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acruxkrue: thus a totally different audio subsytem compared to my one01:05
Romsteracrux, jack, it's for professional audio use.02:42
Romsterzero latency02:42
acruxRomster: yep, it's a firewire audio system02:43
acruxmine it's a simple X-Fi02:43
acruxbut it doesn't play :/02:43
Romstersure it's not muted in alsa's mixer?02:43
acruxi think some kernel dma issue for this system02:43
Romsteroh that bad02:44
acruxi got errors02:44
Romsterno option in bios for a plug n pray OS02:44
acruxno bios at all02:45
Romsterplug n play, but i call it plug n pray it used to never work more than half the time when it first came out02:45
Romsterget a different audio card to use?02:46
Romsteryour stuff is just too exotic i guess02:46
acruxi need to look for a new one but if the problem is dma... no party :)02:46
acruxRomster: an ydl_powerstation02:47
Romsteryeah exotic02:47
acruxstupid exotic thing...02:50
acruxi'd like to have a quite linux life02:50
Romsteras a ppc maintainer good luck, lol.02:51
* nogagplz maintains Romster around a bit with a large sigsegv02:53
Romstergood on ya02:56
frinnstfun for the whole family03:22
Romsterwhat no gerbil03:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nagios: initial import06:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nagios-plugins: initial import06:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nagios-nrpe: initial import06:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nagios-plugins-nrpe: initial import06:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nagios-plugins: cleanup06:27
frinnstomg, they confirmed the "maybe a dingo ate your baby case"06:39
frinnstonly in australia..06:39
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frinnstoh how lovely. someone booked me a flight to new york. I just need to download the ticket and open it07:01
jaegersounds legit07:07
Romsteropen it in some windows vm that's snapshotted of a fresh install and see what it does.07:14
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krueacrux: yeah, I wonder if I lucked out since the physical card is firewire instead of audio.07:34
krueI had a problem when I tried to replace the video card.07:35
krueThe firmware didn't recognize it and so the bios init code did not run.07:35
krueHad to fix the old card instead.07:36
Romsterkrue, i havne't done anything more on ardour i can apply that patch to that but you'll have to patch jack yourself. but so far it wont build but i bumped the other dependencies for it.07:36
krueThanks for those. I 'll try compiling ardour on x86_64 after work today.07:38
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krueMy time this week is limited as I'm preparing for a road trip to a demoparty this thursday.07:40
krueMust pack up the Apple //e :)07:40
Romstercool i got a apple ][e here too07:40
Romsterbut no cable to the floppy disk drive which sucks07:41
Romsterand i attempted to rewire the odd ball 38 pin plug with a standard one and i must of done a mistake and blew a chip up so now it sits in a box collecting dust07:42
krueHmm, I'm not aware of a drive which uses a 38pin cable.07:44
krueThe original disk IIs used 20pin ribbon cables.07:44
Romsterfor the twin floppy controller07:44
krueThe later Unidisks used a 19pin d-shell connector.07:44
Romsterit has i tink it's 38 or 37 pin on one end to a 25pin on the other end.07:45
Romstersome funky wiring setup and i traced a cable i borrowed to rewire mine with a 25pin on the ribbon cable to the interface card...07:45
Romsternot sure where i went wrong with it.07:45
Romsteri could of swore i triple checked every pin on the lead at both ends.07:46
Romsterah well not too fussed.07:46
Romsterthere was a colour apple ][e i'd like to have got my hands on years ago.07:47
krueIt was a common mistake to misalign the 20pin connectors by one pin and blow a chip inside the drive.07:47
Romsteryeah but i totally rewired mine and no idea where i made the wiring mistake as i don't have the original cable i borrowed to figure the wiring out.07:48
krueLuckily, that's all that was damaged, and it's a 74xx series part and socketed -- so easily replacable.07:48
Romsterback they i could of got one for $70 and i didn't want to pay that for some old lead.07:48
Romsteri could fix the drive chips they are socket-ted but the wiring mistake still remains.07:49
Romsteranyways you better get organized, i haven't got much time until the weekend either.07:54
krueDo you know what brand the drives are?07:54
krueI'll ask in #a2c.chat07:55
Romsternot off the top of my mind no. i'd have to go and look.07:55
Romsterremind me when you get back from your road trip.07:55
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krueSure. I'll ask in the meantime too since a 38pin connector was not very common.07:58
krueHi poulecaca07:58
teK_mike_k: powerto works with CONFIG_DEbug and MSR Registers enabled08:02
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joe9romster, vee, found this article about CFLAGS:
joe9any thoughts, please?08:05
joe9I use distcc, so native is not a good idea.08:06
jaegerThat's neat08:09
Romsteri wonder what nogagplz will say on the I7 since it's not got a gcc version that supports that yet.08:13
Romsterbut that's a neat trick, bookmarked that.08:13
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Romsterhmm seems there is a few i could add to my CFLAGS like -mcx1608:15
Romsternot sure if it's wise too but worth testing, perhaps those are added with my -march=amdfam10 already.08:16
sepenlol -march=3rd_month08:17
Romsteryeah never use native with distcc recipe for disaster. i was using distcc i need to get my other boxens up to crux08:17
jaegercore2 is the best it can do for this xeon e552008:17
Romsterjoe9, have you found any quirks in distcc you had to work around?08:17
Romsterjaeger, in some cases you can add -msse and stuff to make it work better if core2 doens't cover those extra options.08:18
Romsterin the past i've had distcc break more stuff than ccache ever has.08:19
mike_kteK_: thanks. CONFIG_DEBUG_FS seems to be essential. did you have to enable both CONFIG_X86_MSR and CONFIG_X86_DEBUGCTLMSR?08:20
teK_it started with the first enabled08:21
teK_dunno about debug08:21
teK_there has tobe some documentation wrt kernel otions needed (+ nice to ahve a bundled README file in the port)08:21
mike_kit actually has a README. and it corresponds to what is on site... and doesn't list CONFIG_DEBUG_FS though (08:23
mike_kso they do not list all the reqs explicitly08:23
joe9romster, i notice that if anything fails with distcc, it runs it on local host too.08:24
joe9i have not seen any issues with distcc, until I saw that article.08:24
frinnstanybody need ddr2 modules? 2x1gb pc6400, 2x512mb pc420008:24
Romsterjoe9, ah so it wont like explode the port if it fails? i'm talkign about the annoyance of libs not the same version on every host.08:27
Romstermplayer update :D08:28
joe9frinnst: would love some 1gb modules.08:28
joe9frinnst: where are you located?08:28
Romsteri got enough ram here for awhile.08:28
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: powertop: update requirements in README08:29
frinnstgive me your details and i'll ship them08:31
frinnstshipping shouldnt be that bad08:31
frinnstI had a motherboard fry on me, so no use for them08:32
joe9frinnst: are you sure? it probably will be. I can pay for the shipping. let me check if I can use pc6400, before further steps.08:32
frinnstsure, its regular dimm's, no laptop crap08:33
frinnsttwinmos 8d25kk-tw08:34
joe9my ram module is a pc2700u08:35
Romster2700 is 677MHz from memory DDR208:36
joe9and the other is a pc3200U.08:36
Romsterthough you can mix it with DDR2 800MHz ram just fine it'll only run at the slowest speed.08:36
Romster3200 is 800MHz08:37
joe9romster, thanks.08:37
joe9frinnst: let me know how to pay you for the shipping. I will do so. credit card? credit card/paypal?08:37
Romsterthough i've see a few different brands not play nice together but that's pretty rare. be sure you got matched pairs for dual gang mode.08:38
Romsterif your motherboard supports that.08:38
Romster128bit bus to the cpu memory controller than 64bit doubles ram data speed.08:39
Romsterbut it's picky on the ram if it's not matched in pairs.08:39
Romstersame brand latency etc... don't necessarily have to be the same sequence of serial numbers.08:40
frinnstjoe9 what state do you live in?08:46
joe9frinnst: atlanta ga.08:47
joe9frinnst: i tried to start a query to send you the address.08:47
frinnsthm, didnt appear here08:49
frinnstoh, im not registered08:49
joe9frinnst: can you query me?08:49
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jaegerAnyone using samba on linux or freebsd to serve files to active directory clients with proper ACL support?08:56
Romsterjue, jaeger did you guys bump gdk-pixbuf when you bumped atk glib?09:01
jaegerI used 2.2609:03
Romsterbuilding 2.26.1 now and09:03
Romsterrebuilding gtk. i'm testing though gtkmm and other stuff seeing what's broken and what just needs a version bump to work.09:04
Romsterquite a task when there are this many ports.09:04
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Romsterjaeger, perhaps you cna help me with geoclue it wants gconf and gtk-doc two ports i'd rather not introduce into contrib, any easy way to mask them out?
Romsterbad enough that geoclue needs dbus-glib09:14
jaegercheck the geoclue makefile(s) I guess, see if you can exlude subdirs or if there are configure switches to remove the requirements09:15
jaegerI've never used it, myself09:15
Romsteri didn't find any configure switches so it's the makefile method if possible.09:16
Romsteryou will use it for the next up coming webkit update if you use webkit that is.09:16
jaegerI haven't yet09:17
Romstermight be an option as firefox is going downhill09:19
sepenI'm waiting for dillo309:26
Romsteri could of swore i seen seen Pkgfiles with gconf disabling but i can't find any right now.09:26
sepenat least this box will have a web browser, and I've curiosity to see how dillo3 works09:28
Romsteri think lynx is around the same ncurses as dillo3 is? not tried dillo in a long time.09:33
joe9sepen: i remember when I first tried dillo. it was pretty fast.09:33
joe9have you tried "links -g". that is what I am using these days.09:33
rmullIf you're looking for a great small-footprint webkit browser, try xombrero... I've got it packaged in the rmull repo09:34
rmullYou'll have to write a config file though09:34
rmulland it's still just webkit09:34
Romsteri've been playing with midori09:34
sepenjoe9: I also used w3m-image in the past09:34
rmullnetsurf was pretty interesting last time I looked at it, but no javascript yet09:35
joe9rmull: i tried uzbl, but it was still too raw.09:35
joe9is xombero better?09:35
joe9let me check it out.09:35
rmulljoe9: Yes, xombrero doesn't need a butch of supporting scripts to run09:37
joe9if i can live with the weird formatting, links -g has been pretty good. not sure how it compares with w3m-image. links is very fast.09:37
Romsterdisabled geoclue it's too much of a pain.10:27
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joe9export CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe $(echo \"\" | gcc -march=native -v -E - 2>&1 | grep cc1 | sed -e's/^.* - //g')"11:46
joe9export CXXFLAGS="-O2 -pipe  -fvisibility-inlines-hidden $(echo \"\" | gcc -march=native -v -E - 2>&1 | grep cc1 | sed -e's/^.* - //g')"11:46
joe9Romster: as a fyi, the above is what I ended up with.11:46
joe9in my /etc/pkgmk.conf11:47
joe9and, am just rebuilding all my packages and kernel with those options.11:47
jueRomster: gdk-pixbuf 2.26.1, atk 2.4.0, pango 1.30.1, gtk 2.24.10 and glib 2.32.311:50
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frinnstlol, how -99 of them12:36
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veehi guys12:53
rmullhi vee13:31
veehow do you do rmull?13:32
rmullI do well, vee13:33
rmullwatching the clock...13:33
veework? wanting to leave home? lol13:33
rmullYes indeed.13:37
veeah, well, good luck :)13:37
joe9what is the command to rebuild all the pors on my system?13:55
joe9prt-get quickdep $( pkginfo -i | cut -d ' ' -f 1 )  | xargs prt-get update -fr13:55
joe9i tried the above and suspect that is rebuilding packages more than once.13:56
jaegerprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst)13:56
jaegerbit shorter way to do it13:56
joe9jaeger: does that rebuild dependencies before the actual port?13:57
joe9it does not seem so from the output of "prt-get listinst". it seems to be an alphabetical sort.13:58
sepenuse depinst --test foo to get the output of his deps13:59
jaegerupdate does not take deps into account13:59
joe9jaeger, will it prove to be a bother if I rebuild the dependency later with different CFLAGS?14:00
jaegerIt's possible though not necessarily likely14:00
joe9for some reason, I do not have any duplicates with this line too: prt-get quickdep $( pkginfo -i | cut -d ' ' -f 1 ) | awk -v FS=' ' -v OFS='\n' '$1=$1' | sort | uniq -d14:11
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joe9romster: libjpeg is failing build from your opt directory
joe9romster, can you please let me know if you got my patch updating libjpeg from v8c to v8d?15:30
joe9glibc update -fr fails with this error:
joe9and, my echo $CFLAGS15:38
joe9-O2 -pipe -march=nocona -mcx16 --param l1-cache-size=16 --param l1-cache-line-size=64 --param l2-cache-size=256 -mtune=nocona15:38
joe9and, it worked all ports except for glibc.15:38
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joe9wondering if anyone can help me with this weird issue: this command is hanging on one machine: bsdtar -p -o -C /var/pkgmk/work/coreutils/src -xf /var/pkgmk/distfiles/coreutils-8.17.tar.xz16:08
joe9other prt-get update -fr on other ports work fine.16:08
joe9only this coreutils port.16:08
joe9I deleted the .tar.xz file, downloaded a new one. and moved a working one from a different machine with the same results.16:08
joe9could I be missing something here.16:09
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joe9 just stays there.16:17
joe9i tried unxz on the coreutils file and the same behaviour.16:18
joe9just seems to hang.16:18
joe9with an strace, it is stuck here:
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rmulljoe9: Funky problem, let me see if I can reproduce16:21
joe9it works on one machine.16:21
joe9but, not on the other.16:21
rmullI am not optimistic that I will be able to reproduce, then :P16:22
joe9rmull, i probably need suggestions to figure out what could be going wrong.16:22
rmullYeah, works fine for me16:22
rmullhangs on the waitpid?16:23
rmullIs that machine memory constrained at all?16:23
joe9 is the vmstat16:24
joe9rmull, I cannot even do unxz on the .tar.xz coreutils file.16:25
rmullNothing weird in the kernel logs, right?16:25
rmullAhh time to go home!16:26
rmullgood luck16:26
joe9rmull, good one. let me check.16:26
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Romsterjoacim, no time now but sometimes glibc hates some specific -mtune cpu types due to something i don't know us i686 or x86_64 for glibc in that case for glibc only17:48
Romstererr joe9 i meant... and he arn't here17:49
nogagplzyou're one crazy guy Romster17:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libjpeg: fixed url18:17
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