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prologicAnyone knowledgeable with burning audio cds?01:55
prologicI'm trying to use mp3cd right now and running into a few problems - mainly that the tracks skip a bit every now and then in a cd player01:56
teK_i always used ffmpeg + wodim02:04
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prologicteK_, hmmm I keep getting skipping though02:23
prologicany ideas?02:23
teK_may be help02:28
teK_and coffee. Lots of coffee.02:28
prologicI think I am padding02:30
prologicthis is crap02:37
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teK_wtf.. how many meanings does 'apron' have02:55
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sepen^^ compiling for ARM03:21
sepenmaybe an arch issue03:22
Romsterdifferent types03:24
Romsteri just got home, eating pizza now03:24
sepenRomster: there is no problem about that, your port is ok, just to inform that I'll overlay it on crux-arm/contrib-arm03:25
Romsteryeah it'll be a arm fix only issue03:26
prologicseems to skip every 134s of audio03:29
prologic14s I mean03:29
Romsterare the mp3s skip free?03:29
prologicthey're wav files I'm burning03:30
prologictrying to create an audio cd03:30
Romsterare the wavs skip free then03:30
prologichow do I know?03:30
Romsterlisten to them compare to the cd you burned03:31
prologicyes they are03:31
prologicthey are perfect03:31
Romsterwodim -v -pad speed=8 dev=/dev/cdrw -dao -swab *.wav03:31
prologicit doesn't skip as such03:31
prologicit pauses for a bit, the cd drive spins up more03:31
prologicthen continues playing03:31
Romstertry that works for me perfectly03:31
Romsterhm sounds like buffering on playback, happens on other discs too?03:32
prologicwell I haven't tried other audio cds as such03:32
prologicbut this occurs on my desktop and my media server03:32
Romsteryou could also have a crappy optical drive too03:32
prologicso I think it's something screwy with how I'm burning it03:33
prologicthat's possible too03:33
prologiclike a dirty lens?03:33
Romsterthe one burning the disc03:33
Romsteror weak laser03:33
prologicyeah I'm burning from my desktop pc03:33
prologicit's weird though03:33
prologicit's only really the first audio track that exhibits this problem03:34
prologicthe other tracks are sort of ok03:34
Romsterburned a data disc with a large file and them sum it of the cd to see if the sum matches03:34
prologicyeah I should try that03:34
Romsteri haven't had it only affect 1 track before03:34
Romsteri burn lots of audio now for dj-ing no glitches with that command above03:35
Romsterbut i do burn faster than 8 speed03:35
prologicif that doesn't work03:35
prologicI'll have to rule out my burner is crappy and on it's way out03:35
Romsterif that doesn't work burn on another optical drive and see03:35
prologicyeah my media server has an optical driver as well03:36
prologicbut I couldn't get the same software on it (compile errors)03:36
Romstersometimes it's the diecs if you buy cheap ones03:36
prologiccrapped out at 14.6s03:36
prologicspun up, pauses for a bit, continues03:36
prologicand again at 45s03:36
prologicI've just gone through 10 disks03:37
Romsterforce the read speed slower with hdparm?03:37
prologicand just went out and bought a brand new spindle03:37
prologicso it can't be the disks03:37
Romsteri'd try a studio produced cd if that works ok to begin with03:37
prologiclemme try that03:38
Romsterprocess of elimination03:38
Romsteri've had drives crap out on read but burned fine still03:38
Romsterthen i've had it happen the other way around too03:39
prologicI think my drive reads just fine tbh03:39
prologicbecause I ripped the audio tracks I'm trying to reburn from sutiod produces cds03:40
prologicso yeah03:40
Romsterbut writtung like from a 700mb file and sum it03:40
prologicholy crap03:40
Romstersorry typing while eating. i meant writting03:40
prologica studio produced cd does the same thing03:41
prologicon my deskop at least03:41
prologicI'll go try on my media server03:41
Romsterthere we go03:41
prologicmy desktop's optical drive may be on it's way out03:41
sepen /win 303:42
Romsteryou could try a lenscleaner disc but i don't think it'll do much03:42
sepen /win 303:42
sepenjor jor, 2 times, sorry03:42
* Romster returns with coffee03:50
Romsterbusy day03:50
Romsternogagplz, it's taken you this long to realise that.03:51
nogagplzcheck the timestamps I realised it this morning03:51
Romsterhmm my starcraft2 should be here soon03:51
Romsteryeah just before i left for work03:52
Romsterhmm new xine to build03:53
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* Romster gets a refill coffee04:47
Romsterman i'm still tired need to wake up04:47
prologicok this is weird04:48
prologicthe audio cds I burned, work perfectly fine in the car's cd player04:48
prologicbut both my deskop and media server exhibit this problem04:48
prologicwith any audio cd04:48
prologicso I'm thinking it's some software problem04:48
sepen[#crux] oops, wrong channel (again)04:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth: add missing dep libidn06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth-server: add missing dep libidn06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: sakura: add missing dep libidn06:16
krueSo I was able to build ardour2 successfully both on ppc64 and x86_64.06:38
krueRomster: your message reminds me of a parallel make error.06:39
krueAre you passing any -j flags to scons?06:39
Romstersupply your unified diff so i can update the port06:39
Romsteryep j4 in my case06:39
krueOn x86_64, I'm using your port as-is (except for a version bump).06:43
krueYou could try with -j1.06:44
krueIt looks like the error is during install, so you could call scons twice -- once to build and once to install.06:44
krueAnd force a -j1 for the install only.06:44
krue(provided that's the problem)06:45
Romsterhmm so what are you doing differently and all the deps are as i bumped them?06:53
Romstercan you pastebin your Pkgfile07:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jre: update to 1.7.0_0507:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libpcap: update to 1.3.007:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tcpdump: update to 4.3.007:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: sqlite3: update to 3.7.1307:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: update to 0.20.107:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: update to 0.20.107:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.20.107:35
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.42.407:36
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: shadow: use SHA512 as default encryption algorithm in login.defs(5)07:36
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Romsterand to top it off wrapping paper
Romstergood gawd what's next08:48
frinnstthe horror08:48
frinnsthuh, i've must have missed discard support for swap08:49
frinnstanyways, it's there now since a couple of kernel releases back08:49
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joe9romster, i pushed a patch to your opt tree. just wanted to check if you are ok with it..09:10
Romsteri need to rebase that on origin too and contrib.09:24
Romsteri'm working on xine atm09:24
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Romsterjoe9, libjpeg version bump should be ok but it'll require a ton of stuff being rebuilt, and you should of committed the 3 files in the one commit.09:52
joe9Romster: i know. i made the mistake and realised it later after the push.09:53
Romsterah well but it's done.09:54
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joe9 i see these errors even with the latest boost and python 2.710:03
joe9Romster: i am using the boost in the contrib section of your tree
joe9Romster: have you seen that error: error: #error Python 2.2 or higher is required for this version of Boost.Python.10:04
joe9line 78 is the cause of the error10:05
joe9i do not know how to print the variables used in that if statement.10:06
joe9but, patchlevel.h has the correct variables set up.10:06
joe9patchlevel.h file
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Romstergrr i serious hate rebasing i end up repeating the same crap over and over i'm obliviously doing something wrong.10:11
Romsteri haven't noticed that.10:12
Romsterjoe9, nothing comes to mind10:16
joe9romster, ok, thanks. i am troubleshooting it. i will keep you posted.10:17
Romsterthere pushed version-updates_opt10:20
Romsteri haven't had any issues with boost so what ever it is hasn't affected me or anyone else. so many ports so little time here.10:21
Romstergood to have more eyes on testing.10:21
rmullHi crux10:24
rmullEveryone's ports up to date? :)10:24
Romsterbut i'm working on it10:24
* rmull salutes Romster 10:24
Romsternote ot self use skip more often when merging files that i've removed in my local branch10:25
Romsterelse i keep adding them back in with continue...10:25
Romsterabou tthe only thing that is is that version-update_xorg rmull10:26
rmullHow do packages get introduced to contrib?10:27
Romsterwith git10:31
Romstereveryone that has access works with git locally then git push10:32
rmullOh okay, so I'd just need to volunteer if I wanted to get my ports into it10:36
rmullvia email10:36
Romsteryep write to the list10:36
sepenand pass all requeriments10:36
sepenand rules10:37
Romsteranything else need looking at before i leave to bed?10:38
rmullIs there any incentive to actually get things into contrib?10:38
Romstermore exposure to userbase10:38
sepenyes, google pays us10:39
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Romster[Global Notice] - A reminder that this coming weekend sees our long awaited services upgrade and database prune.  All nicks unused for 150 days or more will be dropped from the database.  Please make sure you have identified to your accounts, and used your grouped nicks. use /msg nickserv info when identified to see yours and thanks for flying freenode!10:45
Romsterheads up if you missed this notice.10:45
mike_ktilman: thanks and good luck!10:45
tilmanmy pleasure10:45
Romstertilman, i know i've given you a hard time, sorry about that life is more important than computers, i thank you for all the effort you've done in the past and wish you luck in the future, if you ever get free time and miss us drop in for a chat.10:47
Romsterprobably still mad at me, oh well. guess i deserved that.10:49
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pitilloa shared pleasure tilman :)11:10
joe9what happened with tilman? is he retiring from crux?11:22
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killerwhat will be the best wm for xterm11:27
mike_kjoe9: unfortunately11:30
joe9mike_k: what distro is he going for? his name is in a lot of ports. that will be a terrible miss.11:30
joe9killer: xmonad.11:30
joe9killer: because, that is what I use.11:31
killer i used fvwn earlier11:37
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frinnstbrilliant, two different isp's: both down11:41
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teK_frinnst: I love your optimism andabsenceofsaracasm, my sunshine11:43
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frinnsthave a treat:
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mike_kjoe9: see the crux-devel ML. no details on that matter, though.13:19
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veeanyone use laptop-mode-tools?14:21
jaegerNot I14:24
veeahh boogar.14:28
* jaeger shakes his fist at FreeBSD/ZFS/Samba/Shadow Copy/ACLs14:30
jaegerI will win this fight!14:30
nogagplzthreaten freebsd with gcc and everything else should fall in line pretty easily14:31
veeoh boy, what quarrel do you have with freebsd?14:34
jaegerat the moment my quarrel is that it isn't doing exactly what I want it to but I think I've just fixed it14:39
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veewhat was it suppose to do, that it wasn't doing O.o15:42
veeread the 3rd and 4th paragraphs15:42
jaegervee: use zfs snapshots as windows shadow copy points15:45
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jaegergot it working, so now the windows guy can right-click on a folder on the share and select "restore previous versions" and get data from the ZFS snapshots via the windows UI16:13
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frinnstwow, my primary isp is still down18:09
frinnstand they have yet to pin down the error..18:10
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frinnstbrowsing the new gtld domains18:40
frinnst*EVERY* company has filed for .<companyname>18:41
nogagplzsurely you can still get flancrest enterprises18:43
frinnstno, the window is closed :(18:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cairo: new maintainer.19:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: pango: new maintainer.19:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libjpeg: updated to version 8d.19:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtiff: updated to 3.9.619:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: epdfview: new maintainer.19:17
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rxvt-unicode: new maintainer19:17
* frinnst slaps tilman 19:19
frinnstcrux > real life19:19
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veehello hello21:39
goodboxo/ vee21:51
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veeo/? lol21:57
goodbox" o/ " a man who said "hello" with his arm :)21:58
veenot sure that i see it, but hi lol21:59
goodbox(I'm new crux user,22:00
goodboxhowever I have no problems )22:00
veelol i know, its the first time i've seen you here22:20
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joe9romster: this port  /usr/ports/romster/gcc42 . just curious, if you remember, what the reason behind it's creation?23:46
joe9I am trying to install a port which is searching for a file called iomanip.h23:46
joe9which is provided by this port.23:46
joe9just wanted to check if this is a backward compatible gcc23:47

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