22
acruxRomster: me?05:27
Romsteranyone in general to the whole channel i didn't prefix acrux on that :)05:27
acruxnew asus transformer is tegra3 based05:28
Romster after a notepad but this is interesting05:31
Romsternotebook i mean doh05:31
acruxi guess it works fine with android but i doubt with linux...05:32
acruxtransformer has a keyboard side addon05:33
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acruxi think transormer prime 'll be my next gift :)05:36
Romstermy gawd that's fast and sexy i want.05:37
Romsterand the keyboard with extra battery is awesome05:37
Romsterevery other tablet i've played with at work is too slow.05:38
acruxwell, it's high-end product (talking of arm owrld)05:41
Romstermy gawd does that dude ever stop to take a breath of air.05:44
Romsterhmm gps not so up to par..05:44
Romsternot worried about the camera05:45
acruxasus italy will give an external gps dongle to fix it05:45
acruxwell, i guess a revision2 will be quickly out05:46
Romsteryeah i'd wait for the gps fix.05:46
Romsterbut overall i want but it wont quite do the task i was planning for on a notebook but it would do everything else.05:47
acruxgpx extension kit/fix05:51
Romsterand over here some port that i don't know....05:51
Romsterdo any of them have 3G at all.05:53
Romsterguess i'll still need my smartphone todo the hot spot.05:53
acruxit seems that from autumn it'll be a new model05:53
acrux(3G+gps fixed)05:54
Romsteromg funnny language in cantonese05:54
Romsterawesome i'll so wait for that but is tempting to buy05:55
RomsterThe offer will expire on 31th of July, 2012 (PST)05:59
Romsterthat's not far away..05:59
Romsteryeah wait for the fixed gp and 3g even better if it's 4g that works in australia.06:11
Romsterunlike the ipad 4g that only works as 3g :D06:11
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juehi sepen08:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gutenprint: depends on ijs resp. ghostscript, footprint update08:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: squid: update to 3.1.2008:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gtk-engines: fix build with glib 2.3x08:33
sepenlol, what program has used Linux to do that?08:49
joe9romster, thanks09:22
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Romsteri can't remember for what now joe9 i've been saying a few things.09:46
Romsterbut thank you none the less09:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: powertop: update to 2.010:29
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joe9Romster: regarding the CFLAGS.12:11
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veehello all12:27
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joe9this is what i have in /etc/prt-get.conf
joe9and I put pkgmk as requiring nopasswd in sudoers file.13:18
joe9but, still prt-get is asking me for a password.13:18
joe9i tried prt-get -vv, but that does not show any output13:18
joe9any suggestions on how I can get more output from prt-get or, atleast figure out which command it might be running when asking me for the password.13:19
joe9or, I could have set the sudoers wrongly. let me double check.13:22
rmulljoe9: It prompts you for the password in the middle of its output?13:29
rmullI see what you're doing, never mind13:33
rmullIs this really the best way to do this..?13:34
rmullwhy not just purt prt-get as nopasswd?13:37
joe9rmull, good idea.13:37
veeanyone here use xmonad or the like?14:12
joe9vee, yes, I use xmonad.14:31
joe9vee, why do you ask?14:31
veebecause i cant for the life of me figure out how to use it lol. i love how lightweight and simple it is, but, i dont get what i must do....14:31
rmullvee: What would "the like" mean?14:31
veesimilar tiling mangers? i think thats what they're called14:32
rmullI use dwm14:32
joe9vee, i use startx to start xmonad.14:32
joe9vee, do you want me to help you with the configuration? or, what are you struggling with?14:32
joe9do you use multiple monitors?14:33
veeno, just a single monitor14:33
joe9in my .zprofile, at the end: :
veebut the configuration, that I'm not familiar with14:33
joe9extract from /etc/inittab
joe9vee, do you mean the xmonad.hs?14:34
veewell, i'd like to know how/what you have to edit to change the menu's on the top to launch say chromium and what not14:35
joe9vee, you could bind the app to an xmonad keybinding or use dmenu or just the plain old console.14:36
joe9that question is xmonad specific. can you ask in #xmonad.14:36
joe9you will get better answers than mine.14:36
veealrighty, thanks14:36
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jaegerAnyone have a SLES install handy?15:50
teK_which version15:52
jaeger10 if possible but I think any would do. I just want to know what's in the /etc/init.d/rc script15:52
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krueRomster: I'll use "patch -i " for future patches (old habits...)19:49
krueAnd I'll try compiling ardour on my x86_64 laptop to see if I get the same error.19:50
krueacrux: I'm using an Edirol FA-101 successfully. It works with libffado.19:53
krueI just add '--firewire' to configure in the jack port before building.19:53
krueIt's connected to a PCI-X firewire card. The libffado folks were recommending PCI-X over PCIe back when I bought it -- don't know if that still applies.19:54
krueThat does mean that I can remove the Belkin USB/Firewire card for testing without missing much.19:56
krue(I still haven't done that, but will try when I compile a new kernel)19:56
krueI'm also interested in the ff updates -- will look at them when I get some time.19:58
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