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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: opera: 11.64 -> 12.0004:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glib-networking: force rebuild for new glib library location04:02
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frinnstthank god for storage vmotion04:15
frinnstmigrating data without downtime is awesome?04:30
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jseHah. You're still doing it wrong. Should take weeks and you should keep users on the edge by accidentally losing data. /troll04:31
teK_I've only tested qemu's migrate which requires shared media04:32
frinnstim migrating from a shared nfs to a blade with a non-shared sb40 cabinett04:33
teK_not sure if qemu can do this04:35
teK_for now I'm stuck at vbox because  cuckoo only supports that04:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gift*: contrib -> romster07:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: egenix-mx-base: contrib -> romster07:24
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joe9need some ideas, please? I have a spare computer (with crux) that I am currently as a distcc host. Is there anything more that I can do to use its' processing power.07:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fuse-python: contrib -> romster07:47
Romsterjoe9, you got decent internet speed and a decent quota or unlimited downloading?07:47
joe9Romster: i have 2Mb/sec internet speed but, with comcast, they have a download cap. but, i never hit it. so, never bothered with it.07:48
Romsterand don't mind a higher power bill07:48
joe9romster, why do you ask?07:49
Romstersetup a buildbot for one to test ports07:49
Romsterand the other idea is i'm getting closer to automating my version sort it would be great to distribute it over a few hosts.07:50
Romsterthen gather the results.07:50
joe9it is an athlon cpu. would that affect your plans?07:50
Romsterhas a bit of ram in it like 2gb ram?07:50
joe9no, the ram is less around 384MB now. but, with what frinnst is sending, I can increase it to 1GB.07:51
Romster1gb would do with some swap space.07:51
joe9btw, i cannot open it out to the internet.07:51
joe9i can put some scripts on it to download, do stuff and send you the results, if that will work for you.07:52
joe9cannot open it out. i do not have a firewall and stuff like that. too risky.07:52
Romsteryeah that's pretty much what i'm after.07:52
joe9romster, ok, will be glad to put that stuff on it.07:52
Romsteri don't need it to host anything to the public just results back to me.07:52
joe9let me know what you want me to do.07:52
Romsterbut i'm not done yet with this maybe another month i'll have the kinks worked out.07:53
joe9ok, take your time. just let me know.07:53
Romsterk will do.07:53
joe9romster, on a different note, is there anything I can do with a spare pc to offload the workload from my main pc.07:54
Romsteri'll end up making a pkgfile of it for easy setup so anyone can contrbute to the results.07:54
Romsterwell if you torrent or anything on main pc offload it to the the pc07:54
Romsterif you dualboot you could setup a bnc on the other machine to keep you on irc all the time.07:55
Romstercan't thnk of much else other than as a distcc node and the stuff i got planned for version sorting.07:55
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Romstersomehow i think my email to got spam filtered i don't see it.08:01
frinnstno I got it08:01
frinnstatleast your xorg mail08:01
Romsterah just wasn't sent to me makes sense.08:02
Romsterjoe9, less than 24 hours from now and you'll be on portsdb08:05
joe9romster, what is "bnc"?08:06
joe9romster, ok, thanks for your help with the portsdb08:06
Romsteran irc bouncer08:06
Romstervnc is probably packaged already08:07
frinnstscreen + irssi ftw08:12
Romsterthere is that too.08:13
Romster i pwn08:20
Romsterthough i couldn't figure out a patch to fix that myself.08:20
niklasweguys, how can i tell rsync to use udp... instead of tcp ?08:32
niklasweIf I now can that..08:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyserial: contrib -> romster08:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: pyshadow: contrib -> romster08:34
jaegerniklaswe: rsync only does tcp or transports like SSH. if you could get SSH to use udp then you could use rsync over it but rsync direct connections are TCP08:35
frinnstjaeger: have you tried veeam's free "vmware zip"?08:37
Romsternot sure if you can08:37
jaegerfrinnst: never heard of it08:37
jaegerlooks like a decent way to go... we do our backups via ZFS snapshots and offsite replication, though08:38
Romstersounds like a job for drbd08:40
jaegerI doubt vmware understands drbd08:40
Romsterno you run a node of drbd there copy data to it for backup it self replicates to the other remote node.08:41
jaegerNot something I need but should work fine, I imagine08:41
Romsterin theory it should. not tested that.08:41
jaegerhrmm... the LACP interface on my ZFS server seems to be up but not receiving anything.... somehow this is the windows guy's fault08:42
frinnsta drive running in raid0 on my lab-host crashed during my vacation. my boss replaced it thinking it ran in raid1 and didn't tell me08:42
frinnstspent a few hours figuring out why the array was corrupt :)08:42
Romsterwell raid0 expect it to asplode.08:43
frinnstheh, yeah no big deal08:43
jaegerthe big deal isn't the raid exploding, it's the boss not telling him about the replacement08:43
Romsterbut the wtf factor of replaced drive not knowing it's been replaced.08:43
Romsterwhat jaeger said.08:44
niklaswejaeger: okey :)08:46
frinnstniklaswe: did you buy the microserver locally, or do you have to wait for shipping?08:47
niklaswefrinnst: I weill meet up my friend  later :)08:49
frinnstnice :)08:49
niklaswebut I must buy more disks :P08:50
Romstercan never have enough disks for controllers to plug them into08:54
Romsterniklaswe, might be able to do something with ncat that has udp support.09:01
Romsterout of nmap port.09:01
niklasweRomster: Im open up in fw instead :P09:02
Romster- creating quick and dirty proxies (nc > fifo > nc). (edit: you can also bridge udp->tcp this way, which makes proxying UDP through an ssh tunnel possible)09:03
Romsteri need to compile something to heat my room up more so cold...09:08
niklasweRomster: hehe :) complie kde4 and gnome3 at the same time..09:11
niklasweor something like that.09:12
Romsterfrom where?09:12
Romsternot crux?09:12
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Romsterwish it was 19C here09:14
niklasweRomster: build gnome3 ports ;)09:15
RomsterChance of Rain09:15
Romsterit was bucketing down heavy earlier...09:15
frinnstalmost summer solstice here. then begins the downhill ride to depression09:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glib-networking: fix location of libs09:19
frinnstoh hai! has the depression subsided yet?09:25
frinnstwho needs the euro cup anyways?09:26
Rotwangthe funniest thing is how people cheer themselves up09:27
Rotwang"but at least we had... we had hope"09:27
Rotwangthe weakest group in whole euro09:27
Rotwangand we are fucking last09:27
Rotwangin the weakest group09:27
Rotwangpolish football is in a terrible state09:28
frinnstyeah I don't feel too bad about sweden losing out either09:28
frinnstbut they sucked in the first game against ukraine09:28
Romsterhai Rotwang09:33
RotwangThrough a brief moment I wanted to ask how australia is doing on euro09:35
Romsteri haven't been following it.09:35
Romsteri replaced a screen on a macbook air man those are so fragile.09:39
Romsteri don't know if that's funny or just plane bad taste.09:42
Rotwangyeah, it might be09:51
frinnsthaha still funny09:53
teK_there's a SAP parody of that bunker scene, too :o09:57
jseMoral of the story? Get the order in writing. :P09:58
teK_but it's much funnier if you understand german AND the subtitles :p09:58
Romsteri'm clearly in the wrong line of work :D10:22
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: gzip: update to 1.511:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ddrescue: 1.15 -> 1.1621:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nut: 2.6.3 -> 2.6.421:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-date-manip: 6.31 -> 6.3221:42
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